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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 138

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Chapter 138
40. Delivery Group(1)
Jin-woo checked streets, noting the disciples of the Xiawu Sect had good stamina, making them perfect to be used as workers. As the Sect was completely seized, no one who had been a member could be free. As everyone moved like machines, their ability to gather information improved even more. They supplemented the blank spots in the original story.
‘I don’t think it’s excessive, but…’
The General Manager wanted to make Jin-hu a lively place. Since it was for the General Manager, Jin-woo decided to proceed boldly. What he paid most attention to was the Golden Spot, a restaurant specializing in Korean-style Chinese food!
“Will it work even in this martial arts world?”‘
Black bean noodles, sweet and sour pork, spicy seafood noodles! It was a taste that worked everywhere. Plus, it was made with fresh ingredients from JW Gate. In front of the Golden Spot, the familiar shape of the iron delivery box was on display. It had been prepared by Jin-woo. It was a great item created by Degurron and enhanced by Jin-woo.
[A] Fast and Accurate Delivery Iron Box +12
“Who ordered black bean noodles?”
An iron box made by the Dark Craft-master Degurron with rare materials that can only be found in the Maze. The Great Emperor of Gold enhanced it himself and gave it an Attribute Stone. It has a warming function and greatly raises the holder’s agility. It has the wind attribute, so the holder can run through the air while holding this iron box.
*Attribute: Wind
*Significantly increases agility rank
*Delivery location detection function
*Significantly increases the holder’s defense
Their hard work had resulted in an amazing object. Jin-woo had a plan to install the artifact based on Xiawu’s intelligence and link it with the Golden Spot.
“Do it all over again!”
“Huh! Argh!”
Among the disciples of the Xiawu Sect, the fastest-footed people were selected to polish their movement. Their level in martial arts rose rapidly as they were trained to the extremes of their limits. Now they were no longer of the Xiawu Sect; they were Quick and Accurate Deliverymen. After all, black bean noodles were best eaten through delivery!
It was planned to provide delivery service only in Jin-hu and the immediately surrounding areas; then, they would expand into other areas.
“It’s smooth.”
Looking at the deliverymen’s training status, Jin-woo thought he could put them into practice right now.
Jin-woo looked around the Golden Spot before heading towards the Cafe. It had the shape of an old tea house, but the interior resembled a modern cafe. If there was an opportunity, he thought of promoting something like ‘20% Discount Event for Huashan Sect by linking with the Demon Sect or the Nine School One Sect!’ Jin-woo opened the door and tried to enter, but suddenly stopped in surprise.
“Teacher, please teach me…!”
“Ah, this is… it’s c-called an Americano…”
“H-hold on, I’ll take notes!”
Nangong Xiao-yan was clinging to Choi Hee-yeon and calling her teacher for some reason.
“I’m good at cleaning! I’ll show you the secret technique that uses the chain-movement of the King’s Swordsmanship!”
“Then, please. Young Man Nangong.”
“Yes! Please leave it to me, Young Lady!”
Nangong Hui held a mop as he enacted the King’s sword technique. Nangong Hui was a Peak Master of the Nangong Imperial Clan, with a solid understanding of swordsmanship. When he applied that technique to cleaning, all the dust disappeared in an instant. He was sweating profusely and using his qi, but he wore a refreshed smile whenever he glanced at Lilith. Lilith smiled a little each time their eyes met. Then, Nangong Hui worked even harder, shouting.
‘What happened here?’
Jin-woo couldn’t understand why the Nangong siblings were here. The Succubae put up a barrier so that they couldn’t get in without some ability. Jin-woo quietly tried to close the open door, but Lilith and Choi Hee-yeon’s heads turned at the same time toward him.
“Oh! Master!”
“Sir Jin-woo!”
At the same time, they called out. The Nangong siblings stopped what they were doing and looked up. Jin-woo was about to close the door and step back, but in the end, he had no choice but to enter.
Jin-woo thought it was a very strange sight. He was in the East World, sitting in a modern cafe. Nangong Xiao-yan and Nangong Hui’s outfits were, of course, ones that could be seen in a martial arts movie. However, there was a caramel macchiato before them on the table.
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Nangong Hui bowed his head. His attitude was sincere as if he was treating an elder. Lilith called Jin-woo master, so he now thought of him as some Grand Master from somewhere far off. He assumed that Jin-woo was a figure from the outside world because he didn’t appear to be a member of the Five Great Families or any other he knew of.
“Young Master Jin! It was really unfortunate that we couldn’t repay you properly.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
Jin-woo’s surname was not Jin, but Jin-woo let them call him that way. The world of martial arts could be in jeopardy if the name of Lee Jin-woo were spoken aloud. It was even more dangerous because he was now a Great Emperor. Implicitly, all of his subordinates didn’t use his full name, knowing a great calamity would arrive if they did.
