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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 120

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Chapter 120
33. Big Event (4)
The event continued.
Usually, the content would be all used up after a few runs, and the reaction had to wither. However, the Land of Nightmares was different. There was no duplicated content, so players never grew tired of it. And the more they played, the more they fell in love with it.
‘Aren’t the developers all used up to death?’
‘I can hear the developers’ wailing.’
‘Lee Jin-woo, how the hell did he…’
A huge amount of content continued to pour out to the extent that people were worried about the developer’s well-being. By the time they had overcome the fear factor, a new fun factor had come in a kind of farming. The horror theme was different each time. Therefore, the items that could also be farmed naturally changed. There were many different types, including monster masks, electric saws, moving statues, giant shark fins, the pirate captain’s gold teeth, and many more.
Players brought everything they could carry. They almost looked like a demolition company. Thanks to that, Jin-woo dispatched appraisers from the Middle World and the Demon Realm. The auction market was also booming. Recently, a talking scarecrow was sold for 1,700-dimensional gold coins. In addition to this, there was one thing that Jin-woo didn’t expect.
It was quite the case of overcoming trauma. Mental illness was a problem that even potions could not solve. Yet, there had been many postings on community sites saying that their trauma had been overcome. The game was showing a significant therapeutic effect not only on panic disorder but also post-traumatic stress disorder.
Title: It’s Amazing.
Written by Soju Bottle
I almost drowned when I was young, so I never dreamed of swimming again, but I am learning to swim these days. I even heard that I was talented. I think it’s because I beat the pirates in the Land of Nightmares.
RolledRiceHell: I also had a severe phobia of heights, but I’m feeling better these days. I think it’s because I beat the Harpies. I’m going to try bungee jumping, too, lol.
Hydration: I used to get nervous breakdowns, but it got a lot better. Even the doctor was surprised.
FormerKnight: My PTSD was severe, but I can’t even remember it anymore. Is it because the Land of Nightmares is so shocking? I just don’t think it’s a big deal.
It was also said to have a therapeutic effect on the knights who fought in the international competition and those who suffered from severe trauma due to the Gates anomaly. By overcoming their fear, people’s minds became healthier and their lives richer. This proved to be an unexpectedly positive function of the nightmares.
There were also several black mana stones gathered, which Kim Se-yeon and the two researchers worked hard on researching. Kim Se-yeon continued to admire them while doing her analysis. Jin-woo watched Se-yeon, who was frantically researching in the central control room. She hardly slept these days while she devoted herself to her research.
Se-yeon was fiddling with a black magic stone while cackling.
“Oh! Sir! Hello? Good morning.”
“It is evening now. Whatever, how is it?”
“It’s great. It has the power to create space and to control it.”
“Can we use it?”
“Theoretically, it is possible with more mana stones and a huge computing unit. However…”
Se-yeon’s expression darkened.
“It can’t be made into reality yet. It’s impossible with the current technology… to build a system that can materialize an image through the black mana stone and control it. Besides, it will take a lot of energy.”
“I see.”
“I’m sorry. This is because I’m not good enough…”
Jin-woo smiled and shook his head. After all, no one could do anything Se-yeon couldn’t. Expectations for the game had already risen tremendously. The middle boss and the boss directing through Arorong were amazing, but the reaction to this event was beyond imagination. It could be an issue if the content to come wasn’t better than this, however.
Jin-woo looked at Arorong, who flinched under his gaze. Thanks to the event, she was able to enjoy a break. Arorong, who was sitting still, stood up and pretended to work when Jin-woo looked at her. She showed results that exceeded expectations. After all, the boss directing received great reviews. The solution was simple.
‘I’ll have to use the Emperor.’
By using the Emperor of Nightmare, it was possible to materialize not only an open field but also the things that would go into it. It was perfect because the Emperor of Nightmare appeared to suffer pain when people took things outside.
“I can get the system, so it’s okay.”
Se-yeon looked at Jin-woo with puzzlement.
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“It’s all there.”
Jin-woo looked at the players enjoying the event over the screen. A laugh then formed naturally, and an evil one at that. Arorong trembled when she saw Jin-woo’s smile. It was clear what the Nightmare’s end would be like. She might even be in a better position than it.
‘I’m glad that I crawled out. I’m really glad. It was the best choice of my life.’
Arorong was able to end it only at this level because she knew how to step back. Arorong looked at Jin-woo as he left the central control room and quickly bowed her head.
“Have a nice trip! Magical Girl Arorong will work hard!”
This was Arorong’s new way of living.
Jin-woo returned to the Valley of Erosion. He relaxed in the best spot in the valley, feeling the Nightmare’s gaze upon him. It didn’t feel as arrogant as before.
[Hey, look. Well… I’m sorry about the things from before.]
“Is there anything to eat?
“Yes, we will prepare a meal.”
