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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 189

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55. Mayhem (3)
Yoo-na looked ashamed. That was to be expected, considering she was wearing a magical girl outfit and holding a heart-shaped wand.
Her eyes already looked like her soul had escaped her body.
The moment they transformed, Hee-yeon, Se-yeon, and Zhuge Mi-hyun regained their memories because of the diverse settings.
All the Settings Fragments came out of their bodies.
Jegal Mi-hyun didn’t seem bothered by what she had done at all, but the same couldn’t be said for Hee-yeon and Se-yeon.
Both of them plopped on the ground, with Hee-yeon holding her head and Se-yeon burying her face in the sand like an ostrich.
The two felt so much embarrassment they couldn’t even scream.
Luna crouched down and patted them both, her figure befitting her position as a goddess.
Comforting their broken hearts, she looked so divine it was almost as if she didn’t suffer from the same pain at all.
‘A goddess will always be a goddess, after all.’ Jin-woo thought.
The monsters charged at them, their existence caused by the phenomenon that occurred when the world collapsed.
He tried to retaliate but stopped before he could, finding the Golden Women’s Association members’ expressions unusual.
Swoosh! Crack!
As they warmed up, terrifying sounds reverberated throughout the beach. Seeing the flesh that splattered all over, it seemed there was no need for him to even step up.
They had been shaming themselves the past few days. Now, they needed to vent all of their pent-up anger out.
“I don’t think the master needs to do anything.” Faro chuckled.
Yoo-na signaled the beginning of the massacre. Swinging her wand like a baseball bat, she caused a monster’s body to shatter and explode, its fragments scattering along with thick fluids.
Carrying cute weapons, they all marched forward.
Whomp! Bang! Boom!
Their arsenal was adorable, but the devastation they caused was horrifying. Rather than magic, they used brute force to destroy everything in their path.
The Emperor of Settings could only watch the violence in silence.
Jin-woo took out the encyclopedia and handed it to her.
“Did you find it for me? Thank you.” She said, thinking she lost it simply because of her own negligence. She didn’t even consider the chances of someone else taking it away from her.
Jin-woo squatted down and stroked her back, causing her to purr. He had always wanted to have a cat in the past.
The Emperor of Settings looked up at him.
“This world will fall, and when it does…”
She would lose her power and disappear along with it since she had already used up most of her strength to take care of the Great Emperor and the other Emperors.
Jin-woo thought it’d be a waste to let her go like this. Well, he had to dominate her and make her his subordinate to complete his quest anyway.
But he was reluctant to use his power of Domination. If he did, there was a great chance this world’s genre would turn into horror.
“Is there any way to maintain it?”
“I need a lot of emotion and willpower to regain my strength.”
When he needed a solution, he always thought of New World.
What if Arorong and Haruring combined their powers with the Emperor of Settings’?
That might just make creating a game possible.
An explosion occurred amid the sea, creating a tsunami that swept away the monsters.
The sight made the Emperor of Settings flinch.
“Your harem is… scary.”
She opened the encyclopedia and took notes.
By the time everyone was out of breath, they had already annihilated all the monsters. The girls shone beautifully as the sun set behind them.
Releasing their transformations, everyone collapsed onto the seashore.
“Wearing clothes like that at this age…”
“It was adorable, but…”
Yoo-na and Hee-yeon talked to themselves.
They seemed to have sustained the most damage.
Jin-woo opened the portal and returned to the Sanctuary with everyone, causing their appearances to revert to normal upon reaching it.
They all remained silent, avoiding eye contact with each other.
‘Did the travel tire them out?’
If so, it might take some time for them to recover.
Jin-woo took out the setting book.
It was all messed up, but that just made it better. If the heroines’ images could be changed completely, it would be a great piece of literature in its own way.
Se-yeon crawled towards him.
“… I’ll do that.”
She seemed to have barely overcome her dark memories.
After working hard in the corner, Arcana brought something to them.
An album.
After documenting their journey all the way to the end, he thought of opening up a gallery with the photos she collected.
She gave a copy to everyone.
Jin-woo looked at its contents.
It detailed out all the events that transpired. She even went as far as to correct the settings to make it even more perfect.
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It also contained videos, including Yoo-na’s transformation. It was a masterpiece that should be cherished for the rest of their lives.
“It was a good trip.”
Jin-woo stretched. After so long, he finally felt like he had a satisfying vacation.
Of course, he was the only one who had fun.
