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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95
25. The Encounter (3)
Jin-woo nodded as he tried to deal with his troubled feelings. Now, he had developed enough to manage his facial expressions, even without the Emperor of Gold. There were many things like this, so he could understand and adapt to how things were going quickly. Humans are adaptive creatures. In the past, he would have let it slip, but not now.
‘There’s no need to fix it. rather…’
He wanted to deal with that guy called Count Ehorce with absolute certainty. He was a weak guy, so Jin-woo thought he could deal with him later, but he kept causing trouble for them. He came here directly because of the rumor that the Count had abandoned the Goddess and was cursed by demons.
‘I am called a saint….’
While Luna was called the Demon King, Luna happened to have fainted, too. Since it had come to this, let’s try to use it appropriately. Jin-woo looked at Count Ehorce. His eyes sank coldly, but no one noticed. He was a merciful saint.
“Stay here.”
Jin-woo said so to Alonso. Alonso and the priests couldn’t be stopped.
‘First of all, Luna…’
Jin-woo approached Luna. As he approached her, the Fishmen split like the sea. They knew that Jin-woo was the master who made them. Jin-woo glanced at Alonso. He and his priests were moving with their eyes wide open, as were the Count’s soldiers.
‘I won’t stop you this time.’
Jin-woo released the reins he was holding. It was the Emperor of Gold who had been working secretly without Jin-woo knowing, but not this time. Jin-woo’s permission had been given. The synergy was enormous. It was running wild to the extent that it had a huge impact on the Middle World.
The surrounding light source only shone on Jin-woo as petals blown away by the wind were scattered under his feet. The soft swamp hardened and became hard earth. The buds grew, and flowers bloomed. A rainbow appeared above Jin-woo. It was simply a crazy sight. It was efficient, taking very little mana, and the choreography was kept neat. Jin-woo’s cooperation made it perfect without anything lacking.
His movements became comfortable. Everything was going well, even if he was just moving randomly. Jin-woo held the fainted Luna.
“I-it’s dangerous!”
A scream broke out as Jin-woo watched her. She was having a nightmare, but she quickly became calm and started to snore when Jin-woo held her. It was just like in the original novel.
‘For now…’
He thought it would be better to move her somewhere else for a while. The Sanctuary was the most suitable. It was at the center of multiple dimensions, so Luna would have no side effects, and it would be safe. Raising his left hand, he opened the portal to the Sanctuary. He put her inside the portal while saying, ‘go back.’ When the Fishmen noticed, they also returned to the swamp.
When Luna disappeared, Alonso and the priests barely breathed a sigh of relief. The situation was half settled, but now was the time to get to work in earnest. Jin-woo approached the Count.
“Are you all right?”
Jin-woo’s attitude was kind. The Count couldn’t think of anything else because he had seen everything that happened. He barely nodded. He was bothered by the fact that he was trying to wipe out Guern Village and get rid of the saint. The priests who came with the Count were sweating and looking into Jin-woo’s eyes. After all, they were all on one side.
But the saint was smiling kindly. There was no way he didn’t know.
‘Oh…did he forgive me?’
The Count thought so. Jin-woo raised the Count’s body. It was a heartwarming picture. Then Jin-woo looked at the Count and put on a serious expression.
“Count Ehorce, you have been cursed by the Demon King.”
“W-What are you talking about…!”
The Count raised his head. His face was stained with confusion.
“The priests and knights here are the same.”
The priests had no choice but to nod. It was because they no longer had divine power. The knights and soldiers had no choice but to believe because he showed a scene beyond common sense. The Count wanted to deny it, but he couldn’t. The surrounding atmosphere was too serious to deny the saint’s words.
“I-Is there anyway?”
The priests were desperate. Without divine power, they would be excommunicated. An excommunicated priest was no different from a commoner, but people’s perception of them would be worse. They would become pariahs.
Jin-woo looked at the priest and nodded.
“Isn’t your skin itchy right now?”
