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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 124

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Chapter 124
35. Constellation (3)
Jin-woo’s mind went blank, but he barely returned to his senses. He didn’t understand what he was looking at. Elonti was definitely about Elves and Orcs, so why did it become like that? He couldn’t even imagine that those who belonged to Elonti would look like that. It might fit the Orcs, but elves were forest fairies.
‘It is close to wildlife, but…’
The problem was that it seemed too wild. In other words, it was very scary. Jin-woo could see that the Demon Realm followers and Bread Jam were nervous. Even in his eyes, the Elonti warriors seemed impossible to talk to. Their eyes were filled with only madness.
“Let’s sprinkle their blood to form a forest! Their blood and flesh will nourish the Forest!”
“For Elonti!”
Not Doing It: Crazy, they’re scary, LOL.
VillageForeman: Hurry up and run away.
Thangur: Wow, so disgusting. There’s a reason why I’m saying they’re disgusting.
Check Pack: They are all freaks. Actually, they do that just because they want to wear underwear. Oh, disgusting.
The Elonti warriors began to charge from the top of the hill. All of them had a fairly high rank, and their physical abilities were focused on strength. Small rocks were blocking the way, but…
Bang-bang! Bang!
The Elonti warriors never stepped down. They charged and crushed everything that stood in their way. That was the will of the Forest! They were so fast that their opponents couldn’t escape.
Salary Waiver: Huh? Isn’t that Man of Two-Handed Swords? Why did he become like that?
Black Shoes: He was once a decent scholar, but now he’s just the head of the Panty Troupe… the forest buff drove him crazy.
If it was about the most famous player among the Elonti warriors, it must be the front-runner. A warrior with two-handed swords. The Man of Two-Handed Swords was the first to start making money with The Maze: New World. He was now famous in a different sense.
Deathside of Doom’s face was now contemplating what to do. The madness she exuded was too ordinary compared to the Elonti warriors.
Han Young-ta: Doom Big Sis, now that I see you, you’re a great beauty.
TrotTrot: The mystery of the brain.
She wore bizarre make-up, but now she looked pretty. She quickly gathered all her mana.
The purple energy in her scythe vibrated as if it was about to explode. Deathside of Doom swung her scythe towards the Man of Two-Handed Swords. The purple energy emanated and crashed into his body. It was a skill called the Crescent of Despair that she received from her Constellation.
Along with the sound of an explosion, thick smoke billowed out. The Demon Realm followers looked at the smoke.
“Deathside of Doom… no one could survive that attack head-on.”
“Fufu, did she get rid of him?”
Did their comments become curses? The Man of Two-Handed Swords appeared through the thick purple smoke. Although there were wounds on his upper body, it couldn’t stop his charge. His muscles twitched, and his veins protruded strangely.
“No one can stop the Forest! For Elonti!”
A roar echoed through the meadow. The Deathside of Doom collided with the Man of Two-Handed Swords.
Her body was folded in half and bounced off upward. The Demon Realm followers fired magic or attacked with their weapons, but they couldn’t stop him. He smiled and pulled out the blade stuck in his skin, and he smeared the blood on his face.
“If only I had enough mana, these bastards would be…!”
“Fufu! It makes me angry. If only tonight were a full moon…!”
The surviving Demon Realm followers tried to escape, but it was useless. Even in the midst of that, they didn’t lose their concepts until the end. It was enough to impress Jin-woo. A spear flew through the air and was stuck in a Demon Realm follower’s waist.
The Demon Realm follower’s body fell forward. An Elonti warrior strode forward and grabbed his leg, and began to drag him along. The Demon Realm follower grabbed the ground with both hands and tried to hold on, but it was useless. There were long marks on the floor. His eyes met with Bread Jam’s, which had frozen. He stretched out his hand as if asking for help, but he couldn’t reach it.
Bread Jam faltered and retreated, then he fell backward.
The Wild Age: It’s fun. ChickJam.
BladderWeakness: He’s going to pee himself.
Getto: Those disgusting foresters. As expected, they have no mercy.
Apocalypse: Is this a game? Lee Jin-woo, you must have released the madness of the earthlings.
The Demon Realm followers were captured. They were seriously injured and unable to move, but they were still alive. The Elonti warriors who had stopped advancing raised their hands and cried out for victory.
