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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 186

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54. Vacation (4)
Hee-yeon returned home late in the evening.
After witnessing Jin-woo and Luna’s breathtaking pose, she became quite anxious. That left Luna no choice but to do her best to portray the younger-sister persona.
Initially, the act made her clench her teeth, but she began genuinely enjoying it at some point.
Since the Settings World greatly influenced her, bringing out the younger sister mien in her wasn’t difficult.
In fact, it became quite fun for Jin-woo to watch her.
Luna stood in front of their house, her expression filled with sadness.
She checked her uniform and picked up her bag as her sense of duty weighed on her little shoulder. Looking at Jin-woo, she vigorously nodded.
“Are we going now?”
She clung to his arm much tighter than before she regained her memory, the warmth of his skin making her smile unconsciously. In this world, she could do things she wouldn’t normally be able to do.
To her, being his bloodless sister was amazing! She was in a position where she could act both as his family and non-family member, providing her with endless possibilities.
Luna’s black heart felt like it was about to explode.
“What are you doing?”
“Just go!”
The two began walking towards Temple Academy. Hee-yeon waited for them amid their path, only to be startled by how Luna stuck to him more than usual.
Jin-woo turned his gaze to his ‘sister.’
‘Is this okay?’
‘Yes, you have to trust me completely. I have a strategy book in my head that masterfully utilizes 1,423 unplayed tactics!’
‘Is that so…’
As Luna smirked and clung to Jin-woo harder, Hee-yeon became much more aggressive than usual.
Luna’s theory was that in a crisis, a person would cross the line more than usual. Currently, Hee-yeon was clearly doing that.
Jin-woo nodded.
‘This isn’t so bad.’
He didn’t know if this would have any effect, but he decided to just go with it since he enjoyed it much better than the main characters could. The only downside was that it was difficult to walk.
The classes proved themselves worth attending, and lunchtime was also quite enjoyable. Hee-yeon’s lunch box today became even bigger.
When all the classes were over and the time for side activities came, Arcana called Jin-woo. Rather than the principal’s office, he went to a rather large club room where he found Arcana and Luna talking.
It was strange to see Luna here, considering she was in middle school.
“Are you allowed to be here?”
She smiled.
“This isn’t that big of a deal since I’m with the principal!”
“Exactly. If I use my power, I can make not only the students but the entire faculty wear super-mini swimsuits, and they’d have no choice but to do it.” Arcana added.
She was the pinnacle of power in the Temple Academy, which meant she was close to being a dictator who could do anything she desired.
Jin-woo looked around.
The room was cozy. Unlike a regular classroom, they sat on the floor here, and it also had a coffee pot, teacup, and refreshment set.
There was also a bed on one side, so it felt more like a lounge than a club room.
“What is this place?”
“Fufufu! The flower of this world’s genre will always be the side activities! This is the Golden Women’s Association Strategy Committee! You can just call it the Strategy Committee!”
Clap clap clap clap.
Arcana applauded Luna after she spoke so vigorously.
“Luna is amazing. The Goddess of Love… You truly deserve that glorious name.”
“That’s a huge compliment.” She laughed.
It was a title that others might use to ridicule her, but to Arcana, it was a sign of greatness.
She was a symbol that represented all dimensions. Luna was like a great prophet to her, which was why she was far superior to Se-yeon in this field.
The door opened, and Yoo-na entered.
Arcana immediately hid, and Luna resumed her perfect little sister act.
Their visitor looked at Jin-woo with a slightly embarrassed expression, but she put her emotions under control by taking a deep breath.
“I’m in charge of the Strategy Committee.”
It took several procedures to create it, but there were no problems since the principal handled it personally. She even assigned Yoo-na to their club.
“Hello, teacher.”
“You’re… Luna.”
“Don’t get too close to my brother. Isn’t he a student of yours? That’s not allowed, is it?”
“No, it isn’t.”
Luna made such a statement to emphasize the notion of a forbidden relationship, the effects of which would be more dramatic!
This situation confused Yoo-na. It pricked a corner of her heart, but she did her best to remain calm and collected.
Since Luna was directly under the principal, she was allowed to join this club.
Currently, Yoo-na had a different understanding of the Strategy Committee’s purpose. She saw it as a place where she would help students with huge potential unlock their abilities.
“We currently only have two members, but more will join gradually.”
“I see,” Jin-woo replied with a nod.
She couldn’t even properly meet his gaze anymore.
Luna watched her with great interest, and Arcana captured the situation in videos and photos.
“So, what’s the plan?”
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In response to Luna’s question, Yoo-na looked at the documents she had brought. In it were the details of club activities to be done today.
“We’re going to hold the Holy Power activation training session.”
“Ah! I have a meeting with my homeroom teacher. I don’t think I will be able to participate.”
“I didn’t want to leave you two alone, but… I can trust you, right?”
“I’m a teacher. You have nothing to worry about.”
Yoo-na reassured her.
With Luna gone, she was left alone with Jin-woo.
Their situation became awkward.
He looked at her.
“How do I start?”
