Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Puss in Boots
“I’m not wrong.”
“How rude of you in front of Her Highness and our guest! Come with me, now!” Sheila dragged Pel out of the room, harshly scolding him which she seldom does. For some reason, watching Pel as he was leaving left a bad taste in Levisia’s mouth. His aura seemed to now have an edge to it unlike before.
“John, let me apologize for my…”
“No, Your Highness. It’s understandable that your attendant is unhappy with me. I had given up on treating his mistress,” the doctor waved his arm and laughed, “I am ashamed, Your Highness. Which is why I am all the more grateful you have woken up in good health.” With a cane in his hand, the doctor lowered his head in a deep bow.  Levisia informed him there was no need for such courtesy and dismissed him shortly.
“Your highness, please don’t be too harsh to your attendant.”
When Levisia didn’t reply, he revealed a faint smile and left. She was certain by now that Pel would have heard an earful from Sheila, but she couldn’t let this slide either. What he did, just now, was more than his typically blunt manner. She, at the very least, needed to know why. If he indeed acted out of great concern for me, perhaps she would take John’s request into consideration.
Levisia stood up from her chair and left the room. The palace she resided in is part of the royal grounds where servants stayed in the past. Since it was meant to be servants’ lodgings, it was not huge which made it easier for her to find someone…
“Ah, I’ve finally found it.”
Just as she began to walk down the stairs from the hall, she heard an unfamiliar voice. The voice wasn’t too far away; it was of a boy who was looking up at her from the landing. The walls resembling a cold blue sky suddenly grew and bent out of shape. Then came a friendly, sweet greeting as though they had known each other for at least a decade.
“Hello, sister.”
She immediately recognized the boy.
He was the empire’s sixth star, Siaphyl Bear Kraiden. Growing fine as the most beloved, and adored by all. Despite being the youngest, he had become a ‘Kraiden’ because he displayed exceptional qualities. Unlike her, who at nineteen is considered of very little importance. To put it simply, they have absolutely no connections at all.
‘Why is he calling me sister? We’ve never met.’ What he called her wasn’t the only baffling part. What was he doing here? This wasn’t a place suitable for a beloved young prince to come by. Levisia’s sanctuary resides in such a secluded part of the palace. Not only has it never been cared for, but also hardly any light came in.
“Your highness,” Levisia curtsied. She knew her place; she wasn’t at a level where she could greet the beloved prince informally.
“Please, sister, you can speak with ease.”
Siaphyl was more amiable than she had initially thought. It was clear from how he repeatedly called her “sister”, and how he didn’t retreat despite the stiff, formal greeting. Being loved by all at a young age, it was indeed apparent. Even so, she had no time for such admiration.
“Perhaps another time. Till then…”
“Are you busy right now?” Siaphyl grabbed the end of her sleeve as she brushed past him. When he looked up at her with his blue eyes, for a moment, Levisia understood why others acted as though they were even willing to steal the stars for him.
‘Puss in Boots?’
Siaphyl’s eyes very much resembled those of that Puss. But she must not fall for them for this adorable prince hides his true nature. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Siaphyl will one day become the most terrifying person who will mass murder his nameless siblings, including her.
“Yes, I am busy at the moment.”
At her firm reply, the small hand that held her sleeve let go.
‘Did that do it? I do hope I won’t run into him again.’ Siaphyl was on the top of the list of people she must avoid at all costs. Until she safely escapes this palace and even thereafter, because, knowing the future him, he’d obsessively find even those who had renounced the throne. ‘Indeed, he’s dangerous.’ Be it Puss in Boots, she needed to save herself first.
“Is there any way I can help?”
“There isn’t.” Behind the cut and dry response, Levisia hid her true intentions. She would try to not be seen, praying that her life would be spared.
Siaphyl seemed to be lost in his thoughts for a while, but he soon replied with a bright smile, “Then I shall come by another time, sister. I didn’t know you were busy and dropped by unannounced. My apologies.”
‘Another time?’
“Next time, promise that you will speak to me with ease.”
With that, he flashed an innocent child’s smile and quickly left down the stairs before she could catch him. He walked away so fast, and she couldn’t move an inch until Siaphyl left her little place.
“What was that…?”
Levisia could almost hear her plans to escape this forsaken royal family already falling apart.
Perhaps, it was just a feeling.
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