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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 153

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45. Author, It’s Due Soon. (1)
It was their first mission. Jin-woo handed out the manuscript he received from Young-hoon to everyone, telling them to read it once and report any points to fix. It was too simple compared to what Jin-woo had been ordering up until now. Everyone started to read Young-hoon’s manuscript, taking it lightly. However, there was no way that the Great Emperor would give them a normal mission.
As expected, the reaction itself was astonishing. Zhuge Mi-xian was enjoying herself, but others read it while enduring agony. To add some exaggeration, tears of blood were flowing from their eyes, and others had to sit in the corner while they dealt with nausea. Seeing that, Jin-woo couldn’t help but feel guilty. Even though they were his subordinates, he couldn’t be at ease forcing them to do such a terrible thing.
Arcana groaned. If it weren’t for the Great Emperor’s orders, she would have burned such trash with her Dragon Breath. The other’s reactions were about the same. They were those who were proud of having built a reputation as writers in their own way over the years. To such people, Young-hoon’s manuscript was like a cursed book. All of them lacked resistance. Even Jin-woo, who had trained and read the SSS-Ranked Absolute Ability to the end, was about to give up, but what about those with no preparation?
Zhuge Mi-xian grew ill and began to vomit blood. Taking a rough breath, she let out a laugh. She was growing dull to pain, but this was another new type that hurt even worse. It was a new world!
“Drink this while reading it.”
Jin-woo took out a bunch of potions and told her to drink them whenever she was struggling.
The sound of drinking potions filled the room. By the time the empty bottles of potions piled up, all of them were able to completely read the manuscript. It took them quite a long time to read the manuscript of about 70,000 characters.
“Oh, my… it’s hard for me too.”
Yoo-na also shook her head as if she had seen something she shouldn’t have. Everyone looked tired. Still, he had to ask. Jin-woo spoke carefully in the disastrous atmosphere.
“What do you think?”
Zhuge Mi-xian gasped for breath but barely calmed down before looking to Jin-woo. Her face blushed red.
“It’s an amazing talent. It was so frustrating and painful that I ended up becoming ill, and my qi was tangled. It’s the best manuscript ever. I wonder if the M-Dragon Association would accept it…”
“No, not that. How do you feel as a writer?”
“It is the worst.”
Everyone nodded in total agreement. The Golden Angels grew even more corrupted and were now on the verge of becoming demons.
‘I’d rather deal with an Emperor.’
When Jin-woo was thinking like that, he received a text from Young-hoon.
Young-hoon: Sir! Volume 1 has been completed! I sent it by email, so please check it.
When Jin-woo said that more was added to the manuscript, Arcana smiled and looked at him. This was the first time she made proper eye contact with him.
“Master, may I go out for a while?”
Moreover, for the first time, Arcana expressed her intentions very clearly. As she left, Jin-woo glanced out of the window. Arcana went out of the shield formed around the building and opened her mouth. Her Dragon Breath spewed out and ripped the moon’s surface apart. It was a mana explosion that couldn’t be compared to a nuclear bomb. The aftermath hit the shield, but luckily, it survived unharmed.
The moon’s surface melted, becoming flowing lava.
‘If Young-hoon were here, he would be killed.’
Jin-woo looked at the demons, noting the fierce spirit shaking in their eyes. He was lucky. It was a great relief that this was the moon. If Young-hoon was nearby, he might have nightmares or suffer some health problems.
“My Great Lord Emperor, may I go out for a while?”
“Yeah, everyone is free to come and go.”
With Jin-woo’s permission, the demons bowed their heads and walked out behind Arcana. There was no air on the moon, so no sound was transmitted, but lights flashed bright enough to illuminate the room. Thanks to this, the land around the building was transformed into a very neat and flat area.
It was a trivial matter for NASA to issue an emergency after observing the explosions on the moon’s surface. Thanks to Arcana’s enormous mana, an unmanned lunar probe orbiting the moon was swept away and crashed. Anyway, after causing some trouble, Jin-woo subordinates read the entire manuscript for Volume 1.
