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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 166

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48. Birth of the Dark Empire (3)
Each time the Dark Emperor left a red line behind, fighters disappeared. Their ships were fast but proved no match for the Dark Emperor. They were naught but toys in his hands.
The Dark Emperor swung his sword, cutting apart fighters and battleships at the same time.
‘The power is amplified.’
Jin-woo nodded as he looked at the saber. The movement slowed down, but the power grew stronger. As Jin-woo began to get used to the aircraft, it became hell for his opponents. The fighters were exploding helplessly.
Still, Latica was a woman who had led the Pirate Unions for a long time. She used the fighters to block Jin-woo’s view. Jin-woo paused for a moment and watched. Usually, villains were often caught up in their relaxed attitude.
“I’m curious.”
However, Jin-woo held back on purpose.
A light flashed from the pirate fleet, and the fighters rose vertically as one. Jin-woo looked straight ahead at the Beam Particle Cannons being fired at him. They merged into one and became a huge stream. It was amazing that they didn’t explode when they collided, as matching the wavelength of the beam particles was a high-level skill that only the Imperial battleships could usually accomplish.
‘I was wondering what you would do. You were preparing something like this.’
Latica was a capable heroine. She outperformed the officers of the Empire when it came to fleet operation, and she was strong in guerrilla warfare like a true pirate. Her ability as a pilot matched her talent for command as well. She was notable in both intellect and force. Above all, she was so charismatic that she united the pirates.
Latica appeared to have some reason for becoming a pirate, but was it necessary to know?
Jin-woo dispelled the saber and stretched out the robot’s hands. The beam particles stopped as soon as they collided with him.
[It b-blocked it?]
[It can’t be!]
[I can’t believe it!]
Screams erupted from the pirate fleet. However, it wasn’t simply blocked.
As soon as Jin-woo’s started rubbing his hands together, the beam particles were compressed and disappeared. However, the Dark Emperor remained standing there. His two outstretched hands were burning hot, but they quickly cooled down.
This was also good entertainment.
‘The durability is quite good.’
Jin-woo began to like the Dark Empire. At first, he dismissed it as akin to a simple amusement ride, but that idea had long since disappeared. As expected from the robot created by a collaboration from all dimensions. Degurron referred to the Dark Emperor as a masterpiece that surpassed the Black Flame Dragon. However, Jin-woo didn’t feel like it was at that level yet.
The Black Flame Dragon was so terrifying, after all.
[Your Majesty! The enemy fleet is preparing for warp drive!]
[Two minutes to warp drive!]
[They are shortening the time needed by overloading the engine! The engine may fail, but… what a great improvisation!]
The Dark Knight relayed the information to him. They must have been embarrassed when they saw the Dark Emperor for the first time, but they responded effectively.
[Extract the coordinates of the opponent’s warp!]
[Warp coordinates are different for each ship!]
It looked like they had chosen to run away. It was the best decision. It was so pirate-like to run away without any regrets if they thought it would be disadvantageous to stay and fight. It was impossible to chase them all, even for Jin-woo himself.
After all, Jin-woo had only one body.
Jin-woo saw an escape craft heading towards the satellite base. Looking through the Magic Eye of Information, he could tell Latica was riding on it.
‘Is it bait?’
Was the head of the pirate herself the bait? He could catch her, but all the other pirates would get away.
‘I don’t want to let them get away like this.’
It was a fact that they would get away unless he wiped them out at once. Moreover, it was difficult as they spread out from each other.
[Your Majesty! I will connect you with Professor. Kim Dae-jin!]
Kim Dae-jin appeared in front of him. He was wearing a lab gown and a bizarre mask that covered half of his face. No matter how Jin-woo looked at it, the concept was too far.
[Your Majesty! This is Kim Dae-jin, the Mad Scientist of the Dark Empire! The Two-Faced Man!]
[Now is the time to use it!]
Kim Dae-jin shouted excitedly.
[A-are you finally using it?]
[Your Majesty! This is the right time!]
Choi Sung-min and Degurron intervened in the video with Kim Dae-jin. Jin-woo didn’t understand what the hell it was. He heard that there was a hidden function, but they didn’t explain it.
[So, it’s about that!]
Se-yeon was also excited. All the figures in the video stared at Jin-woo, their eyes sparkling. At this point, Jin-woo wanted to activate it out of curiosity.
“Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but let’s try it.”
When Jin-woo said so, everyone started to prepare.
