Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Upturned Hierarchy
‘It’s a useless delusion, a delusion. That’s not something you should have in mind with the most dangerous person around, Levisia.’ Levisia silently heaved a sigh, showing Siaphyl the cover of the book.
“’How to Survive in a Desert’, huh…” Siaphyl became silent after reading the title of the book. The boy’s face, which was deep in thought, grew serious. “It’s quite… a unique subject to read about, my sister.”
“Life’s full of surprises, so…”
Siaphyl seemed bothered by her answer, but it was sincere. After she leaves, their battle for succession might turn the whole world into a desolate desert. Well, if it would be a battle among the protagonists, it was plausible.
Not long after, Siaphyl had left Levisia’s chambers, muttering under his breath, “Why such a book?” It was a kind of book that he had never thought of reading.
While his feet carried him, still lost in his thoughts, he seemed to sense someone’s presence at the lane leading to the exit of the palace. Siaphyl, whose eyes met with the person’s, frowned without even realizing it. Then, the person across him lowered her eyes and bowed.
“A servant?” Now that he thought over it, he hadn’t seen many servants at Levisia White’s palace. He rarely saw anyone besides this middle-aged woman. While Siaphyl searched his memory, Sheila bowed and began to walk towards him, her body clumped.
“The servant who does all the dirty work in the palace, right?” he asked. The topic that Levisia was at least interested to talk about was the servant in the castle. Although the eyes that locked with his just a moment ago weren’t insolent, Siaphyl began to walk with the look of suspicion as they passed each other.
The smell that was bothering him worsened.
* * *
After Siaphyl left, Levisia faced Pel who broke into the room all of a sudden and said, “That person a while ago…”
“Pel, knock.”
When his words were interrupted and he was pointed out, Pel staggered and frowned. “Oh.”
“Enter again.”
Pel swallowed his words and turned to leave. Then, a series of impatient knocks pounded on the wooden door. Levisia placed the book she was reading on the table and casually replied. “You can enter now.”
“That person a while ago, who was that?”
Did he pass by Siaphyl? she wondered. She had been talking to Pel and Sheila about Siaphyl; however, unlike Sheila, Pel never met Siaphyl in person.
“Siaphyl Bear Kraiden.”
“What the… Until when is that person going to barge in and out of here?”
His choice of words was evidently disrespectful, but she couldn’t point it out. She knew that Pel already filtered himself beyond his capacity. He hated Siaphyl. It was different than merely wanting to keep distance from him—he was disgusted by Siaphyl. It was strange, because it seemed like no one in the imperial palace disliked the charming boy.
Curious, she asked, “Why do you hate Siaphyl so much- no, his majesty?”
Pel bit his lips, only responding after a short pause, “I’m uncomfortable. He seems to be quick in noticing things.”
Certainly, the boy analyzes the atmosphere quickly, but what about it? Before she could ask, Pel continued, “Well, you won’t be able to see me in the palace when that person is around.”
‘I’m the person who has to avoid Siaphyl, yet why would you…?’
Leaving her questions unanswered, Pel rushed to leave, claiming he had obligations to attend to. Sometimes, Levisia found it difficult to tell who the servant and the boss are.
* * *
It had been two weeks since Levisia almost trod on the pit of death. Finally, she acquired the freedom of movement. Although she had to push Pel to the extreme, it meant quite a lot to her.
“Call me immediately if there’s something wrong, or you can call me by blowing on this,” Pel said while he shook the whistle necklace carved like a horn.
“I get it, alright.”
As she nodded absentmindedly to his speech that she had heard a thousand times, Pel asked in a stiff voice, “What did I just say?”
“If there is a problem, I will call you immediately. If I can’t call you, I will blow the whistle. I think you have said this over twenty times now. It’s enough.”
“Please repeat it for me for the last time.”
“I just did it.”
“One last time.”
“Do you think I’ll forget such simple things now?”
“Then say it again.”
“I’m not even going far. Even if I’m just inside the palace?”
“Well, if only you hadn’t fainted in the palace in the first place, I wouldn’t have to go this far.”
“Is it such a difficult thing to go out to the garden once in a while?”
Sheila, who was waiting for her in the garden, smiled. “It’s only because Pel is worried about your majesty.”
“Well, that’s that…” Levisia murmured and looked back. Pel, who was trailing her with a heap of luggage, made an impression. “I mean, what’s the use of the guidelines if he’s just going to be around.”
Behind her, Pel retorted, “You’ve come out anyway, why don’t you work on your duties?”
“And now I have to work.”
It has come to a point where their roles have seemingly switched positions. ‘I really can’t tell who’s the servant and who’s the boss.’ She mumbled under her breath and rolled up her sleeves. Today was the day when she had to work in the garden, especially on the field. She couldn’t refuse to work in the field even if she were called “her majesty”. This was an obligatory duty; it was all so that they could survive.
It was Pel who first plowed the land, allowing them to grow crops for the three of them to eat. It has been many years from that day that Levisia came to take part after Sheila joined in. They had to find a way since food rations distributed by the central government reduced as time went by; they must work hard to feed themselves.
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