Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – The Prince Under the Sun
‘Was I too mean? It has been two days since Siaphyl stopped visiting.’ Levisia thought to herself, yawning. That was the last time she saw him—the day she had him do farming work, which must have been too overwhelming for the beloved youngest prince. Ever since that day, Siaphyl hadn’t visited, so it wasn’t wrong to assume that way. Was it good or bad? It wasn’t a bad thing by plan. In the long run, Siaphyl’s interest in her could grow dangerous. Needing to leave the palace in safety, it could be deemed as a good thing. One the other hand, it would also be a problem if Siaphyl had started hating her from that day on…
‘Ah, no way.’
She brushed off her anxious thoughts, moving on.
Pel had gone out today, so she had to visit the library herself.
“Let’s see the pass.”
Her steps stopped in front of the library’s front door and she rummaged through her bag. The two guards looked closely at her, and when she handed the pass, they opened the door as if they recognized her.
‘Was it too suspicious to cover my face?’ 
It seemed like it was more suspicious that she covered her face with a scarf in case she might come across Siaphyl, but she couldn’t help it. As she walked into the library, she unwrapped the scarf and crumpled it, shoving it into her bag. A strange man stood out while I roughly fixed her hair that resembled a bush.
‘Ah, is today the day?’
Inside the library, there was a desk filled with people. All the more, those people were mostly women. The women, with each having placed a book in front of them, were sending an unified gaze at this one direction. The place where their gazes were directed was by the window of the library, where a man was sleeping with a book on his face. The hair visible below the book was dark purple. The face covered by the book was not visible, but the fine skin and sharp jawline indicated that he had good looks for sure.
Levisia recognized the man’s identity and hurried to leave. He was one of the people she must avoid at all cost. In other words, he was one of the Kraidens.
‘I forgot that today was Thursday.’
On Thursdays, there was only one person to take a nap by the library window. The Third Prince, Lidan Serger Kraiden. The reason he visited the library every Thursday was not known, but why he slept in the library was mostly… because of the sunlight. The sunlight pouring into the library feels particularly warm or even somnolent.
She hid near a bookshelf away from the window and lamented her situation. She didn’t have to be careful when she didn’t know the future just yet. She had never avoided the Third Prince. Whether he was in the library or not, she used to pick a book to read and then return to the palace. It would be better not to create anything to be entangled just in case.
Nothing had happened so far, but she wondered what kind of problems would arise in the future. But not necessarily…
‘There is also Siaphyl, who suddenly came to me.’
He even came to her palace himself. Looking at such things, it would be right to say that one would never know what would transpire at any moment.
She stepped on the stairs to the second floor and looked down. Somehow, the Third Prince was getting up. As he swept over his loose hair, he looked around as if he was looking for something.
She had finished climbing up the stairs. As far as she knew, the second floor was not an area of activity for the Third Prince. ‘It might be more noticeable to try hard to be invisible from him. Let’s act naturally. Like he would care.’ 
Levisia dismissed the thoughts about the Third Prince from her head and wandered in search of a book. The title of the book she clutched in her hand was: Surviving the jungle. It was the next volume of the first book, “Surviving the Desert”, from the “Surviving” series.
However, the moment she turned around to search for the book, she suddenly encountered a shadow.
“Well, who is this?” The Third Prince, Lidan, looked down at her and squinted his eyes. “Sister?”
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