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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 157

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46. The Great Demon’s Business (2)
Pre-registration had started!
The global smartphone operating system was developed by Oggle and Pineapple, and although there were other small operating systems, they could not cross those two major mountains. There was an app that received a huge sponsorship by both Oggle and Pineapple, the JW Books’ World Tree.
The first thing Rick Mason did after returning from retirement due to poor health was work on pre-registration for the World Tree and an extensive promotion campaign. As if they could not lose, Pineapple responded with more radical marketing than Oggle. When Rick saw it, he launched another massive marketing campaign. Meanwhile, JW Books did not pay any particular marketing expenses.
The stores of both companies were covered with World Tree banners. Because of that sponsorship, of course, the number of pre-registrations was high.
‘The World Tree is the top priority!’
‘Do more than Oggle!’
Oggle and Pineapple came forward to solve various inconveniences that popped up. There were no problems since Rick and Tom both had strong control over their respective companies.
The service was not limited to Korea, either. Unusually, it was about to be released simultaneously worldwide. There was no problem because it was equipped with a translation system superior to anything else in the world. All the content was to be translated in real-time, and the quality of the content could be said to equal mastery in each language.
A day before the opening, a small event was held at the JW Books headquarters in Seoul. At Yoo-na’s suggestion, the writers and staff of JW Books gathered and decided to have a light prayer ritual.
He thought it was meaningless, but it was a good chance to see the faces of newly hired employees. Jin-woo was the Team Manager by rank, but Young-hoon and the other writers, as well as the staff, thought that he was the actual owner of the company because of the extreme courtesy the Chief Editor always displayed. There were even speculations that he was a third-generation conglomerate’s son. Of course, the CEO of JW Books was a fictional character.
Jin-woo didn’t grant it any special meaning, but Richard, Rick, and Tom in the United States didn’t think so. All of them canceled their schedules and boarded a flight to Korea. Korea was in a frenzy, and the South Korean government contacted the U.S. government to find the truth.
It was obvious as to why. Senator Richard Payne, a sensation sweeping across the United States, and Rick Mason and Tom Branson, the owners of world-class dinosaur companies, suddenly visited Korea on their private jets. Even if only one of the three came, it would cause a stir, but all three arrived simultaneously as if they had promised it.
Rick and Tom were some of the most difficult people to meet globally, not to mention Senator Richard, who had nearly established himself as the next presidential candidate. Upon hearing the breaking news, Korean media outlets poured out articles in speculation.
[Important Figures’ Sudden Visit to Korea.]
[Rick Mason Dispels Death Rumors by Visiting Korea.]
[Tom Branson, ‘Korea is an Amazing Country.’]
[Senator Richard Payne ‘I Came to Korea to Welcome the Future.’]
The Korean government and several major companies rushed to invite them, but all were politely declined. By secretly contacting the person in charge, it was revealed that they weren’t even on vacation. As soon as everyone unpacked at the hotel, they headed somewhere to the headquarters of JW Books in Seoul.
There was such a thing happening, but Jin-woo didn’t care at all. On the 1st floor of the JW Books Building, there was a large event hall where Jin-woo invited all his subordinates, staff, and writers. He intended to hold the praying ritual there.
“It’s ready.”
Jin-woo nodded at Yoo-na and stood from his seat. He went to the Seoul headquarters and headed to the event hall. Still, it was an official event, so he dressed up in his way.
“I’ve done quite a lot, but this is the first time I’m offering a rite.”
“I see.”
“Well, I didn’t mean most of it.”
Jin-woo smirked. He also established G&P and did various things in each dimension he visited. It was pretty good to have a normal thing like this happen. After all, this Earth was a very ordinary neighborhood to live in. Jin-woo’s goal was to stay low-profile without causing any accidents.
When he arrived at the event hall, everyone was already waiting. A large table was set up on the stage with food from each dimension placed on it and a large pig head in the center.
“…That’s a pig’s head, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is.”
Yoo-na replied with a nod. Jin-woo had no choice but to ask about it. The pig’s head was too big; it looked four times the size of a normal pig. It was supposed to be the head of a monster from the Maze. A minotaur’s head was once mentioned, but thanks to Jin-woo’s command to do it normally, it was finally decided to use a pig.