Nangong Hui showed a quite manly appearance, probably because he was conscious of Lilith.
“I would like to invite you to the Nangong Imperial Clan so we can treat you!”
“Me? Alone?”
“Ah… about that… cough.”
Nangong Hui blushed when Jin-woo laughed. He could hardly answer.
“I didn’t know that Grand Master Jin and Teacher knew each other… it’s an amazing relationship. I’m sure it’s the will of Heaven!”
Nangong Xiao-yan looked at Choi Hee-yeon. Choi Hee-yeon hesitated, biting her lips. She immediately knew what Nangong Xiao-yan was thinking. If Jin was related to her teacher, she seemed likely to stay with him until she died. It truly was a win-win for Nangong Xiao-yan. This great restaurant! It had to be known widely among the powerful groups. It was clear that the owner of the restaurant was the man in front of her.
Lilith approached Jin-woo. Nangong Hui looked at Lilith up-close, stiffening.
“Master, we just got the news.”
“Right. Excuse me.”
Jin-woo stood, ignoring their disappointed looks. The Succubae were waiting outside for him.
“The Èyun Imperial Clan has moved.”
“They tried to make a move with the Martial Arts League on their side. Èyun Qi is trying to cover up what happened by saying that Gan Ji-chuan suppressed his mind and body. He submitted evidence of mental and physical weakness, alongside symptoms of illness.”
“He must have spent quite a bit of money.”
Both the Blue Dragon Association and the Martial Arts League’s figures were written in the account book, showing the Èyun Imperial Clan had quite a wide network. Jin-woo nodded and smiled. After all, things were turning out to be very interesting.
The Blue Dragon Association arrived in Jin-hu when the cafe, Golden Spot, and several other restaurants opened. They held great pride, having numerous prestigious members, but they were, in a nutshell, ignorant people. Nangong Xiao-yan, who had been sick since she was young, and Nangong Hui, who grew up taking care of her, were unique cases among them.
Anyway, Jin-woo also had to deal with them because he beat Èyun Qi and Gan Ji-chuan. He could have ignored them if he wanted to, but he was curious about how the Èyun Imperial Clan would react. Jin-woo went to the meeting place.
‘The Blue Dragon Association also appeared in the original story.’
They were the ones who bothered the protagonist when he was playing the loser with only Nangong Xiao-yan to comfort him. Anyway, although these characters weren’t much, the trolling was great. Jin-woo cursed dozens of times while reading the chapters they appeared in. He couldn’t calm down his anger even when lying down, so he threw his pillow. He even imagined having the characters of the Blue Dragon Association lie down and hitting them with a baseball bat.
The members of the Blue Dragon Association appeared. Jin-woo could immediately recognize them as if they had ‘I am the Blue Dragon Association!’ written on their foreheads.
“I can’t believe we came to this countryside…”
“Isn’t this the place where the lower classes gather? Of course, it looks like this when garbage gathers. Hahaha!”
“Whew, the smell. Still, the guesthouses are worth looking at.”
“Fufu, I think there are some pretty maidens inside.”
“Oh my, are they prettier than me?”
“No way. Hahaha!”
Jin-woo unconsciously clapped his hands while listening to their conversation. They couldn’t have been more perfect as gangster characters. Just looking at them made him angry.
The opportunity to turn his delusions into reality had arrived.
* * *
Zixia Zhen-ren was a well-known master in the martial arts world, called the Pillar and Pride of the Huashan Sect. Zixia Zhen-ren’s contribution to the Huashan Sect in its heyday had been undeniably significant, reaching the realm of legend. However, no one could escape from time. As the Martial Arts League leader was about to retire, he began to prepare for his retirement. He left the Huashan and reached the Anhui Province in search of a suitable place to live.
‘Haha, I didn’t know it would be so hard to cut off the world.’
Even the leaders of the Huashan Sect knelt to stop him, but he was determined to leave. Stagnant water was bound to rot. The martial arts world had to be led by his juniors. Although he was worried about the Yellow Cross, he trusted his juniors and decided to step down. Zixia Zhen-ren calmly prepared, intending to reach nirvana. He didn’t carry a sword to match his reputation and only brought enough money for his last journey.
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‘Mount Jin-hu… it’s a good place.’
Zixia Zhen-ren settled in a cave near the top of Mt. Jin-hu. It was on a cliff no one could approach unless they were an expert on his level. Zixia Zhen-ren started meditating.
‘What is a sword? What is life? What do humans live for?’
Starting with those fundamental questions, he continued to consider each one. He was a profound master, but he was still far away from realizing himself. He continued to practice Zen meditation for several days.
Zixia Zhen-ren opened his eyes when he heard the sound of a dove. It was a white dove, so beautiful he might’ve mistaken it for a spirit. Zixia Zhen-ren smiled and stretched out his hand. The dove settled upon his palm.
