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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 111

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Chapter 111
31. Survive Until the End (2)
A plan had been made, though it was literally just a plan. There were many challenges to be solved before implementation. The details and elaborated role distribution, the world view and story setting, the store layout inside the maze, and securing the safe zone had to be decided in detail. Almost no one understood this among Jin-woo’s subordinates, except for Luna.
“Luna, let’s make you the head of the planning team.”
“You know about avatars best, and you know games well, right? I’ll help you, so don’t worry.”
Luna was filled with a sense of duty. Jin-woo looked at the General Manager. He was almost on the verge of breaking the wall.
“You help Luna to manage the whole thing.”
“I’ll risk my life to complete this mission.”
Heo-yeong could teach acting, and the plan content could be materialized through Arina and Sarah Vriac. Lee Min-woo also agreed to help. The complicated procedures of one kind or another were quickly resolved.
That left the biggest problem. Developing an artifact that linked consciousness with Heaven wasn’t simple at all. Jin-woo may be able to do it to some extent, but it was also not his area of expertise. There were no books to learn from. He not only had to develop the artifact, but he also had to improve and even mass-produce it so that ordinary people could use it.
It was never something that could be done in a short time unless one was a competent person.
‘Of course, there is such a competent person.’
She was the lead researcher in the field of artifacts.
“Let’s go to G&P.”
“Yes, I got it.”
Yoo-na understood right away. Kim Se-yeon was a competent person whom no one could follow regarding artifacts, with the best research facilities at her disposal. Using G&P, it was possible quickly.
Jin-woo headed to the G&P Research Institute; it was rare for him to visit in person. He hadn’t been around much lately.
When Jin-woo visited, the researchers caused an uproar. Professors Choi Sung-min Cho and Kim Dae-jin rushed to meet him.
“Sir! You are finally here!”
Kim Dae-jin wept. It was unexpected since it didn’t matter whether he came since he approved all their research through the paperwork. It was only natural. It was no exaggeration to call G&P’s technology a revolution. The three years of near-unlimited battery and holographic display had changed the whole electronics game.
It was all with direct instructions from Jin-woo. Even the rare materials they used were all discovered by Jin-woo. The current research was running in parallel lines. It was enough to be called innovation from the outside, but the two professors weren’t satisfied. The thirst for new things took hold.
In the meantime, Jin-woo personally visited! They were sure he must have brought something huge!
“Is Researcher Kim Se-yeon here?”
“Yes! I will guide you!”
Kim Dae-jin guided Jin-woo. The lab had been expanded to be much larger than before. It was the same with the ground facilities, but the underground facilities were no joke. It could even be called a fortress.
“It has been expanded to the 7th basement floor. There wasn’t enough space above ground, so a suitable basement was built.”
“I see.”
So, it wasn’t visible from the outside. Jin-woo was able to realize once again the greatness of money. Most of what occupied the facility were research devices. It was an environment in which it wouldn’t feel strange even if a combining robot appeared.
Kim Se-yeon rushed over when they arrived at the sitting room.
“How are you, sir?”
“It’s been a while.”
It had been a very long time. Kim Se-yeon’s vibe had then changed a bit. There was a timid image before, but now she looked calm. She was wearing a research suit with some dirt on it and big glasses.
‘She has grown up.’
Whatever happened, she had broken through the limits of her potential and was approaching Rank S. Moreover, it was something achievable only by her ability in the research field. Kim Se-yeon’s younger brother, Kim Young-hoon, was said to be in Japan now. He was said to have built a huge force in Japan, although it was unknown what it was about.
Jin-woo left him alone for now because he seemed to be contributing. When Jin-woo saw that Kim Se-yeon contacted Kim Young-hoon from time to time, it seemed that they were getting along well as before. Kim Se-yeon and the two professors sat in front of Jin-woo. Rather than involving only Kim Se-yeon, he thought it would be better for the two professors to join in. Jin-woo was planning to bring in the entire research team if things went well.
“I have a favor to ask you.”
When Jin-woo said so, Kim Se-yeon waved her hands in surprise.
“F-Favor to ask? Please feel free to instruct me.”
The two professors agreed with Kim Se-yeon. However, he had to get their promise since he was about to reveal a secret. It was better, to be sure.
“I have a project going on, and I need your help.”
He even told them that they couldn’t get out once they agreed to participate. When Jin-woo beckoned to Yoo-na, she quietly laid down the application forms on the table. It was the same form as the Order membership application, but they would join the Sacred Ground if they signed it. There were no particular restrictions, but they couldn’t do anything that would harm the Sacred Ground. Confidentiality would also be automatically included.
“If it was something you’re doing yourself, I will do it even if you are against it, sir.”