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“We are Elonti!”
“Those who go against nature, look carefully!”
Was that Elonti? Jin-woo seriously thought about it.
Anhai: Bread Jam, run away!
Sunset Man: If you get caught, you’ll die.
Line Art: It looks like they’re already behind you.
Bread Jam tried to run away. He couldn’t even handle Deathside of Doom, so there was no way he could deal with those crazy foresters. He tried to run away, but it was useless. An Elonti Warrior quickly threw a rope and tied his legs together.
[Golden Giant (Ariel, Middle-World) expresses her condolences. She hopes to see you again next time.]
Sunset Man: Even the Constellation is leaving, lol.
WildEra: He’s screwed. But, it’s indeed terrifying. I don’t think even a gangster would be like that.
The Demon Realm followers and Bread Jam were captured and forced to kneel. The Elonti warriors surrounded them, some of whom took out their shovels and started digging skillfully. The Man of Two-Handed Swords lowered his weapons and raised his hands reverently to the sky.
“Forest’s Fang. We offer you sacrifices. Please accept those filthy people into the land and grant us the power of the forest!”
The Elonti warriors smeared blood on their faces and bodies, and they drew along the marks engraved on their bodies.
[Forest’s Fang (Gallock, Elonti) is satisfied with the sacrifice.]
[The Dark Shadow (Delu, Elonti) is satisfied with their warrior-like appearance.]
[The Great Emperor of Golden (The Ruler of the Dimensions) sighs. It has a lot of meanings.]
Hajimen: Wow, but they’re really into it. It seems like a different game. They’re playing different games on their own.
Ramen is French: Look at the savage cosplay, lol. It’s disgusting.
Luxury Watch: Look at their eyes. So scary. Can they live their daily lives like that?
The Man of Two-Handed Swords quietly pulled out a dagger. It looked like a branch with a blade attached. They were executed one after another and buried in the ground. The Man of Two-Handed Swords looked at Bread Jam next, who was trembling.
Bread Jam knew it was a game, but he was very scared. Wriggling muscles, blood oozing from wounds, and even red engraved patterns all over his body. The Demon Realm followers looked rather cute by comparison.
“H-Hey, l-let’s talk, okay? Yep, I’m Bread Jam. Bread Jam TV’s Bread Jam! You know me, right? I am quite famous.”
The Man of Two-Handed Swords looked at Bread Jam.
“Weak Middle World bastard… it’s a shame for a warrior to beg for his life.”
“You seem to be too immersed in your role… you’re Korean, right? We’re both Koreans, right? Right?”
“I am an Elonti warrior. I sprinkle blood and grow the forest.”
Bread Jam looked at the Elonti warriors. The conversation didn’t work. It certainly looked fun, but it was hell for the victims.
[The Forest’s Fang bow to the Great Emperor in bewilderment.]
[The Dark Shadow asks politely. She asks if he’s a human being blessed by the Great Emperor.]
Jin-woo looked at the screen and shook his head.
[The Great Emperor of Gold is enjoying himself. He tells them not to worry about it and do as they please.]
[The Dark Shadow leaves the decision to the Man of Two-Handed Swords. She hopes he will do something that will please the Great Emperor.]
[The Forest’s Fang looks forward to it.]
The Man of Two-Handed Swords thought for a moment, then he nodded.
“I’ll spare your life.”
“T-thank you. If you come to Bread Jam TV, I will give you a subscription as a gift!”
“Should I show a reaction? S-starting today, you’re…”
The Man of Two-Handed Swords looked at an Elonti Warrior, and they dragged Bread Jam forward and put him into the pit.
“Uugh! Wh-what’s wrong with you? You said you’d spare my life!”
“I didn’t say I wouldn’t bury you in the ground.”
“H-huh, w-what the hell…!”
Bread Jam couldn’t hide his emotions. He stared blankly with his mouth open.
“Hey, you disgusting bastards! Are you still humans? You should also cosplay in moderation!”
“We are not humans.”
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The Man of Two-Handed Swords put on a serious expression.
“We’re the warriors of the Forest.”
The Elonti warriors shouted at what the Man of Two-Handed Swords said.
