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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 126

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Chapter 126
36. I’m Born a Villain! (2)
An open field between F and E Ranks. Players called it the Wasteland of Despair. It was the privilege of the expedition or party that cleared the dungeon to name it. Suiting to the name Wasteland of Despair, it was eventually decided as a place of war as many battles were held there.
Tensions rose as the time for war approached. It wasn’t just in the Wasteland of Despair, either. The restaurants in the Cultural Center were packed with people. Among them, the most popular restaurant was No. 1 New World Food. They mainly sold food sold in the Maze: New World. It didn’t taste bad because they used JW Gate ingredients.
“Can I have an Elonti Whole Grilled skewer?
“Ah! And also Dwarf Draught Beer…”
Elonti Chicken and Beer were also very popular, but the most popular item on the menu was Elonti Whole Grilled Skewers. A huge piece of meat that could be seen in a cartoon came out on a skewer. The salty sauce and the harsh, deep taste of the Dwarf Beer went very well together.
Everyone was watching the situation with anticipation. There were war reporters dispatched by broadcasting companies to each faction. They were wearing reporter’s armbands and vividly relaying the situation at the scene. The channel with the highest ratings was, of course, NMC. The scene had been broadcasting since a few days ago, and the viewers were most familiar with it.
NMC was even broadcasting online.
“Yes! This is Lina from the scene. Everyone is actively moving and ready for war! A lot of players are sat on top of the hill to watch! Many players came to see the battle! The best place to see the battlefield is being rented for 5G gold coins!”
Razor Blade: Lina is the best~! She’s pretty.
Grave Keeper: The avatar looks the same?
Hanghang: Her outfit is cute.
Lina conveyed the situation at the scene with a lively look. On the hill of the wasteland, many players were sitting down and watching. They were those who wouldn’t participate in the war. Some of them actively went back and forth between the two factions to do business.
“We sell healing potions. Healing potions are sold in bulk!”
“Hi? Is everything in this cart a potion?”
“Yeah, it’s selling better than I thought. Buying some will never betray you! Everyone!”
“Ah, haha! Yes! Thanks for the interview. All right, let’s go to the next place.”
Mr. Gauguin: Potion prices are skyrocketing because of them.
Black U-yam: There is no stock.
OhThat’sjust: I don’t have any potions. It’s so hard to stock up, even for myself. Fuck all those bastards.
It was said that those people took all their assets and invested in potions. The price of potions was soaring because they were being bought in bulk to control the war. Those who bought potions long ago and waited for the price to rise were now releasing them for sale. Some people took out loans and bought potions, and their willingness to play a part was seen here.
Some people sold food by carrying ingredients from the village. Most of the merchants belonged to Earth or the Middle World. Drums resounded along with the sound of horns from Elonti’s side.
“Has it started?”
“Kill them all!”
The players who came to watch looked at the battlefield excitedly.
“Yes! The war has finally begun! Everyone is watching the battlefield with excitement. I’m also very excited. Can you see it? Yes! The Maze: New World Specialized Channel! This is NMC!”
Lina obtained the power to fly from the Demon of Fantasy and Regression. She couldn’t fly at high altitudes or wear offensive items such as weapons. It was rarely used in dungeons, but it was the best ability for broadcasting. It was also a factor in the success of the NMC channel. Watching the open view from the air on the hologram TV was thrilling.
Gooddd: Wow, that must be awesome.
Teacher Kim: It’s a pity that I didn’t watch it on site.
Stake: Oh, the company next door has a day off, but there is nothing like that in my company, LOL. I’m glad that the manager is into New World, LOL.
Sword Magician: Oh, looking at it like this, Elonti is pretty good, too. It feels like a fantasy world.
It was amazing to see hundreds of thousands of troops marching towards each other. Elonti’s elite warriors were still heavily exposed, but some others were well-dressed. Most of them were wearing elf armor, so it felt like it was sticking to their bodies.