Kim Se-yeon immediately signed it as if she had nothing to worry about. The two professors nodded and signed a moment later.
[Great researchers have joined the Sacred Ground.]
[A+] Golden Researcher
*Speed up development by 300%
Follow new episodes on the platform.
Now Jin-woo could feel satisfied. Yoo-na briefly explained the current situation.
Of course, they responded in a way that would show their disbelief. It was beyond understanding, after all. He thought it would be better to show them in person.
“I’ll show you.”
The three were very surprised when they first arrived in the Sanctuary. Then they were further shocked when they reached the Middle World through the portal. Professor Kim Dae-jin measured around them with the machine he brought and fainted as soon as he saw the numbers. Kim Se-yeon was half out of her mind.
When they arrived at Elonti, she dropped down.
“T-T-The elves… T-They exist…”
Then she was blown away when they visited the Demon Realm. They returned to the research institute wearing blank expressions. It seemed it would take them some time to recover.
Yoo-na put her hand on Kim Se-yeon’s shoulder as if she understood.
“I-I’m going to run the lab right now!”
“The world will praise you, Sir!”
The two professors exclaimed excitedly. Kim Se-yeon was also fired up with enthusiasm. For them, the Survive Until the End Project was a project that transcended revolution. All of G&P’s capacities were concentrated on developing the artifacts. As Kim Se-yeon began to analyze the Fragments of Corruption, their speed increased rapidly.
As the development was outlined to some extent, G&P’s key researchers joined in. Jin-woo didn’t show them all like Kim Se-yeon or the professors, but it didn’t matter because they joined the Sacred Ground. Jin-woo offered generous support, providing not only money but also rare materials.
Luna also frequently visited the research institute to help. As a result, the test model was created faster than Jin-woo had expected. It wasn’t in the form of a capsule that appeared in general game novels but assumed the form of sunglasses, and the core technology was stored in the glasses’ frame.
It was a method in which mass-produced fragments of corruption on the glassed frame separated the wearer’s will and transmitted them to Heaven. The frames were thick and coated in silver, so the front was not visible, but it wasn’t much different from ordinary sunglasses. That device was called the New World Login.
‘That’s amazing.’
It didn’t feel like a test model at all. Jin-woo watched the experiment with Luna.
“Let’s start the test!”
Kim Se-yeon carefully operated the device. A researcher was lying on something like an operating table, and there was an avatar created by Luna right next to him. As soon as the device was activated, the avatar opened its eyes. A cheer broke out in the lab.
The sensory and physical ability tests followed. In the early phase, the physical abilities of the avatars were at the lowest level because it was mass-produced.
“The sensory looks good at about 30%!”
“Synchronization rate 99.4%! Almost no difference!”
“The connection is very stable.”
“We will raise only certain senses to 100%.”
The researcher connected to the avatar ate the food placed on the tray. Then he sent an okay sign. Everyone clapped and cheered. The test lasted several days, with the final verdict being a pass. With Lee Min-woo’s help, a mass production system was under construction, but only about 10,000 units had been produced thus far. However, sufficient quantities could be produced over time. It was planned to add additional varied functions with the second generation.
‘Device development is going smoothly.’
All that was left was the content of the game. Luna was also struggling a lot, and the meeting continued, but there was no clear answer. Jin-woo and Luna thought for a moment while sitting at the cafe inside the ground research institute.
“It’s difficult.”
Luna sighed as she scribbled on a note. The efficiency would drop if they just threw people into the maze. It was necessary to give purpose and organize the leveling movements, items, NPCs, blacksmiths, and forces that could help. In addition, they had to match the Maze’s information. Jin-woo didn’t know much about this field either.
“Ugh… is there anyone with more experience in this field?”
When Luna fell flat on her face and muttered like that, James Dean was seen standing guard around the cafe.
The moment Jin-woo saw James Dean, he thought of a solution. The dream shown by Succubus was to climb the tower and break through the Maze. Jin-woo thought it would be pretty good to apply it as a reference.
“There are people who have had similar experiences.”
“What? Really?”
As Jin-woo looked at James Dean and beckoned to him, the American immediately sprinted over. He was guarding Jin-woo since he appeared in the jurisdictional area. Jin-woo asked him to tell them in detail what he went through. James Dean told them as if he had been waiting.
“When we first opened our eyes, we were in a huge space. All our abilities were reset…”
“Then, what about the route to secure the items?”
“It was according to the Captain’s instructions…”
“Was the system very well-organized?”
“Umm, I guess so?”
Luna enthusiastically asked questions, and James Dean answered them all. Other fake returnees even joined in. Luna’s eyes twinkled with interest. She began to fill up her notes right away.
