Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Peculiar Pell
At her self-disparaging, Sheila would be sure to reprimand her, which she did. With an earnest look, she disagreed with her. “Your Highness was chosen by the Fairy King; how can you say you’re insignificant?”
“Sheila, don’t forget that there were thirty six just in this generation who were chosen.”
Surprisingly, Pel also responded similarly to her. He stood there, in disbelief, muttering as if he were talking to himself. “…Impossible.”
“…In any case, it’s still impossible.”
“Wait, Pel.”  She stopped Pel as he was about to leave, pushing the chair he was sitting on.
“What are you…”
“Better than me touching you, isn’t it? Sit down. I’m not done talking. You can decide after hearing the rest.”
“It still won’t change my mind.”
“I know. I don’t intend to force you.” Before Sheila could utter a word to Pel, Levisia interfered. When I silently shook my head, she understood and kept her silence. Upon watching this, Pel returned to his seat, leaving the chair where it was after she kicked it.
“…Please continue.”
It was rather a rude tone for a mere servant. However, she knew that behind Pel’s brusque manner, there is a gentle kindness, so she did not criticize him. Apart from Sheila over-interpreting Pel’s words, she knew all too well the goodwill in his actions.
‘Seems like he has been tending to me with a wet towel until I woke up today.’
When she awoke from the long dream, Pel’s hand came into sight. His hand looked shriveled up as if they had been soaked in water for a long time. Why was that? She could easily deduce the answer. From her face, hands, and feet feeling fresh and clean unlike the rest of my body and a wet towel in Pel’s other hand, she was able to make the connection. Even more so, we have spent years together encountering countless circumstances in this secluded palace. There are things that can be seen no matter how well it is concealed. Perhaps this was Pel’s way of showing his kindness.
Which is all the more why she couldn’t abandon them. When the bloody war breaks out in the royal family, they won’t be the only ones who will die. But those other deaths won’t even be recorded in the book, not even one.
“You might not believe it, but I had a dream.”
‘So, this much should be okay, I would think. It has to be.’
“A dream?”
“Yes. A very gruesome dream. The thing is, I think it will actually happen in real life.”
They both looked perplexed, as though they weren’t sure if she was joking or being serious.
“The palace was destroyed by a giant lizard.”
In the book “The Return of the Emperor”, the protagonist was a dragon. To be precise, a half dragon, and the royals of the protagonist’s country had the blood of dragons running through their veins. Similarly, the Kraiden royal family is known as the descendents of the Fairy King.
“Lizard…?” Sheila’s head tilted. She had a subtly different expression on her normally gracious face. She didn’t seem to understand at all, so Levisia had to add more details to my otherwise rather bare story.
“Judging by the context, it would’ve been a dragon.”
“You’re not talking about a ruined country, are you?”
Sheila had no clue when Levisia said lizard but immediately concluded the answer when the dragon was mentioned. She pretended to not care, but her face became grave. She continued, “I don’t think it was merely a dream. I dreamt it for the entire two weeks when I was asleep. It makes me anxious. I can’t leave you two here and leave the palace alone.”
“Your majesty, if this is a serious matter, shouldn’t you bring this up to the king and the others? What do you think, Pel?”
‘Wait, if you shift the attention to Pel…!’
“Most definitely.” Pel glanced at her, but how strange.
‘I’ve never seen that face before.’
With a peculiar expression on his face, he began to give them a response, which neither Levisia nor Sheila expected. “If Your Highness, the descendent of the Fairy King, dreamed of this for two weeks, there must be a good reason for it.”
“How long until Your Highness becomes an adult? Ten months? Then we should begin packing right now.”
‘You’re thinking about packing when I haven’t considered it yet?’
“Is there really a need to bring this up to the others? There are six great stars in the kingdom. the descendants of the Fairy King will no doubt get over the crisis.”
‘You say they’ll get over it, but sounds more like you don’t care if we abandon them.’
“If they can’t, well…”
Levisia and Sheila were so focused on Pel that they almost forgot to breathe. However, he didn’t continue anymore, nodding his head instead. Even Levisia, knowing the future, couldn’t guess what must have occurred to him at that moment.
‘What is he….?’
For the first time in a while, she began to wonder about him.
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