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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 147

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43. Welcome! Is It Your First Time Being an Emperor, Right? (1)
The Demon Sect’s home was always quiet and peaceful. It hadn’t been invaded in hundreds of years as no one dared to attack them directly. The continuous activity of their spies everywhere in the martial arts world prevented such attempts from even being considered. Besides that, the security system devised by the Heavenly Demon Supreme himself was so complicated that even if the Zhuge Imperial Clan, the best brain of the martial art world, came, it would take them a hundred years of wandering around to breach it.
However, the current Demon Sect was thrown into chaos.
The Demon Blood Swordmaster, one of the strongest masters in the Demon Sect, trembled in fear. He thought he had let go of his fear after reaching his level, but that was an arrogant thought. How could someone not fall into despair when they saw this scene? Vampires attacked the Demon Sect followers indiscriminately. At first, they seemed to block the vampires well. However, an unexpected change started from the moment people began to be bitten.
All the followers were bitten, dried out, and developed blue skin. Then, they began to jump around and attack other Demon Sect followers. They were helpless as the number of vampires increased rapidly. The Demon Sect followers fell, swept away by the waves of undead.
The Demon Blood Swordmaster turned tail and ran away, but he couldn’t escape from the Demon Sect. They were closed off. The followers had to receive permission to pass the security system from their leader. As a result, the destruction began to snowball.
‘T-they won’t come this far, right?’
Demon Blood Swordmaster hid in the water closet. He was one of the top hitmen in the Demon Sect, so not only could he hold his breath for a long time, he could even control his heart rate. Even a leader of Nine School & One Sect wouldn’t be able to find him. However, these vampires were different. It was as if they knew exactly where he was.
When he arrived in the water closet, there were already other people there, holding their breath in the corner.
“G-Great Leader Silver Moon! T-thank God, you’re safe.”
“Huh. Brother Zhu, is that you?”
The Demon Blood Swordmaster held Great Leader Silver Moon’s hands and shared his joy. Although the water closet was filled with a terrible smell, the friendship between the two was shining. Those following Silver Moon burst into tears when they saw the Demon Blood Swordmaster. But, as they were overjoyed-
They heard a peculiar sound from outside. Everyone in the water closet stiffened. The water closet was tucked off into the corner of the Demon Sect’s base, so they thought it would be safe. Everyone held their breath and slowed their hearts.
Bounce, bounce! Bounce-bounce-bounce!
The bouncing sound grew louder and louder, obviously heading toward the water closet. The Demon Blood Swordmaster and Great Leader of Silver Moon looked at each other.
‘Great Leader, what should we do?’
‘They seem to be tracking their targets especially.’
‘They always find us no matter how much we erase our presences’
‘If so, I think it’s extremely sensitive to smell.’
The Demon Blood Swordmaster and Great Leader of Silver Moon spoke with the Demon Sect’s special sign language. When going on a secret trip, they used a special powder that removed one’s odors, but they had none at hand. The two naturally looked down. They did have something that would hide their odor.
‘Great Leader, this is a bit…’
‘We’re hitmen. This is nothing, isn’t it?’
‘That’s true, but…’
‘A hundred years ago, one of our elders assassinated a leader of the Wudang Sect after hiding in the lavatory for fifteen days.’
“B-but didn’t he die of poison after that?”
‘…They said he lived for another year, though.’
Bang, Bang-bang!
There was the sound of something collapsing outside, and the bouncing sound was right outside. There was no time to hesitate. The Great Leader and the members of Silver Moon entered the abyss-like depths. The Demon Blood Swordmaster eventually had no choice but to do so, entering last.
What kind of hardship was this? However, it was better even if he had to roll in the shit fields. He didn’t want to be a vampire.
The door was smashed open, and the vampires rushed in. Everyone took a deep dive when the vampires rushed in. The vampires were the best of the Demon Sect. Even if those people erased their smell, they could feel the demon energy emanating from them. It was impossible for those with demon energy to avoid the vampire’s sight.
The Vampires jumped around the water closet and looked down the toilets. Unable to hold his breath, one member of the Silver Moon raised his head.
He made eye contact with a vampire. The Silver Moon member felt his death approaching, but the vampire was startled and averted his eyes. He desperately pretended not to see him.
Bounce! Bounce-bounce!