“Wow! That must have been a lot of fun! I want to play, too.”
“…It was hell.”
Jin-woo quietly stepped aside because the story would be long. he suddenly took out his cellphone and tried to play a mobile game. G&P’s technology had dramatically improved game quality, but only to that extent.
‘If it’s virtual reality…’
It was all about using a VR device. Of course, it couldn’t be helped that the sense of reality declined. Jin-woo also tried the latest device, but it was just so-so. On the other hand, the Survive Until the End Project…
‘Isn’t that too futuristic?’
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It was a true version of virtual reality. Was it okay if the level jumped so suddenly? In batteries and hologram technology, others could just use the components from G&P. However; this was something other game companies could never do.
He couldn’t help it because it was for world peace.
* * *
There was an annual game event in Korea. It was called Z-STAR and held in Busan, but this year’s plan was unclear due to poor operation. However, G&P suddenly made a major investment and bought the operating rights. Among the companies Jin-woo owned, there was a huge game company. However, it was G&P, not the game company, that suddenly bought Z-STAR. Due to G&P’s strong demand, the name of Z-STAR was also changed to J-STAR from this year onward.
As G&P invested a huge amount of money in hosting game events on a huge scale, most of the world’s game companies agreed to participate. Foreign game journalists and MeTubers made all kinds of speculations about this move.
“Console game devices with G&P Infinity technology will be released.”
‘A next-generation console game device?’
‘A game with a holographic display? Can it replace the existing VR and AR?’
Most of them were within common sense. The event started, and many In particular, VR games were popular, and console game companies secured large booths to explain their new devices.
It was also allotted the most presentation time. On the contrary, G&P’s allotted time was less than 30 minutes, so expectations dropped significantly. Mony’s Psbox5 VR device, which supported the ultra-high definition and high frame rates, stimulated the desires of game fans around the world.
“You can enjoy a date with a pretty girlfriend or a cool boyfriend. ‘My House’s Dating!’ Enjoy sweet days with your fantastic lover!”
The graphics themselves proved to be fantastic. It was realistic because it supported 4K image quality. The demonstration, which lasted for a while, received applause from many gamers and took all the praise from those watching through the Internet. The experience booth was also full. Everyone who tried it praised it as an innovation. The famous MeTubers and gamers who were invited also gave their thumbs up.
Mony swept away all the attention, and their success seemed certain. It probably would have been if it wasn’t for G&P, who made a five-minute announcement on the last day. It didn’t even use the allotted 30 minutes, and there was no presenter. It was just a short video as the New World Login Device appeared on the screen.
‘Silver sunglasses? What is that? Is it a VR device?’
Everyone thought so. An ordinary man lay in bed using a New World Login Device. The screen was sucked in somewhere, illuminating a man holding a weapon in a dark space.
[Fully immersive virtual reality game]
The hall was in an uproar. It was natural; no one had ever heard of a fully immersive virtual reality game being developed. It was hard to believe even though it was from G&P. The screen went black again, and the G&P logo appeared.
[Recruiting Closed Beta Testers on February 25th]
[Officially scheduled to open on March 14th!]
It was simply crazy news. Such technology came out without any warning, and it was said that a closed beta would be implemented in a few days. And shortly after that, it would be officially opened. The closed beta application box immediately appeared on the official website address.
‘Bread Jam,’ a famous game broadcaster and MeTuber, uploaded a video that said it was nonsense.
Title: G&P’s Announcement Is Noise Marketing.
Hello? I’m Bread Jam!
Not too long ago, Z-STAR… no, it’s J-STAR now, right? Anyway, there was an announcement that brought a lot of attention! It is said that G&P has created a virtual reality game. Hahaha! I want to laugh out loud.
Does that make sense? No, it’s not just VR, but a fully immersive virtual reality? Are they writing novels? As you know, virtual reality has to go through a lot of testing. It’s not something to come out of all of a sudden!
All I can think of is that G&P is doing noise marketing through this event. G&P, please reflect on yourself! If it’s a real virtual reality, I will blow up my MeTube account and bow ten thousand times in front of G&P headquarters.
I’m sure about it. Don’t look down on me!
That’s all from Bread TV today!
YoungG: I feel the same way. Does that make sense?
Azure: I don’t know since it’s G&P
└sub2351: Stop talking nonsense.
Yawn: That’s LMAO no matter who you look at, it’s impossible.
Console Man: That’s funny. I just pre-ordered the Psbox5 VR Limited Edition.
└Soon: I did it too. Looks like we’re the winners.
└Hiant: Rich bastards.