It did seem that way. As some people nodded, Jin-woo’s expression grew more serious. An uneasy atmosphere had now risen.
“The curse will melt your skin. If that’s the case, we’ll have no choice but to burn it. We need to purify it quickly. There is no guarantee of success, though…”
“P-please do it!”
“M-me too!”
When the priests said that, the knights also became desperate. The soldiers stepped back a few steps from the Count. They were afraid of getting infected.
“It is urgent. We have to go to Guern Village. If we waste any time, the curse will get stronger.”
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Everyone became desperate as they saw Jin-woo’s determined expression. Their own lives and honors were at stake. They couldn’t think of anything else.
“Come on, let’s move!”
Alonso and the priests were fully aware of how serious the situation was. Even though they were enemies, God’s teachings were mercy and love. They need to lift the curse first and distinguish between right and wrong later. Everyone hastily headed to Guern Village, no, the Village of Saint. They didn’t forget to take the Swordmaster Haymann, who barely came to his senses as they dragged him along.
Only Elise, who was left alone, couldn’t understand the situation and just stood there blankly.
* * *
The Village of the Saint was crowded with sudden visitors. More soldiers fled, but the Count’s soldiers who arrived in the village exceeded a thousand. The soldiers were exhausted, and they were on my guard. They had heard rumors that the Count was trying to trick the village. But the villagers treated them with the kindness Alonso spoke of. They quickly assimilated into the warm vibes that felt like a mother’s arms and let their guard down. And soon, there was a surge in Order memberships.
Unlike the mood in the village, the atmosphere in front of the building where Jin-woo was living was serious. The Count, knights, and priests were shivering in front of the building, wearing only thin clothes. It was the same with Haymann. It was the preparatory stage for purification. The knights were fine, but the Counts and priests were suffering.
‘Shall I get started?’
Jin-woo had finished all his preparations. The best experts were lined up in the Demon Realm. It would be a very satisfying trip.
Jin-woo was very relieved that everything was going according to plan. It was probably the first time anything had worked so smoothly. When Jin-woo walked up to them, they welcomed him. Alonso and the priests greeted Jin-woo with serious looks. They were carrying thick chains and locks.
Jin-woo looked at them and opened his mouth.
“No one should come in. It requires a high degree of concentration.”
Alonso and the priests nodded at Jin-woo’s words. Purification put the caster’s life at stake. It was dangerous even for a saint because it was a curse from the Demon King. Everyone was moved by Jin-woo’s noble spirit of sacrifice. The Count was trying to get rid of the saint, but he risked his life to help him.
The Count began to weep. He’d never felt this warm feeling before. No one had done so much for him. He promised to be born as a new person, but it was already too late.
“Then, please.”
When Jin-woo said that, the priests opened the door. The Count went in first, followed by the knights and the Count’s priests. It was dark inside, lit only by a few candles. The Count could see his breath fogging the air. It was colder than standing outside, and his body trembled. No one cared about the Count’s well-being, instead concerned about the curse they possessed.
Crieeek! Boom!
Finally, Jin-woo came in, and the door was firmly closed. The door was locked from the outside with chains and locks. Jin-woo prepared various artifacts and installed them as he looked at the door. Now, no one could come in.
The Count and others looked at Jin-woo, but he paid them no mind and took something else out of the subspace. They were items filled with demon energy. When he placed them between the gaps in the slightly open wall, demon energy was sprayed around the building, creating an unusual atmosphere.
The Count looked at him with puzzlement in his eyes. The holy saint used the subspace, the exclusive property of a wizard, and took out evil-looking objects, skeletons of strange animals, and black books. Just looking at them was enough to sense the creepy dark energy they exuded. The Count felt suffocated as it began to spread thickly on the floor. The same was true of the knights and priests.
“S-Saint? W-what the hell are you doing…”
When the Count said that, Jin-woo looked at him and smiled. It wasn’t a kind smile so far, but a creepy one. The dark mana awoke as the demon energy grew abundant.
