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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 140

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Chapter 140
40. Delivery Group (3)
Jin-woo sat in a comfortable chair and read a comic until the warriors of the Blue Dragon Association woke up. It was a martial arts fantasy comic book titled the Invincible Fist Dragon. It was a typical story of family revenge, but it had strong emotions and a decent romance. And, above all, the artwork was superb.
‘Unlike the original novel, it’s a proper eastern fantasy.’
He was absorbed for a while reading it, hearing neither chirping bugs nor the wind. Arcana had chased away all insects and animals with her Dragon Fear.
The Blue Dragon Association members began to moan. Finally, their five years had come to an end. The first ones to wake up were Zhuge Mi-xian, Peng Jiu-jun, and Liu Su-yun. As soon as they opened their eyes, they quickly stood and lined up, their movements disciplined.
Jin-woo stood while closing his comic and approached them. There were still many comic books left, so if five years weren’t enough, he was ready to extend it a little more. When Jin-woo approached, they laid down quickly.
“Zhuge Mi-xian.”
Zhuge Mi-xian snapped to attention. Her image of plotting and scheming with a sly smile had disappeared.
“Did you reflect on yourself?”
“Yes! But I need to be hit a little more!”
When Jin-woo looked to Peng Jiu-jun, he also stood up.
“Please hit me!”
“If I don’t get hit, I don’t deserve to live!”
“That’s the only reason we’re alive!”
The effect was much better than expected. Everyone assumed an optimized posture to be spanked. Since their level of martial arts was above first-class, Jin-woo thought they would resist a little more, but their minds were completely transformed.
[The Blue Dragon Association has awakened to a new taste after five years of self-reflection. They can no longer be satisfied with their normal lives.]
*[B] M-Dragon Association
‘If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.’
The Blue Dragon Association achieved enlightenment after five years of painful reflection. Although their personalities were corrected, everything else was bizarrely twisted. They now can’t be satisfied with ordinary forms of stimulation and will constantly strive for pain. The M-Dragon Association can never go against the Great Emperor of Gold.
[The Succubi are amazed. Their hearts are pounding!]
[The Incubi have discovered the infinite possibilities of humanity.]
“…Have they changed a bit?”
“It seems that the stimulus was a little stronger than I thought.”
Lilith was a ‘fantasy’ demon, so it appeared that her taste had slipped in. Jin-woo looked at the Blue Dragon Association. No, it was currently the M-Dragon Association. Until an hour ago, they were misaligned, and no unity could be found with them, but no longer. They all appeared to have become one. Gender, faction, and family were now irrelevant.
M-Dragon Association was in pain, shared that pain, and enjoyed it together.
“It’s burdensome.”
Every time their gazes met, the M-Dragon Association’s butts twitched. Something completely different had been delivered instead of his ordered item. It was akin to ordering a moral book, but an adult magazine with rather aggressive tastes was delivered instead.
“…Everyone, get up.”
“It’s an honor!”
They cried out at the same time, full of anticipation. Liu Su-yun was barely suppressing his trembling body, and Peng Jiu-jun’s face was burning hot.
“Hmph, ha! Hmph.”
“Sigh! Sigh!”
“Sigh! Whew!”
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It sounded like each of them was suppressing their rough breathing. Jin-woo was startled.
‘For now…’
Èyun Qi was currently undergoing remodeling in the Demon Realm. It was necessary to set the story straight, so Jin-woo thought it better to head to Jin-hu first and talk.
“Let’s go back to Jin-hu for now and wait.”
“It’s an honor!”
Jin-woo decided to think positively. Even if they changed strangely, it didn’t seem like it would matter because they listened to what he was saying. Zhuge Mi-xian was still the leader. She was a bit twisted, but she was still helpful and smart. Zhuge Mi-xian stood in front of the M-Dragon Association’s warriors.
“Everyone, lie down!”
M-Dragon Association made a strange shout before laying down. Updated from
“We don’t deserve to walk! Let’s roll to Jin-hu! Go!”
Zhuge Mi-xian also lay down beside them and started rolling on the ground. Jin-woo had no choice but to watch blankly. Of course, they didn’t go down the road. They rolled down into the steep forest, choosing the path full of sharp stones, thorny vines, and jagged roots.
“Hu-ah! Hmph! Fuhuhu!”
“Haha! Hahao! Kee-oh!”
He could hear them making strange sounds. This was the start of a new rumor about rolling demons in the forest around Jin-hu.
[The Maze is amazed after hearing the news through Arcana. It said that they are rolling better than itself.]
Lilith watched the M-Dragon Association with admiration.
“These humans are quite talented. I think they’ll be amazing talents if they are taught well.”
“As expected of Master, you made them reflect like that.”
The General Manager, who was watching quietly, also chimed in. Jin-woo glanced at the comic books next to him. Since it was a comic, it was, of course, exaggerated and less realistic. However, compared to the scene unfolding in that forest, this comic book looked more like a history book.
“…Let’s go back, too.”