[Start synchronizing with the Dark Emperor!]
[Come on! Let’s move!]
Kim Dae-jin and the others seemed quite busy. Jin-woo looked at Se-yeon as she gestured around like Sarah Vriac. Where the hell did she learn that? It was so natural that it almost gave him goosebumps.
[The Emperor’s code ‘Dark’ has been approved!]
[Checking code Dark approval!]
[Activating the Dark Emperor support system!]
[Each area closed! The crew on board, prepare for the shock!]
The video shook. Jin-woo turned to look at the Dark Knight. The side of the vessel opened, and small mana engines sprang out. At that moment, a mechanical device with a large red button came down in front of Jin-woo.
‘Do I press it?’
It wouldn’t matter if it were just a button, but it was cumbersomely surrounded by glass. Jin-woo clenched his fist and slammed the button. The glass shattered under the weight of his fist. Then, the world turned red.
The mana engines from the Dark Knight began to attach to the Dark Emperor’s arms, back, waist, legs, and head. Sparks splashed as they settled down on the robot. Various numbers appeared on the screen, and the name ‘Dark Emperor’ was engraved on the bottom. The screen was flashing, and the name was displayed now as ‘D.E.’
And soon, the familiar words’ Dark Flame Dragon’ appeared on the screen, reduced to the acronym ‘D.F.D.’
‘Dark Flame Dragon?’
Jin-woo tilted his head.
[D.E + D.F.D]
When such a phrase came out, an image of the Dark Emperor emerged in front of him. The moment Jin-woo looked at his right hand, the Black Flame Dragon came out with an enormous flare of mana. The Black Flame Dragon’s body, cutting through space, also had a mana engine from the Dark Knight attached to it.
[Dark Emperor support system activated!]
The front part of the Dark Knight folded, and a huge mana engine from the back of the ship protruded forward. An antenna-like thing protruded and approached the front of the ship. Se-yeon, her head bowed, smiled. Then she spread her arms out and laughed even louder.
[Finally, the time has come! Approve the merger!]
[Spraying unity-inducing particles!]
Mana emanated from the Dark Knight’s mana engine, enveloping the Dark Emperor and the Black Flame Dragon. The Dark Emperor began to move in line with the particles sent from the Dark Knight.
‘Don’t tell me this is…’
It was a fusion. The Dark Emperor and the Black Flame Dragon would unite!
‘Is it going to fuse?’
The Black Flame Dragon began to divide and merge along the light emitted from the mana engine attached to the Dark Emperor. It was so cool that even Jin-woo was amazed.
Bzzzzzzzz! Thump! Thump!
It wrapped the Dark Emperor like a new piece of armor, covering the robot’s shoulders, chest, and legs. Even a new helmet formed around his head as wings sprang up behind him.
[Synchronization 20%, 30%… 100%]
[Systems all green! The merger is successful!]
A red light cut through the dark.
Red sparks splashed over the robot, and black flames soared around it. The black flame and red mana meshed together to create a terrifying atmosphere. The two arms spread out on their own into a pose.
It was not what Jin-woo intended, but it was thanks to the particles that remained.
[This is the Dark Flame Emperor!]
Se-yeon’s voice shouted over the comms. It was a very childish name.
All the gauges on the screen were full. He didn’t think it could, but it merged into one. Jin-woo tried moving the robot.
‘The reaction rate is…’
It was fantastic, now following his speed. Jin-woo felt as if his body had expanded thanks to the Black Flame Dragon.
A communication from Professor Kim Dae-jin popped up, and Jin-woo could hear the researchers cheering behind him.
[Your Majesty the Emperor! Use the Black Flame Multi-Annihilation Beam! If it’s the Black Flame Multi-Annihilation Beam, it can block the enemy fleets warp!]
When Jin-woo nodded, there was a change in the Dark Flame Emperor. The shoulder piece opened, and the wings split into dozens that now floated around him.
[Mana Recharge 100%]
As Jin-woo poured out his mana, the gauge filled up in an instant. A radar-like ping appeared in front of him, connected to the Dark Knight’s bridge.
[Checking radar transmission from Dark Flame Emperor! Determining the target!]
[One minute to the enemy fleet warp!]
[The target is the engine of the enemy fleet! Designation complete!]
Dozens of targets appeared on the radar at the same time and were locked on. But how did I fire it?
Jin-woo lightly shouted, but nothing happened.
