Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Rivals
As Lidan tried to scrutinize Siaphyl’s intentions, Siaphyl was cautiously observing him as well.
‘How did they come to know one another?’
What had happened in the few days he wasn’t around? Siaphyl observed how Levisia acted around Lidan, anxiously wondering if Lidan felt something towards Levisia like he did.
‘The one person who I least expected…’
To think that he couldn’t come by because he was taking precaution against Elizabeth, Siaphyl felt distressed as he did not want anyone else to find out about Levisia. He should’ve visited more often even if Elizabeth was suspicious. Then perhaps, Levisia would never have met Lidan. 
‘I would’ve prevented it.’
It happened entirely because he had been careless.
‘It was only a few days.’
They even seemed to be well acquainted with each other. Whatever happened in those few days? They were actually standing pretty close as well.
‘How? I’m still keeping a distance of three steps apart!’
Siaphyl’s eyes were ablaze with anger.
“Levisia, since when did our baby brother start to visit here? I had no idea.”
Lidan taunted Siaphyl by calling her name. Despite the obvious provocation, Siaphyl couldn’t laugh it off just as he would’ve any other day.
‘I’ll show him.’
Siaphyl fixed his hat and rolled up his sleeves. This was the chance to show he was closer to Levisia. 
* * *
The atmosphere between Lidan and Siaphyl was strange even from Levisia’s standpoint. They didn’t appear to be brothers who adored each other. After their gazes locked at each other for a while, Siaphyl turned to her first and smiled.
“I see you are putting in support rods today, sister.” Siaphyl pointed at the support rod she had just put in. How did he know it was a support rod? Just when she was pondering this, Siaphyl continued. “It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’ve been studying since the last time. I think I can help you better today.”
“I mean, you don’t have to…”
‘So it wasn’t because farming was so hard that he didn’t show up for over a week? And he even studied for it? I haven’t even studied it… You learn farming by doing it.’
Just as Levisia was justifying herself, Lidan spoke up. “I think I can be pretty helpful, too.”
‘Now? After saying he might be a burden just a moment ago?’ Then they both picked up support rods as if competing and proceeded to put them in the ground. How they tied the string around the rods was extraordinary. ‘What, what’s going on?’ The task of thrusting the rods onto the ground was rather easy with two people helping. After quickly finishing the work, they both turned to look at her at the same time and asked, “What should I do next?”
“What’s next?”
They stared at each other. Both Siaphyl and Lidan smiled, but it was rather a strange smile. Their eyes… It almost seemed like sparks were about to fly.
“Tell me, sister. I can do it.”
“Anything, sis.”
They were both pressing for an answer. Levisia’s task for today was putting in support rods and that was already finished. But she felt like she had to come up with another task to do because the way they were looking at her was rather unsettling.
“Um, well…” She pondered for a while and looked around. Just then, Levisia saw that weeds had grown in here and there. That’s it. She pointed at the weeds. “Will you help me get rid of the weeds?” Levisia didn’t think that such noble people would dare to volunteer to pluck weeds… But she was wrong.
“Of course, sister.”
“Sure. It should be pretty easy.”
They both began removing the weeds even before she gave any instructions. The more weeds piled up around them, the more embarrassed she became. Two Kraidens engrossed in removing the weeds despite all the dirt spoiling their clothes, even ignoring the scorching sun. Had the Fairy King who had bestowed upon them his power seen this, he would’ve been baffled. If the emperor saw this, he would think he had done a poor job raising his sons. When this thought came into Levisia’s mind, she became even more cautious.
‘…Is, is this okay?’
Musing over this, Levisia looked over to Sheila and she, without a word, gave her a thumbs up. Sheila seemed to be happy to have more workers.
‘Oh, I guess it’s okay.’
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