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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 226

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67. Lee Jae-J (2)
Odin was the ruler of the Northern World. However, he didn’t completely dominate it.
The Northern World consisted of nine dimensions.
Its largest dimension, which also had the most resources, was Asgard, the Aesir clan’s realm. Situated at the center of the Northern World, it had the highest concentration of energy.
Vanaheim, the world of Vanirs.
Alfheim, the land of the elves.
Midgard, a gigantic training ground where humans once prospered.
Jotunheim, the realm of slaughtered giants.
Helheim, the world of the dead.
And Niflheim, the perpetually cold dimension.
Odin ruled all of the realms mentioned above, leaving only two realms outside his reign.
Muspelheim, where Surtr, the primordial flame, slumbered.
And it was Svartalfheim, the land of the dark elves.
Muspelheim was closer to the Western World than the Northern World since the yin energy flowing in the former gradually moved away from it while it absorbed the yang energy of the latter.
That was also one of the reasons why Odin went to war against the Western World. If he were to gain its yang, the eye of Horus, and the power of Surtr, he’d have nothing to fear in the World of Gods.
Svartalfheim was the most annoying dimension to deal with. Ruled by the dark elves, it was the wealthiest of all the nine realms.
The dark elves enslaved the dwarves and constantly chewed on the Norse gods every day. However, the true reason he left their territory alone was the golden ring they possessed.
‘The greatest treasure to ever exist… It’s such a fascinating ring.’
Known as the first ring for having been made in the flames of the beginning, it became the source of all jewels and became a symbol of glory and wealth.
Only their king could use it, for any other who tried to wear or gain possession of it wouldn’t be able to avoid utter extinction. Those who’d attempt to invade the golden ring owner’s territory would suffer the same fate, being cursed and destroyed.
Not even the gods could escape its curse, which affected not only the perpetrators but also the lands they ruled. By the end of it all, it would’ve turned their realm into an eternally uninhabitable wasteland.
That was how the Southern World was destroyed.
Moreover, the golden ring always returned to its owner wherever it was.
Fearing its existence, no one dared invade Svartalfheim.
This made the king of the dark elves arrogant.
He ignored even Zeus, who possessed unmatched power, and slaughtered Saturn when he fled. He also enjoyed great wealth because of the gems his golden ring infinitely produced.
‘I’m certain the God of Evil isn’t aware of it.’
Loki smiled.
The God of Evil was a foreign entity, which meant he should have no idea about the golden ring’s existence.
‘This is my chance to rule Svartalfheim and eliminate him.’
In doing so, he’d gain the throne to the World of Gods itself.
Loki looked at his staff, which allowed him to summon Team Ragnarok.
It made even the mighty Uranus and Typhon bend to his will. Of course, the God of Evil still had higher authority over him, but if he were to get rid of him, he’d make Team Ragnarok completely his own.
Even Odin himself and the other Asgardians would have no choice but to admire him!
After all, he would become their new master who ruled over the World of Gods!
When Loki arrived in Svartalfheim, he immediately saw a gigantic castle built with gold.
Mercenaries hired by the Svartalfheim king using his vast wealth guarded it.
Most of them came from the Western World, which was evident by their long wolven ears. They were all women, too, wearing outfits with severe skin exposure. They received dimensional gold coins as compensation, which they then delivered to the Western World to be used as a force that could prevent the Northern World’s invasion.
Dimensional gold coins were the standard treasure and currency, after all. Without them, one wouldn’t be able to exercise their power.
‘Svartalfheim is where dimensional gold coins are minted, too.’
Next to the castle was a huge mountain-like factory.
Dwarfs were melting gold there to make dimensional gold coins. Just making it doesn’t mean it’s a dimensional gold coin.
You must have a golden ring to make a dimensional gold coin.
“We’ve run out of dimensional gold coins! Work harder!”
“But we’ve already reached our quota…”
“Shut up!”
The dark elves shouted at the dwarfs.
According to reports, the dimensional gold coins production suddenly increased dramatically in the past few years. However, most of it flowed to other dimensions, not the World of Gods. But Loki couldn’t care less about that.
