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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 214

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Chapter 214
63. Satan’s Unemployment (1)
At the direction of Jinwoo, the official website posted a notice with a brief teaser.
This New World: The Fall of God will be a much more attractive stage than the universe.
A battle of great magnitude was going to take place. It may be smaller than the scale of the universe, but the content is much more complete.
Jinwoo started decorating the base according to the theme.
Most of the stories were taken literally. It was said that the gods of Olympos kidnapped Jae-mi Lee and declared war invading New World.
New World players develop their strength in Tartarus and face the Olympus army.
It was a setting that evil spirits, the gods worshiped in the Dark Empire and the Holy Empire, and various constellations in the labyrinth help New World players.
A war with clear enemies!
Except for the main quest, all players only fought each other. But what if they join forces? The synergy will be enormous.
‘I have to give a bunch of quests.’
The deceased characters of the New World player had already reached the limit of the rank that could be reached in the labyrinth.
If you use Tartaros, tremendous growth will be possible.
Because it was a whopping 10 times experience value event for infinite resurrection.
“I, I am Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. Welcome, warriors who will face the fallen Zeus! You are in Tartarus… .”
“Did you remember the ambassador?”
“He said he was the goddess of wisdom. Hey, get down.”
The magical girls were craving for Athena. Athena was the NPC role leading novice players.
“Sin, sorry!”
“If I’m sorry, will my new life end?”
Athena leaned on the floor.
Danwoocheon was smiling happily next to him.
Tim Ragnarok and Jinwoo’s men decided to act as NPCs.
Jinwoo looked around the base.
The base was also expanding smoothly. It was bigger than any other city that has ever appeared.
Most of the buildings were made in the space world and then brought to this place by ship.
All I had to do was assemble it here, so the speed of the city’s expansion was tremendously fast. The Olympus gods were astonished.
In the center of the city was a huge temple.
It was a grander temple than the Temple of Olympus. Jinwoo entered the temple.
‘I think so.’
The statues of the constellations were filled in the temple.
Starting with the general manager, they were lords such as Arcana and Heoyoung. In the center was a stone statue of Jinwoo. It was a dignified figure wearing a black eye patch.
In the temple, demons were standing by wearing evil god’s uniforms.
Yuna approached.
“The basic facilities are all complete. I think we can leave the rest to the New World players.”
“I guess I can match the open day.”
“Yes, it was a bit breathtaking.”
In the city building, all the cockroach clan came out to do the hard work.
Jinwoo was also reluctant to put the cockroach clan into war. This is because the whole world of God could have been eaten.
The only thing Jinwoo wanted to destroy was the Olympus gods.
‘I’m using it as an NPC once… .’
Small NPCs like the city guards and city merchants were all cockroaches. Even if the gods of Olympus attacked the city, there was nothing to be captured.
“The development department wants to know how far the game limits are lifted.”
“All loose.”
“Are you all? Okay.”
New World players have been constrained.
For example, there were restrictions such as not touching the inhabitants of other planets in the space world, and the fact that PK between the same members was impossible.
It was a war.
It was a real war with a dimensional future.
How much madness isn’t necessary?
Yuna’s expression was a little hardened.
Who is the most evil on all levels?
Demons? No.
Yuna thought he was human.
Humans were the only ones who could make the demons unemployed. Satan, who is said to be the most evil in the demon world, shook his head.
Such a wicked being does not die without any restrictions, and resurrects infinitely?
“… It would be a cruel story for the warriors here.”
Even though the war had not started yet, Yuna had already felt sorry for her enemies.
It was from then on that the demons were frightened by the news that restrictions were lifted.
“What, what? This, you want to break the restrictions of humans?”
“… The evil spirit is really angry!”
“Hey, Olympus guys, it’s a big deal.”
“Such evil beings are without restrictions… Ahhh… The car, the dimension will perish. God of evil… .”
The demons were terrified.
* * *
It became an open day!
My friends were already hot with the story of New World.
Han Sena was a college student who just became an adult.
New World, which she touched on broadcast in high school, made her mind excited. However, since it was an adult game, unfortunately, I had to wait until I became an adult.