“Where did you come from?”
The dove looked at Zixia Zhen-ren and raised its leg. Something was tied to it in very thin and luxurious red silk.
“A carrier dove?”
He wondered how it had found him. He had traveled to Mt. Jin-hu without telling anyone. Putting that aside, Zixia Zhen-ren opened the silk and read it.
[Golden Spot Open!]
*Black bean noodles
*Spicy seafood noodles
*Sweet and sour pork
Price: 1 Copper Piece
1+1 Package for 1 Meditator!
*Black bean noodles + Sweet and sour pork (small)
Price: 1 Copper Piece and 5 Pennies
*Free delivery!
Zixia Zhen-ren looked at the writing on the silk as time stretched on. It must have been written by a great master. The straight typeface summoned in him a sense of admiration.
‘Are these dish names?’
Zixia Zhen-ren shook his head. Was it a prank? He couldn’t help but think so.
“Black bean noodles… hmm, a package for a meditator?”
The dove nodded and spread its wings. Then it tapped its beak where the 1 + 1 was written.
The dove flew away as fast as an eagle. It was a strange thing.
“My, my…”
Yes, there were so many strange things in the world. There was no need to try to understand them all; he just had to accept it as it was. Thinking like that, Zixia Zhen-ren thought enlightenment was coming.
‘It’s enough to let life flow like this. We may exist to flow….’
It was when Zixia slowly closed his eyes, lost in thought.
Zixia Zhen-ren was startled by the sudden voice and opened his eyes. Zixia Zhen-ren’s mouth opened slightly. A man dressed in ordinary clothes was staring at him while holding a strange iron box.
How could that man reach him before Zixia Zhen-ren felt his presence? He regarded the man. The man’s martial arts level was insignificant as far as he could tell, so it was even more questionable.
“Are you the one who ordered the one plus one?”
“That… are you talking about what was written on the silk?”
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“Yes! That’s right.”
Zixia Zhen-ren was a profound master.
‘I don’t think he’s armed.’
While maintaining calmness, Zixia Zhen-ren looked at the man and nodded. It was to find out what would come next.
The man opened the iron box. Hot black noodles and beautiful golden-colored dishes were resting inside. It took a full day to get here from the nearest village. Besides, he was on a cliff. So how come the dishes were still steaming hot?
“It’s one copper and five pennies.”
Was that all? Having reached the level of profound mind and mastering the heart sword, Zixia Zhen-ren could see through people’s minds to some extent. There was no hostility in the eyes of the man in front of him. Zixia barely suppressed his inner darkness, took out his money, and gave it to the man.
The man closed the iron box, took something out of his pocket, and handed it to Zixia Zhen-ren. It was a small wooden board.
“…What is this?”
“It’s an exchange ticket. If you collect ten, we will give you one sweet and sour beef for free.”
The wooden board was engraved with the name Golden Spot.
The man bowed his head, then turned around and jumped off the cliff. Zixia Zhen-ren watched him leave.
‘Is he running on the wind?!’
The man had already descended into the forest below. Soon enough, his presence disappeared.
‘D-does it mean that man was a master that I couldn’t even notice?’
Even if he were a master, he wouldn’t look that ordinary. Zixia Zhen-ren stood there blankly and automatically turned his head at the delicious smell.
Zixia Zhen-ren swallowed back saliva. It was a luxurious dish. He sat down and examined them. He wasn’t immune to all poisons, but most wouldn’t work on him since he reached the level of master.
Zixia Zhen-ren hadn’t eaten a single meal since he started meditating. Before long, however, he picked up the chopsticks. His eyes widened as soon as he tasted the food. The noodles danced in the mouth, and fantastic flavors flowed from the deep-fried pork.
Zixia Zhen-ren laughed. Would he feel this way if he reached nirvana? He remembered the life he had been living so far.
‘This is life!’
All beings naturally ate, slept, and ate again. That was the law of nature. It was foolish to say that he was going to nirvana while acting against it. His anxiety disappeared in an instant.
Slurp! Slurp!
Zixia Zhen-ren devoured the meal. Only that taste existed. After finishing the meal, Zixia Zhen-ren smiled and sat cross-legged. He was able to catch a clue to enlightenment.
A few days passed like that. There were ten wooden boards piled up in front of Zixia Zhen-ren. Today, as always, a man showed up with an iron box.
“Thank you for your grace.”
“I am just a delivery man.”
“…Is that so?”
Golden Spot. Was it a group created by those who were living secluded lives? It must be where masters he couldn’t even imagine gathered. Zixia Zhen-ren looked at the man seriously.
“Golden Spot… how can I reach it?”
“It’s in Jin-hu. Here is your sweet and sour pork; thank you for ordering from us.”
Zixia Zhen-ren stood with the sweet and sour pork in his hands.
Jin-hu! He had to go there.
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