* * *
The work to save the Settings World began, their plan revolving around borrowing the earthlings’ emotions and willpower.
The Golden Women’s Association members did nothing but focus on that task, using it to forget their dark pasts, because of which Yoo-na hadn’t slept in almost a week.
She said the memories of what she did in the Settings World kept her awake. Jin-woo finally came to her and put her to sleep when she began staggering amid her perseverance.
Se-yeon created a small space using Haruring, cloning the Settings World countless times. With Darky, which had become a huge server room, she then executed large-scale calculations without any problems.
She was extremely excited.
“The power of Settings is… amazing. There were many things that Haruring and Arorong couldn’t create alone, but with it, we can now conjure anything we desire!”
Whatever they needed was implemented immediately for as long as she inputted the settings into the encyclopedia; it was as if she were entering code. That way, it was no longer necessary to control all the events occurring in specific situations.
That also reduced the burden on Arorong. She always had to pay extra attention to a character’s details when manifesting them before. Now, they could easily create them through the power of Settings.
“How’s the scenario coming along?”
“I finished it yesterday.”
Young-hoon worked on a scenario based on what was written in the setting book. After reading it, Jin-woo couldn’t decide if he did well or not since it was much more cringe-worthy than when he experienced it firsthand.
“We must cross every line for this genre! It’s not real, after all!”
Jin-woo tried to make him adjust it but eventually agreed with Young-hoon.
He had become a really good writer.
He even decided on its title.
“Shining Stars: Girls in the Starlight!”
It was a new single-player game for the New World Universe.
A Rated 15 version was also planned to be released for those below its required age.
The emotions and will the players would feel and act upon while playing in the Settings World would maintain it and restore its Emperor’s power.
Once she had fully recovered, she’d naturally become his subordinate.
Yoo-na tilted her head while looking at the scenario.
“I wish the homeroom teacher’s personality is a little more attractive… She seems too innocent.”
“Ah… I wish the rich lady is a little more likable… She’s just too rude.” Se-yeon added, her tone apologetic.
“The proportions of the protagonist’s younger sister is too small.” Even Hee-yeon was around, though he didn’t notice her presence until she spoke up.
“I think she’s perfect just the way she is.”
He didn’t know if it was because they got attached to their previous characters, but they were all hoping to make them better, even by just a bit.
Perhaps because they had created a dark history for themselves, their outlook on life changed a little.
They no longer distanced themselves from him. Whenever he appeared, they would always cling to him.
It was great, but sometimes a little scary because their gazes on him always seemed strange from then on.
Anyway, ‘Shining Stars: Girls in the Starlight’ had already been promoted.
It was New World’s first single-player game, making people almost naturally interested in it.
“I’ll make it possible for players to play right away through avatar linkage,” Se-yeon said.
That would enable them to bring some of their avatar’s physical abilities and skills, which in turn would provide more convenience to New World players.
Of course, it wasn’t free.
A single package was worth 79,000 won, a reasonable price for its quality. Each of them contained two heroines. To unlock the rest, the players would have to pay additional charges.
Moreover, rather than direct purchases, they were offered mystery boxes worth 5,000 won called the Heart Box, which would allow them to draw one of the heroines’ additional outfits, commemorative items, accessories, and cards. Naturally, the probability of a heroine card coming out was quite low.
More heroines were scheduled to be added in the future as well.
They could also use dimensional gold coins collected in the New World for their payments, though they would be charged an additional 10% fee.
All the currencies they would collect from it would be used to restore the Emperor of Settings’s power.
“I think releasing it now in its current state should be okay.”
As soon as he uttered those words, they launched ‘Shining Stars: Girls in the Starlight.’ Not long after that, the nearly destroyed Settings World was restored to its original state, and its Emperor’s strength began to rise.
Jin-woo looked at the Internet’s reaction.
He thought they would play the game lightheartedly, but he underestimated the New World players too much.
They were literally changing their lives and using up their savings for it.
[Title: I Am a Free-To-Play User
Written by: Mi-hee Nim Kak Pika
There is nothing heavier than the weight of love.
It’s even heavier than additional charges.
So no matter how much I spend, I will always consider myself a free-to-play user.
It’s been two weeks since I bought Shining Star.
I rode the Dark Empire’s mining boat today. As most of you probably already know, I sold my personal mining boat for dimensional gold coins, which I then used to buy Heart Boxes.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get a heroine card back then.