I just became an adult in line with the massive update!
Sena’s friends worried a lot about her. It was because he was kind like Sun-Dung, and he was a personality that only lost money every time.
Senna laughed at every loss. She was timid, and it was difficult to say dislikes to others.
‘It’s my first time playing a game… Will it be okay?’
It is said that even beginners are given several items so that they can easily adapt. Senna worked part-time and bought a connector with the money she saved. She trembling into New World.
“Hello? I will create an avatar for Princess Sena Pink.”
“Ah yes! Go, thank you.”
“Don’t be so nervous.”
I was embarrassed to have made my nickname randomly.
A beautiful angel made an avatar.
She admired the gorgeous impression. The impression was changed just by fixing my eyes and turning my hair into blonde.
“Please choose the world.”
Until the update, novice players were sent to the labyrinth, but now they have a choice.
There was a tutorial program in the labyrinth so that even beginners could easily adapt.
The world of God is said to be a much more free world.
She hesitated and chose the world of God.
“Princess Sena Pink, please keep the innocence now until the end.”
The angel said something unknown.
Senna was immediately transferred to the world of God.
The vast land, high mountain ranges, and beautiful lakes caught my eye. Senna admired. The city in the distance was also very beautiful.
‘You did a good job at New World.’
She wanted to feel free from her timid self. My heart has already risen. Like her, there were players who started New World for the first time.
Most of them were just adults.
Senna was courageous and said hello first.
“Ah, how are you?”
“Yes hello? New World is really awesome, isn’t it?”
“Oh, right?”
“Avatar is pretty! Would you like to go together? I’ll protect you. Actually, I was in New World before. This time, I have a new account and I will tell you everything. Are you a college student?”
It was my first time talking to a man!
Senna turned into a difficult expression. The man clung tenaciously. His eyes were disgusting as he looked over his body.
Something came from the huge city side. Senna tilted her head and looked at it. It was a huge wagon. It was no horse to pull the carriage.
He was a muscular man wearing only green panties.
“Ah… .”
Sena’s mind was confused by the shocking visual. The carriage stopped in front of Sena. The muscular man looked at the beginners who had just logged in.
“You have come to New World well. The man I am teaching beginners is a one-handed sword. If you follow me, please make me an elite soldier.”
“I, the man is a one-handed sword?”
“Top ranker… .”
Already his name was famous.
The appearance on the broadcast was that great.
There was a large sign on the carriage.
‘Cultivating elite recruits’, ‘Short-term hard training’, ‘The survivors are strong! It was a new concept of battle royale education.
For beginners, men stumbled back because of the visual of one-handed sword and the phrase of the carriage.
The same was true for Sena.
It looked too dangerous.
“Well, there are only kids. Don’t you want to overcome yourself! It’s your chance to find yourself new!”
The man said the voice of the one-handed sword was like thunder.
For beginners, men avoided the gaze of one-handed swords. The man shook his head in disappointment with his one-handed sword.
“New self… ?”
Sena was worried.
If you follow the author, won’t you be able to change your timid self?
“Well, could it really be that way?”
“Yes. You have the qualities.”
The beginners flinched as the Senna man approached one-handed sword one step. The man who had spoken with Sena quickly stopped talking.
“Oh, no! I don’t know what to do with the author! Oh, it’s notorious. The pervert is wealth, it is clear!”
The man looked at him with a one-handed sword.
He flinched, but didn’t back out. In any game, beginners would be protected. New World: So was the labyrinth.
But he didn’t know what the world of God was like.
The man did not look at him with a one-handed sword.
Only Sena’s eyes were focused.
“Girl, what is your name?”
“Three, this is Princess Sena Pink.”
“That’s a good name. There are qualities too.”
The man pulled out a dagger from the subspace and threw it on the floor. It was an E-rank dagger.
“Did you say you want to be different?”
“… Yeah.”
“Lift up the dagger.”
Sena was staggering and picked up a dagger. The man pointed at the man with his one-handed sword.
“Kill the author.”
“Yeah? Lord, Lord, kill?”
