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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 139

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Chapter 139
40. Delivery Group (2)
The Blue Dragon Association held a strong authority as a group of well-known elites and rising stars from the Nine Schools and One Sect. They had a far-reaching information network and could even exert some influence on the Martial Arts League’s decision, making them the next promising group who would lead the White Path of the martial arts world.
To join the Blue Dragon Association, one had to have extraordinary abilities. That ability also included the prestige of a clan or a family. Of course, their martial arts were generally excellent since they trained from youth. However, their personalities were poor. They were the kind of villains that often came out in such a setting. The problem was that they transcended the original story and messed it up with their bullshit.
Jin-woo met with the important figures of that Blue Dragon Association.
“Hoo, are you the person? You’re a lot better than what I’ve heard.”
Zhuge Mi-xian looked Jin-woo up and down before smiling. She was a villain masterminding an insidious conspiracy, but she was crazy about men. When Nangong Xiao-yan glared at her, she snorted slightly. She blatantly ignored him.
“Hmph. I had high hopes since you suppressed a sex maniac.”
“Young Master Liu, what rudeness is that?!”
“Even for the sake of Nangong Imperial Clan, I recommend that you don’t get along with such a moron. With that baseless outfit… tsk-tsk, it’s obvious what kind of family he is from.”
Nangong Hui scolded him, but it was useless. In the end, he apologized to Jin-woo instead. The person who insulted Jin-woo was Liu Su-yun of the Diancang Sect. He was a rising star called the Quick Sword of the Cloud Dragon, and he had a fierce rivalry with Nangong Hui.
Peng Jiu-jun from Peng Family of the North River watched Jin-woo see if he didn’t like that Nangong Xiao-yan was standing next to him. He tried to press Jin-woo by raising his qi. When Jin-woo didn’t respond, he approached him and looked down.
“Isn’t he that sex maniac’s colleague? It seems clear that he intends to approach the Nangong Imperial Clan. Be careful, Young Lady Nangong. This man appears insidious.”
“Young Master Peng, this person is the benefactor of the Nangong Imperial Clan. If you speak like that again…”
“What are you going to do?”
Zhuge Mi-xian cut off Nangong Xiao-yan and laughed. As Nangong Hui gave off an unusual aura, she shook her head and stepped down. Nangong Hui was the next leader of the association. Still, his influence wasn’t so great in the Blue Dragon Association, thanks partly to his absence from taking care of Nangong Xiao-yan. They flowed around Zhuge Mi-xian, who was called the Brain of the Association.
“Did you say you are Young Master Jin? How about coming to the Zhuge Imperial Clan? If you become my escort, there may be a way for you to succeed.”
“Let me refuse.”
“Fufu, you’re playing hard to get. You will regret rejecting my offer.”
Zhuge Mi-xian glanced over Jin-woo as if she were evaluating him. She was originally like this. She had a strange hobby of collecting handsome men and turning them into trophies. The other members of the Blue Dragon Association showed the same gangster-like attitude. Still, Zhuge Mi-xian, Liu Su-yun, and Peng Jiu-jun were the most important figures in the Blue Dragon Association.
Nangong Xiao-yan was pressed by Zhuge Mi-xian’s energy. Nangong Hui was her only shield. However, he lacked the charisma to suppress the Blue Dragon Association. After all, they were scumbags.
“I’ve heard that you’re from a family of the outside world, but I’ve never heard of the Jin family name.”
“Well, it must be a family in the countryside.”
“Nangong Imperial Clan’s prestige will soon decline.”
“What martial arts does a sex maniac have?”
The Blue Dragon Association’s members behind Zhuge Mi-xian whispered like that. They seemed to have heard about Jin-woo from Nangong Hui. Nangong Xiao-yan restlessly watched Jin-woo, but he continued to quietly smile. He didn’t feel bad at all. The members of the Blue Dragon Association, including Zhuge Mi-xian, were completely unaware of their current situation.
Jin-woo entered the guesthouse with the Blue Dragon Association. They were about to enjoy a light meal. They had to make a reservation since it was the Golden Stamp Guesthouse, but they just pushed through. Overwhelmed by the name of the Blue Dragon Association, the other guests avoided them. Well, it would be strange for these assholes to make a reservation.
Zhuge Mi-xian and the members of Blue Dragon Association took the good seats, and Jin-woo was assigned to a corner seat. Nangong Hui and Nangong Xiao-yan approached Jin-woo and sat down beside him.
“Young Master Nangong, sorry. There’s no space. Please let me know if you feel uncomfortable. I’ll change it for you.”