He headed to the castle. In front of it, merchants from all dimensions were seated.
“Playbox 5 available now! Get yours for only ten dimensional gold coins!”
“Blu-ray wireless earphones for only two dimensional gold coins!”
“Rare Cassette Player! Bidding starts at thirty dimensional gold coins! The auction starts now!”
Many of the products they sold originated from Earth.
It was taboo to bring objects from other realms into the World of Gods since that would taint the deities’ purity. However, in Svartalfheim, everything was allowed.
Money was the only law and truth here.
Moreover, Andvari, the king of greed and the dark elves, loved valuable items. Since he was a mix of dark elf and dwarf, both races followed him.
Loki made his way across the street. Upon arriving at the golden castle, he looked up, admiring its glory.
It stimulated his greed.
When he reached its entrance, the Western World mercenaries raised their spears and blocked his path.
“You’re stopping me? Me?” Loki smirked.
“Andvari is resting. He’ll be holding an official meeting in a month, so please apply for an appointment then.”
“Quite cheeky, aren’t you?”
Loki spread his arms out arrogantly.
“You mean to stop me, Loki, the loyal subordinate of the God of Evil and the leader of Team Ragnarok? If that’s what you truly wish, then let me bring forth ruination on this realm!”
However, just as he was about to summon Team Ragnarok, the mercenaries looked at each other and came to an agreement.
“Well, we’ll tell him about this first. Please wait for a moment.”
He stood still for a moment, his arms still outstretched, before lowering them to his side.
It was a bit awkward.
They entered the castle and returned after a while.
“Come on in.”
He never thought meeting the king would be this easy. It made him feel a little flustered, but he didn’t show it.
The castle’s interior was like a treasure trove. Precious and rare items lined up across its halls, all of them of great value.
One of them particularly caught his attention.
A 75 inch TV playing a colorful video.
“Do you like it? It’s from Earth. One of my favorite treasures these days.”
Loki turned his head towards where the voice came from.
The king of Svartalfheim… was wearing a fluorescent nightgown, a design he had never seen before.
It probably came from Earth.
“You… Aren’t you Loki of Asgard? Did you say you’re the God of Evil’s servant now?”
“Yes. I am Loki, the God of Evil’s subordinate, leader of Team Ragnarok, the god of fire, wind, and mischief. I no longer belong to Asgard!”
Andvari shook his head.
“Are all of Odin’s sons crazy?”
“You’re a cheeky one. Your mouth will be the destruction of your nation.”
He snorted. Nobody in existence could threaten him because of the brilliant golden ring on his finger, a symbol of absolute safety. Many gods aimed to steal it in the past, but no one coveted it now since it destroyed the Southern World and turned it into a barren wasteland incapable of sustaining life.
“Submit to the God of Evil!”
“God of Evil, huh… I heard he’s taken over the other dimensions and this realm’s Central World. It doesn’t matter, though. He’s an idiot for threatening me. Hahaha!”
Andvari cursed the foreign deity, but Loki didn’t feel bad at all. It was a lie that he had sworn allegiance to him, anyway. His plan had always been for the king of Svartalfheim to recognize him as an invader.
The dark elf had an ominous feeling when he did so, but he didn’t pay it any heed. Not even he could touch him.
He looked at Loki with a deep smile on his lips.
“There’s only one thing in existence that can make me obey others.”
“What is it?”
Andvari pulled what looked like green paper with a person painted on it from his pocket.
A bill.
“Isn’t that from Earth as well? Is the man painted on it a noble?”
“No. He’s called King Sejong the Great. Isn’t this cool? They consider this currency of theirs quite valuable.”
The only thing Andvari followed was money.
Happiness, joy, despair, frustration, greed.
Earth’s currency invoked all sorts of emotions. It was as if deep sensations were condensed into it, making it incomparable to other dimensions’.
It turned into a jewel through his golden ring, adding up to his wealth.
Earth’s products were also quite popular. Cosmetics could even be sold at high prices in the Western World.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s the God of Evil or any other asshole. It would be better for them to just be quiet. No deity in existence can touch me.”