Jin-woo, of course, walked normally as he returned to Jin-hu. The M-Dragon Association delayed their return to Martial Arts League to conduct a more in-depth investigation into the sex maniac and Èyun Qi. The Èyun Imperial Clan was embarrassed by the sudden schedule change and tried to contact the M-Dragon Association, but they couldn’t be reached.
Zhuge Mi-xian and M-Dragon Association apologized to the Nangong siblings. Nangong Xiao-yan looked at Zhuge Mi-xian as if she didn’t understand, recalling their poor relationship that had started during childhood. It wasn’t enough to resolve it with an apology, but Zhuge Mi-xian was banging her forehead on the ground. Peng Jiu-jun, Liu Su-yun, and the other warriors of the M-Dragon Association were in similar states.
“…Alright. I’ll take your apology.”
“Thank you. I will work on repaying you for the rest of my life.”
The Nangong siblings were horrified by her change of attitude. How could a person change like this overnight?
“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”
“Because I felt that all my greed was useless. Everything in the world is trivial compared to the ray of pleasure that rises through extreme pain.”
Blood flowed from Zhuge Mi-xian’s forehead. She smiled without even thinking of wiping it away. It wasn’t the mean and insidious smile that she usually had. But, somehow… it was much more dangerous. Zhuge Mi-xian and M-Dragon Association wanted to go back to those five years of suffering. They were filled with joy when they found out that less than a day had passed. This was because, regardless of time, they could spend eternity there if Jin-woo allowed it.
The warriors of the M-Dragon Association calmed their rough breathing. Nangong Xiao-yan faltered, taking a step back.
“Mas– Young Master Jin told me.”
“He told you?”
Nangong Xiao-yan was surprised.
“Young Lady Nangong, do you want to join us, too?”
“N-no, thanks.”
Zhuge Mi-xian looked disappointed. Zhuge Mi-xian and the M-Dragon Association raced through Jin-hu in a squat walk. The people passing by praised them, saying that the Blue Dragon Association usually focused on intense training. But Nangong Hui could see the redness in their cheeks, their hazy eyes, and those half-open mouths.
“I was going to become the Blue Dragon Association Leader to change it, but…”
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“Brother, I think you better step back.”
“You’re right.”
The M-Dragon Association was dangerous in a new sense. Nangong Hui neatly stepped down from his position as the next leader. It was the seat that Zhuge Mi-xian wanted so much.
* * *
The delivery service received explosive responses. Low-level spirits that served as carrier doves periodically roamed Jin-hu to receive orders. At first, the carrier doves moved during mealtimes, but now people ordered by placing the Golden Spot’s wooden board in front of their door. If someone wrote down the dishes they wanted to order on a wooden board; a carrier dove would carry it to the Golden Spot. The shapes of the wooden boards were different as some strange factions began to form among the martial artists.
Black bean noodles, spicy seafood noodles, and sweet and sour pork. There were only three menu items, but it was more than enough. Naturally, people flocked to Jin-hu, and the town’s vitality surged. Jin-woo also introduced delivery services to other restaurants as the Golden Spot reached a level that would cover the entirety of Jin-hu. The Korean and hamburger restaurants were also booming.
As the business grew rapidly, there was a shortage of workers. The General Manager was even working in the Golden Spot’s kitchen to help out. Fortunately, the M-Dragon Association was happy to assist as well. Se-yeon made a Part-Time Heaven app through the Maze, so part-time job applicants came from all dimensions. Jin-woo moved directly to select those who could help, thinking of choosing as carefully as possible.
Thus, Jin-woo was away from East World.
During that time, Zixia Zhen-ren finally arrived in Jin-hu. It took a while as he had to finish his meditations first. His enlightenment deepened and was now hanging at the edge of the profound.
‘It’s a lively village.’
It was a village full of energetic people and the scents of delicious food.
‘I must find the Golden Spot.’
Zixia Zhen-ren moved to find the Golden Spot. That was where the Hermit Master who used the Running in Empty Air Technique became a delivery man, so it must be in a mysterious place.
He noticed a warrior in a Huashan Sect outfit. Considering that he had a sword symbolizing the Blue Dragon Association, he must be a rising star among his clan. However, he was crouching and running with steel bars stacked atop his back.
‘How can he push himself so harshly…? Hehehehe, the future of the White Path and the Huashan Sect is bright.’
When Zixia Zhen-ren asked the rising star for directions, he kindly guided him. Yet even while directing him, he didn’t stop training. Zixia Zhen-ren reflected on himself for neglecting his physical training. For more, visit
“This is the Golden Spot!”
When Zixia Zhen-ren saw the sign, he was shocked. The typeface was so straight that it appeared to have been cut with a sword. The line outside the restaurant was long. Everyone seemed to think of it as an ordinary restaurant, but Zixia Zhen-ren knew. The secret of the path to enlightenment was laid inside. Anyone who noticed the secret behind that sign would realize so.
Here he would meet masters who might be his seniors, so it was a matter, of course, to prepare his body and mind right. He washed himself and his clothes in a waterfall near Jin-hu, arriving back when the Golden Spot closed.