Now, he had to pick a person to place in charge.
“Well, first, I want to pick a person to take charge.”
“Can the person in charge meet the author in person?”
When a demon asked, Jin-woo nodded. They suppressed their murderous intent and smiled, but the atmosphere was cold. It was obvious what would happen if they met. He thought it would be better to have Zhuge Mi-xian, who had the best response, as the person in charge.
“It’s better for you to do it.”
“Thank you.”
She was better than others, but Zhuge Mi-xian’s reaction was also unusual. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her hands were trembling slightly. She hurriedly switched to the lotus position. She began to overcome her distorted qi on her own.
[The Incarnation of Evil is satisfied. It is a very cruel and difficult task for them.]
[You have assigned Zhuge Mi-xian as the person in charge. Zhuge Mi-xian has awakened with a new form of enlightenment.]
[Zhuge Mi-xian has acquired a new title.]
*[B+] Person in Charge S
‘Work, you slave!’
Where there is light, there is darkness. Her new enlightenment completes her like the harmony of Yin and Yang, and she has reached a state of complete perfection.
Awakening Technique
[B+] Author, It’s Due Soon
She urges authors to meet tight deadlines with a casual voice and sometimes pulls the deadline card to cause pain.
‘She feels joy in the author’s pain.’
*Manuscript Speed Up By 300%
[B+] Author, You’ll Get in Trouble if You Write Like This.
She digs into the author’s mentality with her calm words. In a state of complete mental breakdown, the author will take her advice seriously and engrave it into their bones.
‘She finds happiness in the author’s tears.’
*Manuscript Quality Increased By 400%
[B+] Author, I believe in you.
Sometimes she cheers for the author.
‘She finds joy in seeing the dying author hanging on to the manuscript day and night.’
*Author’s Stamina Increases By 300%
*Author’s Concentration Increases By 300%
However, once the deadline is over, the author will fall asleep for two days.
Zhuge Mi-xian opened her eyes, her sight becoming clear and her qi deepening. Malevolent darkness was wriggling deep in her innocent eyes. She looked more dangerous than when she was in the East World.
“Will it be okay?”
While Jin-woo considered it, he received another text from Young-hoon.
Young-hoon: I’m sending you 20,000 more characters!
Jin-woo nodded as soon as he checked the message. Come to think of it; there was a possibility that Young-hoon’s skills would improve if there were a person in charge like this. Zhuge Mi-xian started reading the manuscript again with a dark smile, and the others watched with admiration. Some even expressed respect for her mental strength.
Jin-woo sent a message to Young-hoon.
Me: I’ve assigned you a person in charge. She will contact you soon.
Young-hoon: Thank you! I wonder what kind of person she is!
Me: She’s a bit strict.
Young-hoon: Yes! As I said before, I am ready to accept any feedback on my work!
Young-hoon’s attitude was very good. Now it was time to improve his skills.
* * *
Jin-woo bought a fairly plausible building in Seoul and made it the headquarters of JW Books. The building was for camouflage, while the real headquarters was on the moon. The moon building was expanded to make it comfortable for everyone to stay in.
‘First, I have to match the assortment.’
JW Books was a new publishing company with only one writer, Lee Young-hoon. Still, since it was a publisher, Jin-woo felt the need to have an assortment. If JW Books became famous, it would be quite helpful when Lee Young-hoon published his series later. Of course, there was no need to look for writers outside, as they had several skilled ones already gathered at the moon base.
There were also some stories they had written before, so if they were slightly fixed to suit the Earth, they could be published right away. In the case of Zhuge Mi-xian’s, it could be translated right away. Although it was an adult novel, it was an book. If the erotic parts were lowered a little, it would be great. It wasn’t too difficult to edit, either, as she had already done some work on it.
While preparing for publication, the General Manager appeared on the moon.
“Well? Aren’t you busy?”
“It’s fine now. Jin-hu has also stabilized quite a bit. Thank you for your concern.”
“Really? Great. I needed a Chief Editor.”
