Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 0

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In a small living room, people crowded around to discuss how Kraiden played a central part in the kingdom.  In this place where cold and silence coexisted, she downed a whole cup of tea. In the middle of the day, the stares of everyone sitting around me were palpable, but to a certain degree, it was bearable since she had been trained for this kind of situation.
“Everyone…” She took my chance as she stared at the faces surrounding her, and their gazes fell on her lips at once. “What’s the matter with you all?”
At that moment, they all looked at each other with expressions as if they didn’t want this ceremony to continue further. Then, the Third Prince sitting cross-legged asked as he fiddled with his hands, “Is it because you didn’t expect so many guests?” He stared at her, scrunching his brows, and said, “What I meant is that I was certain that it would be only us two meeting.”
Gladly looking at her cup of tea, the Second Empress asked,  “Have you gone mad? Why would Levisia ever agree to meet a roughneck like you?”
“Empress, now you’re talking tough?”
“Get out of here. Your face disgusts me. You’re going to contaminate Levisia’s eyes.”
The two ruffled each other’s feathers like ferocious chicks. The prince appeared nonchalant, a laugh escaping his lips, yet he couldn’t conceal the hate in his eyes.  On the other hand, the empress looked as if she wanted to completely eliminate every man from this world.
Levisia took a deep breath as she was about to make her way out. She didn’t know things would end up like this. But still, she cherished hope. However, the three people that remained were just as she expected. They merely sat on their respective seats, but it seemed that an argument was inevitable. Certainly, once their places were decided, these people would aim for each other’s necks without remorse.
When she looked at them, her head twitched a little. She knew it. The hope she clung to was proof of her naivety, although she didn’t expect much. Still, she clasped my fingers to a silver thread, but all hope flew out the window so easily.
Would they ever get along? She was a fool to believe that. Even if an expert claimed, ‘There are no bad brothers in this world’ or ‘My brother has changed’ she would find it impossible to believe.
“When you all made a promise that we must meet today, I thought you all had a plan ready to go.”
Actually, she didn’t put myself in this position. These people all made a promise that we must meet today, and she wasn’t in any position to refuse. But it turned out to be a complete disaster. And yet, they had the nerve to be infuriated with the words she spoke.
“How is that possible?”
They said while they glared at each other, keeping each other in check. Certainly, it was futile to even attempt to carry on this meeting. There was nothing she could do. Then, she began to speak like a meet-up host. “So… is today some special day?”
“You really don’t know?”
Rather than providing her with a clear answer, the First Prince only frowned. She rolled her eyes as she carefully thought of a response. “No, I don’t.”
“It’s the eve of your birthday, Levi.”
It was only then that she finally realized. “Wait… so what if it’s the eve of my birthday? Are you planning to give me my presents early?”
All at once, everyone’s  lips pursed into a thin line at her question and glanced at each other.
“Tomorrow you’ll become an adult.”
“Levisia, you don’t know the meaning of the last night before one reaches adulthood?”
The First Prince and Second Princess said this in order after each other. As Levisia slightly nodded her head, the Third Prince asked, “Levi, do you even know what it means to receive a rose at midnight?”
“Her expression tells us she doesn’t even know.”
Indeed, he hit the nail on the head. She couldn’t deny this, so she just gazed at the person who uttered the last word. However, the Seventh Princess, instead of intervening to rescue her, cracked a smile and lit the fire. “It’s alright if you don’t know. I’ll fill you in on everything when I give you the rose.”
At her words, it felt like the entire room was turned upside down. She wanted to tell them to leave and fight outside, but she kept her composure. Tomorrow would be the last time she’d see this scene. Yes, tomorrow she’d make her escape. She would not be involved, or worse, die in a fight with her fellow successors!
As she tightly clenched her fists, she mustered up the courage to say: “I’m not really sure about this, but as you all sit here, I also have something to say.”
All of them stared at her, their eyes twinkling with curiosity and a hint of eagerness as if they were expecting something… What exactly were they hoping for? In this uncomfortable position, she revealed my grand goal. “I plan on leaving this palace on my birthday.”
Thud! Crackle!
As soon as she finished, a sound reverberated throughout the room that forced her down. A chair flew across the room, the sofa broke, and the floor cracked.
But that wasn’t the end.
“Sister, I’m not sure what I just heard.” Her youngest sister looked at her and laughed as she entered the room, smashing the door to pieces. “Can you repeat that one more time? What did you say you’re going to do?”
Instinctively, Levisia took a few steps backward.
“Don’t make me second guess what I just heard. Where do you plan to go?”
Twisted gazes all blindly locked on to her.
“It’s too loud, so I couldn’t hear you, Levi. What was that?”
“Oh, I mean you can’t take me out of this palace…”
“If you leave, will we know where you go?”
“Oh Levisia, you took me as a fool.”
“You must think this empire is in someone else’s hands, huh?”
These people sought out the highest seat, more than willing to charge at each other to death. However,  they all fixated their blazing eyes in one direction. It was preposterous of her to presume she could just confess wholeheartedly and leave this palace. She must be insane. What on earth was she doing?
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