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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 123

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Chapter 123
35. Constellation (2)
Constellations. It was a term referring to the transcendent beings that appeared in the Maze: New World. The Constellations that appeared without a word completely changed the atmosphere of the game. Those chosen by the Constellations gained transcendent power and were able to clear dungeons with ease. The Constellations rewarded players the more loyalty they had and the more they gave the Constellations pleasure. Thanks to this, players could freely express their hidden desires and emotions.
The higher the achievement, the more likely players were to be chosen by the Constellations. And, if they built a good relationship with the Constellations, they were more likely to be re-selected after death, so players worked hard for them. The Maze: New World’s large community site, Maze Net, instantly boasted the No. 1 access rate. This was because not only domestic players but players from around the world flocked to it. Since G&P managed the server, it didn’t slow down even when crowded.
Moreover, the recently announced G&P real-time translation system was applied so that they could talk freely. The Maze: New World had no language barriers as all avatars could communicate with each other. There was some awkwardness in the accent, but it wasn’t too much of a bother. Of course, in the Maze Net, the topic about the Constellations was hot.
Title: Search For the Disgusting Bastards from the Demon Realm.
Written by: Place&Number
These bastards from the Demon Realm. Shit, give me back my hair. I’ll kill all of you.
[My Hair Is Gone.jpg]
Seriously, you’re disgusting. If you wanted to get rid of my hair, you should have either removed it all or not left only the sideburns.
What kind of power is that? Get ready to die if I see any Demon Realm bastards from today on. If you get an arrow stuck in your head, just know that it is me.
White Wings: LOL Crazy, LOL. It’s funny. They moved all your hair to sideburns, LOL. What long hair.
Zone Synergy: Are you from Heaven? Sorry to hear that.
└Place&Number (Author): I am Elonti.
└Zone Synergy: I take it back. You disgusting forester. It turned out well. LOL.
└Place&Number (Author): Shit… Why are you doing this just because I’m an Elonti?
└Zone Synergy: Be quiet because it’s disgusting.
Deathside of Doom: Long live the Demon Realm. You disgusting forester.
Black Prince: LOL, grow it again. That’s probably a constellation skill, so your hair won’t grow back.
The degree of freedom of the Maze: New World was the same as in reality. Of course, PK was also allowed. It was no exaggeration to say that players created the world except for dungeons. As the number of players belonging to the Constellations increased, wars broke out every day. The Constellations wanted to occupy the dungeon and make it their territory. Thanks to this, the current lowest floor was divided by faction.
Title: Guys, I started yesterday…
I’m done with the basic operation. Where should I go for the next dungeon?
Welcome: Come to the Black Village and get portal stone support.
I’m Newbie: Black Village is nothing special. Green Village is better.
Addict: Don’t believe the dirty crows and foresters. Come to the Middle Village. Our Constellations are kind.
Long live the Earth: These traitor bastards, aren’t you supposed to choose Earth if you’re human? Seriously disgusting.
The Constellations opened their eyes wide and searched for talent. That’s why they hated killing players that didn’t belong anywhere. Rather, those who didn’t belong were protected. Jin-woo improved the system a little more. Se-yeon had no time to rest due also had to review it constantly since his subordinates were directly involved.
The scope of the Constellations’ interference was increased a little, and the quest function was added. The latest version of the Constellation Bracelet was delivered to Jin-woo.
‘I need to test it out.’
Having tested it as an avatar, he decided to become a Constellation himself. He would use all the functions and provide support to all the Constellations right away if there was no problem. When he put on the bracelet and entered his name, a nickname was automatically determined.
[The Owner of the Constellations, the Great Emperor of Gold (The Ruler of the Dimension), has been registered in the Maze: New World.]
[All functions are available.]
Jin-woo could see the situation inside the game. He was able to watch it as if he was watching a live stream, and he was able to freely change the point of view. He could watch with vivid image quality, so it was fun to observe.
When approaching an interesting player, the Constellation’s intention was automatically delivered. In addition, Constellation was able to directly participate in the player’s broadcast. Se-yeon expressed her thoughts, and she said that there was a great synergy effect. Jin-woo found Bread Jam TV while looking at the broadcast list. The number of viewers exceeded 30,000, but it was low compared to normal. Only his loyal viewers remained due to his frequent deaths.
The list of Constellations was also visible. Several Constellations and minions were watching the Bread Jam’s broadcast. Jin-woo also entered. As he entered, a large message appeared in the chat room.
[The Great Emperor of Gold (The Ruler of the Dimension), the Owner of the Constellations, came directly to this surprisingly humble room. Everyone, please worship him.]
As expected, the Golden Power was working properly.
Let’s Eat: Oh my.