Their battle formations were also well organized. The warriors with huge shields were in front. Behind them were spearmen, then archers and spirits in the rear. The biggest feature was that huge monsters were tamed and placed in the middle alongside catapults.
Lonta: Isn’t that a rhino? How did they tame it?
Ramen Bachelor: Rundalf spent a lot of dimensional gold coins. Maybe his poop is also golden, LOL.
Tororong: Rundalf remains the same, lol. I can’t believe he tamed it with money. Please tame me, too.
Only Elonti: Oh, the Demon Realm is cool, too.
The Demon Realm also had strong characteristics. Each of them dressed up as nicely as possible, but it was more of a free-spirited look. The appearance of them spreading and advancing without standing in line was like seeing waves flowing and ebbing.
“Dust clouds are rising! What an overwhelming sight! I’ll go a little closer and broadcast it for you!”
There were no tactics. It was a face-to-face confrontation between powers. After advancing slowly toward each other, the people at the forefront let out loud shouts when they drew closer.
“Let’s use them as manure and turn this wasteland into a forest!”
“Let’s make them feel the cold tears of demons! After all, that’s the only drug the world allows!”
Both sides rushed towards each other. It wasn’t an orderly battle as the two factions clashed and tangled together. Magic fired in all directions across the sky, and bundles of arrows cast shadows on the ground. Gorgeous skills exploded, pleasing the eyes of the viewers. Rundalf and Crazy Demon were noticeable. Rundalf wielded a shining staff, and a huge tree trunk soared from the ground.
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“Golden Rundalf!”
The Demon Realm followers who collided with the giant tree were sent flying in all directions. Crazy Demon moved at a breakneck speed. When his fist smashed the shield held by an Elonti Warrior, it shattered, and the Elonti Warrior’s body burst apart. With his other hand, he held the neck of an Elonti warrior who was attacking from the side.
He snapped it.
“Kh-khuahahahaha! Blood! I need more blood! What color is your blood?”
“C-Crazy Demons is nuts!”
“Crazy dog of the Demon Realm…!”
WildArmpits: Dirty Demon Realm bastards, they all have rabies…
Broadcaster In Bin-goo: Wow, these guys are going crazy.
Fairy Mi-jeong: Haha, that’s so cool.
Lanto: Crazy Demon vs. the Sword Master, the winner?
CutieSwordswomanHeeyeon: Neither of them…
ChoiFamilySwordSchoolHanTae-jin: Don’t compare a madman like Crazy Demon to Sword Master. That bastard is crazy.
Not only Rundalf and Crazy Demon but also new star players with outstanding performances were being born, drumming up support from the enthusiastic viewers. Lina focused on those characters and tried to capture every corner of the battlefield on the screen. Bread Jam was also seen there. He was hit by a tree trunk and flew away.
“It’s an incredible battle! It’s like watching a movie! Huh?
Lina, who was watching from the air, could see the red lines carving through the ground. She wondered if the blood from the players had soaked into the earth, but that didn’t seem to be the case.
Rollorong: Something is being drawn on the ground.
CoinsPlease: Isn’t it blood?
Tomorrow’s Army Chief: It started to appear little by little a while ago. That’s interesting.
It was then. The sun never set in the Wasteland of Despair, and the blue sky was always visible since there wasn’t a single cloud. However, black clouds began to appear, darkening the bright sky. They crawled above the battlefield, plunging the land into darkness. At first, they thought it was just the dark clouds, but when a large shadow fell over the middle of the battlefield, the onlookers sensed something strange.
The sounds of clashing began to calm down. When the players, who were fighting fiercely with each other, suddenly saw the shadow creeping over them, they stopped fighting and looked up to the sky.
“Something’s strange! There’s an anomaly in the air…”
Floating in the air, Lina could see the scene in more detail. It wasn’t a cloud; it was black magic.
[The madness of war has awakened Chaos from a deep sleep. The sweet blood seeping into the earth speeds up the world’s destruction.]
Miran: ???
Saltissugar: ???
