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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 128

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Chapter 128
36. I’m Born a Villain! (4)
The Army of Chaos was the most talked about topic. The Army of Chaos and the players were confronting each other in a fierce war. All the broadcasters were busy covering it to catch even one more viewer. However, Kim Emperor TV was different from the other broadcasts.
He wasn’t in the wasteland where the war was going; he was broadcasting in the dungeon. Nevertheless, the number of viewers was steadily increasing. This was because Kim Emperor TV had attractive features that other broadcasters did not have.
[The Shadow of Loyalty (General Manager, Earth) admires you. He says you are a true warrior.]
[The Demon of Fantasy and Regression (Lilith, Demon Realm) has fallen in love with you!]
[The Light of Balance (The Chief Archangel, Heaven) watches over you. Interesting signs prevail.]
CrazyParty: Oh, LOL. Why are the Constellations gathering here?
NewFolder: They must have fled here to avoid the Incarnation of Chaos.
Shall I Retire: It’s so much fun here.
The Constellations crowded into it. As the names of the Constellations appeared on the viewers’ list, they had no choice but to flock to it. Furthermore, it was Kim Emperor who became the most talked about. That name alone was guaranteed to be a big hit. Jin-woo was currently running the dungeon alone regardless of the main scenario. It was a warm-up to proceeding with the final step.
The topic was Kim Emperor’s Dungeon True Education Broadcast. As he went around the E+ rank dungeon, he broke the monsters’ heads and taught viewers a strategy suitable for the situation. However, the problem was that it was Kim Emperor’s method. A large monster was kneeling in front of Jin-woo. It couldn’t get up because its knees were already smashed as he calmly approached.
“It’s a regenerating monster, so it’s trouble if you don’t kill it quickly. So you can just pull out its heart from here.”
Jin-woo stuffed his hand into the monster’s chest. He pulled out a heart in the form of a jewel lightly.
HowDoIDo: No, it’s easy to say. LOL.
Shadow Blade: I can’t even stick my sword in that guy. How can I grab it?
Cutie Fairy: Everyone will die if you pull out their heart!
Paladin: Kim Emperor-style strategy, LOL.
The strategy was simple: kill them before they hit you. The small ones were torn to death, and the large ones were smashed into pieces. He broke the limbs of the bigger monster and gnawed at their weak points. With this simple strategy, he was going through the E+ rank dungeon. Kim Emperor was truly a dungeon thug.
[The Dark Shadow (Delu, Elonti) applauds.]
[The Forest’s Fang (Gallock, Elonti) admires the Kim Emperor-style strategy.]
It Smells Good: The Constellations are making a fuss.
LookatMe Constellations: LOL, I’d fall for it if I were a Constellation.
Horololol: Kim Emperor-limited style strategy, LOL.
Mammamia: Are you going to sign a contract with a Constellation, Kim Emperor?
“No, I don’t need that.”
Bloody Wind: Oh, LOL. So manly, LOL.
Flower Spirit: The power of the Constellation is just an excuse for the weak!
Jin-woo also communicated well as he maintained the character concept. His tone was polite, but he was full of energy.
A monster the size of an ogre appeared. It was covered in a layer of bone, known as a monster with a history of annihilating countless parties.
Pyong: ‘Stop it!’ the monster screams.
White Tree: Run away! Monster!
Intelligence: Wow, that’s an E+ elite mob. Why does it look so weak?
The elite monster swung its huge fist, but Jin-woo matched it. Their fists collided.
The elite monster’s fist burst, and its arm was torn off to the elbow.
I’m on Fire: How strong are you? LOL.
Roast Chicken: He came back from hell and became a monster.
Restaurant Queen: Wow, poor monster.
Puck, puck!
Jin-woo started beating the monster. Every time he hit it, the monster’s bones shattered and burst. His fist had no mercy. He grabbed the shield that was standing next to him with both hands and slammed it down. It was enough to feel sorry for the monster.
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“You only have to hit these hard guys a lot. It’s effective to use a blunt weapon, but I used my shield because I didn’t have one. So, make sure you bring a blunt weapon.”
Secret Cookie: No, only you can do like that.
Huaang: A new concept strategy!
Jin-woo’s dungeon attack continued. He hit whatever monsters appeared hard. If he felt pleasure when the Incarnation of Chaos coolly swept away the players, Jin-woo felt refreshed by hitting the monsters.
“Well, it’s a puzzle.”
A fairly complex and difficult puzzle appeared. He had to solve puzzles to get to the boss room. A trap would be triggered if the puzzle wasn’t solved correctly, so he must be careful. As the puzzle came out, viewers began to give advice. However, Jin-woo didn’t care at all. He immediately picked up his shield.
“This puzzle is simple. There is a really easy strategy.”
Jin-woo rushed the puzzle with his shield. The door opened only after solving the puzzle, but the moment his shield touched the door, it exploded and shattered. The walls supporting the door collapsed alongside the trap. All the viewers who watched were stunned.
[The Empress of Flaws (Sarah Vriac, the Demon Realm) is amazed. She praises you as the Incarnation of True Destruction.]