Loki drew a deep smile at his words.
“How dare you despise the God of Evil! Today, Svartalfheim will fall!”
His response was something Andvari had not expected at all. After all, even Zeus and Odin, who were known to be some of the most powerful deities, dared not make an enemy out of him.
Loki summoned his staff and cut off his long ears.
“Argh! Aren’t you afraid of the curse?!”
His smile grew deeper. Only then did Andvari realize he wasn’t joking around.
Hastily pressing the remote control in his hand, monsters clad in thick armor appeared from within the castle. He had collected these creatures from different dimensions, all of them equal to gods in terms of combat ability.
Loki raised his staff.
“Come forth, my faithful servants!” He cried out.
[Prof. Kim Dae-jin, who’s currently eating tteokbokki, notices the summon and immediately opens up a portal.]
[However, the deployment will take some time.]
With no response in sight, Loki panicked.
“Kill him!”
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Andvari shouted, clutching his severed ears.
Loki struck his staff with his hand, but it still showed no reaction.
Thump thump!
Noticing the monsters approaching him, his complexion became pale blue. Terrified, he shook his weapon profusely.
A portal appeared next to him, spitting out Medusa and the Underworld Conquerors.
“Hahaha! Ragnarok! Destroy Svartalfheim!”
Understanding the situation immediately, they accepted his order. Jin-woo had tasked them to hang out with him for a while anyway.
Medusa’s tail struck Loki’s staff.
“Ah! I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.”
“I-it’s okay.”
One-Handed Swordsman dashed forward, hitting Loki’s shoulder in the process. Staggering, he collided against Strawberry Underwear and fell to the floor.
Strawberry Panties looked down at him.
“Watch it.”
“S-sorry.” Loki replied, averting his gaze. He then got up again and raised his staff as if nothing had happened.
Andvari’s monsters rushed in, all of them capable of crushing small hills with ease. Regardless, when Medusa took off her glasses and looked at them, they all turned to stone.
One-Handed Swordsman and the Underworld Conquerors then smashed all of them. Andvari could only watch the scene unfold in horrific silence. They were clearly serious about killing him.
Loki walked leisurely to him and pressed his staff against his shoulder, the beam cutter on its tip piercing through his skin and melting his bones.
“Offer all you’ve got to the God of Evil.”
“A-alright! I’ll give him everything!”
Andvari removed the golden ring from his finger and handed it to Loki. Only its bearer could rule Svartalfheim.
Andvari believed in its power, which meant this did not mean defeat. On the contrary, this would lead to his victory. Nobody but him could claim ownership over it, after all.
He would soon perish, and it would return to him on its own!
Receiving it with elegant gestures, Loki deposited it into a subspace.
‘This is the God of Evil’s end.’
Satisfied, Loki was about to leave when Medusa and the Underworld Conquerors began admiring the castle.
“There are so many treasures here!”
“They’re all valuable, too.”
Agreeing with them, One-Handed Swordsman walked over to Andvari.
“Can we take them?”
“What? Oh, that’s…”
When he faltered, he put his beam sword right next to his head.
“I want to take it.”
“O-of course. Go ahead.”
“Where’s your safe?”
“Over there…”
They stored away all treasures in the castle, then tore the entire gigantic safe from the wall and threw it into a subspace as well.
Andvari’s jaw dropped as they looted all of his belongings.
They didn’t stop there.
One-Handed Swordsman looked around the castle.
“It’s built of gold, isn’t it?”
As soon as he contacted Prof. Kim Dae-jin, a huge portal opened, and Uranus appeared out of it, wearing a baggy T-shirt. He was a bit emotional lately since he had been watching romance movies these days.
Stretching out his hand, he created a sword.
Without much difficulty, he tore the castle to pieces and shoved all of its fragments into his subspace, leaving behind nothing but an empty lot.
Loki and the Western World’s mercenaries could only stare blankly at the scene.
‘They’re insane…’
Loki was sweating uncontrollably.
Ragnarok was the embodiment of ruination itself. If they went to Asgard, they would leave it devastated.
Fortunately, he could relax since he had the staff.
