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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 144 - 41

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41. That’s The Truth (3)
Jin-woo was confused for a moment, but somehow he could understand. The East World was a place where ordinary people learned martial arts and became masters. Perhaps because of its independent dimensional nature, more violent changes occurred than in the Middle World, which was just rich in mana.
‘I must be careful not to let the Earth’s creatures in here.’
Jin-woo was curious. A normal animal could become like that, but what if a cockroach or something of that size came in? Even the Demon Sect’s monsters would look rather cute in comparison. If a cockroach the size of a house flew around, the East World would be definitely destroyed. If even one bug came in, the genre might turn to horror. Jin-woo thought he should make sure to quarantine appropriately.
Anyway, it was fortunate that it was quite far from Jin-hu. He decided to deal with the situation for now. As he approached the monsters, he saw Maze atop the snake’s head, which looked like a giant dragon.
‘Those are?’
The monsters were chasing men in black outfits. When Jin-woo checked them with the Magic Eye of Information, he saw they were the masters of the Demon Sect called the Blood Wind Squad.
Jin-woo remembered the Blood Wind Squad. They had driven the protagonist to the brink of death even before he met the Heavenly Demon Supreme. In particular, the Sword Demon showed a force on the level of a final boss. He made fun of the masters of the Nine Schools & One Sect and even killed the protagonist’s teacher.
‘He barely won, then the Heavenly Demon Supreme appeared.’
Jin-woo didn’t know why the Blood Wind Squad came to Jin-hu, but it wouldn’t have been with good intentions.
The huge tiger ran forward like the wind and struck the Blood Wind Squad members with its front paws.
Their defenses were broken, and the warriors were thrown to the ground. The giant bird then tossed them into the air, at which point the tortoise trampled them down. It was enough to make anyone feel pity for the Blood Wind Squad. In the original novel, each of them was at the boss level. Jin-woo remembered when he was speechless to find out that a barely defeated enemy whom he thought to be an important character turned out to be a mere member of the Blood Wind Squad.
‘What is that?’
Something was sprinting around and slaughtering the Blood Wind Squad members thrown back down. He felt unusual energy emanating from it, so Jin-woo tried to check it with the Magic Eye of Information.
[-S] What Used to be Sword Demon
‘Sword Demon, he was the sword of the Heavenly Demon Supreme.’
It was said that the Heavenly Demon Supreme dealt with legions of monks using the Sword Demon alone. There weren’t many beings who could deal with him. He came to remove Jin-hu from the map at the order of the Heavenly Demon Supreme, but Mimi swallowed him, and he died in vain. Maze revived him for fear of being scolded by the Great Emperor, but due to the unstable restoration, he became a monster called a Heavenly Demon Vampire.
The rank went up one step, and he had become more powerful.
The exact process was unknown, but it seemed that the second-in-command of the Demon Sect had met a rather futile end. Jin-woo moved to block the Sword Demon’s path. When he lightly swung his fist, his skull was sent flying and stuck in a tree. He trembled, then dropped where he was.
Since he was revived with Maze’s power, it would have been okay to ask Maze to recover him later. For now, the priority was to stop the monsters. Jin-woo kicked off the ground, stretched out, and climbed onto the snake’s head. When Jin-woo appeared, Maze was startled. After all, they had messed up big time.
“Aren’t your pets a little big?”
“Well, nothing’s happened yet….”
Jin-woo looked back. The forest was half-torn asunder. Still, they protected Jin-hu in their way, so it was acceptable. Some people had seen the monsters, so it was a little difficult. Jin-woo decided to listen to the whole story later and focus on stopping them for now. The monsters that were running wild halted immediately. They followed Maze’s instructions better than expected.
‘There are no bad animals in this world.’
Such a saying came to his mind. Seeing how they were acting cute towards Maze, it was clear that the pets were good. They were too big to be called pets, though. Jin-woo looked over the four of them in turn. When Jin-woo’s gaze touched them, they flinched and hid behind Maze. Of course, they were too large to hide.
‘They’re like divine beasts.’
They looked like something out of an ancient history textbook, reminiscent of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise. Maze looked into Jin-woo’s smiling eyes.
“Would you introduce us?”
Maze cheered up immediately and began to introduce its pets excitedly. Mimi, Kitty, Chirpie, Hefty. He heard that Maze named them with Choi Hee-yeon, but it didn’t suit her.
“I’m going to raise them well.”
“Yeah, but it’s a bit difficult to take them to the Sanctuary… how about having them protect Jin-hu’s surroundings?”
“Oh! Cool!”
It would be perfect to divide them among the east, west, north, and south to protect the village. When Jin-woo said so, Maze nodded and asked him to leave it to them. It was the moment when the divine beast guardians of Jin-hu were born.
