Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – A Prince Beloved
Back in time, to the moment Levisia awoke from her two-week long sleep.
“…Oh. Yes. Did you call your brother?” Siaphyl turned to look with a smile on his face. The frown disappeared from the eighteenth Prince’s face as he saw Siaphyl’s face and replied, “Why do you seem startled?”
“Oh, was I?”
“Yes. You jumped out of your skin.”
“Mm… I don’t know.” As Siaphyl tilted his head in thought, the eighteenth Prince tousled his hair. “Boy, your mind is elsewhere.” Siaphyl simply flashed an adorable smile through his disheveled hair.
Siaphyl Bear Kraiden, the youngest prince who was loved by all. As a son of the current emperor, he possessed a brilliant mind and wielded exceptional skills, and a year ago, at only thirteen years of age, he was bestowed the name ‘Kraiden.’ He was adored by all because he treated the Kraidens and the nameless siblings alike, contrary to the other Kraidens. There was a secret division between the ‘real Kraidens’ and those who were not, and Siaphyl was the only one who could glide between the division in liberation. For this reason, it was an advantage to be the youngest one admired by all. Of course, for Siaphyl that is.
‘This is annoying.’
Siaphyl began to frown a little as the touseling of his hair continued. He would have let it go on longer any other day but not today. The boy once again put on the face of a beaming child, grabbing the wrist of the eighteenth Prince. The rough touseling stopped abruptly.
“Hey brother!”
“Did you feel anything strange just now?”
“Strange? What do you mean?”
Siaphyl thought of what he felt just a moment ago. Hair standing on end and something traveling up his back, what would describe such feelings? A strange feeling? No, more like… Chills. Yes, he, for a moment, felt chills.
“For goodness sake, it’s only just late supper and you’re already too tired to think clearly? Kid.”
Siaphyl plastered a smile. ‘What a fool.’
The eighteenth Prince was a well known playboy within and beyond the gates of the palace. All he did was utter vulgar jokes, breathe, eat, and defecate. He was considered a parasite to the royal family and even loathed by some of them.
‘I didn’t even expect him to pick up on it.’
That momentary shudder could only have been felt by those who had a keen sense like his. Siaphyl heightened his senses and rubbed his eyes. He was going to use the excuse laid out for him to get out of the situation.
“You’re right. I am a bit tired.”
“Yep. Go to bed, boy. That’s how you’ll grow up big like me.”
“Goodnight then, brother.”
“What do you mean? My night has only begun. Not that you need to know.”
Of course. Siaphyl gave a pitiful glance at the snickering eighteenth Prince and turned away.
“Oh and give our beautiful sister, the Second Princess, my tidings. I would have but she passionately hates seeing me.”
‘If I did give her your tidings, that would be your last words.’ But Siaphyl didn’t say this and instead replied, “Okay, I will.” Immediately after, Siaphyl left the eighteenth Prince’s place. And unlike what he said earlier, he walked around all over the royal grounds instead of returning straight to his palace. “I need to find out what that was.”
It was definitely somewhere near. He had to be the first one among his brothers to find out. Siaphyl’s eyes began to twinkle.
*  *  *
Levisia was greeted by the doctor who came to the palace just after morning.
“I said I was okay.”
While the doctor checked her pulse, she stared at Sheila who insisted on calling the doctor. She stood her ground. Levisia could tell by how she ignored me repeating that she was okay but telling the doctor this: “She barely woke up last night.”
“Hm…” The doctor repeatedly examined her pulse and asked if there were any discomfort. She was only set free after repeatedly insisting that she was feeling fine.
“Huh… How astonishing,” the doctor muttered.
“Has her majesty not fully recovered yet?”
“No, the opposite. Last time I saw her, she seemed to have made no progress, but now she has recovered fully. It is amazing how quickly she has recovered.”
“Oh my…”
Levisia felt proud as Sheila heaved a sigh in relief. Even though she insisted she was fine, having confirmation from the doctor must have made it more believable.
“This is great. Unless she drank from the stream in the fairy forest. No, the dragon’s blood… This is a miracle.” While the doctor marveled in awe, Pel said, “This is all thanks to the blessings of the Fairy King upon Her Highness.”
“Pel is right.”
‘Please, there’s no way something so monumental can be upon me.’ As Levisia rolled her sleeves down quietly, the doctor began to pack his belongings and commented, “In any case, I am glad you have recovered like this.”
“Not something who left saying there was nothing to be done should say.”
“Your mouth, Pel!”
Pel’s eyes slowly scanned over her and settled on the doctor. His rather dull golden eyes were, for some reason, gleaming and sharp.
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