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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 121

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Chapter 121
34. Healing
When the nightmare was shattered, reality flooded in. When Jin-woo ordered the monsters to return, they all went back to the dungeon. There were so many of them that the Maze felt bloated, but Arorong worked hard to disassemble the monsters. Disassembling was as difficult as making them. In the end, Arorong had to work non-stop. The dungeons in the Valley of Erosion were also going to be slowly recovered.
Jin-woo then returned to the central control room. When he arrived, Se-yeon jumped up to greet him. Her eyes were half turned. It was because she watched everything from the central control room, so she also saw Jin-woo put the Emperor of Nightmares in the subspace. Her desire for research dominated reason. It was like seeing a zombie.
“Sir… hurry… hurry…”
Of course, there were other reasons as well.
“T-this time, please put it on Haruring… argh…”
There was Magical Girl Haruring in Se-yeon’s hand. Haruring was said to be in a team with Arorong. If Arorong was pink, Haruring was blue. Se-yeon let out a gloomy laugh. She was a little scary. Yoo-na, who was watching nearby, quietly put her to sleep.
“…She’s resting for now.”
“Good job.”
Yoo-na gently injected her mana into Se-yeon’s body to induce her to sleep, and she collapsed right away. Although she said she had Arorong’s fatigue recovery magic, it wasn’t heal-all magic. Se-yeon was sleeping with a smile on her face.
“Sir… fu, fufufu…”
Jin-woo didn’t wonder what she was dreaming of. Yoo-na laid Se-yeon down in her room, briefly admiring Jin-woo’s poster in Se-yeon’s room. It was a picture released as a premium limited edition, and she had all the photobooks released as well.
“There is also your figure, Young Master.”
“Ah… so there was something like that?”
“Yeah, it looks like it’s been repainted. That’s a lot of effort. I’d like one, too.
Yoo-na said so with a serious look on her face. When Jin-woo glanced over, he saw himself in a Knight’s outfit. It was very well made. Jin-woo took out the Emperor of Nightmare from the subspace. It was in the shape of a swollen face.
“Uh, huuh…”
It couldn’t even speak properly. The True Nature of Nightmare was a great weakness. Jin-woo raised his Golden Power. It was similar to Arorong, the Emperor of Gold hated ugliness.
[The Golden Power dwells in the True Nature of Nightmare.]
[The Golden Power does not tolerate ugliness.]
A golden flame ignited in the True Nature of Nightmare and completely melted it away. It became a soul, just like how Arorong did. Now it was time to set up the main body. Jin-woo planned on entrusting it to Se-yeon, so he thought it would be better to do what she wanted. Jin-woo brought the Nightmare’s soul to the Magical Girl Haruring’s figure.
[T-that…? D-don’t tell me…!]
When the Nightmare barely came to its senses and saw Haruring, it immediately realized what its life would be like in the future.
[U-ugh! P-please, I beg you! N-not that one… a-after all, I’m still a nightmare… I’m a nightmare…!]
It was a much bigger blow than Arorong’s. After all, its nature was a nightmare. It was the nightmare that brought pain and fear to all beings. But Haruring was the complete opposite of such a nightmare.
[No! Keaaaarggh!]
Nightmare suffered more than all it had gone through thus far. The closer it drew to Haruring, the more intense its screams became. The mental damage seemed to be enormous, but Jin-woo didn’t care.
[The Golden Power transforms the Emperor of Nightmare.]
[The Emperor of Nightmare has become Magical Emperor Haruring.]
[SS] Magical Emperor Haruring
The Magical Emperor Haruring protects dreams and the future. It was a form in which the Emperor of Nightmare was then combined with the Magical Girl Haruring.
The ability to become stronger by eating pain has been removed and replaced with dimensional gold coins. Magical Emperor Haruring has the power to freely create space and materialize everything in it by using dimensional gold coins and black mana stones.
They should look forward to Haruring, the Magical Emperor who protects dreams and the future.
Haruring opened her eyes. Just like Arorong, she swung her magic wand and posed.
“Haruring, who protects dreams and the future, is here! Oh, I didn’t come here especially for you, though?”
She was like a cartoon character. Haruring said such lines with fancy poses and went into frustration mode. The Nightmare would now follow Haruring’s behavior patterns, habits, and personality.
“T-The nightmare me…”
Even so, she did become a Magical Girl who protects dreams according to the Nightmare’s nature. Haruring began to wail loudly. It was because she couldn’t believe the reality. For her, this reality was worse than a nightmare.