Zhuge Mi-xian was doing such things on purpose, narrowing Nangong Hui and Nangong Xiao-yan’s positions. She was hoping that the young master of the Nangong Imperial Clan, who was said to be the best among the Five Great Families, would bend. Even the Nangong Imperial Clan had no choice but to be pushed back by the alliance of the Nine Schools One Sect and their allies.
“I’m sorry, Young Master Jin.”
“It’s fine.”
Nangong Hui didn’t care that he was being insulted. He only apologized to Jin-woo.
Zhuge Mi-xian led the conversation. They were talking about Èyun Qi, mentioning that he was currently receiving treatment. He was disguised as a victim attacked by a sex maniac, and Zhuge Mi-xian, Liu Su-yun, and Peng Jiu-jun were at the center of the charade.
“I heard the sex maniac’s martial arts suppresses one’s reason. Grand Duke Èyun is very affectionate and weak in spirit, so he must have been easily overpowered.”
“According to the investigation conducted by the physicians, they found the sex maniac’s energy in his body.”
“Well, then, did that person overreact?”
Peng Jiu-jun and Liu Su-yun said so in response to Zhuge Mi-xian’s words. Zhuge Mi-xian looked at Jin-woo with a strange smile.
“That wasn’t like that. Young Lady Nangong almost suffered such a terrible thing, and it must make her crazy. As you know, Young Lady Nangong usually sheds a slutty vibe, right?”
Nangong Hui furiously tried to stand up, but Nangong Xiao-yan stopped him. He would only be at a loss if he wanted to match Zhuge Mi-xian’s excellent verbal skills.
“Grand Duke Èyun has come to his senses and wants to apologize to Young Lady Nangong. Even though he still suffers from that sex maniac’s energy, he seems sincere when he says that.”
“I, Peng Jiu-jun, know how deep the Grand Duke Èyun’s heart is.”
“Yes, as Young Master Peng, the Holy Dragon of the North River, said. Young Lady Xiao-yan, I’m sure you’ll accept his apology, right?”
Nangong Xiao-yan didn’t answer Zhuge Mi-xian’s question. It was an obvious rejection.
“Well, please object to the Martial Arts League. Tomorrow morning, I will take Grand Duke Èyun to them.”
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As Zhuge Mi-xian drove the public opinion, the Blue Dragon Association raised their cups for Èyun Qi’s recovery. Nangong Hui looked at Nangong Xiao-yan, who was trembling.
“Don’t worry. If he is released… I will risk my everything. The Nangong Imperial Clan is bound tightly by our bonds. It is also the reason I learned the sword.”
Jin-woo nodded as he listened. The reason the Nangong Imperial Clan rapidly collapsed in the original story was thanks to Zhuge Mi-xian. As Nangong Xiao-yan’s health was restored, Zhuge Mi-xian tormented her further. Starting with Nangong Xiao-yan, the whole Nangong Imperial Clan was put into jeopardy.
‘If they release Èyun Qi…’
Jin-woo smirked. These people planned to safely take Èyun Qi to the Martial Arts League and blame the sex maniac. Gan Ji-chuan was probably unable to say anything in his defense. Jin-woo stood first. When he moved, Nangong Hui and Nangong Xiao-yan joined him in leaving the guesthouse. Zhuge Mi-xian could be heard scoffing behind them.
“Are you planning to stay longer in Jin-hu?”
“Yes, I will not accompany the Blue Dragon Association. I’m going to stay a little longer in Jin-hu before going back home. I’m worried about Xiao-yan’s health…”
When Jin-woo asked, Nangong Hui replied like that. Nangong Xiao-yan looked okay, but she suddenly staggered. Jin-woo caught her.
“T-thank you.”
Her body was very cold. Jin-woo took a necklace out of his subspace. It was similar to the necklace he gave to Choi Hee-yeon a long time ago. It had the effect of warming the body with energy. It would be an excellent counter to the Nine Yin Severed Meridians.
“It’s a gift.”
Nangong Xiao-yan tried to politely refuse, but Jin-woo handed her the necklace.
“Lady Choi is someone who helps our family a lot. I will give it to you as a commemoration of becoming Lady Choi’s disciple.”
Nangong Xiao-yan remembered the necklace that Choi Hee-yeon always wore around her neck. Perhaps because it was similar to her respected teacher’s, she became greedy. When Nangong Hui nodded, Nangong Xiao-yan carefully held it.
“Then, I’ll leave now.”
As Jin-woo said goodbye and disappeared, Nangong Xiao-yan blankly watched him leave before putting the necklace on.
Warmth emanated from the necklace, wrapping around her body.
“What’s the matter?”
“My hands…”
Blood ran through her white hands. Nangong Hui grabbed her hand, looking back to find Jin-woo in surprise. However, he had already disappeared.
