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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 172

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50. The Empire is One (2)
Jin-woo’s avatar was quite useful.
It was so famous that the number of his viewers was breaking through the sky. It had always been popular, but after entrusting it to Dopplo, it reached an entirely different league.
He did a surprisingly great job.
Since his clan considered it the incarnation of the Great Emperor, piloting it was an honor for them. That was why the competition to use it was fierce and why only the best of them had ever used it.
All of them were filled with thoughts of making Gun-joo the most supreme being in the world to please him.
‘I just wanted them to take care of it as a favor…’
Starting from personal broadcasts, his appearance on TV soon became a frequent occurrence, and upon officially joining Elonti Entertainment, he rose to prominence across multiple fields. Not only did he appear in dramas and movies, he even released an album.
They held a large-scale audition to find the best singers in all dimensions for it. Despite the enormous number of applicants, they picked the best among them, thus creating their desired result.
‘No wonder I keep hearing a familiar voice…’
In the streets, cafes, and on TV, Kim Gun-joo’s voice echoed!
His avatar even gained a new rank: Divine.
Jin-woo only recently found out about it, but it had been overwhelmingly increasing the number of viewers he was getting since before.
Even people not interested in the game itself came on his stream to see him. On the contrary, Lee Jin-woo seemed normal now. He was involved in various activities, but even so, he didn’t have any broadcast exposure.
Regardless, his stream’s effects were awesome!
‘Even the Lainez Kingdom came to provide support.’
Still, even though they did send their battleships over, the mechanical fleet was already overwhelming them.
‘Then let’s move.’
Using the Dark Empire, he planned to create a bigger war than what Young-hoon had prepared.
Battleships approached Ion, but so did the machines’ mothership. An opponent not even the Kingdom’s power could defeat, it easily broke through the Space Federation’s line of defense.
Jin-woo entered the battle without hesitation, driving his vessel towards the bizarre battleships in front of him despite the mechanical fighter jets spewing out of them.
It was like watching a squid waving around its numerous tentacles. The beam cutters and rifles they were equipped with made them excellent in close-range and long-range combat, and their mobility far exceeded that of regular fighters.
Jin-woo narrowly avoided their attacks and destroyed them one by one with the beam weapon mounted on his ship, but there were too many of them.
A long tail of mechanical fighters flew towards him, a sight horrific enough to terrify the viewers.
Nani: Look how massive they are.
Halongi: There are too many of them!
National Guardian: The planet is going to explode.
Hotsauce: Their design is amazing. They’re actually scaring me.
Ginseng Juice: Is this horror sci-fi?
The situation was urgent, but Jin-woo’s expression hardly changed. Likewise, his avatar remained calm and cool, finding a solution to any difficult situation faster than anyone else could.
That was one of the reasons why Kim Gun-joo was popular.
“I don’t think I can avoid this.”
Jin-woo looked at the chat and laughed.
Lord of Ona: Hmmmm
Police Commando: Did he just laugh in front of danger?
Pac-Ryeok-Bae: He’s going to die!
Jongho: Is Kim Emperor finally going to fall?
His opponents were faster than his spacecraft. Swimming freely in space, he decided to call them mechanical squids.
It had been so long since he last felt this thrilled.
Kim Gun-joo’s rank had apparently risen significantly, but it was too weak for Jin-woo to feel. He wouldn’t survive long, even in outer space.
A smile crept onto his lips.
This kind of risk brought him fun.
“I won’t die here, but what I’m about to do might make you feel a little motion sick. Hold on tight.”
Jin-woo ran his ship at full capacity, secretly injecting his mana into its engine.
Its hull shook violently as it accelerated rapidly, leaving behind the mechanical squids just as they were about to reach it.
His assailants assumed a formation that looked like a giant machine’s hand as the part of his vessel’s hull fell one by one, torn away by its speed that had gone beyond its limits.
A beam was fired at him, but he swiftly maneuvered from its trajectory by spinning his ship around.
Chocolate Buns: Ughhh!
Italy: This is making me dizzy.
Jinjin: I’m going to hurl!
As their battle continued, most of the viewers watching from his perspective were rendered unable to chat due to motion sickness.
Soon enough, however, Jin-woo found the perfect gap he needed to rush towards the enemy ship about to fire its particle beam cannon at the Lainez Kingdom’s battleships.
[Activating the shield at the maximum output!]
[We won’t be able to defend against that! that attack’s penetrative power is too high…]
[This is crazy! We need to retreat!]
Naturally, the Lainez Kingdom’s fleet was in disarray. They were, after all, in the face of seemingly unstoppable power.
The bow of the mechanical ship opened, allowing particle beams to gather at the forefront of the cannon it revealed.
