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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 181

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53. The Real Bad Guy (2)
Meeting Latica was an opportunity for Bread Jam. Based on her story, there was no mistake she was carrying loads of quests. Among them, he knew there’d be a very important main quest.
Like Kim Gun-joo, he could be the pioneer for it! That would enable him to restore the image he lost in the past to some extent.
Bread Jam helped Latica and followed her around. Thanks to him, she was able to easily adapt to the Holy Union’s planet.
He spent a lot of money on her to score favorability points, which would unlock her quests. It was a true act of malice, no matter who looked at it. Regardless, he got the outcome he had wanted for so long, and he was about to reap its rewards!
“Help me save my younger sister!”
Just listening to her words made him happy.
Even if it weren’t the main quest but a mere side quest, it would’ve still magnetized everyone’s attention.
Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency!
This situation was the best fit for that statement.
“Hello everyone! It’s Bread Jam! I have a lot to tell you. Currently, I’m at…”
Bread Jam started broadcasting as soon as he entered Dark Eye, hastily informing his viewers of the current situation. He had been itching to let everyone know about their mission for a long time since he kept this jackpot story a secret with the Holy Union guilds, fearing it would leak out.
Fortunately, they successfully managed to carry out the operation without anyone catching wind of it.
“This is a quest I, Bread Jam, found! Not Kim!”
Without Kim Emperor, this was his world.
Although he was ugly, his number of viewers was still high. He was definitely having fun.
“Everyone, it’s finally time for the showdown! If you’re watching me, you’ll be able to witness everything unfold!”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Ah, ho, I was talking to myself! Never mind.”
“Uh… Okay…”
Cookie Man: Lol he seems flustered.
Ugly Bread Jam: He made himself look crazy.
Latica Fan: She just caught him talking to his viewers lmao
While Bread Jam was broadcasting, Latica looked at him with pity in her eyes.
‘He’s weird…’
From her perspective, he seemed to be missing a few screws in his mind. He was even talking to the air. She once asked the warriors of the Holy Union about him, but they all just smiled awkwardly and avoided her gaze.
Looking back, people avoided him.
‘… It must be an incurable mental illness.’
Latica thought she should do her best to understand him.
[Begin the operation. We’ll attract everyone’s attention. Be sure to rescue the target.]
The Holy Union’s fleet warped into Dark Eye’s orbit and immediately started their raid, launching their large-scale surprise attack aimed to weaken the Dark Empire’s borders.
Since the Holy Union had been only focusing on defense, their enemies never would’ve predicted they’d do so drastic.
As they bombarded the planet, the transport ship quickly broke through the atmosphere and moved to the target point.
Fighters trailed right behind them.
“The fighters have caught up with us!”
“Proceed with Operation Flare. Go go go!”
“Ah… I have acrophobia.”
“It’s time to face your fears!”
The guild leader of the Cosmic Wizards Guild went up to the top of the transport ship with his members, shocking Latica.
She didn’t expect they’d do something so dangerous.
Bread Jam smiled bitterly.
“Don’t worry. They are the greatest wizards in the universe.”
“… I see. There are wizards in the Holy Union.”
Good Choice: Confused Latica is so adorable.
Rice Bowl: I didn’t expect her to be this charming.
Welcome: She’s usually cool, but she’s pretty cute when she’s embarrassed.
When the pilot holding the steering wheel pressed a button, the wizards were ejected into space.
With a wave of their hands, they caused the fighters to explode, allowing the transport ship to quickly reach its target point.
Right in front of them was the girl they believed to be Serra. Surrounded by the Dark Empire, she was being led away from the battlefield.
“I think Serra is alright… There’s a spaceship over there! Are they taking her by force?”
Anti-Elonti: Wow, disgusting bastards.
Melon Flavor: Those vile demons. How dare they drag her away against her will?
Fish Head: They’re shameless!
Yongcheon: Bread Jam! Rescue her! This is your chance to become a hero!
Even in Latica and Bread Jam’s perspective, Serra seemed like she was being dragged.
Her uniform had been ruffled, revealing her shoulder lines.
Latica bit her lower lip in anger.
Their transport ship came closer to the vessel the Dark Empire was gunning for. As soon as they landed, they ran as fast as possible to not lose their target and the players she was with.
