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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 217

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64. The God of Evil’s Descent (1)
Amphitrite was the daughter of Nereus, the sea god. Among his fifty daughters, she was the most beautiful.
When Poseidon reigned as the new ruler of the seas, he made all of Nereus’ relatives stay in Atlantis and treated them with hospitality. Only they, and the people he handpicked, could live in that fabled underwater city in luxury.
He promised them eternal pleasure. Unfortunately, he could no longer keep it.
Poseidon Family Shield.
His children and relatives had been bound to the surfaces of shields, all of which were some of the shiniest and smoothest he had ever seen. He had no concept of parenthood, but he terribly cared for his scions.
Zeus often sent his sons to war, something Poseidon couldn’t do. On the contrary, he had gone so far as to tell them never to leave Atlantis.
The New World players charged, using the Poseidon Family Shields as protection. The Olympian warriors, witnessing their advance, hurriedly fired arrows at them.
“Oh god!”
Amphitrite and her children could only scream as the projectiles hit and pierced through them.
“What are you doing?!”
Poseidon stomped towards the bowman and punched him, sending him bouncing forward and rolling on the floor.
His actions confused his underlings, however.
Princess Sena Pink laughed.
‘It’s working better than I thought.’
It strongly affected Poseidon even though his family was essentially immortal since they were gods. They just had to keep drinking Nectar, and they’d be able to withstand multiple deaths. That made them perfect as meat shields.
The New World players were quick to notice her plan, too. Everyone watched the scene as if it were fun.
“Our tanks are no joke.”
“Haha! Their shields are imbued with water attributes!”
“They give their targets the confused status effect! Hahaha!”
A small number of New World players prevented Olympus’ entire army from advancing using this tactic. Whenever they fired arrows at them, they would deliberately go to where the volleys would land and block them using their special equipment. Moreover, if they so much as tried to close the distance even a little, they would smash their shields on the ground, making the people attached to them scream.
Ares and other gods’ offensives met the same fate.
“S-stop it!”
“It hurts, dad!”
Poseidon trembled, unable to block out the sounds of his children’s pleas ringing in his ears. He couldn’t even come close. Princess Sena Pink and the New World players pounded on the shields with their weapons every time he tried to.
“Stop! Everyone stop!”
Poseidon’s urgent order halted the Olympian army’s advance and engulfed them in chaos, causing severe casualties that led to multiple people turning into monsters.
But the New World players were demons themselves. Death, for them, was temporary, and their actions destroyed their opponents’ morale as cruel and brutal as possible.
It shouldn’t be like this.
Gazing at Poseidon, Zeus picked up Astrafe and hurled powerful lightning at the New World players.
The New World players cheered upon being hit by the tingling sensation, but the same couldn’t be said for those attached to the shields.
Poseidon’s eyes widened upon witnessing unbearable pain burn their bodies.
“Do not back down! Advance!” Zeus exclaimed. Through his display of power, the soldiers found the courage to resume their march once more. However, this caused the god of the sea to grab him by the collar.
“Zeus! What are you doing?!”
“Calm down, brother. Amphitrite and your children are immortal! We can always just send the demigods to the underworld and bring them back to life later. Just this once, close your eyes and hold on.”
“You say that, but your kids are hiding in safety behind your back!”
“Oh, uh… I’m going to send them out at an important moment…”
Zeus let out a deep sigh as life gleamed in Poseidon’s eyes.
“Ah, I see. Then let’s continue our charge. That foreign army is composed of nothing but demons. For the World of Gods’ sake, we can’t let them keep pushing us back.”
“Great… .”
“Ares and other gods will be joining in as well, so this should be over soon.”
Poseidon finally stepped down upon hearing Zeus’ explanation, albeit barely.
Amphitrite looked at him with desperation and wept tears of blood. However, all he could do was turn away and clench his teeth.
“I’m sorry… I’ll make those bastards pay…”
The gods’ minions advanced once more, and Zeus and the Olympian gods also descended on the battlefield. Poseidon could only stand still, however, confused about what to do.
His mentality had already collapsed.
One-Handed Swordsman was satisfied.