When Jin-woo returned to Hua-ran’s guesthouse, the General Manager and Lilith were waiting inside. They were listening in to what happened at the Golden Stamp Guesthouse, so maybe that was why their expressions were harsh.
“I’ll offer them as much pain as possible and kill them slowly.”
“I will make them suffer forever from a never-ending nightmare.”
The two were ready to rush in and wipe out the Blue Dragon Association at any moment.
“People say it’s not about rewriting, but…”
Jin-woo smiled softly.
“If I open their heads and rewire a few things, they might be useful.”
He wasn’t trying to rewrite the story; he was thinking of making a new one. Their karma was not light.
* * *
The Blue Dragon Association started to carry Èyun Qi and the sex maniac to the Martial Arts League. Èyun Qi was lying in a luxurious carriage, and the sex maniac was wrapped up and loaded like luggage. It was such a generous treatment that Èyun Qi looked like a hero. The Èyun Imperial Clan had promised to give the Blue Dragon Association a huge amount of money and even offered help to the Zhuge Imperial Clan.
The Blue Dragon Association and Èyun Qi were heading to the Martial Arts League, taking the most comfortable route. No one dared to block the Blue Dragon Association’s journey. Their power was enough to make even a flying bird drop. Naturally, they were enjoying the calm atmosphere without having a worry in the world.
Zhuge Mi-xian was in charge of Èyun Qi’s treatment, and she bewitched him. She made it impossible for him to live without her by poisoning his medicine. Everything was progressing according to her plan.
She would bring Nangong Xiao-yan, Èyun Qi, and that sex maniac together in one space. The San-gong poison that she supplied was so dangerous that even Nangong Hui didn’t notice it. No matter how wealthy Èyun Qi was, such poison could not be easily obtained. It would have been better if the sex maniac mercilessly trampled on Nangong Xiao-yan, but this result was much better. It seemed like it would be good to enter the Èyun Imperial Clan as the lady of the house and absorb all of their wealth.
Everything was proceeding smoothly. But sadly, she, Èyun Qi, and the Blue Dragon Association would not be able to escape from Jin-hu. Unfortunately, this was already Jin-woo’s territory. No one could leave unless he allowed it.
“That’s weird.”
“We keep returning to the same place.”
“Oh, my. Are we bewitched by a spirit?”
They left Jin-hu a long time ago, but strangely, Jin-hu was again in front of them. After repeating this repeatedly, Zhuge Mi-xian, who was in the carriage, felt strange and left her perch. She walked on the street herself, but before she realized it, she was back there again.
Zhuge Mi-xian was good with traps, security systems, and artificial structures, but she couldn’t find anything amiss. While wandering like that, night arrived. They left early in the morning, but they had remained lost all day.
“What the hell is going on? Young Lady Zhuge! Please answer me!”
“I don’t know either, so be quiet!”
Zhuge Mi-xian was annoyed at Peng Jiu-jun’s outburst. As they grew increasingly exhausted, someone walked in. The sound of their footsteps atop the grassy ground was loud. Zhuge Mi-xian and the warriors of the Blue Dragon Association looked forward.
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“Young Master…Jin?”
“Wow, it’s that bumpkin.”
Zhuge Mi-xian and Peng Jiu-jun looked at Jin-woo in relief, but Zhuge Mi-xian couldn’t take her eyes off his gentle smile.
Jin-woo slapped the man in front of him. His front teeth were smashed out as he spun to the ground.
That nearly cheerful sound rang out again and again as the Blue Dragon Association couldn’t even resist. Jin-woo’s punches broke their bones, sending them sprawling to the ground.
“W-what are you doing?”
Zhuge Mi-xian shouted, but Jin-woo continued to wear that quiet, refreshed smile. Its beauty made it only eerier.
“How dare you!”
“Do you think you could get off after do-”
Another warrior of Blue Dragon Association fell to the ground. All of them were first-class masters, yet they were quickly reduced to crawling and pissing themselves.
“T-The Peng Family of North River won’t stay still!”
“I-I can’t believe you would anger the Diancang Sect like this! Even ten lives won’t be enough!”
Peng Jiu-jun and Liu Su-yun quickly drew their weapons, but they didn’t rush in. They were wary of Jin-woo’s cruel hands. Every time he swung his fist, shattered teeth flew into the air, and another face sunk into the dirt.
“W-what are you doing? H-hurry up and stop him!”
Zhuge Mi-xian shouted. Now, only Zhuge Mi-xian, Peng Jiu-jun, and Liu Su-yun remained. Jin-woo’s eyes swept over each of them.
“D-do you think the Martial Arts League will stay still?”
“T-this will be known!”
“Y-you better s-step back!”
They were already terrified; no aura of a Peak Master could be sensed from them. Of course, Jin-woo, Peak Master, Ultimate Peak Master, Sun Master, Profound Master, and Master of Life and Death were all the same.
