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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 151

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44. Original and Side Stories (3)
Jin-woo returned to his original world, finding nothing different from before Jin-woo became Lee Jin-woo. After traveling through several dimensions, he thought he had developed a steel mentality that couldn’t be surprised under any circumstances, but he couldn’t help but be really shocked.
‘Is the world separate rather than combined?’
He didn’t know for sure, but he was still a Great Emperor. He could still access his powers to use dimensional gold coins as well. So, he decided to put aside those complicated thoughts for now.
‘Anyway, it is certain that the Emperor exists here…’
Se-yeon was able to discover this place because an Emperor existed in a dimension close to the Earth. Jin-woo clicked the SSS-Ranked Absolute Ability to read the side stories, hoping to discover some information there.
The free side stories weren’t there. Instead, a notice revealed that after completion, the free parts were deleted as serialization began on another platform. The comments remained, but all the episodes were deleted. The original novel with information and stories about the Emperors was nothing like a cheat key. Without knowing how strong the other Emperors were or what kind of existence they were, Jin-woo had no choice but to be cautious.
Delays were unavoidable because the original setting was so gruesome.
‘I’ll have to find the side stories.’
If he found the original author, he would be able to get them.
Jin-woo was also curious if he existed here. When he logged in to the portal site, his account existed. The account he was using could still be logged into. Checking the date, the last log-in wasn’t long after he became Lee Jin-woo. It seemed like he came back.
When he checked his account, he found that his assets were less than 1 million won. Seeing such a small number of zeros, Jin-woo felt like he was missing something. He operated his watch, quickly creating a secret account and exchanging dimensional gold coins until he had some spending money. It was an amount that ordinary people couldn’t use up in a lifetime, but it was just enough for pocket change for Jin-woo.
Following that, he also created another identity that could be used in the United States.
‘It’s simple.’
Jin-woo’s watch was an undisclosed product with G&P’s latest technology, and Se-yeon personally customized it. As such, it contained an AI modeled after Arorong. It could even tell time – like a normal watch. Well, for now, he thought he could leave the offline work to Richard. Richard was a U.S. Senator and said to be a political giant, after all.
Turning on the TV, he found what happened in Miami was the main subject of coverage by the news. They talked about UFOs, but a figure from the U.S. Government came out and officially announced that it was an accident caused by a meteorite. He said that people could rest assured that everything was under control.
Anomalies were also observed on the moon, which was explained as an optical illusion caused by abnormal sun activity. That was a pretty plausible explanation, all in all. Conspiracy videos uploaded to MeTube went down one by one and disappeared. The U.S. Government had full control over the flow of information and was currently meeting about what had happened.
“Let’s sleep first…”
Come to think of it; he was alone for the first time in a long while.
“Shall I go sightseeing after a few days off?”
When else would he come to the United States on leisure? Now that Jin-woo was staying in a luxury hotel in Miami, it was best just to enjoy it.
Richard Payne. Born in Florida, he earned his serving in the Army. During his service, he received numerous commendations. After being discharged from the military due to an injury, he entered the political world, quickly becoming a popular senator.
Thanks to his appearance, looking wiser as he grew older, and his excellent sense of humor and head for politics, he became a well-known figure. He was even mentioned in passing as a possible presidential candidate. However, a rare disease that couldn’t be cured by modern medicine hampered any such ambitions.
This was why the news of his miraculous cure spread rapidly overnight, shocking the country. His disease healed completely, but the injuries he obtained during his time of military service left no traces on him.
“God said he would use me as a tool. I will devote the rest of my life to serve God and the United States.”
It was the first thing he said at the press conference. Following that, he didn’t speak of the miracle in detail, but the testimony of Richard Payne’s acquaintances became quite the hot topic.
“His eyes looked very shiny. So I asked him, ‘What’s up? Are you okay?’ Then he said, ‘Everything is perfect, John. I was saved today.’ Oh! Oh, my God! He looked so different from just three days ago. His hair was shiny, and his skin was glowing, giving him a divine look.”
That was the testimony of an acquaintance who lived in the same neighborhood.
“I heard that a burst of black fire fell from the sky. He said it was so sacred that he had no choice but to kneel. His yacht was wrecked, and I’m sure there were some streaks of ash on it. The government said it was just a meteorite… but I believe that Richard experienced a miracle.”
That’s what the owner of the store he often visited told the reporter.
The one who came back from death! Richard Payne! He became big talk as a Senator once more with news of his revival. The picture of him taken at the gym made him look 20 years younger, and his figure was sleek. When he was seen with his son, it would be easy to mistake them as brothers. His wife, who used to be an atheist, was also said to have become very religious. She didn’t tell anyone what religion she now followed, however.