She seemed to be in good health, but Latica couldn’t help but cry. She was so inappropriately dressed that her body was exposed.
The siblings’ eyes met.
Latica was weeping, but Serra was full of hostility.
She looked at Bread Jam and the other players.
“The enemy forces are coming. Hurry up and take her.”
“Let’s go!”
Two Dark Empire soldiers positioned themselves in front of Serra, their weapons aimed at the Holy Union players.
That made Bread Jam feel strange.
Something didn’t seem right.
It was as if they were protecting her.
“We’ll stop them here! Run away– Arggh!”
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An ice arrow pierced the chest of the player right next to her. Vomiting blood, he fell to his knees.
“Woah! A critical hit!” The Holy Union player on the top of the hill shouted.
“Take care of the rest.”
“Got it!”
She turned pale as she witnessed the gruesome scene unfold.
“Run away!”
Another player pushed her to the side, allowing himself to get hit by the enemy’s arrows and magic instead.
Serra sat down as her allies fell to the floor lifelessly. They used to treat her like family, having fun and joking around with her.
The Holy Union soldiers just laughed while watching them die. In her eyes, they weren’t even humans anymore.
They were demons.
Latica approached her.
Slowly picking herself up, she took out the two-handed sword Han-son gave her from her subspace.
“… Serra?”
The sudden situation stunned everyone. Not missing this opportunity, she quickly swung her weapon against the female in front of her.
Bread Jam hurriedly narrowed the distance between them and blocked her attack.
Anti-Elonti: ???
Frying Pan: What?
Air Conditioner: What did she just do?
Hankyoreh: Why is she attacking her?
Even the viewers were confused.
In shock, Latica staggered.
Serra grabbed her officer’s uniform with one hand and took it off, revealing a mark symbolizing Elonti and the Dark Empire on her shoulder.
“Stop uttering my name!”
“It’s… It’s me, your sister. Don’t you remember?” Latica eagerly convinced her, but it was all in vain. She just stared at her with murderous intent.
She didn’t even reply. However, red air began to erupt from her body.
What she just displayed was an Elonti-exclusive skill she learned from the One-Handed Swordsman.
Since it was made for avatars, ordinary people like Serra exhibited side effects when they used it. After using such explosive power, they would no longer have any energy left in them.
Serra swung her two-handed sword wildly.
She wasn’t as adept as her master yet, but she still exhibited formidable strength.
Anti-Elonti: A disgusting elven skill?
Ender: Huh… Has she been brainwashed?
Ranonon: That’s seriously disgusting.
Real Or Fake: Siblings fighting? Their relationship is just as crazy as the Dark Empire.
How Long: ㅠㅠ Her sister’s crying.
“Serra, stop this already!” Latica shouted, barely avoiding her attacks.
Bread Jam stepped in, blocking her swings.
Serra gasped for breath as she glared at him. Her eyes made him flinch. It was as if they had become the bad guys.
“She’s probably been brainwashed by the Dark Emperor. You can talk to her later. She’ll run out of power soon. Let’s take her then.”
Latica nodded.
Spending enough time together would most likely free her from their enemy’s brainwashing and bring her memories back. She believed that to be the case, at least.
Serra continued breathing heavily. As her rampage came to an end, her two-handed sword fell from her hands, and she plopped down on the floor right next to it.
Raising her head, she looked at Latica.
“You… I remember you.”
Latica welcomed her, but she now realized why.
“I’ve talked to people who will never forget your face, Pirate Queen. You sold and enslaved others for your own benefit. Is that why you’re here as well?”
Latica couldn’t say anything.
She was right, after all. Although it was small compared to the size of the Pirates, they were still involved in kidnapping and human trafficking since she wanted to destroy everything and everyone connected to the Delox Empire.
“You kidnapped and killed people…”
“No! That’s…”
As Serra sobbed, Latica couldn’t help but look at her with a pale expression.
Bread Jam and the Holy Union players noticed the sudden change in atmosphere.
Paranoid Judge: Come to think of it, the Holy Union bastards are the ones in the wrong here.
Halol: She’s prospering, but now they’ve come to kidnap her.
Mint Choco: No, she’s been brainwashed. It’s okay to take her since Latica’s her older sister anyway.