TastyTuna: What is it all of a sudden?
Professor Killer: A quest?
Both the players and the viewers could see the phrase. The war halted for the moment.
[Chaos was awakened.]
[Blood and madness summon a being that should not be called.]
[The Constellations warn you to avoid him. Despair is coming.]
Black clouds obscured the sun. The sky was completely black as if a curtain had been cast over them. Just looking at the swirling black clouds was enough to cause goosebumps.
[The Main Story, Chapter 1: Awakened Chaos has begun.]
JustNow: The clouds…
Gordon: Uh…
Batman: What is that?!
The black cloud wriggled and turned into the shape of a face. Dozens, then hundreds, of huge faces appeared in the sky. Everyone closed their eyes quietly. Then, they slowly began to open them again.
The voice sounded like a mixture of thunder and a scream. The players dropped their weapons and covered their ears at the sound that tore at their eardrums. Lina, who was floating in the air, also staggered, and she almost fell. Flames poured from the eyes and mouths. The flames spread into the dark clouds and filled the sky.
The black shroud of the swirling sky and shimmering flames. The sky was burning in despair.
OneZeroZeroEight: Crazy…
Tomorrow’s Army Chief: It’s creepy.
Mr. Gauguin: Wow… I’m watching it on hologram TV, but it’s so scary.
“E-everyone, can you see this? I-it’s such a terrifying sight. What on earth is going on? I will continue to broadcast it.”
The faces embedded in the black clouds were bizarrely distorted.
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[Aah, ah, aaah!!]
They opened their mouths wide and sang a song that seemed to be in praise. The strange voices overlapped with each other, creating a gloomy melody. The voices grew louder, then became quiet in an instant.
That moment.
A huge pillar of fire descended.
It fell to the center of the battlefield, melting many of the players on the spot. Those standing around it were thrown in all directions and hit the ground. The silence had subsided, but everyone was speechless. The pillar of fire was like a door, a majestic gate surrounded by dark air currents and sparks.
A huge hand appeared through the pillar of fire. It grabbed the pillar of fire and split it apart.
The pillar of flames broke and dissipated. A huge knight walked out, flames sputtering around him.
[The Incarnation of Chaos has descended.]
[Main Quest]
Hang in there. Survive and resist.
“The Incarnation of Chaos?”
“W-what is it? Mo-monster?”
“I think it’s small compared to the raid mobs.”
The Incarnation of Chaos raised his sword. It was a long, sleek type of sword. Yet the moment he lightly lowered the blade…
Huge flames from the sword swept across players in the front. Hundreds of players disappeared in an instant, but it didn’t end there. It continued to stretch out until it cut through the hill behind it.
The large hill exploded. The players who watched the war from atop it turned to dust in an instant. The place where the flame swept away was clean as if it had been erased.
Clank! Clank!
The Incarnation of Chaos walked forward slowly. The injured players looked up at him blankly. As the Incarnation of Chaos stepped on their bodies, flames rose, and they disappeared into ash. The rest of the players faltered and retreated as the Incarnation of Chaos slowly raised his hand. His cloak made of flames swelled up and dug into the ground.
Dozens of chains made of fire soared through the ground. The chains pierced the bodies of those nearby, igniting them.
Lina could feel the intense heat even though she was in the sky. She didn’t know what to say.
Minion: Crazy, lol.
Let’s Eat Chicken: Wow, I got goosebumps.
Googoogood: Balance patch, please.
Noneformealone: Gosh…
The chat window was also struck dumb in surprise. The same was true of those who were cheering while looking at the screen.
“What happened?”
[Aa, aaaah!]
[Woo, wooooooo]
The faces in the sky worshiped him. A wicked evil no one expected appeared.
* * *
Jin-woo looked at the players with blank expressions on their faces. The Emperor of Gold and the Incarnation of Evil generously used Jin-woo’s mana. He didn’t stop them, either.