Although the Poseidon Family Shield had been disabled, it dealt enough damage to render one of the three major gods useless in this war.
‘Princess Sena Pink… What a great strategist.’
“Look! Zeus is coming!”
“Oh my God! He has such cool lightning!”
The New World players rushed like bees towards the gods, thousands of them bursting instantly every time the supreme god fired a bolt. Due to the gods’ fraudulent abilities, their resurrection time grew longer, and that was especially true for those wiped out by Ares and Hermes’ forces.
“Wow, that’s a cheat skill. There’s no time delay in between their area-of-effect skills.”
“That’s to be expected. They’re the boss, after all.”
“Let’s take our time with this.”
Nevertheless, this overwhelming disadvantage only made the players even more excited, causing the gods to become even more sick and tired of them. On the other hand, the Olympian warriors’ advance sped up even more.
One-Handed Swordsman looked at the Underworld Conquerors and Team Ragnarok.
“They’ve finally made their entrance. It’s time we head out into battle, too.”
One-Handed Swordsman jumped down the wall.
He landed with one knee on the ground, causing a powerful shockwave to rage on as he held a pose more commonly known as the Hero Landing.
The Underworld Conquerors and Team Ragnarok came down beside him as well.
Once they all landed, he stood up and looked at the enemies with a wretched expression.
“Tonight, we dine in the underworld. Charge!”
He didn’t mean death, of course. They could go to that dimension to play whenever they so wished.
That aside, the flow of the battle changed once more when they joined the battlefield. The Underworld Conquerors were already powerful before, but they had learned and been upgraded quite a lot since their time in the afterlife. One-Handed Swordsman burst forth with a giant beam sword, and Strawberry Underwear emitted green steam as he used self-immolation.
“Fufu… finally…!”
Medusa took off her glasses and smiled, instantly turning the warriors into stone when they looked into her eyes. In their petrified state, their Nectar-given immortality became quite the curse.
‘I can’t move!’
‘Ugh! Ahhh!’
They had been paralyzed, but their minds were still intact.
“Cover your eyes!”
The soldiers closed their eyes. Thanks to their rigorous training, they could fight properly without having to rely on their vision. With their overwhelming numbers, they thought they’d be able to defeat her with ease, but that was a mistake.
Medusa’s eyes and serpentine hair glowed red. With a scream, she then fired a Beam of Petrification.
“Now!” Princess Sena Pink shouted. At her command, the players carrying the Poseidon Family Shields gathered around Medusa’s attack and raised their protective equipment, reflecting it off of their glinting surfaces.
The beam blasted out in erratically different directions, causing quite the disaster for their opponents. All the warriors that gathered around them turned to stones so brittle they easily got smashed and crumbled.
They no longer returned from the dead, either. It was as if their life had stopped upon being petrified.
It was a great counter for Nectar.
“Wow! Medusa, that’s amazing.”
“Go Petrified Beams!”
“Huh? Something’s coming!”
A giant with huge wings fell from the sky and immediately tore apart thousands of Olympian warriors with a swing of his sword. Zeus flinched at the sight.
“T-Typhon? A-Ares! Stop him!”
Terrified by the colossal monstrosity, Zeus sent the Olympian gods to deal with him. The Olympian warriors advancing into the city turned around and charged at him as well.
‘I-if we somehow capture the city…!”
Zeus picked up Astrafe, forcibly gathered the power of lightning, and sent it to the opposing faction’s base with enough strength to turn it into a wasteland.
“It’s useless!”
A muscular being stopped the incoming attack with his body alone.
“Zeus! I’ve returned!”
“Oh no, didn’t he run away from home already?”
His appearance was unusual. He had what seemed like a mechanical device attached to him, and he now wore a glinting belt.
He pressed a button on the communicator in his ear.
“Team Leader.”
[Well, considering the current situation… Alright. I’ll allow it.]
“Yes! Thank you!”
Hercules raised his hand, causing Zeus to flinch and send another lightning bolt towards him.
The gauge on the belt exploded just as the electricity struck him. He lowered his hand and crossed it with the other, following what seemed like a rhythmic movement.