‘A-anyway, with this, everything is now ready.’
Barely managing to gather his wits, he smiled awkwardly.
* * *
Jin-woo returned to Olympus after staying in Midgard for a while since Loki requested a meeting.
Loki had taken care of the envoy’s work all on his own. Since he had a knack for manipulating memories, he made it seem as if his fellow gods committed rude behavior towards Jin-woo.
Thanks to him, Odin sent him Dainsleif, a peace offering.
“… It’s a pretty great sword.”
Even according to his standards, it was undoubtedly a good weapon. This situation only made him like Loki’s resourcefulness even more.
He swore allegiance to him, but he did not belong to the Sanctuary since he didn’t do it sincerely.
But that wasn’t much of a problem.
Jin-woo sat on the throne and waited for him, who soon entered the God of Evil’s Temple and approached him.
Since it was his first time witnessing his original appearance, Loki was slightly surprised.
“Hey, you’ve turned into a human.”
That wasn’t the case at all, but Jin-woo didn’t feel the need to explain. The situation made him think his disguise skill was phenomenal and was beyond even his, leaving him barely able to conceal his agitation.
“I have conquered Svartalfheim, God of Evil.”
Jin-woo blinked.
“Svartalfheim is where the first treasure was born. Only you are worthy of being its ruler.”
The Great Emperor nodded at his sweet words. For as long as it existed in the Northern World, it didn’t matter what it was.
Loki approached him and respectfully held out a golden ring emitting the same energy as dimensional gold coins.
“This ring is the Svartalfheim king’s symbol. Wear it, and you’ll be given everything that the realm has to offer.”
Loki looked at him with anxious eyes as he accepted it.
‘I can feel demonic power from it.’
He didn’t have to look at it with the Magic Eye of Information to know it was imbued with much more demonic power than Astrafe.
As Jin-woo slowly slid it on, Loki sweated profusely. The moment he had worn it completely, the god of mischief clenched his fists tightly.
Not long after, black air currents spewed out from the ring and wrapped around the God of Evil.
Loki jumped up laughing.
Intense power surged into Jin-woo’s soul. The refreshing sensation made him feel better, almost as if his soul was being cleansed.
[Andvari has been affected by the Rainbow Reflection!]
[You have acquired demonic power!]
[The golden ring reveals its true form!]
*[SSS+] Golden Ring
Imbued with demonic power, this ring serves as the Svartalfheim king’s symbol and the producer and creator of dimensional gold coins. It also has the ability to increase the value of items.
With its demonic power absorbed by the God of Evil, its true form has finally been released, unlocking its ability to issue dimensional gold coins and grant permission to use the dimensional stores.
‘Dimensional gold coins?’
Jin-woo was surprised.
He didn’t expect Svartalfheim to be the producer of the inter-dimensional currency.
Loki continued to laugh hysterically until his gaze met Jin-woo’s.
The black air current surrounding him had disappeared, and the golden ring on his finger glowed far more brilliantly than it ever had, allowing it to display its glory and presence better.
“Hahaha… Huh?”
Loki stiffened midway his chortles when Jin-woo smiled at him.
“I like it. Good job.”
“Huh? A-ah…”
He truly liked Loki.
Who would’ve thought he’d offer such a powerful treasure as a tribute to him voluntarily? He didn’t genuinely swear allegiance to him, but his heart was sincere. Jin-woo gave him dimensional gold coins and the latest spacecraft as a reward.
Loki’s mind remained blank even as he came out of Olympus and slumped down.
The God of Evil should’ve ceased to exist as soon as he put on the ring, but it only seemed to have made him stronger.
“W-what am I supposed to do now?”
He had no intention of destroying Asgard.
He just wanted Odin to recognize him and become their realm’s rightful king. In fact, the only reason he became their enemy’s subordinate was so he could take advantage of his power.
“Huh? I haven’t seen you around before. Are you okay?”
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“… What?”
“Cheer up. Here, you can have this.”
A woman in a white dress took out melon-flavored ice cream from her black envelope and gave it to him.
And he started eating it, his expression still blank.
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