Firmly: Did it say the Owner of the Constellations?
MelonRice: Oh, LOL. Awesome!
Chocoboy: My name is Chocoboy. Great Emperor! I love you! Please bless me! I’m better than Bread Jam.
The chat room exploded. Bread Jam was greatly embarrassed. He was nervous even when just the Constellations were watching, but now an existence called the Owner of the Constellations had appeared.
Bread Jam gulped.
[The Golden Giant (Middle-World, Ariel) worships the Great Emperor of Gold. She urges Bread Jam to kneel.]
[The Golden Minions bow their heads to the Great Emperor of Gold (The Ruler of the Dimensions). They are contemplating whether to curse Bread Jam, who is arrogantly keeping his head upward.]
Bread Jam quickly fell to his knees. No, he did more than that. He banged his head on the ground and did a headstand.
“I’m greeting you! Great Emperor of Gold! My name is Bread Jam, and I’m doing a small-scale live-stream!”
Great: Ugh! This friend knows manners.
Middle-WorldtheBest: Gosh… the Ruler of Dimensions. His class is crazy.
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Let’s Eat Jam: Lol. Will the Great Emperor like him?
King Dumplings: LOL, Bread Jam, LOL. He’s quick-witted
Jin-woo looked at the excessively polite Bread Jam. He somehow felt happy about it. These days, the Constellations were almost crazy about the New World. They also frequently appeared on the live streams. Jin-woo understood that feeling.
[The Great Emperor of Gold is satisfied. He thinks you know your manners.]
“Yes! Thank you! When it comes to manners, it should be me, Bread Jam!”
Bread Jam bowed. Jin-woo would normally find it burdensome, but he didn’t feel so bad as he looked over the screen.
‘There was also a sponsorship function.’
It was possible to pay directly through the bracelet. Jin-woo put a Rank E+ item and some dimensional gold coins on the screen.
[The Great Emperor of Gold grants Bread Jam an item and dimensional gold coins.]
*[E+] Shining Gauntlets
A gauntlet crafted in the Middle World. Increases power rank by two levels.
*100G (Dimensional Gold Coins)
A golden light appeared in Bread Jam, and a gauntlet and a pouch containing dimensional gold coins appeared.
Goffy: Wow, the Great Emperor is so generous.
Tanker Archer: Isn’t he the first to get dimensional gold coins? He just gave Bread Jam 1 million won, LOL. It’s the Great Emperor’s class.
Sword&Shield: The power rank increases by two levels? Wow, it’s a cheat item.
Good Chicken: Great Emperor! I’m Good Chicken! I’m confident that I’ll serve you well!
The sponsorship function was working very well.
“Huuuh! The Great Emperor of Gold, t-this support item! And thank you so much for the dimensional gold coins. I’ll make sure to work hard! I’m sure of it! I will satisfy you, Great Emperor of Gold! Once again, thank you! Oh! And those who promote their IDs in my room, I’ll ban all of them.”
Bread Jam said thank you over and over again. Indeed, it was understandable that the Constellations were addicted to it. There were even Constellations that worked hard from the beginning to find players that suited their taste. Jin-woo decided to watch Bread Jam’s broadcast while testing the function of the bracelet.
[The Great Emperor of Gold is interested. Please work hard.]
[The Bloody Dragon (Arcana, Middle-World) has come to greet the Great Emperor of Gold. If you fail to satisfy the Great Emperor, you may be cursed.]
UseFrenchinFrench: Bloody Dragon? Isn’t she almost the top of the Middle World Constellations?
Na Min-soo: That’s right. Wow, I can’t believe she is here to greet the Great Emperor.
Cookie Chip: Lol. It’s a big deal that Bread Jam’s content went down.
“T-then today I’m going to explore the Neutral Zone dungeon! I will teach all the bullies a true lesson!”
Bread Jam went too far.
‘I have to show them!’
This was an opportunity! Not long ago, he was chosen by the Constellation and barely recovered his 30,000 viewers. What if the Great Emperor was also with him?
‘One million won’t be a problem.’
Bread Jam thought so. The E-Rank climbers had been in dispute over the dungeon for a long time. In particular, the competition for the dungeon with an open field was fierce. The dungeons that were competed for were called Dispute Dungeons or Neutral Zones. Bread Jam was a player belonging to the Middle World. His relationship with Heaven was relatively good, and the relationship with the Demon Realm wasn’t at all. He clashed with the Earth strangely often, and Elonti should have been out of the question.
Jin-woo became interested. He was curious how the players chosen by the Constellations fought. Bread Jam headed to the E-ranked open field dungeon belonging to the Neutral Zones. It was said to be a place where good material items come out, and power struggles often occurred.