Bread Jam gave up his resistance.
Cookie Chips: Those disgusting bastards, they’re vicious, lol.
Lanto: Buried alive, huh…
Potato Flavored Candy: They’re crazy. Those disgusting foresters. There’s a reason why we don’t get along.
Jin-woo watched Bread Jam be buried alive. It wouldn’t be painful because it was an avatar, but the scene was very brutal. Still, Bread Jam was a professional broadcaster.
‘Bread Jam? Buried alive?! A Great Crisis!’
Over time, the topic had already changed. The response was also quite good. The viewers were about to die of fun. Seriously, who was broadcasting being buried alive? Jin-woo nodded. He wouldn’t mind helping out a little. He looked around and found a teaspoon on a plate.
[The Great Emperor of Gold grants you an escape tool. Bow your head at his mercy.]
A teaspoon was placed in Bread Jam’s mouth.
AiS.E.K: Huh, LOL.
Value: The Great Emperor has good sense, LOL.
BubbleBubble: He’s so mean. It’s not even a spoon, but a teaspoon.
Kimuchi: I think he can live if he works hard.
Elonti warriors buried the avatars and began to plant seeds on them. Then the sprouts bloomed at a rapid pace. The dungeon they occupied was growing increasingly full of trees.
Soil filled over Bread Jam. He swung the teaspoon around, but there was no way he could escape. Bread Jam’s desperate appearance was immediately uploaded and became a hot-topic video. When Bread Jam was completely buried, there was a moment of silence.
The Elonti warriors took out clothes and wiped their faces.
“We did a great job today.”
“Let’s go to the next place.”
“Was I doing okay just now?”
“Yeah, I think you just need to adjust the lines a little bit more. Ah! My wife is calling… I’m leaving first.”
They suddenly became normal people. After chatting like that, they moved on to the next place.
Jin-woo quietly turned off the screen. Should it be considered a side effect? Still, as the Constellations intervened, the dungeon attack accelerated, so it seemed like it wouldn’t matter if he left it alone.
* * *
Of course, the emergence of the Great Emperor became a hot topic. There was a Constellation analysis article on the Maze Net, and there was information about the Constellations and their minions written there. It was explained that the Great Emperor of Gold who appeared in Bread Jam’s broadcast was an inaccessible existence.
[The Great Emperor of Gold (The Ruler of Dimensions)]
The Ruler of the Dimensions, the Owner of the Constellations. Seeing all the arrogant Constellations frightened or treating him with courtesy, he was like the Final King of The Maze: New World universe. He seems to be interested in the players. A relatively gentleman-like personality that rewards you if you treat him with respect. He was so generous that he sprinkled dimensional gold coins and high-end items casually.
*Evaluation: Unable to measure
‘Must be worshiped unconditionally!’
[Golden Giant (Middle-World)]
If this Constellation shows interest in you, run away. She gives only the ability to grow about 3cm taller and increase your durability a little. In addition, she uses her power as bait to rip off your dimensional gold coins.
Bread Jam was about to lose 400,000 won. She was even more dangerous because no malice could be felt from her.
*Rating: 1/5
‘Avoid it unconditionally. Be careful as she deceives you with plausible remarks!’
[Empress of Flaws (Demon Realm)]
Because of her simple personality, she is easy to treat, and you can acquire great dark magic.
False Dark Magic is not sham. It is high-level magic that destroys the mind. The curse that destroys the opponent’s hair root, the curse that causes bad breath and dark odor, the curse that causes a continuously runny nose… are all wickedness itself.
It’s also very good for intimidation.
*Evaluation: 4.3/5
‘The best curse magic. There couldn’t be more powerful than this. However, she is unique because she has a tricky style for choosing players.’
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continued to be written down, and this ‘Bread Jam incident’ heated the Maze Net. Since the bald incident, players kept each other in check, but they burst after the Bread Jam incident. There was a debate on the bulletin board.
Title: Look at Those Disgusting Foresters
Written by: Tickling Feet Soles
The heart of our Demon Realm is black, and our tears are hot. Have you ever shed such tears, Disgusting Foresters? Our tears are cold tears of revenge that will cool even the sun.