SwordHeavenDemon: No, sir. That’s not how you solve puzzles…
Warlock: OMG, LOL, he broke the puzzle.
Spirit Power: A very simple strategy! The answer is BREAK. THEM. ALL!
Tarzanzan: A new concept strategy, LOL.
“Everyone, what if you don’t have a key? You break the lock, right? It’s the same principle.”
Jin-woo calmly said something absurd as he went inside. A well-decorated boss room greeted him. All boss-level monsters were managed by Arorong. Originally, it started preparing for the battle while the players were solving the puzzle, but Jin-woo broke the door, so it didn’t have a chance to.
Antonio: Huh, it’s putting on its armor, LOL.
Crossbow: The boss is flustered.
Cookie Soju: Oh my.
The boss was putting on its armor, and it staggered when the door broke. Jin-woo rushed in right away and hit its head with his shield. The boss monster, Arorong, noticed that it was Jin-woo and went into acting with all her might.
[Now, wait…! I-it’s time to change…]
[Ugh! Cough!]
The boss made a dying sound. It was a boss monster that had wiped out several parties. There was no record of a single party clearing this boss yet, either. Jin-woo dug hard into the boss monster and then skillfully pulled out what was useful.
“Mana Stones can be pulled out without damage only by hand. And it’s a good idea to pack up the boss’s armor and weapons. It can be used as ingredients at the Blacksmiths.”
TearGland: Wow, poor thing. It couldn’t even fight back…
Goodbye: LOL, it was changing its clothes, yet he beat it up.
TheBestHyunSung: It died without saying a word, lol.
Jin-woo took care of everything frugally. The viewers sympathized with the boss monster that had been ambushed. Jin-woo checked the number of viewers. At the dungeon entrance, there were about 30,000 people, but now it was close to 700,000. He was in the Top 5 of the broadcasting rankings. As of now, the first place was the NMC Internet Broadcasting Channel.
‘This should be enough.’
Kim Emperor’s character was clearly shown, and the number of viewers was also secured. The talk about Jin-woo went up on the Maze Net and quickly became the best post. It was about time to go back to the village. When Jin-woo returned there, Phase 3 of the Chapter 1 scenario would be begun.
“I have been trying dungeon raids until now, so you will find it easy to follow. Now let’s go back to the village.”
Jin-woo took out a portal stone and opened the portal to the Village of the Beginning. As he entered the portal, he arrived at the center of the Village. It was the closest village to the battlefield. It was also a neutral village between the Demon Realm and Elonti.
Players called this village the Village of Peace. It was a place where quite a few people milled about, and it was loved because of its cozy atmosphere. Plus, the NPCs were very kind and beautiful.
Huo: It’s the Village of Peace.
Fire Moth: It’s healing to come here. I also moved my base there.
Jin-woo headed to the store. There was a sign, marked as Blue Flower, hanging overhead. It was one of the more popular stores in the village, but now it was empty because of the Incarnation of Chaos. Upon entering the store, an elf NPC greeted Jin-woo.
“Welcome! Mr. Kim Emperor.”
“Yes, how are you? Ms. Karen.”
“I’ll bring you a cup of tea!”
The elf NPC’s name was Karen. Many players liked her because of her beautiful looks and easygoing personality. There were so many fans of her that their gifts were piled up. Her fan art was also showing up everywhere. For that reason, she was suitable as a scapegoat.
She received harsh acting guidance from Heo-young and was sorely tested. There were no customers, so Karen closed the store and served him a cup of tea.
Cookie Chip: Oh, one-on-one date with Karen?
AS EXPECTED: Kim Emperor’s charm works here as well.
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White Cat: I’ve never seen Karen so happy.
Hansung: It’s not like Kim Emperor has done it once or twice. He looks familiar with it, LOL.
Karen served tea. Jin-woo started taking off his armor to drink. He took off his gauntlets and the helmet that had always covered his face. Kim Emperor’s avatar was now being seen by the public for the first time.
Hanyang: Oh, it’s well made. Kya, so cool
I Don’t Love You: How can you make it so well?
Kim Emperor’s avatar was a handsome man with a lively impression. It fit his character very well.
Jin-woo drank tea with Karen, but she looked nervous. Although she received acting guidance, it was the first meeting the Great Emperor Jin-woo alone face-to-face.
Luxemburg: Oh, lol, this is the first time I’ve seen Karen so nervous.
GiveMeBackMyHair: Gentlemen, it’s a big deal if you target an elf.
[The Bloody Dragon (Arcana, Middle-World) is jealous.]
[The Dark Shadows (Delu, Elonti) stares at Karen.]
Give me back my roots: Oh, LOL, Kim Emperor even woos the Constellations.
The atmosphere was good. Kim Emperor and Karen got along so well that there were even people cheering for them. It was when he was finishing his cup and took out the items he obtained from the dungeon.
The store shook with the sound of an explosion. The items on display fell to the floor, and the entire glass display case was smashed.
“Kyaaa! W-what’s going on?”
Karen asked with a puzzled expression. Her acting was very natural. As expected, Heo-young’s special training worked. It was when Jin-woo looked out the window.