“okay. Put a dagger in your heart. That dagger enhances your physical abilities. It will be very easy.”
“Hah, but… .”
The dagger trembled.
“How long do you plan to live as a loser?”
“The freedom you don’t have to be responsible for is right before your eyes! Do it! And ignore responsibility! This is such a place!”
“… … .”
Senna closed her eyes tightly.
As the man listened to the words of the one-handed sword, the trembling was surprisingly reduced. She looked at the man with an unfocused glance. I approached him.
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“Now, wait… .”
The man fell back.
Novice players around him turned away. This was because it was very awkward to male players and disgustingly to female players.
“This, this is illegal! Me, I’m a novice player!”
“There is no such thing as a beginner or a master in freedom.”
The man said that the one-handed sword.
Senna screamed and stretched her dagger forward strongly. A dagger was stuck in the man’s chest.
Fu Soo Sook!
Blood spurted out and the man’s body collapsed. The avatar crumbled and disappeared.
“Ah… .”
Senna grabbed her face.
fear? fear?
No. It was thrilling.
It was thrilling enough to make my hands tremble.
[The shadow of loyalty (the general manager, the Earth) looks at her.]
[The demon of dreams and regression (release, demon) discovers in her the qualities to become queen. I give her the technique of ‘fascination.’]
The man nodded with a one-handed sword at Sena’s ecstatic appearance.
“How about.”
“Something seems to have changed.”
“It’s not different. That is the original you who were in you.”
“The original me… ?”
“Get in the carriage.”
Sena climbed into the carriage. The players who were around also nodded.
“This is freedom… .”
“Yes, I wanted something like this.”
As if they were possessed, even beginners boarded the wagon.
It wasn’t the city where the wagon was headed.
It was a barren place outside the city.
For men, the shortest rank up course devised by a one-handed sword.
Cruel Battle Royale using the characteristic of an infinitely reviving avatar!
It was the course of the devil that changed people themselves.
The underworld conquest and the warriors who followed him began to kidnap beginners there.
“Why not come?”
Athena, who decided to entrust the training of beginner players, tilted her head in an empty field. It was a moment when the cheat sheet I wrote down on my hand became a waste.
* * *
Jinwoo nodded while looking at various indicators.
The attack on Tartaros was going smoothly.
While attacking Tartaros, the ranks of New World players were also increasing significantly.
James Dean and the fake returners were also active.
Tartarus was the abyss itself.
It was the darkness that dragged the soul into the abyss, inspiring emotions such as despair and fear. But it didn’t work for New World players.
[The Labyrinth of Tartarus is about to give you despair.]
[The housewife knife repels despair. Exciting taste! She is having fun with the slaughter!]
[The Labyrinth of Tartarus summons a monster everyone will fear.]
[The gogan missile is happy. Wow! It’s money! That monster seems to be a new material!]
Because everything was play.
The New Wolf player didn’t know the fear.
“A reconnaissance team appeared around the city.”
“Finally moved.”
“It’s a little early. The attack on Tartaros is not over yet.”
It is said that the Underworld Conquest is there. Jinwoo decided to go directly to see the level of the Olympus warriors.
I left the city and headed for the scout.
Found a scout. He was taking a break in a nearby village.
Jin-woo observed them on the hill.
[B] Immortal Warrior
‘For Olympus!’
A warrior who gained immortal power by drinking nectar.
Even if he dies several times, he resurrects again. Instead of blood and organs, they shed white nectar energy.
When the resurrection number reaches the limit, it turns into a vicious monster.
When you become a monster, all ranks rise by one level.
Zeus was confident.
They were warriors reaching B rank.
Even if he dies, he is reborn many times. At the end, it even turned into a monster.
When the monster dies, the soul will go to the underworld, but Zeus seemed to have thought it could do a lot of damage before that.
‘Shall we sweep it away?’
It was when Jinwoo was thinking for a while.
A woman dressed in a villager’s costume jumped in vain.
“Also, help!”
“what’s going on?”
Warriors arose from their seats and approached the woman.