[You now rule six Emperors]
*Greed, Vanity, Maze, Disease, Corruption, Nightmare
[Your rank rises with these great achievements.]
[A new title has been created!]
*[SS] Great Emperor
Jin-woo’s rank also became SS as he now ruled half of the 12 Emperors.
‘It’s now halfway there.’
Fortunately, the world didn’t perish along the way. Jin-woo turned his gaze. Arorong, who was working hard, looked at Haruring. Arorong did a good job on this one, though, so Jin-woo decided to give her some credit.
“Yes! My Great Emperor! I’m the Magical Girl of love and hope, Arorong!”
Arorong quickly approached Jin-woo.
“Since you’re her senior, I entrust her discipline to you.”
“I am her senior?”
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Arorong was the senior since she debuted as a Magical Girl first. Arorong trembled, joy upon her face. Arorong worked without a break, thanks to the Emperor of Nightmare. She still had a mountain of work to do. Arorong approached Haruring, who was in despair.
Haruring had to obey her words as Jin-woo gave Arorong the authority as her senior.
“Sob… yeah?”
“Are you crazy?”
Arorong looked at Haruring with cold eyes. There was nothing but disgust to be found there.
“Are you crying to get away from your work? Are you here to play?”
“No? Really? No?”
“No, I’m not, Senior!”
Haruring jumped to her feet and stood at attention. Arorong shook her head.
“Yes? Yeees? What are you?”
“Yes! I’m the Magical Girl Haruring!”
“The Great Emperor is watching, yet you are slacking off. Are you going to do your job properly?”
Sweat dripped down from Haruring’s face. Her face turned pale under pressure.
“Get down.”
“What? I-I’ll get down!”
“Watch out for your movement. Get up. Get down.”
Haruring repeatedly got down and got up several times. But Arorong didn’t like it. As Haruring laid down, Arorong hefted her magic wand with both hands.
The heart at the end of the wand turned pink and became longer and thicker. Arorong slapped Haruring’s butt with her magic wand.
“This sister is beating you so that you can behave well. Understand?”
“Yes? Ah…”
It was a refreshing sound. Even Jin-woo, who was watching, also felt refreshed.
“Do you understand?”
“Yes! Understood!”
“I don’t think you do…”
“No! Thank you for hitting me!”
“Really? That’s a relief. That’s why here’s more of it.”
Arorong was taking care of her discipline firmly. There was no intention of stopping it. Yoo-na nodded while watching the scene.
“…The Magical Girls’ World is cold.”
“Of course. They have to protect the Earth, after all.”
“That’s true.”
Arorong was giving her punishment with her power of love and hope. Haruring rolled wildly without a moment of despair. If any children had seen this, their childhood would have been shattered. Jin-woo stayed in the central control room and reviewed the future content. Luna had made it, so it was all quite plausible. It had been a while since he checked the reactions on the Internet.
Haruring was still being punished. Sweat poured down from her body, and she was relentless. It looked like something similar to military training.
“Uh, uh…”
Se-yeon woke up. She thought she had slept well for a long time, and the will to study made her wake up. She struggled to get up and came out of the room.
Se-yeon looked at Jin-woo and found Arorong and Haruring on the table. Arorong was beating Haruring with her magical wand, and as soon as Se-yeon saw it, her soul left her.
“Is it a dream…? T-there is no way Arorong can beat Haruring.”
She collapsed on the spot and fell asleep. Kim Se-yeon was said to not have woken up until the next evening.
* * *
Jin-woo also handed Haruring to Se-yeon. She was so excited that she forgot about the events of the night and focused on her research. The results were surprising. Large spaces could be created in dungeons through Haruring. Her compatibility with Arorong was also good, so it was possible to control not only the monsters that entered the space but also the environment and buildings.
Of course, it wasn’t perfect. There were restrictions, and it needed a huge sum of dimensional gold coins for maintenance. Moreover, it could only be created within the dungeon, and the pain of others wasn’t manifested like a nightmare, so it had to be designed from the beginning. Haruring was making a bloody effort. Arorong also worked like crazy, and she started a never-ending nagging unless Haruring worked harder than her. They were more like Labor Girls than Magical Girls.
After some adjustment and design, they decided to run the test. Luna was the planning team leader of The Maze: New World. The title of the planning team leader was much heavier than her name of the Goddess of Heaven. After all, Heaven would go on well if The Maze: New World went well. Thanks to the many dimensional gold coins pouring into Heaven, Heaven was now experiencing a golden era. Everyone was living in abundance because of the increased sacred power.