However, it barely looked like a pig.
“That’s fake, right?”
“Maybe it’s a prop. After all, we’re a fantasy publishing company.”
“As expected, it also seems they have a sense of humor. I think all the other dishes are also fantasy concepts.”
The general staff nodded in agreement. Not only the pig head but also the table setting was fantastic. From whole-roasted Demon Realm’s lizards, the Middle-World’s steamed giant carp, Elonti’s chicken and Heavenly cloud salad, and various foods from the East World, the table groaned under the food’s weight. It was far from normal.
Yoo-na hosted the ceremony.
“Everyone, please sit down. From now on…”
Anyway, it was when the ceremony proceeded like that; suddenly, more people came in. It was Richard, Rick, and Tom. Jin-woo knew Richard’s face, but not the other two.
“They are the owners of Oggle and Pineapple.”
Yoo-na approached Jin-woo to inform him. She was sweating a lot, and the general staff and writers, including Young-hoon, were greatly surprised to see them. After all, those three were immensely famous. In the case of Tom Mason, a chance to eat lunch with him was once auctioned off and sold for 3 billion won. It was an unrealistic sight.
Although JW Books was gaining popularity, they were like ants compared to Oggle and Pineapple. Yet not only these legendary businessmen but also a senator were visiting their company.
“W-what the?”
“How come they’re here…?”
Jin-woo was also surprised. He never expected Richard to come to Korea, but he ran up to greet him.
“G-Greetings, Sir!”
“You didn’t have to come…”
“Of course, I should visit this honorable place!”
Jin-woo smiled nervously at Richard’s words. Rick and Tom also approached cautiously. They were putting their hands together in front of Jin-woo. The staff and writers, including Young-hoon, were mesmerized when they saw it. Now, they wanted to believe it was a dream.
‘I-is, this person…’
‘The Great Demon!’
Rick and Tom’s expressions hardened from the tension. Richard had grown accustomed to Jin-woo and was now okay with it, but not the two. After all, the Great Demon was standing in front of them. Jin-woo decided to treat them comfortably. He didn’t mean for it to happen, but they became his subordinates just like Richard. Since their health had recovered, shouldn’t he ask for a small favor?
“Nice to meet you.”
“I-I am Rick Mason. It is an honor to meet you.”
“My name is Tom Branson. Please leave everything to me.”
When Jin-woo asked for a handshake, the two held his hand as if it were an honor.
“I would appreciate any help you can give me in the future.”
“I-it’s an honor for me!”
“Thank you!”
The two were half-bending their backs as if they were dealing with a king. If it hadn’t been for the gazes from all around, they might have even lowered their heads.
“Well then, please sit comfortably.”
“I understand!”
Rick and Tom sat next to Richard, holding each other like recruits.
“E-excuse me, sir…”
“Yes, Mr. Author.”
Young-hoon, who was sitting close to Jin-woo, approached him hesitatingly.
“Do you know them?”
“We’ve met in Miami before. I guess they came to congratulate me since we’ve grown close.”
“Ah… I see.”
Young-hoon couldn’t even ask properly. Jin-woo saw that and smiled softly.
“They are very polite people. As expected, there’s a reason for them to be successful.”
“I-is that… so?”
“Mr. Author, they are just guests, so you don’t have to worry about it.”
When Jin-woo said that, Young-hoon had no choice but to smile awkwardly. In addition to the rumors that Jin-woo was the third-generation son of a conglomerate, new ones were spreading that he was the crown prince of another country.
When Zhuge Mi-xian coughed, Young-hoon startled and returned to his seat. It was called a praying ritual, but it was just a place to meet and break the ice. They didn’t do anything like bowing or such. Whom do you bow to when the Great Emperor was there? They just had quick meals and shared their food.
“S-so, this is the Demon’s food…”
Rick and Tom said so as soon as they ate. In their eyes, everyone here looked like demons. In particular, the moment their eyes met with Zhuge Mi-xian’s, they broke out in a cold sweat. She looked like a giant snake coiling around them, ready to eat them at any moment. That woman was a demon from hell.
