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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 127

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Chapter 127
36. I’m Born a Villain! (3)
The numerous players rushing toward Jin-woo had no choice but to stop altogether as the earth was shaking too much to move. Some lost their balance and fell, but Jin-woo pushed his sword deeper in. His power permeated the earth through the sword.
He originally planned to summon a giant monster, but the visuals looked poor. He showed a cooler appearance than before, but it would lose momentum if the summoned monster were shabby.
‘When it comes to Boss Monsters…’
Visuals and size were important. He realized he had such a thing. It was also very good in design. After all, it was born out of the darkness.
“W-what the?!”
“The ground…?”
The earth began to split.
An earthquake rocked the wasteland. Players fell wildly through the cracks in the ground as thousands of players disappeared in an instant.
“U-waaargh! Phew.”
One player who didn’t fall breathed a short sigh of relief. He was Bread Jam, who was resurrected after paying a lot of money. He couldn’t leave himself out of this kind of scene. It was a matter directly related to his broadcasting life. He died in vain as soon as the war began, then he came back armed with the high-quality armor he had stored in the bank. However, as soon as he returned to the battlefield, things were going in a completely different direction than expected.
Mr. Gauguin: Hey, Bread Jam didn’t die this time.
Who’s Ugly?: Jam is lucky, LOL.
Talk To Me: If you don’t die again this time, I’ll give you a donation.
New World The Best: The Incarnation of Chaos… it’s a natural disaster. Look at the scale.
“I-I must survive!”
Bread Jam was fired up. Currently, there had been no broadcaster so close to the Incarnation of Chaos. Bread Jam glanced downward, the holes going so deep that he couldn’t see the end. Glancing around, he saw land that appeared relatively safe. But, when he was headed there…
“Gaargh! Sa-save me!”
Someone was hanging on near him, begging for help. Bread Jam cursed inside, but the viewers were watching. There was a delay because he was thinking, but he reached out to the player in the end.
“I-I got you! Don’t worry!”
Egoism: Bread Jam hesitated. Selfish brat.
Melons: That’s ugly, Bread Jam. LOL
Choo Sik-ah: 3-second self-conflict, lol. It’s disgusting.
News: If it weren’t for the broadcast, he would’ve thrown him away. Bread Jam is a monster born of the desire for money.
Jin-woo found Bread Jam. Come to think of it, that guy also once had a dispute with him. Today’s Jin-woo wasn’t generous. He would never forgive him.
The Incarnation of Evil looked up. Jin-woo slowly raised his hand.
Black smoke rose from the crack.
“Oh, lift me! Quickly! S-something is weird!”
“N-no! Y-your armor is too heavy…”
DieDie: Bread Jam doesn’t have a strength rank, lol. He was just revived.
Trouble: Bread Jam is ugly no matter what.
Unfortunately, the player Bread Jam was trying to lift was wearing heavy plate armor. The player looked down. Black smoke swaying like tentacles was swirling up, filling the gaps. It was very scary, even though it was virtual reality. He instinctively felt fear.
“Uaargh! D-don’t swing like that…”
Bread Jam, trying to raise the player as much as possible, tilted his head as the weight suddenly became lighter. At some point, he couldn’t feel the weight at all. The player’s body gradually floated up to Bread Jam’s level. He was held by a hand of black smoke.
Bread Jam was also caught by the smoke, but he wasn’t alone. Numerous players around the rift were all caught by the black hands and floated into the air. Jin-woo clenched his fist.
Black flames rose from the rifts, engulfing them. The player in front of Bread Jam disappeared first. Bread Jam received special treatment. Flames began to wrap around his body very slowly. His precious high-quality armor was shattered and disappeared.
“Ugh….! My armor…”
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Bread Jam was engulfed in flames and turned into a handful of ashes, letting out a low scream. The scene where numerous players were executed at once shocked everyone who watched. But, anyway, it was cool and refreshing to watch somehow as well.
Still, this was just the beginning. There was an overwhelming presence that would excite viewers even more.
Crack! Crack-crack!
The ground roared. Black flames erupted violently from the cracks, and the earth exploded and was sent soaring. Those pieces were engulfed in flames and fell like meteorites. The players who were standing far away stared blankly at the scene. It was a natural disaster. It could only be expressed that way.
Did a volcano erupt? However, this place was nothing but a wasteland, not a mountain. It was an abandoned land without even ore to mine.
Something huge broke through the explosion and flew into the sky. It was a dragon that was engulfed in black flames.
“It’s a dragon!”
“Wow… how can we take that on?”
MyTopDoings: Wow… did they make the developers work to death?
HorribleDream: Crazy, LOL. From the beginning to the end…
Aham: The war is just nothing. LOL. War seems insignificant. The main scenario was crazy right from the start.
MarriedTomorrow: How could they use a user event like this? G&P is so bad. LOL
OuttheArmySoon: Riding a dragon, lol. Look at that.
Jin-woo was standing atop the Black Flame Dragon. His armor and the Black Flame Dragon went well together, creating a fantastic visual. Even though he was a villain who had already slaughtered thousands of players, the viewers were fascinated by the Incarnation of Chaos because he killed them so impressively. There had never been a monster in the history of the game that showed such tremendous charisma.