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Maze, who was Luna’s best friend, also became a member of the planning team. They created a body by imitating the avatar and started broadcasting again with Luna. It seemed that Maze joined Luna’s party and made a lot of fun scenes.
‘Did they say it was made into a drama?’
It was Rundalf’s plan. It was scheduled to be edited under ‘Rundalf’s Dungeon Adventure’ and aired as a web drama. Crazy Demon’s parts were said to be edited a lot, but other than that, Jin-woo didn’t know the details. Anyway, Jin-woo headed to the central control room to confirm the next updated piece of content.
Luna, General Manager, Yoo-na, Maze, and Se-yeon were there. Even if there were only Luna and Se-yeon, The Maze: New World moved well on its own. Luna was said to have prepared the following content ambitiously. The documents she brought were stacked high.
“The next concept is healing!”
At her words, Jin-woo stared at Luna. Thinking about it, it made sense. with nightmares, he thought the players could enjoy the contrast effect if the next topic was healing, which was completely the opposite.
“According to the development team leader Kim Se-yeon, it costs a lot of dimensional gold coins to maintain an open field. That’s why I started planning the Land of Healing.”
“What does healing have to do with dimensional gold coins?”
Luna grinned at Jin-woo’s question. Se-yeon was wearing glasses, and the light was reflected off them. Luna started giving her explanation.
“The Maze: New World is a game for those over 19 years old! And the avatars are all nice and pretty.”
“Right. People pay a lot to create the avatars.”
“However… people must hide with armor in dungeons. So there aren’t many opportunities to show the avatars off. Besides, there is a lot of fine dust in the dungeon. They keep getting dirty even if they wash up! But in the Land of Healing…!”
Luna showed Jin-woo the original background picture that she drew herself. Luna wasn’t very good at drawing, but she completed it with the Maze’s help. Jin-woo looked at the picture. It was an island with beaches and several wooden villas. Even looking at the picture was enough to make him feel refreshed.
“And for the in-game purchase is, after all, the skin! The charm of the skin is swimsuits! We will be selling swimsuits in the Land of Healing! It’ll be a lot more profitable than selling armor or weapons!”
Luna’s purpose was to sell the skin.
‘It’ll make a lot of profit.’
It took quite a while to make armor and weapons, and it cost a lot of materials. However, the swimsuit was different. They could just cut and sell pieces of waterproof fabric! Of course, designs were needed. Luna already had several design samples prepared.
“Not only that. If we put in a system where it becomes more revealing the more they enhance it and sell the avatar part change ticket, that will be a big hit! We will also sell food at a high price!”
Luna no longer appeared to think of her status as a Goddess.
‘The dungeon is full of terrible things… they do need a space to heal.’
Jin-woo agreed, and everyone started working right away. After consuming many dimensional gold coins, a space was formed in the dungeon. It was satisfying to see that it was made as designed. Haruring turned out to be a very good component, as expected.
Jin-woo looked back as they were about to head there. Luna and Maze were already wearing tubes around their waists, and Yoo-na was carrying the bag she had already brought. Se-yeon looked around and tried to enter her room.
“Have a nice trip! I’ll stay here to control…”
“You sometimes have to get some sunlight.”
Yoo-na held her by force. Jin-woo entered the dungeon with everyone.
The white sandy beach was spread out before them, and the vast emerald sea stretched beyond it. It felt so much better that they could see the horizon. There wasn’t a single cloud in the blue sky. The fine dust in the dungeon didn’t come to mind at all.
“U-Uughh! T-The light…”
Se-yeon stumbled and collapsed in the sunlight. She wandered in search of shade, and she eventually fell. She barely came to her senses as Yoo-na dragged her under an umbrella. Everything was as natural as the Land of Nightmare.
“Oh! So refreshing!”
“This is my first time seeing the sea in person! It’s really pretty.”
Maze and Luna were wearing swimsuits with a logo that said Luna & Labyrinth TV. Yoo-na took out several swimsuits and struggled for a long time with Se-yeon. General Manager stood next to Jin-woo with an undisturbed look.
“How about bringing everyone here?”
“That sounds good, too.”
It seemed like a good idea to spend a vacation here.