Richard quietly called over Rick and Tom.
“Did you two pre-register?”
“O-of course. I have instructed all the staff to do so.”
“I asked not only all of my employees but also their families…”
Richard nodded. The Great Demon’s order was absolute.
“Maybe we… have been selling tickets to hell.”
The two nodded at Richard. The Great Demon couldn’t have released an ordinary app. It was probably the kind of malicious app that slowly brainwashed humans. Considering the power of their books, it was a reasonable guess. It would be full of very interesting things at first. However, if everyone became addicted, then the brainwashing would begin!
The three people who had experienced the World Tree in advance thought so. Rick and Tom couldn’t stop now. Now that they had sold their souls dragging other humans to hell wasn’t a big deal. Their hearts were at ease.
Jin-woo invited Rick and Tom to the moon base, asking Zhuge Mi-xian to guide them. Since they came to Korea, he wanted to let them have a different experience. The moon would be better than sightseeing in Korea. At the same time, Arcana transformed to her original body after a long time to enjoy some sunbathing, and when they saw it, they fainted.
“We need to attract more souls to prove our loyalty.”
“T-that’s right. Let’s try to find out who can use it. About that… the Instagroup is going well these days…”
“I’m personally acquainted with the owner. Let’s drag them in.”
“Yes, I will also look into it.”
A great storm had begun to blow in the U.S. business world. It was the moment when the Great Demon Worshipping Entrepreneurs were born. Rick and Tom’s loyalty deepened, and that was how the ordinary meeting ended.
* * *
Finally, the World Tree was released. Rick and Tom having went to JW Books spread secretly, and the world focused on its release. After Rick and Tom visited the moon base, they even began promoting it on Twitter in an unusual move. Some even speculated that Oggle and Pineapple collaborated to make it. However, nothing was revealed.
Han Dok-ja, a genre novel addict, spent his school days reading. Interestingly, his name meant reader in Korean. He was proud to have mastered all genres, from fantasy, fusion fantasy, modern fantasy, romance, and . The novel he fell in love with the most was A Hero Story. He was paying for and reading not only A Hero Story but also all the novels of JW Books. His standards were so high that he could not read a novel now if it weren’t from JW Books.
Of course, he pre-registered for the World Tree. As soon as it was released, he installed and opened the app.
The praise left him automatically. When he signed up as a member and answered the questions, he received a Spirit.
[Yes, I’m Efri, the Fire Spirit! I appeared because you have a fire-like personality!]
“Uh, ca-can I also talk with it?”
[Is that strange?]
“D-do you understand what I am saying?”
[Yes! But that’s not the problem right now! Hurry up and pay now. There’s an hour left until the 30% discount event ends! Hurry up!]
[Hurry up! Quickly!]
It was like artificial intelligence. Neither the Pineapple Phone’s Swiri nor other smartphone manufacturer’s Box-A could compete. The ridiculous rumor that Oggle and Pineapple worked together to establish JW Books felt like the truth now, as both companies were investing heavily in the development of artificial intelligence. When he went to the library, the librarian also recommended new books.
[If you have read A Hero Story, how about reading the comics or watching the cartoon?]
“R-really? Is there such a thing?”
[Yes, you can enjoy it immediately after you purchase it. You can watch it on your PC or smart TV.]
In the case of cartoons, it was 3,000 won per episode. A Hero Story had three seasons, 12 episodes each, for 36 episodes, and each episode was about 40 minutes long. He bought one episode and watched it.
Forty minutes passed in an instant. It was of a crazy quality. The drawing was akin to the highest forms of art, and the voice actors’ acting was so amazing that it didn’t make sense. They appeared to be living and breathing as one with the characters they portrayed. Han Dok-ja was able to release his clenched fists only after listening to the ending song. His heart was pounding, and he was short of breath.
‘You have to binge-watch this!’
Han Dok-ja was immersed in the World Tree, spending the whole weekend on the app and even taking his annual paid leave on Monday. He finished all three seasons and even bought the comic. He spent a lot of money in an instant, but he had no regrets. The Spirit kept bringing him new things. Looking at the cute and expressive Spirit, he had no choice but to pay. A month of his salary disappeared in an instant.