Jin-woo watched Bread Jam moving to the dungeon. It was said that the dungeons, open fields, and directing continued to receive favorable reviews as the Magical Girls worked hard, so Jin-woo kept an eye out for it.
Bread Jam carefully entered the E-ranked dungeon. The open field in the dungeon was worth looking at. It was a wide meadow, but the monsters weren’t that strong.
‘The scenery is quite nice.’
The scenery was beautiful even to Jin-woo thanks to Haruring’s hard work. Bread Jam moved carefully. He must not let his guard down in the Neutral Zone. Otherwise, he could die in an instant.
“Everyone, this is the Neutral Zone. Beginners, please don’t carelessly come here. You will be killed.”
Cookie Chips: Bread Jam is so scared.
Minion: If you die this time, it will be your 21st. You have no talent in this game.
JamFood: It’s disgraceful since the Great Emperor is watching too, Bread Jam.
Entering the Neutral Zone alone like Bread Jam was suicide. After all, there were a lot of players who went crazy.
“Huh? I see dirty crows over there. Ah, Shit! I-I got caught.”
Mind Map: As expected of Bread Jam, LOL.
Ground Boat: No luck, no skill.
Bread Jam was caught by followers of the Demon Realm who were wandering around. As soon as they found him, they sprinted frantically closer. From the point of view of Jin-woo, who was watching, it was interesting.
‘I’ll have to test the quest too.’
The Constellation could proceed with a quest through the Constellation Bracelet. When it was connected to a live stream, the quest contents appeared in the chat window. It was a great interlocking function.
[The Great Emperor of Gold is excited. Survive somehow. A great reward may be waiting.]
*[Constellation Quest] Survive.
Reward: Dimensional Gold Coins and Premium Items
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Lizard: Oh! Look at the Great Emperor’s kindness.
White Angel: Bread Jam, this is your chance!
Cola Cider: Run away!
Bread Jam also clenched his fists. He succeeded in drawing the Great Emperor’s interest. However, the problem was those crows.
“Kee, Khekekeke!”
“Cuckookooo. It smells like a weak Middle World bastard.”
“Fuh-fufufuf. I will make you prey!”
Jin-woo was speechless while looking at the players belonging to the Demon Realm. They were playing the role of demon followers very faithfully. As the Constellations saw and liked it, they naturally acted like that and grew used to it. Of course, it was also fun. Everyone was wearing a black robe and had a unique appearance, looking like monsters rather than players.
To be honest, it was one step ahead of the demons. Jin-woo was able to naturally check the intervention of the other Constellations through his bracelet. The same was true of the other Constellations.
[The Gloomy Darkness (Gallord, Demon Realm) is watching Bread Jam. Oh!? Great Emperor? What are you doing in such a shabby place? The Gloomy Darkness froze in surprise. The other Constellations are also nervous.]
[The Great Emperor enjoys himself, so don’t worry about it and tell them to attack.]
Constellation Boss: Oh, LOL, the Constellations were intimidated.
HeadingtotheEndofSky: Awesome, LOL.
PorridgeAroma: Enjoy the attack.
Not all Constellations were like that, but most of them were arrogant and selfish. It was inevitable to be a hot topic as such a Constellation bowed very humbly to another. The number of viewers was rising rapidly as Bread Jam’s situation was shared on the Maze Net.
“Hehehe! I’ll kill you!”
“I’ll let you eat lunch in hell today!”
The followers of the Demon Realm cast dark magic. There was also a female player who drew out a huge scythe and flapped her tongue. All of them boasted a great level of immersion. No, this was enough to worry about their social life in real life.
“Dirty crows!”
Bread Jam clenched his teeth and ran. He avoided the dark magic attacks and took a breather, hiding behind a large rock.
Not You: Did he succeed in escaping?
KibbitzMania: Bread Jam! Use your powers!
Smiley: LOL, he’s going to die again. Beat him.
“Ah! You know my powers, right?”
The power that Bread Jam received from the Golden Giant. It was the ability to grow a little taller for 30 minutes and increase his durability rank by one level.
“Slurp! Here you are.”
Bread Jam looked up. The woman with a scythe was looking at Bread Jam from the top of the rock. She drooled as she licked her lips with a snake-like tongue.
Purple light exploded out, and the rock split in two. Bread Jam screamed and rolled forward. The place where he hid earlier was hollowed out.
“Keehehehehe! Fall to despair!”
“Oi, oi, that Deathside of Doom guy is doing quite a bit, isn’t she?”
“Fufufu! Blood turns her on.”
The Demon Realm followers each took a pose and said so.
Cookie Chip: LOL. As expected, Demon Realm people are not normal.
MazetheBest: But it must be so much fun.