“Well, wait a minute…”
Yoo-na looked at her papers filled with instructions Arcana wrote herself. Most of them were based on Luna’s opinion, which meant they could never be normal.
“To boost your output, Your body and mine should… Huh? Really? How am I even supposed to do that?”
“But he’s my student…”
Yoo-na was going crazy. Steam was coming out of her head.
Jin-woo read the documents using the Magic Eye of Information.
According to it, their bodies should be pressed against each other to simulate Holy Power. They also had to do it naked since clothes could become an obstacle to maximizing the results!
It was really incredible.
‘Luna’s so reliable.’
She was indeed worthy of being the Goddess of Love.
Yoo-na hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath.
It was close to coercion, but she remained true to her duty.
That part of her didn’t change at all. Her sense of responsibility as a teacher made her commit such a daunting task.
“S-s-sit down and take off your shirt.”
He did as instructed.
Normally, the main character would be ashamed, but he wasn’t. Rather, he was actually looking forward to this quite a bit. Arcana gave him a thumbs up and disappeared, wishing him a good time.
Jin-woo nodded ever so slightly in reply.
The room was a little hot. For some reason, the air conditioner didn’t work.
With the air conditioner mysteriously refusing to work, they were sweating a little due to the room’s high temperature. When Jin-woo removed his top, Yoo-na’s eyes glued onto his body.
His physique was perfect, unlike the usual main characters of this genre.
Despite all the dimensions out there, none of their inhabitants’ bodies even came close to it.
Its beauty was beyond sacred.
Though excited, Yoo-na came to her senses. She locked the door to prevent anyone from coming in.
‘Ha… He’s just a student. This is all just to activate his Holy Power…’
She gulped as he walked over to him.
Her mission was by no means simple.
It was for Jin-woo, but it was ultimately to help the world survive all peril. Barely managing to suppress all her delusions, she positioned herself behind him.
Her pupils trembled wildly as she stared at his wide back. After a few moments, she finally put her hand on her blouse’s button.
Jin-woo’s keen hearing soon made him realize her clothes had fallen to the floor.
Yoo-na was more than a little nervous, but her excitement prevailed.
She slowly approached him.
She touched his back.
According to the principal’s instructions, she had to hug him completely to fulfill her mission, but Yoo-na’s tremendous courage could only get her this far.
Just having their warm flesh touch almost made her faint.
Nevertheless, she persevered.
On the other hand, Jin-woo was calm.
There had already been quite a few times when their bodies had been in contact like this.
When he became Lee Jin-woo and started training, they were together almost every single day.
Because of that, he had already become familiar with her physique. If anything, only the current atmosphere was different. Trying to keep her composure, she spoke.
“S-s-stand up and focus…”
“The parts I’ll touch…”
Unfortunately, he had no Holy Power.
No matter how hard she tried, his energy wouldn’t activate, essentially rendering this training meaningless.
Jin-woo smiled, unbeknownst to Yoo-na.
“Well… I think I know what the problem is. Can’t you come a little closer?”
She pressed herself against his back completely, her hair brushing past his cheeks and nape.
Yoo-na was almost at her limit. In her delusion, they already had three children, and she was preparing breakfast for their family. She also remembered the international culture of husbands kissing their wives before leaving for work.
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She wished time would stop at this moment.
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A scorching heat enveloped her body.
It should’ve made her feel uncomfortable, but it wasn’t at all.
Rather, it just stimulated her more.
‘It’s good, but…’
This level was within the predictable range even for Jin-woo. It was still lacking what it needed to create the situation Luna intended.
Just as he thought so, he heard footsteps outside, stopping right in front of the room.
Clank rattle!
Someone tried to open the door.
Yoo-na was perplexed. Luckily, she locked it before their training, preventing whoever it was from coming in.
She could explain what was happening, but it might just create a huge misunderstanding. No matter how anyone looked at them, they would think a student and a teacher were doing something forbidden.
‘Be quiet.’
Yoo-na held her breath.
But they kept shaking the door, applying enough force to make her think they were trying to break it.
She didn’t know what to do.
The locker room in the corner of the room opened with a loud noise. It was used as a changing room, but it was a little smaller in size.
She knew Jin-woo needed to hide in there, thinking she’d much rather bear the damage alone than make him suffer with her.
“This way!”
The next events unfolded swiftly.
Jin-woo looked at Yoo-na, feigning ignorance to her plan.
The door continued shaking violently, causing its lock near its breaking point.
Yoo-na grabbed his hand and entered the locker room swiftly. Surprisingly enough, its door closed as soon as they got in.
The situation left the two in extremely close contact with each other.
In fact, they had no choice but to embrace each other completely.
The door burst open, and Hee-yeon immediately rushed inside. She seemed to be carrying a guidebook written by Luna and Arcana.
Yoo-na let out a small moan.
Jin-woo looked at her, realizing her underwear was caught in the locker room door, ripping them completely off her body.
Luna wouldn’t have predicted something like this.
He could only guess who did it.
It was a fantastic collaboration between the Emperor of Settings and the Goddess of Love.