The Delox Empire’s machines were not operated by humans. Rather, their interior was filled with combat-related parts, making their beam particle cannon’s destructive capability far greater than that of ordinary battleships. That was also the reason the Space Federation collapsed easily.
[Huh? Something is approaching the enemy ship at breakneck speed!]
Just as it was about to fire, Jin-woo arrived in front of the mechanical ship. Turning on his vessel’s shield just as the beam launched forth, he successfully blocked it without sustaining any damage.
But he didn’t stop there. He still hadn’t escaped the fighters chasing him, after all. Instead, he pushed its thrusters to the limit, let go of its steering wheel, and quickly retreated from it.
Jin-woo’s spaceship collided with the mechanical ship, causing its particle beam cannon to explode strong enough to engulf the two vehicles.
His spacecraft was torn apart like a piece of paper. To make matters worse, the viewers couldn’t see him from any of the camera angles because of all the explosions.
Hanyang: Is he dead?
Personal Bank: Oh my…
Herb Tea: I can’t believe he intentionally crashed himself against it
Anjui: Wasn’t his ship expensive?
Considering it even had a warp drive, its price could easily break through hundreds of millions, but he abandoned it without hesitation. More importantly, Kim Gun-joo was nowhere to be found. It wouldn’t be surprising if he couldn’t escape such a calamitous event.
At that moment, a silhouette appeared beyond the flames.
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Reader: No way!
Favorite Character: How is that possible?
No Korean-English Key: That’s definitely Kim Gun-joo!
Alcoholic addict: Hahahahahahaha! A robot in spatial warfare!
A blue-colored robot appeared on top of the mechanical ship. The chat went crazy.
As humanity fought against enormous mechanical ships and terrifying-looking mechanical fighters, a mecha emerged through the explosions!
How could they stop themselves from cheering?
To top it all off, its pilot was none other than Kim Gun-joo.
It definitely wasn’t mass-produced. On the contrary, it was a high-end model customized to suit Kim Gun-joo’s character. The flames causing its blue armor to glint definitely made it look even more astounding.
Reaching into the subspace on its waist, he unsheathed a huge beam sword.
“Come at me!”
Its gigantic blade was engulfed in blue light.
Unlike its normal versions, the one he now wielded was far larger. In fact, it was even slightly bigger than a two-handed sword.
As he stabbed it into the plates of the ruined mechanical ship, blue light burst from the mana engine behind the robot, causing it to accelerate.
Jin-woo sliced through his target smoothly, causing it to explode once more. He turned his head immediately afterward, finding a group of fighters coming straight at him.
Lowering his stand and holding his weapon horizontally, he put himself in the perfect position to unleash ‘Blade Storm,’ Kim Gun-joo’s exclusive technique.
Maze Fan: That form!
Tiktokka: He’s going to make his robot use that?
Nanit: Go!
The skill that destroyed numerous dungeon bosses was about to unfold in outer space.
[Warning! Engine’s 200% Overloaded!]
[Opening gauntlets to stabilize the system.]
[3… 2… 1…]
Emergency windows popped up.
The robot’s thick arms opened, allowing scorching heat to escape from it. Its blue armor now glowed red, and the beam sword he held trembled wildly and fluctuated like lightning.
The robot’s eyes flashed crimson.
[Blade Storm Deployed!]
[Beware of shock.]
Red light burst out, drawing a straight line through space.
Jin-woo had already passed through the incoming fighters for quite some time before they realized he was no longer in his previous position.
Like a swordsman swinging blood off their weapon, he brushed off the pulsating mana from his sword.
And as he did, chains of explosions began to reverberate from the front ranks to the furthest rows of his foes.
Hant: Amazing!
Today’s Lunch: Wow… Look at the damage he did on them.
Herbal Medicine: Blade Storm!
Soju Beer: Now that’s a robot!
The mecha’s gauntlets closed as soon as its fuselage cooled down enough to regain its blue color.
Jin-woo looked around. He had only destroyed one mechanical ship.
There were still many more of them around, much like the mechanical fighters dyeing the surroundings black. There was also their mothership, which was still alive and well.
Cyber ​​University: There’s too many!
Anthony: How can anyone even beat that?
Spoiler Eradicator: That’s going to be a huge problem. Entering the planet…
Although the Lainez Kingdom’s ships were doing their best to trim down the opponents’ numbers, Ion’s defense line had long since been breached.
Jin-woo, having shown which side he stood on, received a communication request from the Lainez fleet.
The hologram of a man appeared in front of him.
[This I am Einrot Drammen, Lainez Kingdom’s Royal Fleet Commander. State your allegiance.]
“I am Kim Gun-joo, a mercenary of the Holy Union.”
[Holy Union?]
It was only natural for him to be confused, considering this had to be the first time he heard of such a faction. However, before he could hear an answer, a blonde beauty pushed him aside and took his place.