The New World players’ eyes lit up as they watched the scene.
“Hey, that pose…!”
“No way!”
Every man’s dream.
Mana erupted from his belt and enveloped him as it turned into armor. He put on a golden helmet right after, causing a gleam of light to erupt around him.
Zeus retreated in a moment of hesitation.
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“A Transformation…?” He uttered with a blank expression on his face.
But Hercules wasn’t done just yet.
A large rocket flew up from the city and disassembled in the sky, revealing robot parts.
Hercules hovered in the air as they equipped themselves on his body.
Clank! Koo!
With all parts now attached to him, the belt’s gauge scanned him, dyeing his armor blue as he spread out his arms. Emitting overwhelming mana, a storm emerged around him.
“This is my transformation. We call it Hercules EX.”
Prof. Kim Dae-jin designed this weapon specifically to counter Zeus.
Through it, Hercules’ physical prowess and divine power rose to the limit. At the same time, he gained the ability to absorb lightning and use it as a power source.
He stretched out his hand. The armor around his waist opened, revealing a hilt.
Hercules grabbed it and pointed it forward.
“Lightning Sword.”
A charge of electricity burst forth from it.
“I will end Olympus’ atrocities with my own hands.”
Lightning Sword and Astrafe clashed, causing the sky to darken and thunderstorms to spawn. However, the former easily absorbed the latter’s abilities, allowing him to unleash even more powerful attacks.
Hercules soon struck Zeus in the face with his fist, making the supreme god stagger away uncontrollably.
Zeus wasn’t physically weak, but his opponent’s strength surpassed common sense itself. Moreover, he became even more overwhelming through transformation and coalescence.
“Brother! Help me!” He called out to Poseidon, who was still dazed.
Upon hearing his earnest plea, Poseidon’s eyes managed to refocus.
“… I won’t forgive you, invaders!”
He filled up with rage. The demons who tortured his wife and children had to pay!
“I’ll wipe your entire existence off this world through the power of the sea!”
Solidifying his will, he went to pick up his trident on the ground.
However, it was no longer there.
Bewildered, Poseidon looked around for it until he found Bread Jam moaning and carrying it as he tried to escape with great difficulty.
He raised his hand, and the trident became heavier.
“Only gods can bear the weight of that weapon.”
“Ugh! Ha… Haaa… You can say that again…” Bread Jam replied, looking directly into his eyes.
‘Where are you, Great Emperor? I need help!’
If they could steal Poseidon’s trident, their situation would change drastically! Unfortunately, he could no longer move it by even an inch, and Poseidon was already on his way to him.
Bread Jam fervently prayed to Jin-woo, who in turn answered him.
[The God of Evil recognizes Lee Jae-mi (Bread Jam) as a god.]
[Lee Jae-mi (Bread Jam) has become the goddess of misfortune.]
*[A] Goddess of Misfortune
Misfortune is always with her. She must overcome it with courage.
With ease, he lifted Poseidon’s trident, which had just become unbearably heavy. Moreover, he could even swing it around as if it was as light as a feather.
“No! That’s…”
Bread Jam smiled brightly as he looked at Poseidon, then thrust his new weapon in his direction. Releasing a stream of water, it swept the god of the seas away.
He resumed his escape right after.
“Catch her!” Poseidon commanded as soon as he regained consciousness. The Olympian warriors immediately followed his order, chasing after the thief.
“Ahhh! Save me!” Bread Jam shouted at the top of his lungs, knowing full well he stood out like an eyesore with the god of the seas’ weapon in his hands.
The New World players cheered when they saw her.
“Hey, Lee Jae-mi stole Poseidon’s trident!”
“Oh my God! A hidden heroine!”
“She’s a rose among thorns!”
Poseidon and his minions were right behind him. The players ran to save him, but the opposing faction proved to be faster.
However, just before he could get caught, someone quietly appeared in the middle of the battlefield.
He appeared without any foreshadowing, almost as if he had been with them since the war began.