Fact Bomber: Are you wearing those sunglasses and connecting to virtual reality? If you want to cheat…
Most of the reviews were negative. There was no need for separate marketing. Of course, the number of closed beta applications was huge. There was an analysis that the noise marketing was successful. Some even said it was a public fraud, but G&P didn’t announce anything.
On February 25th, the schedule was announced on the official website. The virtual reality access devices were also introduced in detail.
New World Login Device
Price KRW329,500
The price was also relatively low, twice as cheap as the PSbox5 VR. Therefore, it was becoming even more unbelievable. Only until the test videos of the closed beta testers were uploaded, though, all 10,000 closed beta winners were given New World Devices, Bread Jam from Bread TV among them.
Jin-woo specifically pointed him out. Bread Jam was a senior member of the Internet game broadcasting industry. Although he came in second place after the Maze, an average of 20,000 people watched his live-streaming. Bread Jam was speechless. Upon receiving news of winning the closed beta, G&P delivered the New World Device directly to him.
They even permitted closed beta broadcasting, and it was said that they had set up the linkage with the broadcasting platform in advance. G&P gave him special consideration to enjoy it two hours before they closed the beta server opened. He could broadcast right away.
The chat window was also exploding. One hundred thousand people were watching when they heard the news. Was it a public fraud? Or was it the greatest revolution in world gaming history!
“Guys, is this real?”
Updated from
The New World Device was reflected on the cam screen. It was linked to the broadcast, and the frame of the glasses shimmered in blue light. It looked very luxurious. In the chat window, people shouted to use it quickly and get connected. It was when Bread Jam, who tilted his head, started using the New World Device…
He thought he could see a whirlpool in front of him, and in a manner of speaking, he was sucked into it. Bread Jam looked down at his body. His body was surrounded by white light. He stared blankly at his fingers made of white light. They moved freely according to his will.
As he started to grow embarrassed, a world full of light unfolded. He could see a beautiful temple with clouds and a rainbow spread out in the sky. Bread Jam couldn’t say anything. It wasn’t like VR; it was reality. In front of him was a winged girl surrounded by light.
“Welcome. Hero!”
[Uh, huh?]
“My name is Luriel; it is I who will help you adapt.”
[T-This’s crazy! I-is this real?]
He could also see the chat window on his side.
T-Back: ??? Crazy.
MM: Gosh, it looks like from the 3rd person’s view on the screen.
Chocolate Flavor: Nonsense. Really?
ChocoCookieChip: You can even rotate freely by dragging the screen with your mouse. It’s c.r.a.z y LOL
Bread Jam was confused. He couldn’t think of it as a game.
“Please use only proper language.”
[I-I’m sorry. I-it’s just that I’m confused…]
“It’s all right. May I have your name?”
[B-Bread Jam.]
“That’s an interesting name. Then, I will create a body for you to use!”
An ordinary man’s body appeared in front of Bread Jam. He looked like a real person.
“Think about the part you want to transform.”
[Ah… yes.]
The man’s body was transformed just as Bread Jam thought. It was so amazing how it turned out the way he thought it would. He was able to adapt it right away. He wanted a well-proportioned figure, but it didn’t transform at some points.
“More than that, you have to pay dimensional gold coins.”
[D-Dimensional gold coins?]
“I can transform your body by converting dimensional gold coins into divine power. I’m sorry. I’m not good enough…”
[T-That’s okay!]
Bread Jam answered quickly as the beautiful angel almost looked like she was going to cry. A window appeared next to him.
1 Dimensional Gold Coin = KRW 10,000
The price of free customization was a two-dimensional gold coin, 20,000 won. There was an in-game purchase even though it was still a closed beta. But Bread Jam didn’t think it was a waste at all! He disconnected his access and quickly registered his credit card. The chat window was making a fuss to log back in quickly.
Troll King: Luriel is pretty.
Mazitensi: She was shining. A real angel…
Salamander: This is real virtual reality.
gsdd_2312: Praise G&P from today.
Hashhash: The screen can also be zoomed iiiin. You can see more details about Luriel.
And when he logged in again, Luriel greeted him with a bright smile. Three gold coins appeared when he paid 30,000 won.
[One-dimensional gold coin is a g-gift for you.]
“Wow! Thank you!”
That would indeed make Luriel very happy.
Lord Ah Jae-ah: Bread. Give her more! [100,000 Won donated!]
ComGamNerd: It looks like she’s alive. [10,000 Won donated!]
Master Date-sim: There seems to be a favorability system as well. [5,000 Won donated!]
Bread Jam received a huge amount of donations.
[I’ll give you more!]
“Thank you! Hero Bread Jam!”
[This too…]
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Luriel’s reaction was priceless! Upon seeing this, Bread Jam started giving away dimensional gold coins.
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