Viewers watching offline were also breathless for some reason.
‘Umm, it got bigger.’
Perhaps because he became the Great Emperor, the size of the Black Flame Dragon grew even larger, now surpassing even Arcana. The Black Flame Dragon was adorning itself with Haruring’s abilities.
[Bloody Dragon (Arcana, Middle World) spews blood and faints. She doesn’t seem able to wake up for a while.]
[The demons are cheering!]
[The angels are busy working. Avatar creation orders are pouring in! Today is the busiest.]
Jin-woo looked at the information that appeared for a moment and found players evacuating around the hill. Their carts were full of items, marking them as those who hoarded for war. They hurriedly organized their products, trying to get out of the battlefield. Jin-woo knew that the price of potions and battle items soared. He originally planned to release more stock, but he left it just like that because he thought there would be quite a bit of backlash.
But, what if he could take care of everything this time?
[What a good idea! The Incarnation of Evil agrees with the Great Emperor’s thoughts.]
Jin-woo was a villain. So, he would be faithful to the villain’s role. The Black Flame Dragon’s mouth opened. A player hurriedly put his potions in the cart and tried to pull them away. Then, he looked up into the sky. His expression darkened.
Flames spewed out of the Black Flame Dragon’s mouth.
“Oh, I’m screwed….”
The player left a quiet remark and disappeared. The hill itself evaporated. The players who were watching were also swept away by the breath, and all melted.
Yoga Man: Wow! Justice is real, LOL.
Live in Jungle: How about the potions? LOL, there were dozens of boxes.
Wild Chicken: Selling it four times higher, yet…
Johnson: Oh, potion coins are a mess. LOL, It serves him right. He evaporated while getting ready.
Most of the responses said he deserved it.
‘Let’s cut it by a third.’
That alone was enough to break their morale. As it was set as the final boss, it was difficult not to show an overwhelming appearance. When Jin-woo swung his sword, the Black Flame Dragon responded and spouted its breath.
“Avoid the breath!”
The players were helpless. It didn’t matter now, whether it was a war or not. Both sides began to run together to avoid the Black Flame Dragon.
Abdominal Breathing: They got along better!
Furry Peach: Forcedly, LOL.
Now Elonti and the Demon Realm cooperated so well with each other. The Black Flame Dragon fell to the ground and swept away the players. Those who collided with its wings were shattered and turned to dust.
‘Kuh! So refreshing!’
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This was the taste of a villain! It was so exciting. Jin-woo massacred the players. As time passed, people in the chat room began to worry about what would happen. There were many opinions that it would be quite futile if everyone were annihilated like this. Jin-woo was also thinking about leaving, and of course, there was a scenario to follow. A little, no, a lot had changed, but the overall framework was the same.
‘It’s time to leave.’
The number of players had also drastically decreased, so he thought it would be okay to proceed with the next step. Jin-woo contacted the central control room. It was time for all the players to fall into despair.
[Don’t lose hope.]
[The Great Emperor of Gold (The Ruler of Dimensions) looks at the Incarnation of Chaos. He says that if we all work together, we can stop it.]
[Let’s overcome the scenario of encroaching doom.]
“The Great Emperor? The Owner of the Constellations?”
Hoong: Right, there must be something!
BuyMeShoes: Oh! The Great Emperor is here.
ConnectionMaster: Let’s go!
A golden magic circle appeared above the ground. The dark energy didn’t dare touch it.
[The Great Emperor of Gold says we must unite. Raise your hands to complete the magic circle.]
The players raised their hands. Then, the magic circle began to form faster. However, it wasn’t completed at the critical moment. A terrible breath rushed over, but it was deflected without reaching the magic circle.
“Oh, ooh!”
“Wow! I’m alive!”
“This is a bulletproof magic circle!”
[Not enough power. Raise both hands to the sky. We need the power of everyone watching.]
Isitme?: Does it mean us? Two hands up!!
DemonRealmPeople: The chat room as well? Up-up!
ShirtOffandSpeared: Oh! I think it’s working. Up!
When those in the chat room followed by typing, the magic circle was completed little by little. Those watching through the hologram TV at Gwanghwamun or the Cultural Center raised their hands as a test. Then, light permeated the hologram TV.
“Ooh? This is working?”
“Wow! That’s true.”
“Amazing. Is it motion recognition? Awesome!”
It was awesome! It seemed like they were giving out their strength as the boundaries between online and offline were collapsing. All those watching on the hologram TV raised their hands.
AntiMana: So damn awesome. I watch hologram TV and the Internet together, and my family is going crazy. Everyone is raising their hands. LOL. It’s working!
Angde: Since when did they start preparing this? G&P is crazy
QuittheArmySoon: I’m full of energy! Let’s go!
Black Eyepatch: Hey, hey! We are also here! Don’t forget!
Piece of Paper: Whoa, I’ve been waiting! Take my power!
