Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – As If Entranced
The Third Prince Lidan’s daily routine was simple. It was certain that on Thursdays, one could almost say that he was a playboy.
Lidan, after finishing his morning training, traversed his way to the library for his nap. Indifferent toward the peering eyes, he scanned the towering shelves and picked a book to shield himself from the glaring sun. Then, he laid down by the window, which basically had his initials imprinted, and began to take a doze.
Amid the warm sunlight, illuminating the floating dust as it pierced through the glass windows, the crisp sound of pages turning, and murmuring voices, he was about to drift off to sleep.
However, footfalls, precisely very faint footfalls, slowly woke him up from the looming slumber.
‘What is it…’
Half asleep, Lidan followed the sound of the footsteps. The sound stopped momentarily and briskly went another way.
Footsteps climbing the stairs or rather something indescribable completely woke him up. He rose from his seat, roughly tousled his hair, and left the window side as if he was being drawn away.
As he walked up the stairs, his heart started pounding. As soon as he arrived on the second floor, he noticed a person standing between two bookshelves.
Dazzling silver hair and green eyes flicking through the book. Lidan already knew who this was.
‘But why? Why am I drawn to this person?’ 
Though he found this strange, he walked towards the person and said, “Sis?”
As she turned to look at him, he revealed a faint smile.
* * *
‘Sis?’ Levisia was more taken aback now than when she was called “sister” by Siaphyl. She began to stumble backwards until her back collided with the bookshelf. “Ah.”
With swift hands, Lidan caught the book that almost fell on top of her head. He looked at the book and slyly said, “Someone must’ve half shelved the book.” After returning the book in its proper place, Lidan walked towards her. Despite knowing there was no way to escape, she tried to flee, but to no avail. Because Lidan suddenly bent over and took a sniff of her.
‘What, what was that?’
Oblivious that she had become frozen in embarrassment, Lidan straightened his back and muttered to himself, “What was that?”
‘Exactly what I wanted to say. What was that?’ Levisia gave up trying to escape and addressed him. “The Third Prince, Your highness.”
“Hm. Your Highness? How unaffectionate!”
‘Were we ever affectionate to one another?’ 
“Shall I address you as the fifteenth empress, Your Highness Levisia?”
Hearing Lidan utter her name caused chills to run down her back. She wondered how he knew her identity. Just then, he answered as though he read her mind.
“We’re siblings. How can I not know your name?”
But with there being thirty-eight of us, it isn’t a surprise for anyone not to even recognize their siblings; furthermore, those with the name ‘Kraiden’ were even more indifferent to the nameless brothers and sisters. It was what distinguished the legitimate from the illegitimate.
Levisia became flustered, having no idea that Lidan knew her name. She soon composed herself and asked, “Is there something you need from me?”
“No, not really,” he answered calmly.
‘Then why?’
“You drew me to you, sis. It was as if you were calling me, was it not?”
‘I would have avoided you, not to mention call you.’ Her eyes wandered, completely clueless as how to answer him.
“Seems as though you didn’t call me intentionally.”
She withdrew two steps backward as his face suddenly hovered near hers. Lidan just simply stared at her and then asked, “How did you do it?”
“I don’t really understand what you mean…”
“Hm…” When Lidan realized he wasn’t going to get any answer out of her, he crossed his arms and seemingly became lost in thought. “If there’s nothing more to say, then I will… That book is intriguing.” Lidan smiled as he stopped her attempt to leave. He then proceeded to pull out the book [How to Survive in the Desert] which she had returned a few days earlier. “Have you read this one?”
“Yes. I read it a while ago.”
“You’re reading the whole series.”
‘Did he catch on?’ She looked away in vain and as soon as Lidan’s feet were out of her sight, she looked up.
“This would be good to read next.”
The book he handed her was called [How to Survive in the Sea]. It was indeed interesting, but it was the book he had on his face while he took a nap by the window just a moment ago.
“What? No, not in particular…”
“Why not? It doesn’t seem like you’ve read it yet.”
She hesitated to say it, but the words left her mouth before she even realized. “It’s just that it had someone else’s face on it…”
“What?” Lidan burst into laughter when he heard her response.
“Um, we’re in a library..”
“Ah, sorry, sorry. That was quite hilarious.”
‘What part of that was hilarious?’ She kept glancing his way, wishing to escape this place. It’s too late to not be seen now, could she just run away? ‘The aftermath…’ But it was hard not to think about the aftermath. If someone were to ask her if she would be able to deal with the consequences, her answer would be a solid no.
“Shall we move to a place where we can laugh without worry, sis?”
“…You mean me as well?”
“Of course.” Lidan smiled with the book on his shoulder. “Whatever you may take me for, I must pursue anything that intrigues me right away.”
‘And that intriguing thing is… me?’ 
Levisia could even feel her face growing pale, but Lidan simply smiled at her.
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