Interestingly enough, this situation would’ve come out sooner or later at least once in this genre.
Yoo-na’s face turned completely red.
The locker room was so small that Jin-woo’s hands were forced to hold her body and their chests to tightly press against each other.
Every twist and turn of their body stimulated her, ultimately leading her to slide her hand to a more private part.
“Ugh… There…”
Hee-yeon’s ears perked up. She slowly walked towards the locker room.
Did she hear her?
Her heart raced. In an attempt to block her ragged breathing, she buried her face in his arms.
“Since when did this place have a locker room…?” Just as Hee-yeon put her hand on its door, she heard the students outside talking about a cute silver-haired student.
From her perspective, they were clearly talking about Luna.
Thinking so, she immediately ran outside.
However, even though she had already left, the two stayed still for a while longer.
As she relaxed, Yoo-na took a deep breath. Lifting her head, she found Jin-woo’s face right next to hers.
She felt nervous again.
“She’s gone.”
“Should we go out?”
She tried to twist her body out, but she couldn’t fit through the gaps perfectly. Her breathing became harsher as her body rubbed against him. Jin-woo only pretended to help.
“I-I’m sorry. Because of me…”
“It’s not your fault.”
Her body heated up with the sense of immorality that came from physical pleasure. Yoo-na tried to get out at first, but she soon switched to gently stroking his body as her self-esteem rose.
She had lost half of her reason.
Yoo-na wasn’t certain if it was because of their sweat, but the cramped space they were in became a little damp.
School was already over by the time the two managed to leave the locker room. Even so, she regretted moving away from his body. The warmth of his arms now seemed like nothing but a fleeting dream.
Jin-woo stood with his back facing her, Giving Yoo-na time to put on clothes.
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“It seems that my Holy Power has been activated a bit.”
“That’s a relief.”
“It’s all thanks to you.”
Jin-woo’s understanding personality made her feel guilty for only thinking about her own interests.
Just as she got up from her seat, her legs trembled greatly. She wasn’t sick, but she couldn’t walk properly. Oddly enough, every step she took caused her to lose strength.
“Are you okay?”
“Um, sorry…”
Jin-woo supported her.
It was already dark outside, and there were no students left at school. All the faculty and staff members had already gone home as well.
“I’ll take you home.”
“Oh no, that’s okay. With enough time… Ugh!”
She tried to walk on her own again, but she still couldn’t move. Rather, it seemed to be getting worse over time. She had no choice but to accept his help.
Jin-woo bridal carried her to her home.
The night sky was full of stars. It looked so clear despite the street lights across the road.
But Yoo-na couldn’t raise her head.
‘If anyone sees this…’
Anyone who’d witness this scene would greatly misunderstand the situation, breeding multiple rumors.
The students would buzz about it, leaving her no choice but to retire. Because of his strong sense of responsibility, Jin-woo would most likely say he’d take responsibility.
‘… Responsibility!’
It could be a happy word depending on the situation.
‘It might be good…’
Slowly raising her head, the fantastic night sky caught her eyes.
It was really romantic.
Jin-woo deliberately walked slowly.
Yoo-na always took care of him, but he was the one taking care of her this time. He felt sorry for taking her for granted.
They soon entered her apartment and arrived at her front door.
Still unable to get up, she told Jin-woo the password. He then typed it in and opened the door. It was as if they were part of the same family.
He brought her inside and carefully laid her down on the sofa.
“Oh, thank you.”
Interestingly enough, the moment they got home, her legs returned to normal. Noticing this, she hastily hid all of her scattered underwear in a corner.
He pretended he didn’t notice them, but Jin-woo saw everything.
‘Is this where our day will end?’
The past few hours had certainly been thrilling.
“I’ll be going now, then.”
When Jin-woo turned around, Yoo-na stretched her hand towards him, only to lower it before she could grab onto his shirt.
However, as soon as he reached the door, lightning flashed, followed by the sound of thunder.
It started raining heavily, which was strange, considering the sky was so clear before they could practically see the Milky Way.
“Teacher, do you have an umbrella?”
“Just a second!”
Yoo-na started looking for one, but she couldn’t find any.
“I can’t find it…”
“Then I’ll just go.”
Lightning struck once more.
The rain grew stronger.
“It’s dangerous to go out now.”
“… You’re right.”
The wind became so strong the windows began to shake.
She couldn’t send a student home under such dangerous circumstances.
An awkward silence passed.
She had to do something to get rid of this atmosphere!
Since she was the adult between them, Yoo-na thought she should lead the mood.
‘Ah! We should eat first.’
It would be better to offer him a meal and wait until the rain stopped. Yoo-na hurriedly opened the rice cooker and checked her stock, only to find out she had no rice left. She usually ate outside or had food delivered, after all. Fortunately, something edible caught her attention.
“Jin-woo, are you hungry?”
“Yeah, a little bit.”
She showed him the cup in her hand.
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“Would you like to go eat this?”
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A sound of applause could be heard in the background, along with a shout lost in the wind.
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