There’s been a huge rise in the number of mining boats operating lately due to the Heart Box’s influence. The Holy Union players even dared visit the Dark Empire to earn money for it.
Here’s what I got from the Heart Box I bought after two weeks of labor.
[Random draw.jpg]
As you can see, a 5,000 won chalk came out of it. The last time I opened a bulk, I pulled out about 20 erasers and 30 toothbrushes. I couldn’t help but tremble before G&P’s vicious billing policy.
I also got glasses for the single package heroine Kim Yu-ran, but I broke them as soon as I saw them.
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Keeping it would be no different from blasphemy to my goddess.
Today, I worked on pulling Mi-hee, the Student Council president.
I took a bath and wore clean white clothes. Afterward, while looking at the great Lee Jin-woo’s photo, I opened 108 boxes.
Light came out of the last box, and Mi-hee walked out of it! I felt true joy at that moment!
That proved that we must simply do our best for Lee Jin-woo, the strongest and most dignified person in the universe!
But there’s a problem.
In order to access her, she said I need to at least be in the top 10 in the midterm exams. To make matters worse, the Temple Academy’s educational level is slightly higher than typical high schools.
I am 37.
I never thought I’d start studying again at this age.
I was ranked 164th in the first midterm exam, causing her to look at me with contemptuous eyes.
In its own way, that was desirable as well, though. Her gaze made my entirety feel thrilled. It made me decide to run for the position of vice-president.
Senior Mi-hee.
Please wait for me.
I’ll take care of you.]
Comments: 15,321.
Frugal Life: Wow, you just wasted tens of thousands of won lol
└ Mi-hee Nim Kak Pika (Author): As I said, I didn’t spend anything.
Cat Master: Isn’t he Luna Nim Kak Pika? Luna must be disappointed.
Mimimi: Mi-hee actually appeared. That’s crazy. ​​I heard the odds of getting her is really low.
└ Mi-hee Nim Kak Pika (Author): I was lucky.
Prospective College Student: I am a 3rd-year high school student, but living with Mi-hee made me feel like going to college in real life. My mock exam scores were crazy. She teaches me how to study properly. When I get good grades, she pats me… It puts me in tears.
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Forbidden Boundary: The homeroom teacher is good too… She pats me even if I don’t get good grades.
└Mi-hee Nim Kak Pika (author): That’s a crime. You’re her student, aren’t you?
Bread Jam Watcher: ​​Have you watched Bread Jam lately? He’s lonely. lmao
New World’s revenues began to increase dramatically and, after some time, the Emperor of Settings finally fully regained her powers.
[The Emperor of Settings has become your subordinate. You can summon her anywhere and anytime.]
[You have acquired a large amount of experience.]
[Your rank has gone up!]
[The demon seal is shaking!]
Jin-woo’s rank was now SSS.
There was only one step left before he could get SSS+: the last Emperor.
After conquering it, he’d finally become the devil.
‘If I can put such a power under my control…’
No one would be able to put the dimensions in jeopardy any longer.
He decided to deal with the last Emperor quickly. Thanks to the Emperor of Settings, he was fully rested and healed, putting him in his best condition and making him itch to move.
He already got a clue where his last target would be.
‘The Kalos Galaxy, located at the edge of the universe.’
It didn’t take long for him to reach it. Since he already knew the coordinates, all he needed to do was use the warp drive.
His destination was a small, unobtrusive galaxy that housed very few planets habitable for humans.
‘Is that the place?’
An unnamed planet, the birthplace of the foreign religion.
The people who lived in it refused to name it since its only purpose was to serve the foreign entity. Except for the temple, it was practically barren.
He entered the planet’s atmosphere, approaching the only building on it. As he got closer, people began to come out of the temple.
They were wearing extremely bizarre outfits. When he got out of his vessel, everyone knelt and sang a strange song.
He felt strange. It was as if he had become an evil god.
Their religious leader stepped forward.
According to the Magic Eye of Information, he was over a thousand years old.
“I want to ask you something.”
“Please, come inside.”
He bowed and guided him into the temple, allowing him to bear witness to its magnificent interior. Without using any mechanical equipment, they excavated this huge boulder. In its center was a carving that looked like a magic circle and a very old portal stone.
“To awaken the true darkness, you must overcome death.”
“I don’t know much about it either. Become the true darkness in the Death World. Only then can you ascend to the world of the gods.”
What he said was in line with what was written in the encyclopedia.
Upon going to the world of death and dealing with its Emperor, he’d be able to finally go to the demon seal.