With Jin-woo’s permission, not only Heo-young, Arina, and Arcana, but also Rundalf, Crazy Demon, and Choi Hee-yeon gathered. Then Ella, Lee Min-woo, and the elves also showed up. Sarah Vriac and the demons, then Ariel and the angels, also appeared.
‘There are a lot if they gather like this.’
The Succubus Lilith came with a large bag, which contained swimsuits designed by her. The Demon Realm was also preparing to take part in the Land of Healing.
“Rundalf! Look at this.”
“Oh, that’s cool.”
Maze boasted a huge hermit crab to Rundalf. Rundalf looked at them with pleased eyes.
“Look at this.”
“Hmm! It’s a shark.”
“Look at this!”
“Is that a whale?”
The Maze was holding a whale the size of a house with its two hands. The creatures of the sea were also faithfully embodied. Yoo-na, Choi Hee-yeon, and Se-yeon changed into swimsuits. It was a delightful sight.
‘This also feels good.’
That thought didn’t last long. Before long, everyone was divided into teams by dimension and playing ball. The beach was smashed, and a huge tidal wave came from the sea.
“Shining Bloodbuster!”
“Khufu! Death Beam!”
“Oh! Avoid the Breath!”
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A hot flame passed by Jin-woo.
‘Good, my ass…’
Jin-woo thought it was fortunate that this wasn’t a dimension but inside the dungeon.
* * *
The Land of Healing was opened when the talk of the Land of Nightmares subsided. Since the Nightmare disappeared, Jin-woo wasn’t involved at all and left everything to Luna.
Thus, the Land of Healing was Opened!
Heal your weary mind!
1. Opening Special Price!
[F+] Elf Swimsuit (Male/Female)
*Let’s cover it with leaves like at the beginning of mankind!
*What? I only wore a swimsuit, but elf ears?!
Price: 15G -&#gt; 12G
[-E] Succubus Swimsuit (Female Only)
*Dangerous charm!
*Wow! A devil’s tail while wearing the swimsuit?! And also the horns?
Price: 20G -&#gt; 17G
[-E] Wild Swimsuit (Male Only)
*Scent of a wild man!
*Gosh!? My muscles grew big while wearing the swimsuit?! The hair is also adjustable!
Price: 20G -&#gt; 17G
[E] Random Swimsuit Box
*Random box containing hidden swimsuits!
*Oh!? Where did you get that? Random Swimsuit Box? Why do you make me so envious?!
[Hidden Swimsuit List]
Goddess Swimsuit (Female Only, Top & Bottom Separated)
Secret Goddess Swimsuit (Female Only, Top and Bottom Separated)
Incubus’s Cloth Piece (Male Only)
Full Body Skeleton Swimsuit (Unisex)
Blue Seaweed (Edible)
Conch shell (Interior Decoration)
1,000 coins
Price: 3G -&#gt; 2G
Duration remaining: 6 days 23 hours 32 minutes
2. Limited to those who purchase more than 60 random boxes!
Get the Special Stone!
[E] Special Stone
* Let’s be the most popular one!
Allows you to wear certain swimsuits regardless of gender.
As soon as the notice went up, the Land of Healing was opened. Of course, the reaction was hot.
Title: Chaotic Land of Healing
I went to the Land of Healing. My first impression was that I felt like I was on vacation. It is much better than famous overseas vacation resorts. The admission ticket is about 10,000 won, which is very cheap.
Once you buy it, you can use it for a week. It’s cheaper than the local swimming pool. The food is delicious, and there is plenty of space to pitch a tent for camping. If you use the VIP service, you can also rent a cabin, but it is expensive. I was just thinking of going to relax and get healed.
However, I wonder if everybody is a New World player, there are no normal guys. Some people died while installing a slide on a cliff to build a water park, and some parties turned into shark food while making rafts to catch whales. The craziest guy I’ve ever seen was the guy who bought a Wild Swimsuit, covered his body with fur, and then set it on fire.
He burned for a long time.
Both men and women were crazy. Perhaps this is human nature.
ThisisFerguson: Everyone came to heal, but they were stained with madness.
Luxury Socks: I thought I would go hunting while feeling like on vacation, but I caught a real person, LOL.
SeriouslyTucked: Some people kidnapped others by imitating primitive people. What movie did they watch?
Newbie: Hey, have you guys been to the E rank dungeon? The veterans walked around wearing only swimsuits. That’s crazy, lol.
The Land of Healing. Luna was looking down on Earth people too much. It was going in a completely different direction than she had thought.
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Instead, it was going somewhere far away.
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