‘It’s a lot more than I planned…’
It seemed to be the influence of becoming a Great Emperor. The sky was full of weird faces, and they spit out rhymes that could only be used as background music for a horror movie. Haruring was also working hard to assist, so the effect had been maximized. This wasn’t the original planned appearance, but it didn’t matter. The purpose was to show an overwhelming appearance, after all.
‘Shall I go wild?’
Jin-woo chuckled.
When Jin-woo laughed, the sky also let out a creepy laugh. All Jin-woo’s power was in his armor. The cloak burned brilliantly according to his will. It seemed to have been strengthened even more than its original function, perhaps because of the powers it held. When he stretched out his hand, it turned into chains and wrapped around the players.
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Dozens of players were dragged toward Jin-woo. He looked over them. The moment he snapped his fingers…
Flames burst from the chains, exploding them. It wasn’t very powerful, but it was enough to get rid of low-ranking players.
“I-it’s just a boss monster! Let’s get rid of it!”
“Let’s defeat it together!”
“There are so many of us, aren’t there? Let’s beat it with numbers!”
The war was stopped by the Incarnation of Chaos. Both factions began to rush toward Jin-woo.
‘There’s so many of them.’
Jin-woo wanted to release the stress he had accumulated over the years. In a massacre! Since they were avatars, there was nothing to worry about. All he had to do was fulfill his duty as a villain. Players came at him from all directions. Jin-woo had a chat window open next to him. The reactions were more explosive than expected.
Doit: Oh, lol. What a great raid!
I’llquitmyjob: 1 vs. how many is it? LOL
TomatoTomato: But somehow, it doesn’t seem like the Incarnation of Chaos will lose.
Anyway: I think it’s the coolest character I’ve ever seen. It’s so cool.
Jin-woo felt pleased. He was a villain, so it was sublimated into his style even when he did something vicious. Jin-woo swung his sword. The players’ bodies rushing from all directions stopped as if they were caught in a spider’s web. As he slowly brushed off his sword, flames rose from his eyes and mouth before exploding.
He tore, cut, and burst everything apart. When hundreds of players were slain, it felt like his stress was relieved. Jin-woo was tenacious and vicious. As if tearing off the wings of a bug, he didn’t kill most but only injured them. He thrust his sword lightly as if savoring them slowly. He was showing the wickedness of Chaos.
Harmonica: What a truly burning charisma.
I’m curious: Kyaa! Just kill them all!
PCReport: It’s just freaking awesome! LOL, but it’s also cool.
Crazy Demon ran at him. Drawing an afterimage behind him, he stretched out his fist towards Jin-woo.
Jin-woo’s hand lightly grabbed Crazy Demon’s fist.
‘Sword Master…’
He was fine now, but he gave Jin-woo quite a bit of stress in the past. Jin-woo squeezed his fist tightly.
Bang! Bang!
“Kugh! Ugh!”
He tossed Crazy Demon to the ground, feeling refreshed.
“I should’ve done it earlier.”‘
Was it because he did something evil? His mind became so clear.
‘Should I slowly move onto the next level?’
Jin-woo raised his sword. Then, he slammed it down.
Flames soared up, and the ground began to tremble.
* * *
When the war broke out, G&P New World Game Company developers stopped what they were doing and gathered in the conference room. They looked at the battlefield through the hologram TV.
“People must be surprised, right?”
“Definitely! The Incarnation of Chaos suddenly appears! Kyaa, I’m looking forward to it.”
“Finally, the boss monster we designed is coming out!”
The developers couldn’t hide their excitement. There would be a surprise show that would surprise people around the world soon! Yet, it was when the Incarnation of Chaos descended as planned…
“Is there such a thing?”
The developers were greatly surprised by the clouds that colored the sky black. The moment the pillar of fire fell to the ground, they were speechless. When the one-sided massacre began, their expressions became blank. They were astonished to see that it also split the ground.
“What is that?!”
“I-i-i-is that possible!?”
The developers who planned the main scenario were more surprised than the viewers.
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