‘Now I have to deal with the rest.’
The Blood Wind Squad was still left. They were heading towards Jin-hu, but Jin-woo wasn’t worried. His subordinates were on stand-by in Jin-hu.
‘Has the M-Dragon Association returned?’
He heard they were on their way back after receiving special training from the Martial Arts League. He had no idea what kind of special training it was, however. Jin-woo headed to Jin-hu to chase the remainder of the Blood Wind Squad. Since Choi Hee-yeon contacted the General Manager, the Blood Wind Squad wouldn’t be a big problem.
‘Here they are.’
He found them easily. They looked quite miserable, but they were still showing calm, befitting their status. Their wounds were healed by using acupuncture and what medicine they carried. They didn’t even groan when their tattered arms were amputated; indeed, they were martial art masters. Jin-woo could understand why the protagonist suffered so horribly.
“It’s better to capture them alive.”‘
They, too, were those who had honed their demonic technique through the Blood Demon Pill. He wanted to do some experimentation, and the crime of breaking into Jin-hu was too heavy to kill them comfortably. As Jin-woo was about to approach them, they nervously raised their swords. Jin-woo also stopped in his tracks, deciding to watch the situation for a while as some familiar faces appeared.
If they were just some people he knew, Jin-woo would have come forward, but they were the members of the M-Dragon Association. Although the M-Dragon Association served Jin-woo, he was very reluctant to meet them. Rather, he missed the days when they acted arrogantly.
Zhuge Mi-xian walked out from behind the tree and calmly regarded the Blood Wind Squad. She was relaxed.
“As expected, you came to Jin-hu. Are you nervous about losing contact with the Five Great Families?”
“This formation… it’s pretty high level. Are you the daughter of the Zhuge Imperial Clan?”
Zhuge Mi-xian smiled wickedly.
“It’s so foolish of the Demon Sect to make this obvious move.”
“You’re so arrogant for a young girl.”
The Blood Wind Squad was busy escaping from the Heavenly Demon Vampire and the monsters chasing after them. They had to return to their headquarters as soon as possible and inform everyone about this. It would be a hindrance to the Heavenly Demon Supreme’s plan. Energy surged from the Blood Wind Squad members’ swords. They didn’t know what this little girl wanted, but they didn’t have time to relax.
Their energy swelled toward Zhuge Mi-xian. Zhuge Mi-xian didn’t have the technique to avoid it. She was hit directly, but an unexpected scene unfolded.
“To take the sword force with her bare body!”
“I-it can’t be!”
The Blood Wind Squad was astonished. Their demonic techniques could easily destroy one’s energy. Even a glancing blow could make the opponent suffer severe internal hemorrhaging and hinder them. However, she received it with her bare body without even trying to protect herself.
Jin-woo couldn’t help but be surprised either. Zhuge Mi-xian’s clothes were torn, but her body was intact. It was thanks to Bloodless Pain, that is, the Bloodless Hell Body Technique. Zhuge Mi-xian trembled. The attack had caused her tremendous pain, a strong taste she hadn’t experienced in a while. She could not properly maintain her reason as ecstasy surged through her.
“Fuh, fufu! Fuahahahah! This is it! This is what I wanted. As expected of the Demon Sect..”
Zhuge Mi-xian laughed happily, approaching them with her arms wide open.
“More, more, more!”
The members of the Blood Wind Squad easily assented, but Zhuge Mi-xian’s laughter only grew louder as their attacks rained down upon her.
“More, more! more!”
Her voice grew louder and louder. The Blood Wind Squad, known for their heartlessness, flinched back. Their eyes were filled with fear.
“Is she possessed by a ghost?”
“It’s a nightmare… nightmare…!”
The Blood Wind Squad felt like they were trapped in a nightmare. In their eyes, Zhuge Mi-xian now looked like a ghost. But, as they moved to avoid Zhuge Mi-xian.
“It’s too bad that Leader is the only one enjoying it.”
“Fufu, we also want to feel the Demon Sect’s techniques with our bodies.”
“What does it taste like?”
The other characters of the M-Dragon Association appeared. When the Blood Wind Squad noticed the Association pattern on their clothes, they recognized who these people were. The Blue Dragon Association was a group of little brats with no value in the martial arts world, so no one paid attention. However, the Blood Wind Squad came to know fear because of those brats.
“Heh! Ooooh!”
“It’s thrilling, it’s thrilling! Huahahaha!”
They laughed like crazy as the Blood Wind Squad attacked them. They turned to escape, but they could not run thanks to Zhuge Mi-xian’s tactics. Besides.
“Ha, hahaha!”
“More, more, more!”