The vampires left the water closet. The Demon Blood Swordmaster stuck his head out and sighed in relief. As the Great Leader of the Silver Moon said, it was clear that they were chasing after their scent. But they couldn’t leave easily. For now, he decided to hold out until it became quiet.
Some time passed like that.
Something exploded, and the water closet was blown away. The Demon Blood Swordmaster raised his head toward the origin of the sound.
“M-My Lord!”
He saw the figure of the Demon Sect Leader, the Heavenly Demon Supreme. He was throwing off the swarms of vampires. It was an unbelievable sight for a human being, enough to call him the God of Martial Arts. However, the vampires were too many and too powerful.
One vampire that looked like the Sword Demon was pressuring the Heavenly Demon Supreme. As he was dealing with the Sword Demon and trying to take care of the other vampires, the Heavenly Demon Supreme was slowly pushed back.
The Demon Blood Swordmaster and the others hiding were swept away by a burst of demon energy. The Heavenly Demon Supreme, who was shooting his powerful energy at the vampires, was startled when he saw their appearance. He fired a wave of powerful energy at the Sword Demon, throwing him and a wave of vampires back against the wall. He then spread out a protective shield, exhaling his qi.
“M-my Lord Heavenly Demon Supreme!”
“We greet the Heavenly Demon Supreme!”
Everyone knelt with determination on their faces, but the Heavenly Demon Supreme took a step back. They weren’t something to look at, and above all, they smelled terrible.
“They seem to be tracking us by smell! M-my Lord, you also need to…”
The Heavenly Demon Supreme turned away from them and looked outside the shield. His qi was strong but not infinite.
‘The being who turned Sword Demon into that…’
The Sword Demon was wearing a flower ornament like that wrapped onto a gift. He could also see a piece of paper attached to it. It was a letter to himself. The blade-like text style it contained was impressive, but the content was simple.
‘I sent them back in return for the gifts. Please wait as I will come to claim damages.’
His desire to win was boiling. If he defeated this person, the situation of the Demon Sect would likely be naturally resolved. He tried to get rid of Jin-hu, but now the Demon Sect was about to disappear. The Heavenly Demon Supreme laughed. It felt like he had attained enlightenment, thinking that there was a strong person equal to him.
‘I must go to the Heavenly Demon Cave.’
The Heavenly Demon Cave! It was a place that contained the Demon’s Sects’ many secret techniques and their elixir. It was a legacy left by the first Heavenly Demon Supreme, who established the Demon Sect a thousand years prior and told him not to open it unless a crisis threatened their existence. It was said that if he entered the Heavenly Demon Cave when the time was not right, he could lose everything.
Maybe all of this was predestined? The Heavenly Demon Supreme disappeared, and the protective shield went with him. The Demon Blood Swordmaster, Silver Moon Leader, and their followers had no choice but to dive deep in again.
* * *
After all the spies hiding in the White Path disappeared, the Martial Arts League returned more actively than before. The Leader of the Martial Arts League held an honorable funeral for each of them and exalted them as heroes. Their heroic figures, cutting through the air to deal with the vampires, moved many martial artists.
But the main change since the vampires raided the Martial Arts League was that the status of the M-Dragon Association had risen tremendously. They were now known as the Light Dragon Association. The way they spared no effort to stop the vampires became a light beyond the hopes of White Path.
Now, masses of young martial artists swarmed as the screening for joining the Blue Dragon Association, which had been somewhat closed-off in the past, fully opened.
“The Brain of the Blue Dragon, Zhuge Mi-xian!”
“Oh… I can’t believe that the daughter of Zhuge will judge me herself… besides, there’s also Young Master Liu, the Quick Sword of Cloud Dragon.”
“Ugh, this is so touching.”
Zhuge Mi-xian met and evaluated the applicants in person. It was said that just looking at her once would widen one’s range of vision. She was originally so beautiful, but now she was truly at her peak. There was a strange atmosphere that touched the men’s hearts. Jin-woo, who participated in the meeting, was able to watch the M-Dragon Association’s evaluation.
A third-class warrior was being judged in front of Zhuge Mi-xian. He showed her the martial arts he was studying: the Six Combinations of Fist Technique. He couldn’t even properly implement it, however.
“Hmm… he came from Shandong, so there’s no room to be ignorant.”
“Tsk, tsk.”
The people around them clicked their tongues, but Zhuge Mi-xian’s eyes steamed up, as did Liu Su-yun’s.