‘I-it’s like drugs. I can’t stop.’
It was more addictive than that. By the time he almost finished watching all the content, new content was uploaded. It blew him away and crushed him. He barely reached out and tried to close the World Tree.
[You will also come tomorrow, right? Right?]
“Y-yeah! I will come.”
[Wow! I’ll bring more tomorrow!]
He also grew attached to Efri. Besides the World Tree app, it was said that a version that could be used as a personal assistant AI on a PC or smartphone would be released soon. The service was offered as a monthly fee, which was cheaper than expected. When he entered the portal site, there were many articles related to the World Tree awaiting him.
[Explosively Popular! A Large-Scale Leave of Absence Occurred in the United States!]
[The Collaboration Between Oggle and Pineapple, Is It True?]
[Artificial Intelligence Expert; ‘It’s a Revolution in AI.’]
[Oggle and Pineapple, Leading the Future Industry]
The theory that it was created jointly by Oggle and Pineapple had become a fait accompli. Han Dok-ja visited the community site that he was a regular on.
Title: 4 Days Flew By.
Posted by: My Spirit Pig
Wow, A Hero Story is crazy. I rewatched it four times. It’s 3,000 won per episode, but I paid 10,000 won to watch it. I almost got goosebumps on the last episode. They say there will be an update for The Master and Maid tomorrow, so I took a leave of absence.
But, why is my spirit a pig? It just kept going oink-oink. Did the draw fail me?
CeresHaak: LOL, I guess you’re also a pig
└ My Spirit Pig (Author): I am super handsome.
Citrus Zone Flavor: A Hero Story is so much fun. All the cartoons in the World Tree are crazy. LOL, I would go back to college this semester, but I just want to take a break now.
Discharged From Army Yesterday: Is returning to college a problem? Tomorrow, The Master and Maid are coming out.
Retaker: That’s right. LOL. It’s outrageous in the U.S. too. Japan is exploding.
Kimchi Potato Chips: It seems like a real investment by Oggle and Pineapple. It is also fully dubbed in other languages.
Tatsukete: Do you know anything about the voice actors? Wow, Sister Ceres’ voice was recorded so well.
There was something that even Han Dok-ja sympathized with while reading the comments. In the end credits, there was only the pen name of the original author and a short sentence provided by JW Books. There was no information about the staff at all. But that didn’t matter now!
He had to sleep to watch it again tomorrow. It was when Han Dok-ja tried to sleep after three days-
[Breaking News! A Hero Story movie confirmed!]
There was such an article that caught his attention.
Han Dok-ja could not sleep because of his excitement. Eventually, the next day, he fell asleep… rather, he fainted after binge-watching the Master and Maid. He thought for the first time that he was lucky to be born.
* * *
Young-hoon was now a celebrity. He got to work on the next novel right away in the Moon Cannery, but he was still a very famous writer. The cartoons and comics hit the jackpot one after another, earning him even more money than from the novels. The money was paid accurately and put in his bank account, but all he did with it was open a new store for his parents and buy a house. He didn’t have time to spend the money on himself, so it remained otherwise intact in his bank account.
Nothing in the world was easy. Jin-woo took away his time in exchange for making his wish come true.
Jin-woo looked out the window. The General Manager and Zhuge Mi-xian were standing side by side, and quite a few people were rolling in front of them. Zhuge Mi-xian was even holding a whip.
“Umm? What is that?”
“They are illegal sharers.”
Yoo-na told him. As illegal sharing began to emerge, Jin-woo told her to deal with it.
“After remodeling their nature, Lilith plans to erase their memories and bring them back.”
Thanks to this, illegal sharers were disappearing quickly.
[Illegal Sharers became Happy Genuine Buyers.]
*[C]Happy Genuine Buyer
They feel happy every time they buy a genuine product.
‘Anyway, we have to move on quickly.’
There was no time to rest. Jin-woo immediately announced the movie adaptation. There was no need to cast an actor or figure out the filming location. There was also no need to invest money in CG work.
‘After all, there is the Maze: New World.’
Jin-woo had a great film set already prepared.
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