“It’s not purification. It’s cleaning.”
Jin-woo said this as he then proceeded to stretch out his hand. Then the space shook, and a black portal appeared. It was a portal that led to the Demon Realm. Black energy swirled around Jin-woo. Just looking at it burned one’s eyes. Jin-woo slowly approached the Count, trembling in fear.
Jin-woo’s hand wrapped around the Count’s neck.
Jin-woo threw him right into the portal. Everyone stared blankly as he vanished.
“Y-You are not a saint! T-That…!”
The priests could instinctively tell he was an existence like the Demon King. No, it was something beyond that. They finally recognized who Jin-woo was, but it was already too late. Their bodies were paralyzed because of the demon’s energy. The knights poured out all their mana and ran towards the door.
Haymann and the knights banged on the door, but it didn’t open. They started to lose all their strength and gradually grew stiff. Jin-woo slowly threw the trembling and drooling priests into the portal next. The knights watched with their eyes wide open. They were all being dragged to hell.
“Sa-Save me!”
“Open it! I say open it!”
The knights let out desperate screams. Alonso and the priests nodded as they listened.
“It’s a dreadful curse.”
“Look at that evil spirit!”
“Sigh, will the Saint be okay…?”
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They were only worried about Jin-woo, thinking it was a reaction to the curse. They prayed for the saint to return safely from purification. Jin-woo slowly walked towards the knights. He dragged the knights back, put them all into the portal, and dusted off his hands.
“That’s much better.”
Cleaning made him feel much better. He told them it would take a long time to purify, so he didn’t have to go out for a few more days. Jin-woo entered the portal with a refreshed smile.
* * *
In the Demon Realm, there experts of a wide range of unique abilities. As high-ranking demons, they were able to demonstrate more diverse and evil abilities. The dream that Lilith had shown before was a typical example.
The Count, priest, and knights were tied up in their torture chamber. The demons who came under Jin-woo’s summons looked at them with interest. They didn’t forget to lighten their demon energy so that those people could barely survive. The Count’s eyes widened to a point where they seemed like they might fall out. He tried to scream, but no voice left him.
Jin-woo nodded. Not only did he take care of the Count, but he was also planning to swipe the estate so there wouldn’t be any more trouble. Other nobles could get dragged in, and things would get complicated if he just dealt with them all. So the one he summoned was this high-ranking demon. He was a faceless demon, but he could imitate others.
Dopplo, the leader of a tribe called Doppelgangers. His physical abilities would drop significantly without demon energy, but it was still possible to maintain his appearance.
“My grandfather said he had been to Middle World. I am looking forward to it.”
“You just have to pretend to be him. Act in moderation.”
“Isn’t that my specialty?”
Dopplo’s business plan was unusual, but he was acquainted with Arina. Thanks to this, he had a broad understanding of the Earth.
“A cafe full of celebrities on Earth!”
Dopplo planned such a unique cafe. Jin-woo was considering it because it could work out. In the case of humans, he could copy not only their appearance but also their abilities, so even relatives wouldn’t be capable of distinguishing them.
The knights here were the important figures of the Count’s house. Dopplo’s people decided to play their roles. If the conditions were met, the swordmaster could be imitated similarly. All of the men brought by Dopplo were elite men close to being high-ranked demons.
‘This is an opportunity!’
If Dopplo showed his skill, he might be invited to the Emperor’s dimension. The high-ranking demons who went there said it was a land of milk and honey. Dimensional gold coins were said to be pouring like rain!
Dopplo transformed into the Count.
As he checked the voice, he stabbed the Count in the chest.
A scream burst out of the Count’s mouth. Dopplo followed it a few times until it became the same. It was so similar that it was difficult for Jin-woo to distinguish them from appearance alone. The Count looked shocked at the sight.
Jin-woo nodded.
It felt like a conspiracy to conquer Middle-World, but it seemed to work out anyway.
‘That would be fine, too.’