Wrapped in a black current, he made the ambient temperature drop sharply upon his arrival. The moment his presence dawned upon the bloodbath, the advancing Olympian warriors, the gods facing Typhon, and even the New World players stopped in their tracks, unable to take their eyes off of his magnificence.
“God of Evil!” Medusa exclaimed, and his name swiftly spread across the two factions. The Olympian gods hesitated and took a few steps back when they saw him, and fear immediately devoured their subordinates.
Jin-woo looked around.
‘What the hell is going on?’
Bread Jam stared blankly at him, holding Poseidon’s trident, with Poseidon himself and his warriors right behind him. Hercules had become one with a robot and was grabbing Zeus’ neck, and Typhon had torn Ares’ upper and lower body apart and had pinned Hermes on the floor. There was also a unit carrying shields with Poseidon’s family members bound to their surfaces.
‘… What a mess.’
He couldn’t quite comprehend how this could happen, but he wasn’t surprised by how chaotic the war had become. On another note, neither faction seemed to have been pushed back that much.
Zeus escaped from Hercules’ grasp. Though already beaten by him, he was still the supreme god of Olympus. Hurriedly grabbing Astrafe, he aimed it at the God of Evil.
Bread Jam came closer to Jin-woo’s face, tears pouring out as he offered the trident to him.
“Good job.”
Jin-woo held Triana in his hand, corrupting its golden light until it ultimately turned black.
“It’s useful.”
He could feel the intense power within it. It was as if he could feel all of the seas in every dimension in existence, which wasn’t a bad sensation at all.
This entire situation unnerved Poseidon. How could it not, when it led to his connection with Triana being severed?
Zeus was equally surprised.
Jin-woo glanced back at him. The New World players’ eyes shone as they stared at the two, clearly hoping for the main event to begin immediately.
‘It won’t be any fun if I end his life within a second. Time to put on a spectacular show.’
Through Triana, he created a raging storm around him and a gigantic tornado that soared up through the skies. However, unable to handle his force, it trembled and glowed red.
His eyes met Zeus’.
‘Time to give him a gift.’
Jin-woo struck the ground with his trident, causing a powerful earthquake to reverberate across the lands. The earth twisted and tilted, devouring the Olympian warriors.
But he wasn’t done just yet.
Strong and ominous vibrations felt from the depths of the world.
This menacing atmosphere’s sudden dominance made Zeus feel goosebumps. Looking down at his hands, he found them trembling involuntarily.
The earth Jin-woo stood on wobbled and curved outward as a being rose from beneath it. It was gigantic, making even Typhon look like a child, and was covered in dark red flames.
The sky screeched.
Zeus was fully aware of its identity.
“Uranus…” He uttered his name, his expression filled with bewilderment and fear. Considering even the other Olympian gods couldn’t help but feel the terror and horror crushing their hearts, it was only natural for their subordinates to lose all will to fight.
Uranus, the god of the skies, had existed since the beginning of time. Now, he ascended from the abyss as the God of Evil’s servant!
Jin-woo looked down at everyone as he stood on his shoulder.
The earth flipped over again.
“Argh! Finally!”
“We’re back, Zeus!”
The Titans broke through the surface, their rage clearly depicted by their aura. The New World players cheered and clapped upon witnessing the scene.
“Uranus? Titans? This is amazing!”
“Wow! This war’s scale is insane!”
“This is how wars between gods should be!”
“Hahahaha! Look at Zeus! He’s out of his mind!”
Uranus stretched out his gigantic hand, sucking the clouds and air into his palm.
“I am the god of the heavens!”
A colossal glowing spear appeared in his fist.
“And your downfall!”
Uranus roared and thrust his newly materialized weapon forward.
“For victory!”
Joyous warcries echoed across the battlefield as the New World players rampaged past the primordial god of the skies. The Titans, noticing their tiny allies, lowered their posture and stretched their hands at them.
The players, in turn, stepped onto their palms and accepted their help.
“Comrades! Let us fight together!”
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“Oh! You’re cool, Mr. Titan!”
Thud! Thud!
The Titans threw the New World players with immense force, causing terrifying demons to rain on the Olympian warriors like humanoid missiles that flew even faster and higher than volleys of arrows.
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