Richard was currently talking with his aide. As someone who had worked with him for a long time, the aide couldn’t believe it.
“Is that really… are you saying that God exists?”
“Well, that’s what I’m saying.”
“I have been with you for a long time, but… I honestly can’t believe it. God in the 21st century…”
The aide was frankly concerned about Richard’s condition. The Richard he knew was a thorough and cautious man, and his image of kindness and affection was nothing but that. Under the surface, he was more ambitious than anyone else.
The aide took a deep breath and then smoothed out his expression. Could the God he spoke of exist in a place like this?
‘No way. This is the era where people are debating whether or not to go to Mars.’
Richard explained the recent satellite crash and moon anomalies in connection with the existence of God. In the aide’s eyes, he appeared to have fallen into a cult. No matter how much he covered it up, he went too far. His recovery could only be explained as a miracle. However, there had been plenty of such miraculous cases in the past, though they were certainly rare.
‘What happened to the Senator…?’
Richard’s image was sterling, so it was the aides’ job to protect it and find a way to use it politically. They were determined to protect Richard from the cult. Richard’s cell phone rang, and he grew visibly nervous as soon as he checked the caller. He gestured to the aide to be quiet.
“Did you rest well? If there are any inconveniences, please let me know.”
The aide frowned.
“D-do you mean to go on a tour? Don’t worry! I will take you on a full course. Yes, yes! Then, rest well! I’ll pick you up.”
Richard Payne, despite his normal projection of confidence, was acting subserviently to whoever was on the other side of that call.
“I’ll have to cancel today’s schedule.”
“What? But…”
“He said he wanted to go on a tour, so let’s get it ready quickly. We have to prepare the best!”
Richard Payne was nervous. Through his connections with the Ministry of National Defense, he learned a huge explosion was detected in the atmosphere. If such a thing occurred on the ground, there was talk that entire cities could disappear. Currently, the White House was now in a state of emergency. As a Senator, Richard was also briefly investigated as part of their efforts.
‘I have to make sure he enjoys himself!’
He had to, both for his own sake and the United States.
“You also come with me.”
It was the first time the aide had seen Richard like that. He was nervous but also worried for his boss.
Since Jin-woo had enjoyed enough rest, he was planning to go sightseeing in earnest. And for sightseeing, it was best to ask a local. He contacted Richard, who said he would come right away. He was such a kind man. Anyway, since he was now working under him, Jin-woo would take good care of him.
As Jin-woo was taking clothes from the subspace, he heard a knock at the door. Opening it, he found a sweaty Richard standing there, and next to him, Jin-woo saw a strict-looking black man.
“This person?”
“This is my aide, John Mattis. He is a trustworthy person so that you can act comfortably around him.”
“I see.”
“He knows the path we’ll be touring very well.”
Richard’s aide, John, looked somehow displeased. To him, Jin-woo was nothing more than a handsome Asian. There did feel to be an incomprehensible aura about him, but he certainly didn’t appear to be a God. John raised his chin and looked at Jin-woo. He had a considerable physique, standing at well over 190 cm, and he worked out.
“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”
John only turned his head slightly away, prompting Richard to scoff. Jin-woo watched the two with a smile.
“Come in and wait.”
The two entered his hotel room. Jin-woo started taking out his clothes again from the subspace, causing John’s eyes to widen.
“Did I pack too much? Things are mixed up.”
Thanks to the rough packing, all his belongings were mixed up. With a shake, a gigantic sword surrounded by cold air, Dark Knight armor, and several other artifacts fell out.
John was astonished. It was shocking to see those items materialize from practically nowhere, but he began to tremble when he looked at the pieces of equipment. That armor emitting black smoke or those jewels engulfed in flames couldn’t belong to Earth. A blue-skinned corpse also came out, opening its eyes and jumping to its feet a second later.
“Ah, here it is.”
When Jin-woo grabbed the corpse’s neck and shoved it back into the subspace, John collapsed to the floor. Richard, who had directly witnessed the Black Flame Dragon, was less shocked.
“I need to clean up before we go sightseeing. Did you say your name was John?
“T-t-that’s right! M-my name is John Mattis.”
John was still stunned, so Jin-woo decided to establish some discipline while organizing his subspace. He opened a portal to the moon, using dimensional gold coins to build a huge shield around the passage. Then, the air was added to a level that ordinary people could tolerate. Richard and John stared blankly through.
“I’ll give you the tour first. Follow me.”
Jin-woo took Richard and John through the portal. Richard and John closed their eyes tightly as they passed through.
The two were so shocked that they collapsed. The sky was black, and the Earth could be seen far off in the distance.
“O-oh, my God!”
