Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – As Wild Flowers Leave A Scent
“I don’t see Siaphyl much these days,” said the Second Princess, Elizabeth, while taking a bath. The maid, who was attending to her, smiled. “Are you upset, Your Majesty?”
“No way. I’m only worried.” Snorting, Elizabeth folded her arms and tilted her head. The maid spoke, applying shampoo to her wavy blonde hair. “Shall I order someone to search for him?”
“It’s alright. There’s no dire need for it.” After denying the offer, Elizabeth drew her lips into a thin line and was lost in thought.
Siaphyl was the last Kraiden and someone who might become her rival in the future. Even though she liked this naïve boy like everyone else did, Elizabeth never forgot about the future rivalry.
However, she had been somewhat suspicious of the little boy these days, because she hadn’t heard anything from him for weeks already.
‘It’s suspicious, la…’
Those words clearly revealed that Elizabeth was conscious of Siaphyl. And the maid behind her knew about this, because they grew up together like best friends since childhood.
“Or shall we send some people?”
“That’s too much as well. I doubt that clever thing won’t notice the tail on him.”
Elizabeth, who was thinking about what she should do, grabbed the hand of the maid and stood up.
“I have to see Siaphyl myself.” This option was much better than a clumsy move. Elizabeth immediately put her thought into action.
“Siaphyl has gone out?”
Elizabeth, who visited Siaphyl’s palace herself during daytime, could not hide her frown. The attendant, who met her on behalf of Siaphyl, didn’t know what to do and tried to remain composed.
“Don’t you know where he went?”
“I do not. My apologies, Your Majesty…”
Elizabeth folded her arms and cracked her fingers. She exchanged glances with the maid standing behind her and said in an unpleasant voice, “Then I shall wait.”
“Yes? This way, Your Majesty.”
Elizabeth followed the servant and settled in the parlor. The servant left, informing that he would fetch some tea, while Elizaeth’s maid opened her mouth carefully. “Where do you think he went without a word?”
“Who knows. He might have hidden a treasure somewhere out there.”
Elizabeth, smacked the armrest of the sofa, recalled the Siaphyl she had observed these days.
He rarely appeared at the dinner table, and even on the day he showed himself, he was distracted. It was also strange that it was only now that she raised suspicions.
‘I should have noticed it earlier. I must have let my guard down.’ Elizabeth bears no hatred against the boy. However, if she lets her guard down because of that, it will be a problem. ‘Anyway, he is a Kraiden’s heir as well.’ No one knows when or how situations might change. It was how Elizabeth was brought up as a successor and it was imprinted in her mind.
“When Siaphyl comes, I have to ask where he went,” Elizabeth said in a subdued voice and emptied the cup. Until the tea that the servant brought was refilled three times, Elizabeth quietly waited for Siaphyl to arrive. And when he finally appeared, it was almost dusk.
“My sister Elizabeth?”
The voice heard from outside the parlor was clearly his. Without waiting any longer, Elizabeth stood up and went out of the parlor right away.
“Yes, Sister Elizabeth!”
Perplexed, Siaphyl called out Elizabeth’s name. Looking down at Siaphyl, Elizabeth was speechless for a moment. Crumpled clothes and soiled shoes. His fine blonde hair and his milky white face was full of dirt. It was an unusual look for Siaphyl.
“Did you tumble somewhere?”
“Oh, this…” Siaphyl hesitated to answer. “There was a scratch on my hand, so I couldn’t dust off the soil from my clothes.”
After seeing his state, Elizabeth sighed. She realized that Siaphyl must have been playing in the dirt somewhere. Perhaps the scratch came from swinging a toy knife, like kids usually do at that age.
‘I wasted my time on nothing.’ All kinds of reasons she had imagined why she couldn’t see him these days all disappeared. Tired, Elizabeth waved her hand wearily. “That would be all, go and clean yourself.”
“But my sister came to my palace after a long time… ”
“Are you going to sit face to face with me like that? No, right? Go wash and come to my palace tomorrow.”
“I wish to talk with you. It has been a while.” With those words, Elizabeth quickly left. When she stormed off, Siaphyl let go of his breath which he had been holding. ‘It was so close.’
All of his whereabouts these days could have been revealed. It was very fortunate that she didn’t question where he had been. Elizabeth was quick in catching hints, so it would not be easy to cheat her once she inquired deeply. If he had told a clumsy lie, he would have been caught soon.
‘Not yet!’ Siaphyl pondered as he hid the wild flower behind his back, which he had received from Levisia on his way out from her palace. The existence of the wild flower must not be noticed by anyone just yet.
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