Licked: She’s gorgeous!
Cinematographer: Wow, she’s pretty. She’s got to be an important NPC!
Diddit: She seems filled with awe for Kim Gun-joo!
MeTuber Eo: More like she’s in love with him!
[What was that gas? How did you get such an output?!]
[Step away from the call, Count Lear!]
The fleet commander pushed her away, letting out a deep sigh.
In the current situation, it didn’t matter what or where the Holy Union was. There were too many enemies.
The best move they could make was to turn their fleet around.
“We’ll help you.”
[I know you have a powerful robot, but with only one of it… ]
Jin-woo laughed.
He pointed above him.
“I didn’t come alone.”
[what… ?]
The space over him began to distort.
No matter how strong he was, saving Ion alone from such a huge army would prove difficult.
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If so, then he just needed to bring reinforcements.
[Warp cracks found!]
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[The amount of energy it contains is unbelievable!]
Einrot was dumbfounded.
As soon as the space opened, an enormous white fleet appeared.
Soft: The Holy Union is here!
New Article: Finally!
Homebrew: Let’s go!
Lizard: How many are there?
Far from their gathering, a certain part of space vibrated until a black battleship as large as the machines’ mothership appeared. Lainez Kingdom’s fleet commander and Count Lear could only stare at the scene blankly.
Elonti Forever: Hahahaha!
Power of the Demon Realm: The Dark Empire!
Genetic Slayer: It looks more terrifying than machines.
Hant: They came to catch the traitor.
Compared to the black and white fleet before Einrot, theirs looked weak and shabby.
[Scums of the universe! Bow before the Emperor’s grace.]
[This is the Holy Union! We came upon intercepting your rescue signal. We’re on your side.]
The fleet commander didn’t know what to do about the two factions’ spokespersons’ very different personalities. Nevertheless, without waiting for his answer, huge numbers of fighter jets spewed out of each battleship. Transport ships filled with players also appeared.
[Wow! Cool! Their parts must be worth quite a fortune!]
[Let’s go! Time to mine the hell out of those machines!]
[All the manure of the universe is here.]
[Blood must be spilled to exact vengeance…]
The players were already running wild with excitement.
Jin-woo’s robot rose, standing in front of the Fleet of the Holy Union. Another robot appeared behind him.
[This is Bread Jam, Kim Gun-joo! Long time no see!]
“Bread Jam? That mecha…”
[I bought it using all my fortune after being criticized so much…]
Brainstorm: hahahaha Bread Jam!
Yummy Jam: Bankruptcy Jam hahahaha!
Disgusting Food: He better make sure this one doesn’t get destroyed.
He had been under public wrath lately since his previous robot was destroyed. Scorned internationally, he decided to buy one to try to cover up his error.
Vanity, Maze, and the rich players gathered using Kim Gun-joo as the center, forming the Holy Union Mecha Unit.
[Kukkeuk! My blood is boiling!]
[Death upon our foes!]
[Ion… Doesn’t have enough trees.]
In the distance, the Dark Empire players’ robots also appeared, emitting red mana through their dark gauntlets.
Their faction used a concept known as Contribution, which allowed them to borrow vehicles instead of purchasing them. To earn Contribution points, they voluntarily plundered and destroyed. That was why they were participating in this quest as well.
[Engage the enemies, Holy Union!]
[Kim Gun-joo, you are now given command over the Holy Union Mecha Unit.]
[Good luck.]
Jin-woo’s eyes sharpened as everyone waited for his orders. A part of the mechanical fleet was heading for Ion turned around to keep the Holy Union at bay.
Mechanical fighters immediately poured out, forming a huge cluster.
Jin-woo wielded his beam sword properly. The robots around him also took out their weapons.
“Mecha Unit!”
His mana engine roared.
Jin-woo’s mana stretched forward through his weapon, drawing a blue trajectory.
Act 2 had begun.
* * *
[This is it for me, everyone! I’m self-destructing to take a couple of fighters down with me!]
[That’s too bad! Good job.]
[Oh! Kill me!]
All factions communicated through an open channel.
Count Lear gulped while listening to their conversation. Aside from their enormous yet strangely unidentified weapons, none of them seemed sane at all.
‘They don’t value their lives…’
They casually rushed to the enemy fleet and self-destructed. Even in the face of certain death, their voices remained calm and peaceful. What made matters worse was that none of them seemed to care if their colleagues were killed.
It was as if this was nothing out of the ordinary for them.
She was certainly appalled, but she didn’t find the Holy Union the most frightening.
That title belonged to the Dark Empire.
[Keek, kukuku, hahahahaha!]
[More! There’s not enough destruction!
[These bastards’ blood is green. Green! Let’s dye the universe green!]
[For His Majesty the Emperor!]
They were lunatics.