AngelBeeeessst: Yes. It’s fun to do. LOL. Everyone changes like that when they join the Demon Realm. Nothing we can do about it.
Jin-woo nodded as he watched the scene. The Land of Healing was turned into the Land of Killing, but that was still a normal category. Bread Jam’s back was cut, and blood gushed out.
Bread Jam crawled on the floor and tried to run away, but a scythe hit him on the shoulder.
Blood came out when the blade was pulled out. Deathside of Doom licked the blood on the blade and let out a grim laugh.
“Fufu, leave my share, too!”
“Oh, dear. We can’t stop her from getting excited.”
“I will also taste the blood.”
The followers of Demon Realm threw out their lines skillfully. Bread Jam’s expression was colored with despair as a huge blade touched his neck.
“Fu-fufufu. I’m a merciful person. I will spare you if you betray Middle World. Come on! Beg for your life!”
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“Ugh… kill me.”
[The Golden Giant admires Bread Jam’s courage. He will give him 300C for funeral expenses.]
Symbol of Peace: Oh, 300 coins. LOL.
As Expected: It can’t even buy a potion. Ah, he doesn’t even need it since he will fall backward.
Escape the Earth: Middle World is so weak. It’s also the worst, lol.
[The Great Emperor of Gold is disappointed, but he thinks it was a pretty good view. He gives 20G (dimensional gold coins) as compensation.]
The praise continued for the Great Emperor of Gold in the chat room when Jin-woo gave him dimensional gold coins. It was when Deathside of Doom smiled grimly and tried to cut Bread Jam’s head off with her scythe.
Suddenly a horn sounded. Deathside of Doom looked back in surprise alongside her companions.
“This sound…?”
“Those disgusting foresters…”
“Fufu! How dare they interfere with my slaughter…”
A spear cut through the air at great speed. Deathside of Doom rolled to the floor, managing to avoid it. A shadow was formed over the hill, shimmering black in the sunlight. Bread Jam barely turned and looked over the hill.
“H-huh! Crazy!”
Bread Jam was very embarrassed. He looked much more desperate than when the Demon Realm followers attacked him. A voice came from above the hill.
“Those who blasphemed the Forest, you will be punished by heaven.”
Slowly, their appearances were revealed. There seemed to be over twenty of them. All of them were revealing themselves, wearing only black swimsuits. Although there was a partial armor covering the vital points, it was a very small area. The green cloaks they wore were impressive, however.
‘What is it?’
Jin-woo also observed them.
[The Forest’s Fang (Gallock, Elonti) are excited about the upcoming battle. Kill them all.]
[The Dark Shadow (Delu, Elonti) look at the dirty crows and laugh. Show them the power of Elonti warriors.]
They belonged to Elonti. The Demon Realm followers frowned and raised their weapons.
“Those disgusting foresters!”
The Elonti warriors raised their spears.
“Dirty crows and weak Middle World bastards. Let’s dedicate all of them to the wealth of the Forest! To those who defy the Forest!”
“Death! A cruel death!”
“Uwoooogh! Let’s grind them and use them as manure!”
“For the Forest!”
Bread Jam stood up in a hurry.
“Hey, everyone, it’s a big deal. It’s those disgusting foresters!”
Wordman: Ugh, LOL. No way Bread Jam dies beautifully.
Original: Those disgusting foresters. Seriously, they’re disgusting.
My Brain Cells: Look at the hair on their chest. LOL. It’s a jungle.
Starlight Spear: Conversation is impossible. They’re only crazy about planting trees.
BeefTartareLunchbox: Wow, damn it, they’re so damn scary. Are they even people?
Deathside of Doom took a potion from her subspace and handed it to Bread Jam. Bread Jam received the potion and applied it to his wounds.
“Hey, you, can you do it?”
“I can’t be humiliated by these disgusting foresters.”
“Fufu, this weak Middle World bastard is good at talking.”
Jin-woo didn’t understand that situation well. Suddenly, Bread Jam and the Demon Realm followers were on the same side. Jin-woo tilted his head and looked at the information of the Elonti warriors.
[E+] Power of the Wildness
‘A true Forest Warrior wears no armor.’
‘Strategy and tactics are used only by weak people.’
The power bestowed by the Constellation Forest’s Fang. As the number of exposed areas increases, the skin becomes tougher, and durability increases. A simple charge raises the attack rank. The more the body is soaked in the enemy’s blood, the more their wound will heal.
[E+] Power of Dark Forest
The power bestowed by the Constellation Dark Shadow You can receive a lot of experience by burying an opponent’s avatar in the ground and planting trees.
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Warriors who indiscriminately slaughter their opponents wearing only underwear, using avatars as manure, appeared here.
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