‘That’s amazing.’
Beautiful women were clearing the tables. Even Zixia Zhen-ren felt the energy from them that was difficult to deal with. It was very dark energy, enough to suffocate him with a glance. It was at a level where he couldn’t guarantee a win. No, it was his defeat from the moment he was suppressed by this energy.
Zixia Zhen-ren humbly accepted the result.
“May I take your order?”
An employee looked at Zixia with a smile.
“I came here because I have a business.”
“Ah! Are you here to work?”
“I have come to seek your guidance.”
“You’re very enthusiastic! You came earlier than expected. Please sit down for a moment.”
The employee blinked for a moment, then walked over to the kitchen as if she remembered something.
‘As expected, they knew I’d come.’
Zixia Zhen-ren was amazed. After a while, someone walked out of the kitchen. He was the General Manager in charge of the Golden Spot’s kitchen. As soon as he saw this new man, Zixia Zhen-ren stiffened.
‘H-he must be the Absolute Supreme!’
His whole body was trembling, and he dared not raise his head. He could feel the General Manager’s energy, tentatively sensing it. It was deep. It was so deep that he felt like he was going to choke.
There was a sky beyond the sky. Zixia Zhen-ren had never imagined that such a level existed. While Zixia Zhen-ren was stained with fear, the General Manager regarded him. This man was a useful resource he hadn’t seen in a long time.
‘Did the Master send him?’
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The General Manager thought so. Master was traveling around the dimensions to select workers for him, who were still lacking. The General Manager wept every time he thought of his master.
The person in front of him was a person from the East World.
‘He sent a part-timer who knew the local situation.’
There was a shortage of kitchen personnel and iron boxes. He needed a quick-footed person who knew how to handle a knife, and when he looked at this man’s body, he could tell it was just right. Zixia Zhen-ren felt the General Manager’s gaze like a huge mountain looming above. He was breathless from the pressure of his aura, but he couldn’t stay still without showing his manners.
Zixia Zhen-ren barely raised his body and bowed his head.
“I-I’m here to seek your guidance.”
The General Manager nodded. This man also had a good attitude. Indeed, his master had chosen him after all. That attitude of not coming to work but seeking guidance! He liked it.
“Are you good at using knives?”
“I can handle them even if my skill’s still lacking.”
When the General Manager asked to join him into the kitchen, Zixia Zhen-ren followed. The General Manager picked up the kitchen knife, pointing it at the piles of mixed vegetables on the huge cutting board.
The General Manager lightly swung the knife once.
All the vegetables were neatly cut into different shapes and sizes. Zixia Zhen-ren was astonished. How on earth could he describe that level of skill?
“Can you do it?”
“T-this junior’s martial skills are so low that I can’t…”
Zixia Zhen-ren shook his head in response to the General Manager’s question. When the General Manager asked him to try, Zixia Zhen-ren grabbed the kitchen knife and swung it, relying on all the techniques he had learned so far.
Only a few vegetables were cut, but the General Manager nodded and patted his shoulder.
“Well, that’s good enough. It might be hard right now, but let’s work on it slowly.”
“I-I understand! Thank you very much!”
“Are your feet fast?”
The General Manager asked that question, and his figure became blurred. Then he reappeared outside the kitchen. Zixia Zhen-ren didn’t even notice he had moved for a moment. He tried to copy it, but he was still lacking.
“Hmm, that’s fine. Come here tomorrow in the early morning.”
When the General Manager said that, Zixia Zhen-ren trembled and bowed. He felt a strong euphoria as if he could see the end of the nothingness.
At dawn the next day, Zixia Zhen-ren went to work for the first time. His position was kitchen assistant and delivery support. His job was to assist in the kitchen and follow up with senior deliverymen when large orders came in. Just in time, a large order came in, and Zixia Zhen-ren picked up an iron box.
Zixia Zhen-ren’s iron box was an ordinary one made due to the lack of A-rank iron. The senior deliverymen flew through the air ahead of him, but it was difficult for Zixia Zhen-ren to follow them.
‘My-my, I thought there was no match for me among the powerful, but I can’t even reach this ordinary level!’
Still, he felt proud to see the Golden Spot’s pattern engraved on the iron box he bore. It was when he had finished the delivery support and arrived back at the Golden Spot.
He saw a familiar face holding a broomstick.
“Tianfu Ba-wang?”
“Zixia Zhen-ren?”
The one holding the broom was the Master of the Evil Faction who had fought life-and-death with him in the past. It was now widely known that he lived in seclusion, but here he was in Jin-hu. Tianfu Ba-wang was wearing a robe engraved with the hamburger restaurant’s pattern. It was clear that he, too, had come to Jin-hu to seek guidance.
“I guess the Evil Faction remains the same, huh?”
“Seeing how you’re always behind the times, you’re always the same.”
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To Zixia Zhen-ren, Tianfu Ba-wang seemed to have no foundation. Tianfu Ba-wang felt much the same toward him. They stared at each other for a while. When their two energies collided, the stones between them became dust.
They turned their backs to each other and entered their respective stores.
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