Just like the Holy Union, they charged towards the mechanical fleet and splendidly self-destructed. However, right before they could explode, they would rush out into the universe naked and collide against the mechanical fighters.
‘Are they even human…’
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No matter how much protective equipment they wore, humans could never do that in space. That made it clear they had all been enhanced with forbidden technology. They even went so far as to tear down the jets by hand.
Moreover, There were so many of them it was as if they were cloned in factories, and they didn’t discriminate between factions. They attacked the machines just as much as they assaulted the Holy Union.
Much like its soldiers, the Dark Empire’s mothership was a monster as well.
It obliterated even the mechanical battleships, firing dozens of beams that swept through its surroundings. Despite its size, it was capable of achieving extremely high speeds, which it utilized together with its size to ram against its targets.
It was as if the concept of shield didn’t exist before it.
The machines’ vessels exploded and disappeared upon contact, but the Dark Empire’s mothership remained intact.
It was like watching a shark eat small fish in space.
Lear felt very fortunate to be far from them.
“That mark…”
As soon as the symbol of the Dark Empire came into sight, she lost strength in her legs, causing her to plop to the floor.
It symbolized a foreign dimension.
Standing next to her was a woman whose face was half-covered with a mask, her eyes burning with anger.
She was now the pilot of a robot created by Count Lear.
Coming to her, Latica begged to be given another chance. Lear was troubled by her at first, but she granted her plea upon witnessing her outstanding abilities.
Although the robot she created was given the name ‘God Slayer,’ it was still unstable and couldn’t launch. That was why witnessing the Holy Union’s robot in action surprised her.
They had unparalleled technology.
“The Dark Empire!”
“Calm down, Latica.”
“… Yes.”
Latica breathed deeply, closing her eyes in the process.
“Oh my god!”
The loud vibration caused her to lose her balance, but Latica caught her before she could fall.
The battleship they were riding was already half-destroyed and could no longer move. Right in front of the Main Bridge, they could see mechanical fighters approaching them.
Lear swallowed.
Before they could reach them, however, flames engulfed them until they turned to ashes.
A voice entered her ears.
[Are you okay?]
“Yes. Thank you. Are you a member of the Holy Union?”
[Yes! I’m Bread Jam!]
The robot in front of her was a work of art.
From design to performance, it lacked nothing.
“That’s amazing!”
Despite their dire situation, she had a pile of questions she was dying to ask.
“Do you know anything about those machines, Bread Jam?” She asked when their surroundings finally became quiet. Tracking their opponents’ route, she found out they came from the Delox Empire.
Still, she couldn’t believe the Empire would create something so vile. After all, the last time she visited it, it was at peace.
[Well… That’s…]
Tilting his head, he gave her an explanation.
[They’re AIs created by prof. Kim Dae-jin, a scientist of the Dark Empire. After reaching a certain power threshold, they betrayed their own creator.]
“Ah, the Dark Empire?”
Lear’s questions continued.
“So that’s why they came. Can you tell me more about them?”
Latica’s body trembled as she recalled how they annihilated her and the Pirate Union. Lear held her hand to support her.
Bread Jam nodded.
It was taboo to tell NPCs that this world was a game.
If one were to break that law, they would be beaten and would never be able to play New World again.
[Well, what you’re seeing of them now is just a small unit of the Dark Empire. From what I heard, their main fleet is larger than all the fleets here combined. You can think of them as the Holy Union’s rival. Ah! There have been talks about the Dark Emperor having god-like powers as well.]
“That can’t be! What even is their purpose?!”
[The destruction of the universe.]
“Which galaxy did they come from?”
[Apparently, their home lies beyond the Void Sea.]
Bread Jam didn’t know much about them. He was just telling her information the players inferred.
His words complicated her thoughts even more.
Beyond the Void Sea…
If that were truly the case, they came from a galaxy Lainez Kingdom’s current technology couldn’t reach.
That area had nothing but endless darkness.
‘A foreign dimension, huge eye-shaped cracks, a fleet of machines… The planet of the Delox Empire going off the grid…’
Everything connected.
The Delox Empire’s main planet seemed to have been destroyed by the machines made by the Dark Empire scientist.
How terrifying was their technology?
Latica clenched her fists, causing blood to seep from her palms.
She knew.
She had directly seen the existence of the Emperor, after all. He had the power to blow up Ion if he so wanted. Maybe he was even the creator of the foreign dimension Lear spoke of.
“The Dark Empire Emperor… He’s just toying around with us, huh? I bet those machines are the same. They probably only sent a minuscule amount of their true force here.”
“… I see.”
Lear and Latica’s complexion grew paler by the second.
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[Don’t worry! The Holy Union is on your side! Hahaha!]
Bread Jam laughed and cheered, which didn’t fit the cold atmosphere at all.
His viewers criticized him again.
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