I’m Your Man: But I think she’s been doing great on her own… She wouldn’t cry like that otherwise.
The viewers began to have different opinions about the issue at hand.
Bread Jam decided to intervene.
“We’ll take her with us! Let’s decide on a course of action later!” He ordered, but no one approached Serra. Rather, they all just looked at each other in worry and uncertainty.
They knew they were being broadcasted. They wouldn’t want to play a bad role now.
Left with no other choice, Bread Jam reluctantly approached her himself.
Meanwhile, filled with fear, Serra faltered and backed away.
His conscience pricked him as he thought about becoming the actual villain in this situation, but it was only proper to rescue her no matter how he looked at it.
She just needed to remember her sister. He believed all the misunderstandings would be cleared up then.
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Bread Jam lifted Serra.
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She screamed at him and resisted fiercely, but he easily overpowered her.
Lantern: Woah. Bread Jam’s wicked.
Cellphone: What he’s doing is a crime.
Business Trip: He’s a kidnapper!
Recommendation: He’s truly the ugliest now.
The scene itself made him look villainous.
At that moment, someone jumped out of the buildings’ ruins.
He was muscular and had scars all over his body. By his side was a fairy.
“Han-son! Serra!”
“Bread Jam… So this was your doing.”
Red air currents erupted from the One-Handed Swordsman, causing the players around them to hesitate and retreat.
Bread Jam was perplexed.
The worst opponent he could think of just appeared in front of him.
He tried to keep his composure.
Since Han-son used a one-handed sword and shield now, many speculated he had weakened. If so, then he might just be strong enough to stop him now.
“M-master! Agh… I-I’m fine, so escape already!”
Hearing Serra’s words, the One-Handed Swordsman’s expression distorted. He looked at the enemies before him and the two-handed sword on the floor.
He picked up his old weapon, but he didn’t use both hands to wield it.
Even two-handed swords were technically just one-handed when wielded with only one hand.
A beastly sound erupted from his lips as he used up all his mana to enter Berserker mode.
“Argh! Go to the transport ship now, Latica!”
As the monster before them grew even more intense, Bread Jam and Latica ran towards their vessel. The Holy union players tried to help them, but they weren’t strong enough to block Han-son.
Genuinely enraged, the One-Handed Swordsman had entered his berserk state, seemingly strengthened by a power of unknown origin.
What: He’s scary.
Hungry: Is he even still a player? He looks more like a boss at this point.
Everything Is Fine: Only Kim Gun-joo can defeat him.
The Destroyer of Heaven: He seems stronger now.
Holding his gigantic two-handed sword with just one hand, he advanced towards enemy lines.
However, Bread Jam and Latica had already hastily jumped into their vessel, allowing it to barely lift off the ground as their enemy arrived.
He threw his weapon towards it.
Swoosh! Bang!
Piercing through the transport ship’s armor, it flew past Bread Jam’s face.
He let go of Serra as he fell, causing her to drop on the floor.
Latica reached out to her, but she slapped her hand away.
Lalala: That’s sad.
Lost: I know this is just a quest, but… Their reunion is heartbreaking.
Scammer: This situation’s immersive value is amazing.
For The Cause: ㅠㅠ Is this okay?
Silence fell on them as their transport ship escaped Dark Eye and rendezvoused with the rest of their fleet. At that moment, they heard a voice coming from their communication channel.
[What’s the target’s status?]
“Secured. Let’s go back.”
[Copy that.]
They docked inside the largest ship they brought.
‘It’s over. My image seems to have gotten worse..’
Bread Jam was exhausted.
As they retreated, the Holy Union fleet attempted to warp, causing Serra’s expression to turn into despair.
[Huh? W-what’s that?! This is insane!]
Their comms were suddenly cut off.
Bread Jam immediately switched to the Main Bridge’s channel.
“What’s going on?”
[A black robot appeared and ripped apart an entire battleship!]
Latica, trying to stop Serra’s resistance, began to tremble.
“The Dark Emperor…” She uttered his name in horror, her knees weakening so much she fell to the ground.
On the other hand, Serra’s expression brightened.
“His Majesty the Emperor?”
For her, he was not an object of fear. He used to come to Dark Eye before Han-son appeared. Destroying the Pirates Union, he saved the people they victimized, providing them with warm shelter and food so they could live in comfort.