‘I wonder what kind of place the world of death is.’
Based on its name alone, it should be a gigantic dimension.
Jin-woo was a little nervous but he wasn’t afraid. It didn’t matter who he was up against. He’d be able to get rid of them with his own hands. Even if he met the Emperor of Greed now, he was confident he wouldn’t be defeated.
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When he placed his hand on the portal stone, light burst out of it. The entire temple began to move, its structure changing like a self-solving puzzle. Soon enough, the entrance to the demon seal appeared.
‘I know what it requires.’
To open it, he first had to gather the powers of all twelve Emperors.
Hence, he had to meet the last Emperor first.
[The door to the Death World has been registered in the Golden Sanctuary!]
[You can now open a portal to it at will.]
Jin-woo did just that.
He thought a majestic yet devilish portal would open, but what appeared in front of him was mediocre at best.
He looked at it for a moment before going inside.
He didn’t fall from the air or appear at the bottom of the sea, which was fortunate.
Rather, an asphalt road welcomed Jin-woo. It had many damaged areas and was covered in overgrown weeds.
There were also a lot of buildings around him. Some of them were in good shape, while some looked like a bomb had hit them.
More importantly, although it looked like a fairly large city, he couldn’t see anybody.
“A tank?”
Collapsed barricades and blood-stained abandoned tanks were all over the place.
When Jin-woo pushed the tank with his finger, it shattered and crumbled down, revealing an American flag with a thick layer of blood on it.
“Was this America?”
Either way, Death World was extremely different from what he expected.
“I thought it’d look like Hell…”
Although there were no people around, and the mess made him think a war had just transpired, it seemed quite normal.
‘I better keep moving for now.’
Jin-woo walked down the road in silence. However, as he entered the heart of the city, he finally felt others’ presence, and they were running towards him.
A woman soon entered his sights. Her arms and legs were covered with thick books, and she was carrying a gun.
Jin-woo raised his hand slowly to greet her. Surprised, she hurriedly called out to him but didn’t stop in her tracks.
“Do you want to die?! Don’t be stupid and hurry up already!”
Jin-woo looked behind her.
He couldn’t help but admire the hordes of zombies flooding into the street to chase after her.
The scene reminded him of a popular American zombie drama back in the day.
He didn’t expect it’d be like this, but it explained why it was called the Death World.
* * *
The Emperor of Settings had completely settled in the Sanctuary.
She was named ‘Butterfly.’ It was quite common, but she liked it.
Usually staying in her feline form, her fellow Golden Women Association members loved her so much, especially Maze. She liked to carry her around or lay her on top of her head.
All she did lately was watch broadcasts or TV shows and document her discoveries and findings.
“Bread Jam…”
Butterfly checked out the Bread Jam broadcast.
She had been watching him lately. He wasn’t ugly, but for some reason, he made her feel like he was. There was something about him that went beyond the jurisdiction of settings.
[This time for sure, everyone! We’ll succeed in targeting our homeroom teacher Kim Yu-ran!]
Halong: Whoa.
30 Years Alone: ​​lol this is the 3rd time he’ll die of loneliness
Uncle Jam: After he became Dark Jam, all of his lovable cells died out.
Buyer: Promise us you’ll dress up as a Shining Star heroine if you fail.
[Alright! If I don’t succeed here, I’ll do the most perfect Shining Star heroine cosplay!]
Butterfly’s eyes widened.
Highly intrigued, she returned to human form and watched Bread Jam’s broadcast.
His attempts resulted in a disastrous failure.
[Hahaha! We’ll end the stream here for today. Tomorrow will be my day off, so I’ll see you all on Wednesday! Oh, the punishment? I didn’t mention when I’d do it, did I? But for you guys, I’ll do it in a hundred years.]
Teddy Bear Undies: That’s despicable, Bread Jam.
I like Hangul: Seriously hideous behavior right there.
Laughter Cheeky: I knew it.
Unlike the rest of the audience, who had seen this coming, Butterfly was shocked by his actions.
Butterfly: Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Keep your promise, Ugly. [Donated 2,000 won]
[Goodbye now, Everyone!]
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Butterfly even donated so her message would get highlighted, but he only ignored her. His behavior certainly did shock her.
After thinking for a moment, she opened her encyclopedia, turning its pages until she found Bread Jam’s setting.
She wrote [Bread Jam -} Shining Star Heroine], then closed it and stashed it away.
A new heroine appeared as soon as Bread Jam went missing.
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