We declare war. There is no mercy. Our mana becomes a flame. Our power will become a comet and trample the forest of blood. We will repay blood with blood and slaughter with slaughter. Trees become ashes when they are burned. However, the flames of demons do not leave even ashes.
See clearly what true destruction is. Do not surrender. You will be so sad, after all.
Comments: 783,450
Kun-Kun: This cringy feeling! As expected, this is the taste of the Demon Realm!
Black Wings: Long live the Demon Realm! These foresters are going too far. Teach them a true lesson, go, go.
Endurance Man: We sell healing potions. We deliver anywhere.
└Han PD: You Earth bastards are the worst. You scammers. You charge about three times as much in the dungeon.
└Black Wings: Agreed. You’re incredibly good at acting. Scammers. You guys are next after the foresters.
└I’llbethehealer: Heaven is weaker.
The Demon Realm declared war first. All the players who were Demon Realm followers joined one by one and gradually became a huge army. It soon reached the point where it couldn’t be stopped.
Elonti, who was quietly working, also sent a reply.
Title: Dirty Crow.
Written by: The Man of Two-Handed Swords
Even if a crow runs wild, it is just a bird. After all, it is just manure to be sown on the ground.
Bring it on. The Forest is always there.
Comments: 644,332
MuscletheBest: For Elonti!
You’re My Manure: It’s a bloody war!
Pacifist: Wow, is it a war? It was said that 100,000 people from Demon Realm had already gathered. It’s going to be so much fun.
More and more people gathered from Elonti. As a result of the situation, players from other teams, warily stuck in the middle, began to compete for profit. Until now, The Maze: New World had prepared the events, but this time it was different. It was a war made by the players.
Jin-Woo, who came back after taking care of things for a while in the Middle World, was aiming to go on a break. He sealed the room because things kept happening even though he had entered the room in his sweatshirt. He even told Yoo-na not to interfere unless it was a situation that would destroy the world.
It was a free day after a long time. Jin-woo lay on the sofa and turned on the TV. He watched with a blank expression.
“It’s news.”
Just in time, the news was on. It was the moment he was going to change the channel.
[These days, the talks about The Maze: New World have been a hot topic. It is a proud domestic game that is evaluated as a culture that will lead the world beyond games. However, it is said that the atmosphere online and offline is unusual. Reporter Kim Jang-woon reports.]
Jin-woo, who was lying down, got up at the announcer’s comment.
[On a leisurely afternoon, the atmosphere of a middle school in Seoul is very serious. Everyone is looking at their smartphones and concentrating on something.]
The reporter’s slightly stern voice was heard. The screen showed a middle school, the clock indicated that it was lunchtime, but the students sat still and looked at their smartphones.
[What are you looking at?]
[It’s a broadcast. A war is about to break out now.]
[War? Are you participating?]
[I can’t because it’s only for users older than 19 years old. I’m going to cheer for them.]
The student’s voice played.
[This is because of the large-scale war that is a hot topic in The Maze: New World. At this school, the atmosphere is so hot that even discussion classes are being held.]
A discussion moderator came out. They were having a serious discussion about war and even talked about who held justice and what the cause was. If you just listened to the story, it seemed to be a lesson in its way, but the problem was that it was about The Maze: New World. An elderly teacher appeared.
[It is very educational. The process of the clash between civilizations, the lesson that war starts from often trivial things…]
The screen had changed to display an airport.
[Foreign tourists are also coming to Korea to enjoy the live hologram of the war that may break out anytime. The number of tourists is breaking the highest record every month.]
A group of tourists was seen wearing T-shirts with The Maze: New World written on them. The screen changed and showed the streets of Seoul. People in The Maze: New World costumes were holding placards and handing out papers.
[The online war clouds are affecting offline as well. People are also suffering a war of nerves with each other.]
[Dirty crows…]
[The disgusting foresters…]
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Jin-woo facepalmed at those passages.
[The First Forest-Demon Realm War, which is expected to break out with at least hundreds of thousands of people, is becoming a festival as it attracts the attention of many people in Korea and abroad. The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to rent the hologram TV at Gwanghwamun Square on the day of the war to provide citizens with a pleasant viewing. I’m Kim Jang-woon from SBC News.]
He didn’t seem to hear it wrong. Jin-woo had no choice but to stare blankly at the TV.
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