He even had a friendly conversation with Serra every now and then.
Bread Jam was shocked.
“We’ll soon be able to warp again. For now, let’s go somewhere safer, shall we?”
He took Serra to the hallway leading to the Main Bridge. Latica followed right behind him.
Turning his head, he looked out the window.
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Amid the exploding Holy Union battleships, a black mecha emerged.
Let’s Warp: This is unbelievable. Is that really even a robot?
Antonio: The Dark Emperor has appeared!
High Tom: He needs a rebalancing patch lol
Ungnyong: Is there even a way to stop him?
The robots of the Holy Union tried to destroy it, but their resistance proved futile.
When it stretched its hand forward, a mecha was sucked into its grasp.
It grabbed its head and smashed it, then violently tore apart its cockpit.
Unable to handle the damages, it exploded.
But the Dark Emperor wasn’t done yet. With a swing of his robot’s flaming red beam sword, he destroyed several robots with ease.
The sight overwhelmed them.
Since his appearance, the Holy Union’s fleet had been drastically reduced.
Eerie-shaped black battleships appeared behind him, forming a Dark Empire fleet none had ever seen before.
Ruined: That’s incredible.
Neutral Army: Well, they invaded the Dark Empire’s planet. What did they expect?
Situation Analyzer: GG.
The black robot approached the battleship Bread Jam was in.
He wondered why the entire battleship trembled and the lights flickered until he saw its engine floating beyond its window.
Its lights soon completely disappeared, allowing darkness to engulf its hallways. Only the illumination reflected from Dark Eye lit its interior up.
Bread Jam tried to communicate with the Main Bridge hurriedly.
“Can’t we warp yet?”
[Ahh! Oh, no!]
Their comms had been cut off.
Silence dawned upon the Holy Union players that flocked to the hall where Bread Jam was. All of them were given no other choice but to come with him since their barriers had all been deactivated as well.
Everyone stared straight ahead without saying a word.
Tuk. Tuk. Tuk.
Hearing footsteps incoming, he gulped.
A man in a black suit soon entered his vision, the light from the window illuminating him.
“Your Majesty!”
Serra’s words caused him and the players to panic.
Latica froze.
The Dark Emperor wore a bizarre black mask.
“What you did was interesting, to say the least.”
The Holy Union players couldn’t even think of charging at him. The overwhelming pressure he emitted alone prevented them from moving an inch.
He stretched out his hand.
Bang! Bang! Psuack!
Manipulating their bodies, he smashed them from one wall to another, slamming them hard enough to slowly crush them all to death.
This Guy: He’s too powerful.
Wow: Well, they had that coming.
Big Comment: He easily killed so many rankers…
Old World: He’s probably the final boss of the New World Universe.
The Dark Emperor didn’t lower his outstretched hand. Instead, he just faced his palm toward the floor.
The battleship itself twisted and turned until the two-handed sword Han-son gave to Serra soared through the ground, landing right in his grasp.
Everyone thought a red aura would cover its blade, but darkness instead embraced it, swallowing the light around it and pulling its surroundings into the abyss.
He swung it lightly.
The players felt something pass through them as he did, but they couldn’t quite grasp what it was.
Soon enough, however, their heads fell to the floor, cleanly detached from their bodies. Only Bread Jam, Latica, and Serra were left alive in the hallway.
The Dark Emperor approached them.
Bread Jam tried to remain calm.
Latica was an NPC. She could never come back to life if she were killed here.
‘I have to make sure she escapes!’
Unexpectedly enough, he was a man of loyalty.
Considering the Emperor came to rescue Serra himself, she had to be important to him.
Bread Jam squeezed his eyes shut. He grabbed Serra and pulled out a dagger from his waist, pointing it at her neck.
“Don’t move! If you do, I’ll cut her!”
The Dark Emperor and Latica looked at Bread Jam at the same time.
Weirdly Fun: He’s crazy lmao
Cherry Blossom Man: What is that bastard doing?
Spring Rain: Seriously? lol
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FBI: He actually did it. That’s the vilest act he had ever done so far.
Storyteller: Even the Dark Emperor looks dumbfounded.
Neither the Dark Emperor nor Latica could say anything.
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Only silence dominated the room.
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