The reaction was explosive. The players, chat rooms, and offline viewers all became one. In response, the magic circle was gradually completed. When it was almost completed, Jin-woo rushed in with the Black Flame Dragon just in time. The Black Flame Dragon folded its wings and fell like an eagle. Sparks exploded from Jin-woo’s sword and swept across the sky.
“Ugh, uaaargh!”
“Quick, Quickly!”
“Arrgh! Please…!”
The players raised their hands even higher. Even Rundalf had his arms pressed against his ears when the Black Flame Dragon was about to reach the magic circle.
[The magic circle is complete.]
[The Sacred Golden Spear is activated.]
The magic circle was barely completed. A huge golden light erupted from the magic circle. It became a spear and pierced the Black Flame Dragon. It was an image that Haruring created through her blood and sweat. Jin-woo changed his direction in time. It looked like he had been thrown aside after being hit by the spear.
The Black Flame Dragon was thrown to the ground. Jin-woo’s body was hit as the head of the Black Flame Dragon collapsed helplessly. Silence arose.
“Oh, ooh!”
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“Something came out!”
“Thank you, Great Emperor. I had spent 500,000 won. Sob…”
Be Strong Constellation: LOL. The dragon was smashed in one shot, LOL.
Canned Side Dish: The Great Emperor is so powerful, isn’t he?
Brave warrior: No, this is our power!
10MillionWriter: LOL. The directing is amazing.
Jin-woo sent the Black Flame Dragon back slowly. The Black Flame Dragon gradually subsided. Its bones were revealed, then soon it became black smoke and disappeared.
Jin-woo, who was on his knees, raised his body. Everyone was nervous when Jin-woo moved. He let his armor be properly damaged when he was hit so that it appeared he was badly hurt.
[The Incarnation of Chaos has been severely wounded. It’s going to return to the Chaos and recuperate.]
[But it won’t step back easily.]
A thick layer of black smoke spread around Jin-woo. The monsters prepared in advance quickly soared from the ground as Arorong was controlling everything.
[The Soldiers of Chaos appeared. They will destroy everything they see.]
“They’re too many of them!”
Jin-woo opened a portal. He opened it towards the Demon Realm on purpose to create a black swaying portal. After looking at the players for a moment, he went straight through. When he arrived at the Demon Castle in the Demon Realm, Sarah Vriac and the high-ranking demons gathered together. Sarah Vriac was moved to tears, and the high-ranking demons had similar expressions.
“Fufu, that’s so cool.”
“Demon Emperor, something hot is coming up.”
“This is the howl of my soul!”
“It’s burning!”
They were completely immersed, too. There were also high-ranking demons who still raised their hands. Jin-woo smiled and returned to the central control room. Luna and Se-yeon raised their thumbs as soon as they saw Jin-woo. Yoo-na also smiled and nodded at him.
“It was pretty good, right?”
“Yes, Emperor. It was amazing!”
“It was much greater than we had planned. As expected of you, Sir.”
Se-yeon had already taken a bunch of pictures of Jin-woo. She was even thinking of making a figure; it turned out that she was a very famous figure craftsman on the Internet.
Jin-woo took off his armor and looked at the screen. The Soldiers of Chaos and players were facing each other. So far, it had been like a cutscene, but these enemies were real enemies that fit the level of the players. Jin-woo watched the screen for a moment.
“Now, let’s move on to the next step.”
The Incarnation of Chaos was also sent off as planned, so it was time to move on. The main scenario of Chapter 1 consisted of a total of three stages: despair, hope, and tragedy. Despair was the Incarnation of Chaos, and hope sent away the Incarnation of Chaos with everyone’s power. And now, the tragedy that would decorate the end of Chapter 1 remained.
Sorrow was a device that made players more immersed and motivated. Jin-woo received a chat. Since the Login Device and mobile phone were linked, players could freely use the mobile phone function even in the Maze.
Grandpa: Is that you?
Me: What?
Grandpa: No. It feels good to see that the Sword Master got smashed. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good sight.
[Injured Sword Master (Crazy Demon) Humiliation Shot.jpg]
Grandpa: I’ll ask you again next time.
Jin-woo smirked. Crazy Demon was said to have survived without dying even though most of the bones in his body were broken. Crazy Demon was seen being dragged away in bandages. His vitality was superb. Rundalf moved him by hand, occasionally stopping to humiliate him.
It was time for Kim Emperor to step up. Jin-woo logged on as Kim Emperor. His rank was also raised moderately, so it wasn’t as inconvenient as before. Jin-woo turned on the broadcast feature through the Login Device. It seemed that it would be effective to show it through broadcasting.
As soon as the broadcast was turned on, people flocked to it. At first, the number was small, but as rumors spread that Kim Emperor was broadcasting, viewers increased rapidly.
ImWizrad: Huh? This is the real Kim Emperor! [50,000 won donated!]
OHONGI: It seems like an official channel was created a while ago, but it’s true!
National Guard: Wow! Awesome! I’m your fan! [100,000 won donated!]
Melons: Why are you here now? You should’ve come a little sooner.
“Welcome. Nice to meet you. I’m Kim Emperor.”
It was the first appearance of Kim Emperor TV.
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