Peng Jiu-jun, who somehow held his reason, rushed in first, but his legs were smashed, and he fell. Jin-woo’s fist was so fast that he couldn’t figure out how he was hit. Liu Su-yun peed himself, and Zhuge Mi-xian remained trembling in the back.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said in Jin-hu… kugh!
“Please spare me… ugh!”
Jin-woo offered everyone his fists equally. Èyun Qi trembled as he watched from the carriage. The silver tael stuck in his forehead began to ache terribly.
“Umm, am I missing something?”
Jin-woo shook his head. Something was missing. He felt better, but he didn’t feel refreshed at all. He glanced around. Just in time, he noticed a piece of wood just the right size.
‘This is it.’
Jin-woo picked up the plank and began to trim it carefully. When Zhuge Mi-xian and Peng Jiu-jun came to their senses, his work was completed. A baseball bat, though a bit crudely crafted.
Jin-woo took out some potions, sprinkling them on everyone so their bodies would quickly recover.
“Lay down.”
Jin-woo spoke softly.
“Do you think you can…”
Peng Jiu-jun still rebelled, but he grew quiet when Jin-woo smacked him with the bat. At first, they wouldn’t follow his commands, but the bat became the teacher. It was a very kind teacher who taught them what not to do. All of the Blue Dragon Association’s warriors are lying down in line, facing the ground.
Jin-woo took turns hitting their butts.
Each was a great hit, resounding loudly around him. Èyun Qi, who was in the carriage, crept out and fell next to Zhuge Mi-xian. He made eye contact with Zhuge Mi-xian, but he turned his head to avoid her gaze. When the wooden bat broke, everyone was able to barely catch their breaths. But they had only just started.
“Start it now.”
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When Jin-woo said that, Lilith appeared next to Jin-woo. She twisted her body slightly and covered her face with her palms. Then, she looked at the Blue Dragon Association members through her fingers.
“…That pose, you still do that?”
“This is the Holy Cross Sign bestowed by you. How can I forget it?”
Lilith’s power radiated out and reached every one of them. Everyone’s eyes, except Èyun Qi, blurred, and they collapsed to the ground. Èyun Qi was going to be taken to the Demon Realm instead.
“How long would you like this for?”
“Repeat lightly for about three years.”
With Lilith’s power, the events from when Jin-woo appeared until now would continue to be repeated. It took less than an hour for Jin-woo, but it was three years for them.
“Hmm, is it too short? Increase it to five years.”
“Yes, I increased it to five years and intensified the pain.”
“Good. Great job.”
As expected, three years weren’t enough. Five seemed appropriate, however.
* * *
Zhuge Mi-xian woke up in a carriage in a cold sweat. She groped at her face and body but felt no wounds.
‘A-a nightmare?’
Zhuge Mi-xian breathed a sigh of relief. It was such a terrible nightmare. It must be a dream, but for some reason, her body was trembling. It remembered the pain.
“Ugh! A-a nightmare?”
“How did this happen?”
“Y-you too?”
Her eyes widened at the voices coming from outside the carriage. Zhuge Mi-xian climbed out to see the Blue Dragon Association warriors all wore bewildered expressions.
“W-what does that mean? A nightmare?”
“T-that man…”
Liu Su-yun couldn’t respond properly.
“B-by any chance, was he using a wooden bat…?”
A violent shiver ripped through everyone. They all had the same dream. As they were figuring out what that meant, they heard the sound of someone moving through the grass in front of the carriage.
When Jin-woo appeared with a soft smile, Zhuge Mi-xian stepped back. She turned around and ran in the opposite direction. She sprinted into the forest but arrived in front of the carriage once more.
The horrific scene began to replay. Whenever it was repeated, the people of the Blue Dragon Association could roughly guess the passage of time through the traces left on the carriage. Until a year passed, they tried to run away and even resist. However, it was repeated over and over again.
“I don’t want it! Heaaaaa!”
Starting in the second year, they cried out in despair and wept.
“W-we’re wrong. We’re sorry.”
“I’m sorry.”
During the third year, they prayed as if they were out of their minds. It felt a little less painful when they started to be hit while confessing that they did something wrong. So they confessed their sins and continued to be beaten like that.
By the fourth year, they started preparing to be hit in advance. When Jin-woo approached, they automatically leaned down and assumed the posture while sincerely reflecting and vowing to become new people.
They should have done just that much.
“I am a worm that lives to be beaten!”
“Thank you!”
“Thank you for hitting me!”
“Thank you for smashing my little ass!”
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“Ah! Haargh! I don’t deserve to be hit.
At the end of the fifth year, everyone was strangely twisted.
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