Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Announcement
“…Excuse me?”
Of course, it was only expected that they be taken aback. That’s what Levisia anticipated if she told them, with no sign beforehand, that she was planning to leave. She didn’t even know how to respond.
“Obviously I’m not leaving right away. I will leave when I’m ready and have become an adult.”
As soon as Pel heard this, he seemed to have guessed what she was thinking.
“You’re going to flunk your aptitude test, then give up your right of succession and leave the castle.”
Flunk? Well, a test is a test, so Levisia could just express her goal like that. She looked Pel right in his eyes and lightly accepted his assumption, “Correct.”  The year Levisia becomes an adult is the same year she’ll take the test. At that time, Levisia could prove that she is not worth much and give up becoming a royal member. Only then could she leave the palace.
“But if you do that, you’ll never be able to use your abilities.”
“…That is also correct.”
Pel was more quick-witted about the royal family than she presumed. According to him, if she left and tried to reveal her abilities elsewhere, she wouldn’t be able to use them. This was a kind of prohibition to protect the legitimacy of the royal family. If Levisia was to go against this, it would only result in her death and those who learn about her abilities.
Well… that would be the case if anyone was actually killed. She wasn’t certain, because no one had ever given up on the royal family yet. But it was possible. Considering their abilities to fight for succession in the future, disappearing from this world should be a piece of cake.
“When I leave here, you two will also take on the burden of all this.”
Sheila glanced at Pel who was staring at her. And then, almost simultaneously, their eyes fell on Levisia once again.
“I don’t really care.”
“Your Highness, the people involved in the royal family’s affairs live under a lot of restrictions. It’s a basic rule not to talk about them.”
“Did I do that…”
The two responded as if there were some sort of problem. As a result, only Levisia, who expected a bad response, seemed to be embarrassed.
“But Your Highness…” Sheila carefully tried to discourage her. “Your Highness, if you’re out there alone, it’ll be a world of trouble.”
That would be so. Sheila didn’t see any difference between her and these candles lit in the room. Levisia nodded her head, accepting this. But she wasn’t finished talking. “That’s what I’m saying, I want you two to leave with me.”
Their expressions flipped at her words, it was as if their tongues were cut off.
Levisia was well aware that Sheila and Pel had nowhere else to go but the royal palace. Sheila had been with her since she was a baby. So naturally, Levisia came to know her well. And Pel, while he hasn’t told her much about himself, was straightforward.
There was no way to get out during the break.
Sheila assumed Pel was from a small family in the suburbs. Her guess is just as good as Levisia. Anyway, it was certain that all three of their circumstances were just about the same. Circumstances that give them no place to stay and no real family; they have only each other to embrace. So, no matter how much courage she musters up, she can’t leave these two behind.
“Obviously I’m not asking you to attend to me outside the palace. You won’t even have an identity once you leave anyway.”
“Your Highness, how can you say that?” Sheila said, as if soothing her. Levisia cracked a small smile, but she couldn’t keep it for long. She fiddled with her hands, trying to carefully choose words to persuade the two. It might sound selfish, but Levisia thought she would be extremely lonely if these two weren’t with her when she left.
“If I left alone, you two…”
“I’m sure we’ll get a new master.”
This time, Sheila’s hand couldn’t reach Pel in time. He sprung off his chair and shook his head at them. “No matter how I think about it, I just don’t think this plan makes sense.”
“Which part?”
“The whole thing. Everything.” Pel’s answer was firm as a rock. Levisia knitted her brows as if she were about to frown. “Can you be more specific?”
“You said you’d hide your abilities. It’s not just anyone else. It’s the emperor. You have to deceive Your Majesty. That can’t be possible, for sure.”
When she heard what he said, Levisia wondered where to start fixing this. She had never seen him like this. Was he perhaps overestimating her? If her powers were great enough to hide, she wouldn’t have struggled in the Kraiden castle.
“First things first, if we’re talking all honest here, I have no abilities to hide. They’re so weak and insignificant that I can’t get anyone to notice them.”
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