The M-Dragon Association’s pursuit, who frantically chased them with their arms wide open, was too strong. They fell over rocks and bumped into trees as they sprinted through the forest. Every time they fell, they jumped up and continued to run with a bizarre laugh.
‘What are those?!’
‘Monsters! They are monsters!’
The faces of the Blood Wind Squad were pale blue.
‘…It’s indeed scary.’
Even Jin-woo thought so. For those who didn’t know the details of how they became this way, the M-Dragon Association looked like demons. As time passed, the last of the Blood Wind Squad hacked up blood and flopped down, unable to withstand the combined mental and physical exhaustion.
“Should I just let it slide?”‘
The crime of invading Jin-hu was heavy, but they looked so miserable that he wanted to forgive them. They trembled, surrounded by the M-Dragon Association.
‘…There’s no need to stop them.’
In any case, they were captured intact, so he thought it would be good to take the situation over later. However, Jin-woo was looking down on the M-Dragon Association. They wouldn’t be the M-Dragon Association if it ended here.
Zhuge Mi-xian walked towards the Blood Wind Squad.
“Kuuugh! Kill us!”
The Blood Wind Squad was ready to accept death. Zhuge Mi-xian laughed. Then, she licked her lips and looked down upon them.
“Let’s engrave Master’s great ideas in every corner of their bodies.”
“W-what the…?”
As Zhuge Mi-xian stepped aside, someone else walked forward. It was Èyun Qi of the Èyun Imperial Clan. His hands and feet melted away, and tentacles coated in thick liquid spewed out. Being made from the Demon Realm, they couldn’t even be scratched by their swords. The Blood Wind Squad member tried to feebly escape, but Èyun Qi’s tentacles were too swift. Even a Demon King wouldn’t be able to easily evade.
Wiggle, wiggle!
The tentacles bound their feet and began to slide over their bodies.
“N-no! That’s? Ugh!”
Zhuge Mi-xian looked pleased.
“You say no with your mouth, but your body is honest.”
The M-Dragon Association was further upgraded. Come to think of it; there did appear to be more of them. Jin-woo turned away from the scene, covering his mouth. Jin-woo had a very strong stomach. It was only natural as the Great Emperor who other Emperors. However, what appeared in front of him now was a sight that even Jin-woo could not watch.
“Sir Jin-woo?”
Choi Hee-yeon approached Jin-woo, who was standing still, together with Maze. Choi Hee-yeon also hardened when she noticed what was happening.
“T-that’s…? Is that possible…?”
“Oh, amazing.”
Choi Hee-yeon muttered blankly, and Maze was amazed. It was said that the human body contained the universe. It was no exaggeration.
[The possibilities of the human body are endless. Choi Hee-yeon’s enlightenment deepens.]
[She has thought up new swordsmanship with unpredictable movements that escape the swordsmanship of Choi Family’s Sword School.]
*[A] Yellow Dragon Free-Style Sword
It encourages free movements outside the normal form of swordsmanship. If there is even a small opening, it can be attacked from anywhere.
Choi Hee-yeon barely turned away. She kept a diary of her every day, and as she recalled the scene later, she wrote that it was like seeing a yellow dragon.
[Golden Center has been completed.]
*[A+] Five Guardians of Jin-hu
Maze’s pets are located in the east, west, north, and south of Jin-hu, and the M-Dragon Association is located inside Jin-hu. Managed by Zhuge Mi-xian, it shows a special illusion to intruders. Beings of Rank A+ lower can never escape.
“S-s-should we go back?”
Jin-woo nodded at Choi Hee-yeon. Jin-woo could see the infinite possibilities of human beings that day. It felt like he had forgotten something, but now he wasn’t in the mood to think. Jin-hu was quiet despite this huge incident. There was a rumor that divine beasts now resided in Jin-hu, but it didn’t spread far.
M-Dragon Association collected all of the Blood Wind Squad members lying in the forest one by one. They were all alive because Maze had told their pets not to kill humans, but they might have been better off dead. The M-Dragon Association’s technique was more powerful than the brainwashing of the Demon Sect. After the special training devised by Zhuge Mi-xian was over, the Blood Wind Squad was naturally absorbed into the M-Dragon Association.
The Blood Wind Squad generously passed on the demonic techniques they had mastered to the M-Dragon Association. They were techniques with often debilitating side effects. However, the M-Dragon Association didn’t learn them for the sake of improving their power. They learned them specifically to enjoy their side effects.
“Oh, ooh! It feels like my organs are being twisted!”
“As expected of demonic technique. I feel like my blood vessels are about to burst. It would be better if they exploded…”
“Learning these techniques while belonging to justice… it couldn’t be more exciting than this.”
Their martial arts level went beyond the profound, reaching the realm of divinity. Sadly, they were the pride of the Martial Arts League and the hope of the White Path.
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