The General Manager decided to act as the Chief Editor. As it was published under the name JW, he insisted that there should not be any shortcomings. No serial could be published if it didn’t pass the General Manager’s eyes. Only those who scored at least 3 out of 5 were eligible for serialization.
Arcana, Zhuge Mi-xian, and the high-ranking demon Sutra, who passed the General Manager’s strict standards, decided to publish their work. The elf artisans drew the cover and illustrations, each unique taste as it was not digital work.
‘Well, the lineup looks good.’
Jin-woo looked at the report prepared by Yoo-na about the first lineup of JW Books. Jin-woo could tell at a glance what kind of books they were.
[Master and Maid]
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Author: Arcana
Synopsis: The story of the successor of a large corporation, Kim Gun-joo, who meets Arna, the dragon who has been sealed for ten thousand years.
Let’s feel Arna’s love, the dragon who became a maid!
*Chief Editor (General Manager)
Rating: 3.7/5
This is good enough, it offers some emotions that touch people’s hearts. The writing skills, which have been strengthened by delusion, are also of a high level.
*Illustrator (Elf, Mellou): A lyrical description of the meeting between the master, Kim Gun-joo, and the maid, Arna. Perfect art was created with the Great Emperor and Arcana as models. I felt their sacred hearts and worked reverently!
[Secret Martial Art]
Author: Brown Rice Love by Dragon
Synopsis: There has never been a martial art like this before! The martial art world that is rife with schemes and tricks uncovers the primordial secrets wriggling inside!
*Chief Editor (General Manager)
Rating: 3.2/5
Rather than martial arts technique, it expresses the desires that are latent in humanity. The captivating and flexible style will stimulate the reader’s imagination.
*Illustrator (Dark Elf, Barou): I emphasized a specific part of the human body and expressed the muscle line a little more stimulatingly. It is a modern reinterpretation of traditional eastern outfits designed to emphasize the feelings in the book. And I exaggerated the sweat and wet clothes! It was a really fun job! Please look forward to the illustrations!
[8 Demon Kings War]
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Kane is born with the Demon Emperor’s blood. He defeats the 8 Demon Kings and becomes a Demon Emperor!
Author: Sutra
* Chief Editor (General Manager)
The story feels a bit boring, but it is covered well with the author’s unique directing skills. I read it effortlessly. However, likes and dislikes may differ around the main character’s personality, who has lived a long life and is the protagonist from a typical cartoon.
*Illustrator (Elf, Ghelu): The action is emphasized with bold lines and dynamic composition to match the novel’s vibe. Rather than using too many colors, I emphasized some primary colors to give it a rough feel. I worked in consultation with the author a lot.
Jin-woo nodded. They all looked pretty good. For now, he decided to publish the series on the serial site to test the initial reaction. If awareness increased, it would be good to create a JW Books serial platform. For now, the first goal was to make JW Books famous.
Jin-woo looked at Yoo-na, feeling the fatigue she wore on her face.
“I’ve read them, and they’re very addictive. It’s expected to have a huge impact.”
Jin-woo thought they would be quite the hot topic if Yoo-na thought so.
“Well, let’s proceed.”
“All right.”
Jin-woo did not expect that he would come to his original world and open a publishing company. As such, JW Books’ new series made their debut on this other Earth.
* * *
Young-hoon was happy to hear that someone had been placed in charge of him, as it seemed like he was finally starting in earnest. Riding on that high, he received a call from the person in charge.
[I am speaking with the author Life-or-Death Twist?]
“Yes, that’s right!”
[Hello. I’m Zhuge Mi-xian, who will be in charge of your serial this time.]
Young-hoon felt his heart pound. It was such a beautiful voice that he felt dizzy. A passionate romance with the person in charge was already unfolding in his head. The delusion made it seem like he had already finished his first book.
[Mr. Author, I read the manuscript. Can I give you some feedback? I’d like to ask for your understanding because it may be a little uncomfortable.]
“Yes! You can do whatever you want!”
[That’s a relief.]
Young-hoon was confident with this manuscript. However, his thoughts collapsed the moment he heard what Zhuge Mi-xian said.
[Mr. Author, you can’t write like this.]