[Your Majesty! Shouting out the technique name is the law of the universe.]
“…Was there such a law?”
[That’s right. You must shout out loud to activate it!]
Kim Dae-jin’s way of speaking changed slightly. Jin-woo sighed a little, but he had to fire before they escaped.
“C-cough, B-Black Flame Multi-Annihilation Beam, Fire!”
Dozens of red rays erupted from the Dark Flame Emperor, branching out like lightning toward the enemy fleet. Yet, the way it moved was not random but precise and targeted.
It lightly penetrated the ships’ shields and pierced their engines. The side effect of overloading the engine caused them to explode.
When the firing was completed, the Dark Flame Emperor returned to its original form. Now the pirates could not escape. Escape crafts erupted from the inoperable fleet. They disappeared into the asteroid field and quickly entered the satellite base of the Pirates Union. However, some escape crafts were unable to avoid the waves of small asteroids and exploded.
[Your Majesty, we are entering the base to rescue their prisoners.]
Yoo-na radioed him. She was also calling Jin-woo Your Majesty according to the situation.
[There are a lot of asteroids, so transport planes can’t approach. Gravity interference is severe. We also confirmed some defensive turrets.]
As Yoo-na said, the transport ship carrying the T1 corps couldn’t easily approach through the asteroid field. The gravity of the gas planet was also intense, making it difficult for transport ships to evade. Furthermore, defensive turrets set around the base would cut down any that made it that far.
‘What I just used seems to be a little weak…’
Was there anything that could wipe out the asteroids? The breath amplified by the Dark Flame Emperor appeared capable. When Jin-woo suggested it, Professor Kim Dae-jin nodded.
[It’s the Dark Destructive Particle Beam’!]
“…Who came up with that name?”
[It was decided by a vote in the Demon Realm!]
Jin-woo thought of Sarah Vriac’s face at the moment.
The Dark Destructive Particle Beam amplified the Dragon Breath through the Dark Flame Emperor. It took so much mana that only an Emperor-class being could use it. When Jin-woo boosted his mana, the Dark Flame Emperor’s chest opened to reveal a red mana core engine.
[Mana Recharge 200%, 300%]
[Warning: Mana Overload!]
All parts of the Dark Flame Emperor heated up red. He had to shout the technique name again. Jin-woo hesitated for a moment and then opened his mouth.
“Dark Destructive Particle Beam, Fire!”
Gheeeeeng! Baaaaaaaaam!
A red light emanated from the Dark Flame Emperor, stretching out to the asteroid field. The asteroids didn’t explode but turned to dust and disappeared. The particles spread out in all directions, attacking the asteroids like a virus and erasing them. The asteroid zone disappeared in an instant. However, the power of the Dark Destructive Particle Beam was too strong.
It reached the gas planet behind it. The gas planet was brown. However, as soon as it touched the Dark Destructive Particle Beam, the gases swirling around the giant turned red. The giant gas planet was several times larger than Jupiter, yet it was set ablaze around the dark hole where the beam had struck.
A huge storm engulfed the gas planet.
Shock waves erupted from the gas giant, forcing the pirate fleet back.
“It’s awesome.”
If he had charged a little more mana, the gas planet would have been blown away. Although the gas planet was in a serious condition, fortunately, such an event didn’t occur. If it did explode, it was almost certain that its surroundings would be blown away.
[Oh, this is indeed the Dark Destructive Particle Beam!]
[Planet-destroying power!]
Kim Dae-jin and Choi Sung-min couldn’t hide their excitement. The Dark Flame Emperor returned to its original form. Its mobility was slightly reduced due to the side effects of overload, but it wasn’t a problem. As expected, such a thing couldn’t be shot multiple times. He had to wait for the mana engine to cool down.
[Fuh-fufufu, this is the power of the Army of the Dark Empire!]
Se-yeon provoked Latica over the comms.
[Y-you… such monstrous…]
Latica was at the satellite base. She had been swept away by the Dark Destructive Beam Particles and crashed into the moon but was luckily unharmed. Se-yeon watched her ecstasy on her face.
Jin-woo looked around the void of space. Did this universe drive people crazy?
Jin-woo shook his head.
“I’ll enter the base.”
[All right! We will wait in orbit while cleaning up the remainder of the pirate ships.]
Dozens of pirate ships were floating in outer space with only their engines destroyed so that they would make good materials.
Jin-woo drove the Dark Flame Emperor down to the base.
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