When Jin-woo asked, General Manager gestured. Then Arcana appeared and started cooking on the spot. She placed a large piece of meat on the grill and released her breath.
With that, dragon breath gushed out of her mouth. The meat roasted with a dragon’s flame boasted a great flavor. It was the finest dish that no one in the world could eat. The Emperor of Nightmare was silent for a moment. He was also using the Emperor of Disease it had heard of as a maid.
[Hey, you know… it seems that there was a misunderstanding.]
“General Manager.”
General Manager prostrated in front of Jin-woo.
“So it said I misunderstood?”
“Such a reckless remark! Master does not misunderstand. The sin of messing with Master’s heart is very heavy. Even death will not wash away those sins. You will have to weep in eternal pain and praise only Master.”
Listening to the General Manager made Jin-woo cringe a little. Arcana, who was making his drink, nodded violently in agreement with him. Jin-woo was cutting apart the meat leisurely when Maze appeared.
“I’m here. Start now?”
When Jin-woo nodded, the space around the Emperor of Nightmare shook greatly.
Thud! Thud!
Dungeons large enough to fit several of the dungeons that appeared in the first wave fell right next to the Emperor of Nightmare. Although the Emperor of Nightmare was large, it was only the size of the valley it inhabited on the outside. Its surroundings were covered by dungeons.
[Uh, huh…]
The Emperor of Nightmare felt frightened. Millions of lunatics poured out of the small dungeons around it. They weren’t ordinary lunatics. They were monsters that felt no pain at all. Thousands of lunatics galloped in flames, spitting madness. When they found vampires, they drew their blood instead. They even added spicy seasoning to the giant cannibal flower and ate it. It was a nightmarish sight. The Emperor of Nightmare could never forget the sight of those crazed monsters.
Dungeons continued to appear. The Emperor of Nightmare was speechless at the sight of the dungeons that filled the sky. They fell quickly and began to pile up one after another.
[W-wait… !]
The Emperor of Nightmare could never see the skies of the Middle World again. The sun’s light was gradually obscured, and the Emperor of Nightmare was completely trapped in the dungeon. The Emperor of Nightmare screamed, but it didn’t reach Jin-woo. All it could do was tremble, imagining the pain that would come. This was the beginning of its claustrophobia.
“Phew! Completed!”
Maze wiped the sweat from its forehead and looked at Jin-woo.
“Great job.”
“Can I go now?”
The Maze waved its hand and disappeared. Jin-woo thought that he should make something delicious for them as payment.
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“It’s now worth watching.”
Jin-woo nodded, thinking so. He enjoyed his leisurely lunch, looking at the beautiful scenery from a beautiful place.
* * *
More players poured into the second wave. These were the players who became stronger through the additional events. They enjoyed the horror and the pleasure of destroying their fears. As a result, the Emperor of Nightmare was growing weaker day by day. The black mana stone contained its power, weakened as a huge amount were drained out. The event period was long enough for players to enjoy it plentifully.
‘I have to end it now.’
Jin-woo decided to end the event when he saw that the Emperor of Nightmare could no longer maintain the nightmares properly. The event completion was announced through the central control room.
[The event is over. We hope you return before the Land of Nightmares is closed. If you remain in the Land of Nightmares, your avatar will be destroyed.]
[Rewards will be paid based on contribution.]
“Oh! It’s over.”
“It was so much fun. That’s too bad.”
“When is the next update… let’s go to the dungeon for now!”
The event ended successfully. The players who were heading to the Land of Nightmares turned away. Players who had not returned were forced to disconnect from the central control room. It didn’t matter if all the players were gone.
After all, there was still the last wave that remained. Jin-woo warmed his body up. It didn’t feel awkward at all.
“Is it all right?”
“It’s good.”
Jin-woo nodded at Luna’s question. Jin-woo was in an avatar that Luna made herself. He was quite tall, and his body was well-muscled. His face was handsome with a masculine and exciting impression. He looked like the main character in a typical game. His nickname was, of course, Kim Emperor.
‘It’s a little uncomfortable, but…’
The avatar was E-rank, so the movement was uncomfortable.
“Shall I start?”
Jin-woo entered the Emperor of Nightmare through the dungeon. The Nightmare, who was barely breathing after the event concluded, greeted Jin-woo in surprise. It barely breathed a sigh of relief when he appeared alone.
[T-The Emperor of Gold? I-it seems it’s you.]
The Nightmare was greatly weakened. The force it once had was nowhere to be found. The surrounding scenery wasn’t normal, as if it was out of control. All the themes that appeared so far were mixed up. It was like looking at a tattered cardboard box.
[W-Wait a minute! I apologize. I was careless.]
It seemed like Jin-woo heard something. It was likely because he had entered an avatar that he couldn’t hear what the Emperor of Nightmare said. It didn’t matter anyway. After all, there was no need for conversation. Se-yeon was waiting for Jin-woo’s command through the central control room.