“That’s great. What do you think? Young Master Liu.”
“Yes, as you said, it is wonderful. It is stamina that has been formed over a long period. It can’t be better. Besides, his head is completely empty.”
Zhuge Mi-xian smiled and evaluated those things like special features. All the martial artists were surprised, and rumors spread that personality came before one’s level. For young martial artists, they were truly the Light Dragon Association. However, only Jin-woo, who knew what lay inside, expressed his condolences.
The Martial Arts League and Nine School & One Sect were preparing to attack the Demon Sect. No one knew what happened to them yet.
“Leader! What should I do with the request from the Wudang Sect?”
“Leader! Great Monk Yun-xian has come to visit. He has something to say about the restoration of the Shaolin Temple…”
“Leader! This time….”
The Leader of the Martial Arts League vomited blood. Jin-woo, feeling pity for him, secretly gave him comic books as a consolation gift.
‘The damage has been compensated…’
Jin-woo stayed with the Martial Arts League for a while to make sure to compensate for the incident. It had been a while since he returned the vampires. The Heavenly Demon Supreme probably liked it very much, right?
“Should I go?”‘
Jin-woo preferred to pay back his debts several times over. Returning the Sword Demon and his vampires was only part of what had to be repaid. It was only a very small show of his sincerity. In a way, the Shaolin Temple, the Huashan Sect’s estate, and the Wudang Sect’s home were burned because of the Demon Sect. Since Jin-woo compensated for the damages instead, it was reasonable to claim reparations from them directly.
Of course, he was going to charge them several times, no, dozens of times more. If they couldn’t pay monetarily, he would take it from their flesh. Jin-woo opened the portal with a smile. The delivery man planted a portal stone in the Demon Sect so that he could move quickly.
When he arrived at the main gate of the Demon Sect, he saw that it was half-broken down. Jin-woo slowly walked inside.
“It’s crowded.”
The Demon Sect followers all became vampires. Looking at the swarms milling about, Jin-woo recalled a movie he watched a while ago. It was a zombie movie, though they were much more powerful than zombies, thanks to their honed physiques.
‘I’ll have to take them back first.’
When Jin-woo opened the subspace and beckoned, calling the vampires back in, Jin-woo thought they would be useful workers if he solved the demon energy issue. Perhaps he could send them to the Demon Realm. Then…
Jin-woo leisurely walked around the Demon Sect and grabbed everything that looked expensive. The Heavenly Demon Great Palace was located at the center of their estate, holding tens of thousands of copies of martial art textbooks. Not only their own, either, but those they had stolen over the years. Rare elixirs were piled up like mountains in an adjacent room.
‘I can use them for a game event.’
More and more users were asking for martial art techniques. It appeared that it would be okay to put the secret techniques inside the Maze as rewards. Jin-woo decided to store the entire palace into his subspace.
Following that, Jin-woo headed to where the Heavenly Demon Supreme was. Since he was also an Emperor, Jin-woo could feel his energy up in a canyon a little further away from the Demon Sect. Heading there, he quickly found a massive wave blocked off by a half-opened iron door.
[S+] Heavenly Demon Cave
“Remember that there is a sky above the sky!”‘
The place where the first Heavenly Demon Supreme is sleeping. The true secret of the Heavenly Demon God Technique is written here. Another world will open up when it is successfully learned.
Jin-woo nodded. As expected, it should be the Heavenly Demon God Technique when it came to the Demon Sect. Although there was something similar in Jin-woo’s subspace, he lacked the proper technique that hid within the cave. Approaching, he first tore down the iron door and stowed it in the subspace.
‘It’s indeed the Heavenly Demon Cave.’
It was luxurious. The treasures left behind by the first Heavenly Demon Supreme were great, ranging from A-rank swords to a secret technique book that only clan leaders could learn and even medicines that could only be brewed once every thousand years. Jin-woo, of course, swept them all in.
Still, he felt like something was lacking. When he went to the end of Heavenly Demon Cave, he found a room. Everything about the Heavenly Demon God Technique was written on the walls, and the Heavenly Demon Supreme was in the center of it all, immersed in enlightenment. As Jin-woo approached, the Heavenly Demon Supreme opened his eyes.
As his vision exploded, enormous energy leaked out. It was quite a sight to behold.