Whoosh! Boom!
A fireball fell through the roof of the store. Jin-woo jumped sideways, covering Karen up. The fireball exploded and completely blew away half the store.
Shield Warrior: ???
Magical Heaven: Huh? What is it?
Lee Min-soo: What’s going on?
The viewers were also confused. The store began to collapse as it burned down. Jin-woo pushed a falling pillar aside and pulled Karen out of the store.
“T-the village…!”
Karen covered her mouth with both her hands. The once peaceful village was on fire.
“Ugh, uaaaarrrghhhh!”
“Help me!”
Desperate and pained screams were heard from all over. NPCs caught up in flames ran around and collapsed. Inwardly, Jin-woo admired the sight.
‘It’s amazing.’
They were avatars that cloned NPCs as they were, and Arorong was controlling them. The players were also hit by fireballs flying in from all directions and torn apart.
White: Crazy. Has it been attacked?
HeavenWeak: OMG…
Physician: No way. Wasn’t the village a safe area?
The viewers were shocked as the NPCs who had been acquainted with them were dying. The familiar scenery of the village was ruined. Jin-woo looked at the place where the flames fluttered.
The Soldiers of Chaos were rushing in. They were flinging fireballs and slaughtering everything around them with their strangely curved swords.
FlowerBouquet: I guess those in the wasteland couldn’t stop them.
Bae Yong-gi: I heard some of them escaped into the dungeon. Who knew they’d come here…
Military High School Girl: Oh my… everyone’s dying. Oh no…
“Miss Karen, please stay away.”
“I’ll help too!”
“But… all right.”
Jin-woo had taken off his armor. He was wearing only partial armor, as his shield and armor were all burning in the store. The number of players was small, and all the high-ranked players went to the wasteland, so the damage was growing out of control.
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‘Shall we start?’
Jin-woo clenched his fists and ran forward. Arorong was working to realistically control the Soldiers of Chaos according to Jin-woo’s movements. Everything was a well-organized script. A Soldier of Chaos threw a fireball, but Jin-woo quickly rolled on the ground to avoid it and reached him before he could react further.
Jin-woo’s fist slammed into the soldier, sending it staggering backward as its face broke. Jin-woo grabbed the soldier’s body, hefted it up, then slammed it down. The soldier’s body was shattered. And immediately, Jin-woo rushed towards the next soldier who was about to cut down an NPC. When he hit it on the shoulder, the Soldier of Chaos flew away and crashed into a wall.
“Avoid them!”
“T-thank you!”
The dialogue was a bit awkward, but it was understandable that the NPC was terrified.
There were too many enemies. The situation was hopeless.
“Aaargh! Uncle Kaplon is dead!”
Although players in the village responded hastily, they weren’t at a level that could stop the advance. All the statues and buildings that symbolized the Village of Peace were engulfed in flames. The whole village was burned down. People’s screams and the roar of flames engulfed the village.
Jin-woo and Karen stopped the Soldiers of Chaos. It was quite realistic to see the NPCs screaming and evacuating behind them. The Golden Angels, who were playing the part of children, were also in tears.
“There is a shelter in the basement of the village! We will be safe there.”
“I’ll stop them, so help everyone evacuate!”
Karen helped to evacuate the NPCs. Jin-woo joined a group of players who were struggling to halt the onslaught.
“Block them from going to the shelter!”
When Jin-woo shouted so, the players clenched their teeth and dealt with the Soldiers of Chaos. Jin-woo completely blocked the monsters with his whole body. The situation was dire. Many blades stabbed into him, and blood flowed out freely. He suffered major burns on the side of his arm. Of course, the wounds were nicely done, and the blood was flowing very nicely.
Jin-woo was filming a movie.
Ugly Bread Jam: Kim Emperor is dying.
Magic Swordsman: I’m on my way to help!
Kim Mi-na: Oh my… there are so many. We can’t seem to stop them.
Panty Team Member: I’ll also go now! Please hold on!
[The Constellations intervene. They grant healing to all players.]
Cheese Grape: The Constellations…
Eater board: That’s a relief
The dying players recovered little by little and regained their energy. It was the same with Jin-woo, but there was no time to catch their breath. The fierce battle had just begun.
* * *
While a fierce battle was taking place in the wasteland, articles were being posted on the Maze Net.
Title: Everyone, Hurry Up and Come to the Village of Peace!
It’s a mess. The Soldiers of Chaos are sweeping away the village! I’m blocking them with Kim Emperor, but we can’t stand it.
Too many of them.
[Link: Kim Emperor TV Live]
NPCs are going to die. Hurry up and help us!
Hanselmi: I’m going now.
Gyeonggi-ni: Oh my, what is that?
Married with Elf: Is Miss Karen okay?
Fun Gammer: If an NPC dies, is it over for them? Can’t they be resurrected?
└Miyeon: As far as I know, it’s over.
└Fun Gamer: Ah… I’m going to take the afternoon off and go there.
Wild horse: What’s going on? Our guild will go, too!
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The players who understood the situation stopped what they were doing and began to gather. The Main Scenario Chapter 1: Awakening Chaos was entering a new phase.
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