Considering the Emperor there, it was a good way to go about it. The best torture expert in the Demon Realm bowed his head and approached Jin-woo. He was neatly dressed, and his hair was cleanly parted. Next to him was an assistant, who carried a table full of all kinds of blades.
There was also a menu. Jin-woo looked over it.
“No. 7, the Hell of Reflection Course would be good.”
“Yes, my Emperor. Hell of Reflection Course, I understand.”
It was said to be a course that made anyone thoroughly reflect on themselves. Jin-woo looked around the Demon Realm after telling Dopplo to do some research. He met Sarah Vriac and others. Sarah Vriac was still annoying, but she was good at governing, so it was hard to say anything.
[The kidnapped Goddess Luna has awakened.]
[The Incarnation of Evil has been strengthened by a great achievement.]
He had forgotten for a moment that he had put Luna in the Sanctuary.
* * *
Luna regained consciousness. She remembered she had seen the Emperor of Gold, so she thought maybe she died, and she came to Heaven, but it didn’t seem like that. She didn’t know where it was, but it was a very well-decorated space.
‘T-this place…?’
It was full of expensive decorations. She was walking cautiously on the carpet as the dirt from her body fell to the floor. Someone appeared behind her.
“Huh? I don’t think there’s an intruder…”
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Luna looked behind her. There was a demon with horns on her head. It was clear that she wasn’t just a demon but a powerful one at that.
She was startled and radiated her divine power. However, the divine power didn’t come to her. It felt like the faucet was clogged.
‘I-is this the Demon Realm?!’
Feeling a sense of crisis, she started running. As she ran on the carpet, the mud sloughed off her, and it became dirty. Someone else appeared in front of her. Her red hair was impressive.
“What is this?”
Luna opened her mouth wide when she saw the woman. Luna was still the Goddess, so she knew right away who that woman was. She was an Emperor, the Emperor of Vanity!
She screamed and ran again. The lights went out, and darkness surrounded her. Luna saw a door. She looked behind her and saw two shadows following her. The Emperor of Vanity and the high-ranking demon were chasing her! If she were caught by them, she wouldn’t be able to return to Heaven at all but would be humiliated forever. Just like the nightmare she often had.
She opened the door and went inside. A very dark and large space greeted her.
‘I have to run away…!’
She ran forward, soon noticing a little light.
Something passed by her on the floor. Luna flinched and looked down. Something was rolling with a shiny square in its hand. Then it stopped right in front of her and looked at her.
She stepped back and bumped into something cold. She turned her head and saw a huge structure with no end in sight. At the end of the structure, there was a blue glow that looked like a giant eye.
“T-T-The Emperor of…gasp.”
The legendary being, the Emperor of Maze. Her body sank as she fainted again. The Maze, who had been rolling on the floor with its tablet PC, rose from its seat and looked at her.
It simply evaluated her.
“I think she came in here….”
Hearing Arina, the Maze called out. Soon after, Heo-young also came in. The three stood side by side and looked at Luna, who had passed out. Heo-young tilted her head.
“Where did she come from?”
“Who knows.”
Heo-young and Arina looked at her and thought deeply. The Maze’s eyes widened as it squatted and stared at Luna. The Maze pulled a pen out of the tablet PC it was holding and drew something. It was the appearance of the Goddess Luna. There was a dungeon in Middle World so that it could see her occasionally.
“The Goddess?”
Heo-young and Arina grinned as they looked at the picture the Maze drew. The Goddess Luna was a famous deity. Not only the demons but also the elves and dwarves knew her. But why was such a goddess here?
It was absurd.
“Even though it was Master, he wouldn’t have kidnapped a goddess, right?”
“I know. Could it be possible?”
“Right? Fufu.”
“Yeah. Haha!”
Arina and Heo-young looked at each other and laughed. Then all of a sudden, the laughter stopped. The two looked at Luna again. They recalled what had happened in the past.
“It could be real…”
“I think it is possible.”
It was definitely possible with the Master.
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