[S+] Duan Yu-tian
Title: [S+] Heavenly Demon Supreme
Age: 739 Years Old
Possessed Techniques: [S] Demonic Technique, [S] Body of Nirvana, [S] Demonic Powerful Energy
Special Technique:
[S+] Heavenly Demon God Technique
The pinnacle of demonic techniques. It is the strongest art that can transcend human limits. It is known that only those who are born with the body of nirvana can learn it properly. After the vampire raid in the Demon Sect, Duan Yu-tian, the Heavenly Demon Supreme, attained enlightenment and became the perfect master of the Heavenly Demon God Technique.
Duan Yu-tian, the Heavenly Demon Supreme, stood from his lotus position. His face was filled with the sense of achievement that came from enlightenment, and there was an arrogance that no one could match him. However, the moment he saw Jin-woo, he couldn’t help but be taken aback. What he felt from Jin-woo was something darker than demon energy.
But he assumed a calm posture.
“No need to say anything.”
As the Heavenly Demon Supreme said that, he raised his demon energy. Jin-woo shifted his gaze to the murals around him. After all, it was quite interesting since all the tricks of the Heavenly Demon God Technique were written there.
The Heavenly Demon Supreme shot towards Jin-woo. As he unfolded the Heavenly Demon Lord’s Steps, formidable demon energy raged from him. With every step he took, it came crashing down like waves. No being could stand still in front of the Heavenly Demon Lord’s path. Of course, that was limited to the characters of this world.
When Jin-woo shook his hand slightly, the surging demon energy dissipated.
The Heavenly Demon Supreme attacked Jin-woo while unfolding the Heavenly Demon Destructive Spheres. Each one was powerful enough to bore right through a small mountain. Jin-woo avoided his fist, feeling a slight bit of admiration.
The Heavenly Demon Supreme’s fist was caught by Jin-woo’s hand.
A shock wave blew out from behind Jin-woo, shaking the Heavenly Demon Cave. The Heavenly Demon looked surprised to see his fist caught, not expecting the Destructive Spheres to be so easily dealt with. Jin-woo looked around as the dust settled, revealing the Heavenly Demon Cave shining brightly.
“Heo-young will like it.”
Jin-woo looked at the Heavenly Demon Supreme and smiled. Involuntarily, the man shuddered and stepped back.
“Isn’t the Heavenly Demon God Technique worth using?”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m going to learn it.”
The Heavenly Demon Supreme stared at Jin-woo. The man in front of him was the strongest enemy he had found in hundreds of years. His strategies of creating vampires, nullifying the Demon Blood Pill, and smashing the demon Sect were astonishing. Besides, this man’s martial skill wasn’t being pushed back in the slightest by himself.
However, the Heavenly Demon God Technique was only allowed to the Heavenly Demon Supreme.
“I understand that you are equal to me. However, not everyone can learn the Heavenly Demon God Technique.”
It was a technique that even the Heavenly Demon Supreme, who was born with a body of nirvana, completed after feeling the crisis facing the Demon Sect and finally attaining enlightenment. Jin-woo looked at the mural with the Magic Eye of Information and immediately learned the Heavenly Demon God Technique.
For Jin-woo, it was as easy as addition and subtraction.
[SS] Grand Emperor God Technique
A new construction was created by the Great Emperor of Gold by fully understanding the Heavenly Demon God Technique. All the Heavenly Demon God Technique’s tricks have been reconstructed to suit the Great Emperor of Gold and the Incarnation of Evil. It was beautiful, wonderful, and majestic.
Not to mention, it was powerful.
Jin-woo unfolded the Grand Emperor God Technique towards the Heavenly Demon Supreme. Energy incomparable to that of the Heavenly Demon swept over him and blew him away.
The mural with the mystery of the Heavenly Demon God Technique exploded and turned to dust and rubble. The Heavenly Demon Supreme barely maintained his balance, looking at Jin-woo with shock.
“The Heavenly Demon… God Technique…”
No, it was a much higher level than that. It was an unimaginable technique beyond his cognitive abilities. The Heavenly Demon Supreme couldn’t reach it even if he practiced for a thousand years.
“Piece of a cake.”
It was too easy for Jin-woo. Come to think of it, he remembered Heo-young whining that washing the dishes was difficult. Heo-young’s manager couldn’t stand up to her energy and was constantly being replaced, but the right talent was there in front of him.
“Are you good at washing dishes?”
Jin-woo smiled softly and looked to the Heavenly Demon Supreme.
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