This was the moon. Richard and John trembled and clutched at their throats. The moon was an environment that humans could survive in without a spacesuit. Yet, after a moment, they realized they were breathing normally, and the temperature, although a little cold, was bearable. It appeared to be thanks to the transparent protective film around them.
“Isn’t the view nice?”
Jin-woo looked at the two and smiled softly. They both stiffened and couldn’t answer, but Jin-woo paid them no further mind as he poured out the unnecessary things in his subspace. The moon was the best warehouse.
“S-Senator. W-we are on the moon. Ha, haha… d-does this make sense?”
“Do you believe me now? He is the Great Demon that rules Hell.”
“H-huh! D-demon!?”
John was struck with terror, now understanding Richard’s actions. He recalled the rudeness he had shown earlier and felt unsure as to how to clear that up. Jin-woo looked at the two after cleaning his subspace.
For some reason, he wanted to tease them a little. After all, Jin-woo was also the Incarnation of Evil.
Richard and John could only watch as Jin-woo opened the portal and disappeared. As they both went white with fear, the portal reopened, and Jin-woo stepped through.
“Just kidding.”
Richard let out a sigh of relief, and John began to sob. Richard patted John on the back. The friendship between the two had deepened.
* * *
John and Richard did their best to guide Jin-woo. As expected, the tour course was well organized. Jin-woo was able to visit all the major tourist spots and even collect souvenirs.
‘I need to give them something.’
Jin-woo was good at pushing and pulling in his way. He thought it would be a good idea to give them one of the artifacts he had. Of course, it was better to exclude things that would have a big impact on Earth. Looking through the low-ranked artifacts, he quickly found something suitable.
[F+] Ring of Truth
A ring with the ability to see through the truth. You can read other people’s thoughts to some extent, and you can detect lies. It doesn’t work for people with mana.
[F+] Ring of Vitality
Strength, stamina, memorization, and concentration increase. It also boosts stamina recovery.
He handed them out to Richard and John, respectively. Richard put him on almost immediately, and the moment he did, a new world unfolded around him.
‘It’s a miracle! This is the Demon’s power!’
The ability to see through to the truth was a huge weapon for a politician. Meanwhile, John felt refreshed the moment he put on his ring. He felt he could now carry out any complicated tasks quickly and easily without tiring.
The two couldn’t get away from Jin-woo now. After the tour was over, Jin-woo had to go to Korea next. He thought it would be better to take a normal flight rather than fly directly using the dragon.
“I need a plane ticket to Korea…”
“I’ll prepare it right away!”
John called somewhere urgently, immediately readying a ticket. Of course, it was first class. Richard and John drove Jin-woo to the airport. When Jin-woo’s plane took off, they barely managed to let out a sigh.
“W-why did he come to earth?”
“How can we know? But….”
“We should do what we have to do. Wouldn’t it be hell otherwise? There must be many people in hell. If we follow him, we will be able to live comfortably even if we fall into those fiery pits.”
John nodded.
“Yes. Now there is nothing to fear. Didn’t we go all the way to the moon earlier?”
“Come on, let’s go! Our future is bright!”
A duo that never loses. The demon politician Richard Payne and the demon aide John Mattis were born here, marking a turning point in United States politics.
* * *
Before boarding the plane, Jin-woo opened his laptop while waiting in the First Class Lounge at the airport. Investigating the original author with the watch and G&P laptop proved easier than anticipated.
‘He looks normal.’
He was an extremely ordinary person, with nothing that appeared out of the ordinary. Rather, even finding out where he lived proved a simple task.
‘I do want to meet him.’
However, he wanted to meet him as a reader who read all the paid serials. He was very curious about what kind of person he was. Besides, taking him by force didn’t fit Jin-woo’s personality either. He sent him an e-mail and direct message, but there was no reply.
After thinking for a while, Jin-woo decided to create an excuse to meet and talk with him. He went to the serialization site and wrote another message.
Title: Hello, This is JW Books.
Hello? Mr. Author Life-or-Death Twist.
Although it is late, congratulations on completing your previous work, ‘SSS-Ranked Absolute Ability.’ I was very impressed. The story of Kim Young-hoon, who faced the Devil and the 12 Emperors as enemies, holds a very special place in my heart.
I’m sending you a direct message to send my regards as you don’t have any active works. Rather, I want to share a story with you.
Please contact me.
-JW Books Editor-in-Chief Lee Jin-woo-
Fortunately, unlike in the other dimensions, Jin-woo could write his name as it was. In that way, he sent the message and created plausible bait. If there were no reply, there would be no choice but to rely on radical means.
Jin-woo was about to fold away his laptop when a reply arrived.
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