[Let’s look at the first page together.]
“What? O-okay.”
Young-hoon became very nervous as Zhuge Mi-xian gave a detailed critique starting from the first page. She spoke softly at first, but at some point, her voice grew very cold. Tears welled up in the corners of Yeong-hoon’s eyes as he listened to her dagger-like words. She was piercing his heart as she spoke softly, but he couldn’t resist. It was too logical, and the basis was clear.
Slash! Slash!
It felt like he was being whipped. If he had been whipped, the skin on his back would have already been worn out.
[Sigh, Mr. Author. I just want everything to go well with you. I didn’t have bad intentions at all. Fu, fufufu]
He could hear a strange laugh and rough breathing, but Young-hoon couldn’t afford to care about it. His mentality had already been shattered. Young-hoon became desperate.
“W-what should I do?”
[Let’s change the parts I told you about. Mr. Author, if you feel uncomfortable…]
“N-no, I’m not! I’ll write it properly!”
[Then let’s start over.]
[I’ll see you soon. Ah! Please write it down and send it by tomorrow.]
“Ah… yes!”
His creative desire began to spring up for some reason. As soon as the call was over, Young-hoon started writing. He deleted the existing manuscript and rewrote it from scratch.
‘Like this and after this… the development will be…’
The parts that Zhuge Mi-xian pointed out came to his mind, and his fingers moved. He typed so quickly that he was surprised himself. But, that way, he was able to concentrate all dawn and finish the manuscript. This time he was confident about it.
Young-hoon, wearing a proud smile, went to the serial site to read the other writer’s writings. He went to Today’s Best.
“Huh? JW Books?”
The 1st to 3rd places were series by JW Books. The covers were paintings that looked like works of art, each of JW Books at the bottom. For a while, he stared at the covers in disbelief.
‘Master and Maid?’
The first title was kind of like that. Even the material seemed too normal. Wouldn’t a comic be better for this kind of story?
‘Hah, the level has dropped. Is it now the start of my era?’
Young-hoon was conceited. It felt not long before his story conquered this place. Young-hoon clicked on the prologue to laugh at it as much as he wanted.
‘Was our meeting a coincidence?’
That was how it started. Young-hoon smiled and shook his head, then he focused again and started reading.
“Uh-huh, Arna… sob.”
Young-hoon wailed loudly. It was a masterpiece! Every time he read a new episode, his heart was tickled, and tears flowed down his cheeks. This novel was the first of its kind. Young-hoon looked at the comments on the latest episode. There were as many as 6,361, and new ones were being added constantly.
10 Million Reader: T^T Kim Gun-joo is so cool.
Han Young-ki: I feel sorry for Arna. What should I do? I cried while reading a novel at the age of 40.
Novel Rice: The author is crazy. Please pay and support. It’s a shame to read a novel like this for free.
Yongcheon: All my friends didn’t go to school after reading this. Sad.
Rain: The quality of the illustration is crazy.
All the readers were in tears. Young-hoon’s confidence dropped sharply, but he pushed on to read the other novels by JW Books. When he read the Secret Martial Art, his whole body heated up, and he admired the author’s meticulous plot. The illustration was also a work of art.
The 3rd place, 8 Demon Kings War, made his heart boil with passion.
‘…I’m trash.’
Young-hoon was frustrated. When he looked at the manuscript he had written, it looked like a waste. While he was crying like that, he received a call from Zhuge Mi-xian.
[Mr. Author, did you send me the manuscript?]
[Mr. Author, are you crying?]
“I am not… confident… about my writing.”
Zhuge Mi-xian’s breathing grew a little rougher.
[Mr. Author, I believe in you. You can do better.]
“…Can I?”
[Of course. From now on, you should stay up all night and write it again. Please give it to me by tomorrow.]
“Sob, I see! I will write hard.”
Young-hoon started writing the manuscript again.
[Congratulations! Lee Young-hoon has become a writing slave to the Person in Charge S.]
Dark circles settled under Lee Young-hoon’s eyes, and he began to lose weight. His slave life had just begun.
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