“The third wave, start.”
When Jin-woo gave the order, the surrounding atmosphere became quiet. The mixed nightmares and the monsters that were running wild paused as if time had stopped.
It sounded like something tearing apart. It was the noise of the world collapsing.
The purple sky began to crack like pottery, and debris fell to the ground. It wasn’t just the sky. All the spaces where the Emperor of Nightmare was in began to tear apart.
The Emperor of Nightmare screamed. It felt like someone was tearing apart its skin with a blade. No, multiple blades. There were so many that it was unimaginable. Even the word myriad wasn’t appropriate to describe it.
The sky was broken. There was a big black hole up there now. This particular scene was nothing compared to the nightmares. After all, it was the destruction of the world itself.
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Black things crawl out of the shattered sky. It was a nightmare, but the sky was so high that they looked like tiny dots. They began to spread out and cover the sky.
[W-What! T-That…]
The sky turned black. Then, the black dots burst out of the black hole. They fell wildly to the ground. The black dots that fell slowly moved up and gathered around Jin-woo. They weren’t black dots. It was a huge force that couldn’t be compared with the first and second waves. They were the Maze monsters pouring out from the dungeons surrounding the Emperor of Nightmare.
The Maze continued to accumulate monsters during the event period. Maze could move dungeons, but it couldn’t control monsters. It was thanks to Arorong that Jin-woo could summon this many and make them follow his words. Arorong took control of all the dungeons around the Emperor of Nightmare. She then created monsters and made them follow Jin-woo.
‘It’s more than I thought.’
Jin-woo was a little flustered, but he didn’t show it. He ordered a little more than the number of players, but it was several dozen times larger. The large number of dimensional gold coins that Jin-woo poured outplayed a big role. Arorong produced monsters based on dimensional gold coins, working desperately day and night.
The Emperor of Nightmare trembled. There were far more monsters than those that could be implemented with the Nightmare’s current powers. Furthermore, those monsters weren’t that strong. They were all Rank E, after all. A typical Emperor wouldn’t take a scratch no matter how many E-ranked monsters attacked. But the Emperor of Nightmare was different. The power of Nightmares was always working. Thanks to that, its rank was also set to E.
Jin-woo looked around. The various environments that the players had experienced so far were mixed up.
‘There must be the main body or a weakness.’
The same was true of Corruption and Parasite. The Emperor of Nightmare seemed similar. But Jin-woo didn’t know where it was. He couldn’t even ask because he couldn’t communicate in this avatar state. He had to look around. Fortunately, there were many workers. There were a lot of. There were so many that Jin-woo’s surroundings looked black.
“Bring what looks good and eat the rest.”
As soon as Jin-woo’s command fell, monsters spewed out in all directions. The Emperor of Nightmare tried to stop the monsters by creating more.
The black monsters began to devour not only the Nightmare’s monsters but also everything they saw. They were machines that would work non-stop when Jin-woo ordered them.
[Keaaaaargh! Kugh!]
Land, buildings, and everything moving was gone. The Emperor of Nightmare screamed. The pain it had endured so far was nothing. Jin-woo nodded as he seemed to hear a faint scream.
“Keep producing and putting them in.”
Arorong started working again at Jin-woo’s words. Monsters were constantly flowing from the numerous dungeons surrounding the Emperor of Nightmares. After waiting for a while, the monsters brought a lot of things over.
[E] Eye of Nightmare
An eye that can see the outside world.
It was connected to the Emperor of Nightmare. When Jin-woo shook his head and threw it sideways, the monster ate up the eyeball.
[Kugh, my-my eyes…!]
in front of Jin-woo. They were artifacts of shapes.
[That, that, please not that one…! Keaaaaaargh!]
There was a sound of something popping. The Emperor of Nightmare must have had reproductive abilities. Not anymore, though. From that point on, the space created by the Emperor of Nightmare began to shrink rapidly.
“…It must be its weakness.”
The space where various fears were mixed was dyed white. It seemed to express the Nightmare’s current feeling. Monsters guided Jin-woo to see what they found. When he went there, the ground was dug deep. A black stone was resting there. The black stone had eyes, nose, and mouth, and when the eyes met Jin-woo’s, the stone trembled. It looked very shabby considering that it had threatened Jin-woo before.
[E] True Nature of Nightmare
Nightmares are often awakened in vain. Even the true nature of the nightmare is futile.
Jin-woo smiled brightly as he looked at the True Nature of Nightmare. Then he clenched his fist.
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Jin-woo’s fist hit the Nightmare. Blood spewed from the Nightmare’s nose, and its teeth fell out. The space created by the Nightmare disappeared neatly, and Jin-woo put the True Nature of Nightmare into his subspace.
‘The game will be richer.’
It felt as if he had bought a good graphics card.
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