The warriors were full of heroism. The pride of being a warrior chosen by God was piercing the sky. A woman embraced the warrior. The warrior’s face was released at once.
That much, the woman was fascinating.
“Monsters buy, people… !”
“Don’t worry about this Galaus, who is blessed by Ares! Where are you?”
As the woman guided her, Galaus supported her. Calaus’ nostrils fluttered with the fragrant scent.
Galaus and the warriors followed her to the depths of the woods. Jinwoo looked at the scene, tilted his head and followed.
“I, it’s that cave. I dragged the villagers to that cave!”
“We’ll save you!”
“Thank you.”
Galaus and the warriors went into the cave.
They were brave because they did not die when they died.
There was a huge spider in the cave. They struggled with the spider.
Spiders were so powerful that they couldn’t easily deal with B ranks.
Jinwoo turned to the woman. The woman was looking at the cave with a deep smile.
‘The New World player is obvious… .’
His name was Princess Sena Pink.
Why would you name it like that?
Jinwoo couldn’t really know.
Galaus and the warriors came out of the cave. They were covered in blood. Although he was poisoned, he did not seem to die.
“Sorry. There were no villagers. It seems to have been eaten already.”
“Ah… then… .”
As Sena staggered, Galaus caught him.
“First, go to the village with us… .”
A large needle was stuck in Galaus’ neck. Sena put it in. Galaus stumbled and collapsed.
“What, what!”
Needles from the forest side were stuck in the warriors’ necks. The warriors couldn’t escape because they were dulled by the spider’s poison.
A strong anesthetic poison was applied to the needle. The warriors trembled and passed out.
Players with novice equipment appeared in the forest.
Their faces were full of mean smiles.
The same was true of Sena.
“Because you trust people so easily, you’re like that.”
When Sena took off her clothes roughly, a bare black tights outfit was revealed. They matched the chains on the body and felt strange but charismatic.
“The stupid Olympus guys… . Ah! Thank you, sister.”
“Yes, fasten it.”
The players trapped the warriors.
Galaus, who had not yet passed out, opened his eyes and looked at Sena.
“Do, what the hell… What did you… .”
“Thanks. Thanks to that, I was able to catch an expensive spider.”
“Ha, a trap… ?”
Gallius became a vain look.
Beginner players came out with a spider corpse with bright facial expressions.
There were a lot of materials that were traded at high prices for that spider. Senna looked at Garius with a deep smile.
“Oh! Evil bitch! Ooh, what are you gonna do with us?”
“You did not die even if you killed them. Isn’t it the best bait? There lived a scorpion that likes to mate with humans… They said weaknesses are revealed when mating.”
“Huh, huh! This, this, the devil!”
At Galaus’ words, Sena and the players around him laughed.
“What, what’s funny?”
“We are believers of evil spirits, so it’s natural to be evil.”
“Ah, evil spirits… . Oh, no!”
The players completely disarmed the warriors.
Their armament was pretty good.
A player with emotional skills drew a bright smile.
“Ho, this can be sold for about 300,000 won. Wow! Sister, this would be just 1 million won? What? His front teeth are crystal.”
“Pull that too. Well, let’s share the loot fairly.”
“Ah, my sister did it all.”
“We are a team.”
The players were moved by Sena’s words.
“Oh! After all, the dark Senna Pink Princess… . I will follow you forever!”
Looking at it like this, it was a heartwarming sight.
Senna looked at Galaus for a moment.
Was it feeling guilty?
Galaus looked at her with a glance of hope.
But hope soon broke.
“After catching a scorpion, how about putting it in tartaros as bait? Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid and rent it out?”
“Oh, sister! I think that would be great too!”
After all, Princess Senna Pink!
That was a great idea!
The players dragged the warriors away.
Jinwoo looked at Sena and the novice players with a blank expression.
They were beginners much lower than B rank. But he joked the B-rank warriors.
Gold badges and black badges were attached to their chests.
‘Excellent graduates of Battle Royale’
‘Excellent evil deity’
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Jinwoo swallowed gulp.
‘Now I can’t turn back.’
Maybe he had awakened an evil darker than Tartarus and greater than Typhon.
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