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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 79

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Chapter 79
21. Subordinates (3)
Jin-woo offered a lot of support to Gallord and helped him directly. He rearranged the field and planted several seeds he had enhanced himself. The residents and soldiers were mobilized, but there was too much work to do.
Labor was essential to farming, repairing roads and walls, buildings. If he made a mistake, he would be abusing Gallord’s people. There was also a problem with security because the demon soldiers were also being used to suppress the many evil creatures were living around Gallord’s estate.
There were quite a few residents wounded and missing. Demon King, Gallord, couldn’t go out every time and couldn’t turn his soldiers around. This was largely thanks to the territories of the Demon King Sarah Vriac and the high-ranking demons adjacent to him.
‘If it’s about the labor force…’
When Jin-woo was agonizing over how to solve it, Gallord stamped his feet, not knowing what to do. His face looked ten years older. Despite being the Demon King, he quickly ran whenever Jin-woo said something and put it into action. Seeing Gallord like that, Jin-woo couldn’t help but agonize more deeply.
Then, he thought of a way.
“D-do you have any orders?”
“May I bring workers?”
“O-of course. Hahaha. Y-you don’t have to ask me every single time.”
Jin-woo nodded. He thought he could solve the problem. He had something to prepare, so he asked him to wait, and then he moved to Arina’s estate. Gallord flopped down on the floor when Jin-woo disappeared. He looked as if he had burned his whole life away, but it was just the beginning.
Jin-woo, who returned to Arina’s estate, gathered the Black Skeletons. They would be perfect for solving the problem of Gallord’s estate. They were rather strong and had the best skills. Moreover, they could be revived even if they were broken if the mana core wasn’t destroyed. The work on Arina’s estate was almost finished, so there was no problem moving them.
‘First of all….’
Looking at Black Skeletons’ equipment, it was quite poor. They were holding wooden plows or old axes. Considering the situation of Gallord’s estate, that wouldn’t be enough.
‘There are also evil creatures…’
They needed appropriate equipment. Jin-woo brought his existing equipment and bought tools in bulk. He already had several enhanced tools from Earth he had prepared before. They were reborn as a fairly plausible tool by grinding them with proper Attribute Stones. It was worthwhile after getting the job done.
Jin-woo picked up a tool. As he swung it lightly, a compressed wind blew out, digging deep into the ground.
‘It’s good.’
At this rate, they seemed able to work quickly. Jin-woo looked at the Black Skeleton, a bit thin because it had only bones left. He thought it would look better if he covered it a little.
‘I’ll have to unpack the warehouse at this point.’
He brought all the armor that China and Japan had donated for free and all the things he had accumulated unknowingly. Jin-woo decided to use this opportunity to organize the warehouse. The Black Skeletons began to pick up the enhanced tools and armor.
“I think they look better than the Death Knight when they dress up like this.”
“It was worth the hard work. I think they will do a better job!”
It took longer than expected, but Jin-woo and Arina looked proud. All the hard work felt like it was washed away when he saw the results. As Arina said, the Black Skeleton looked different when it wore armor and brandished tools. The emanated demon energy seeped secretly into the armor and tools, and the blackish-red energy faded gently. Putting something on the bare skeleton made him feel like he was looking at a well-drawn sports car.
Jin-woo nodded. It seemed a little too much, but it had to be at this level to ensure the work was done well. He opened a portal to Gallord’s estate and moved on. There was a forest around Gallord’s estate. Without a portal stone, people had to travel through this forest to get to Gallord’s estate. It was a forest famous for hiding many evil creatures.
‘We need to clear this place first.’
Recalling the conversation of a nobleman in front of the castle gate, it was said that there were many problems on the road.
“Let’s just shove it in neatly.”
When Jin-woo commanded, the red eyes of the Black Skeletons glowed fiercely. They immediately grabbed their tools and started moving the forest near the road like a bulldozer. The tools imbued with Attribute Stones were powerful. Things like sword energy spewed out, tearing trees and breaking stones into powder. Before long, a flat land greeted him.
It was like they were reborn to work.
There was a monster in the middle that looked like a troll, but…
Whoops! Puff!
It disappeared immediately like the trees and stones. As the road widened, demons from afar approached, riding a carriage. They were dressed similar to the aristocrats who had recently visited Gallord’s estate. It was the demons who were sent to find out more about what happened in Gallord’s estate.
A huge tree fell in front of them. The demons jumped off the carriage in response, preparing themselves. It was when the soldiers escorting the carriage approached the tree…
A monster the size of a carriage fell from a tree, its head half broken. It was a monster known normally for its impenetrable skin.
“W-what the!”
The nights in the Demon Realm were exceptionally dark, but they could see. Trees and monsters were soaring everywhere. The dark forest was filled with a very evil-looking red energy and roars of pain. The soldiers tensed up and raised their weapons. At that moment, the roar began to grow closer.
A large rock next to the carriage exploded. The nobles looked at the rocks with their eyes wide open and then slowly turned their heads to gaze into the forest.
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It was no ordinary Death Knight. It was enveloped in a dark air current and wearing a style of armor that had never been seen before. Every time it wielded the magical weapon, the surrounding terrain changed. One of the nobles had a wealth of common sense. The moment he saw the black bones, he realized that it was a monster that only appeared in the deep underground of the Demon Realm.
“Black D-Death Knight!”
They were dealing with a great level of sword energy. As the Black Death Knight picked up a weapon that looked like a sickle and hit the ground…
Everything in front of the carriage was removed in an instant. The nobleman looked around. The forest was full of red eyes. It seemed that there were dozens or even hundreds of such crazy things.
A bizarre sound was heard as bone collided with bone. It was as if they were saying that they would eat him. The nobles and soldiers abandoned their carriage and fled along the way they came. The Black Skeletons looked blankly at them as they blinked their red eyes, then they started working again.
Jin-woo thought he heard a voice in the distance, so he raised his head and grabbed his tool again. He was also working on it himself.
“It’s worthwhile.”
He felt refreshed when the messy surroundings became clean. Jin-woo thought it was okay to work like this sometimes. The Black Skeletons did exactly what he ordered. It was much better as they finished paving the road in an instant and installed many amenities.
Jin-woo returned to Gallord’s estate with the Black Skeletons. Gallord and his soldiers came out to greet them, but there was an obvious sign of nervousness. They were wary of the Black Skeletons. Jin-woo approached them with a bright smile to calm them down.
“M-my Lord Emperor?”
“I brought workers. They will be very helpful.”
“D-do you mean they’re the workers?”
“Yes. There is a story about it…anyway. It’s complicated. Do you want me to explain it to you?”
Although there was a sad story, the Black Skeletons also wanted to work, so it was good for each other. It was said that they would fall into frustration if they had nothing to do. They didn’t seem to have any intention of going back. That was how much energy they had given to work.
‘I’m sure they will go back to rest if I give enough work to satisfy them.’
It seemed to him that they would pass over if they were satisfied. Gallord’s complexion looked even worse.
‘Come to think of it. I told him to wait.’
That was what he said before he left the estate. He must have been tired, but he seemed to have been waiting without a break until now. Jin-woo approached Gallord and put his hand on his shoulder. He looked at him with a smile.
“Leave it to me and get some rest. I think you’re too worried.”
“I-I understood. I will take a rest. I-I’ll take a good rest. Uh, uh…”
Gallord handed broad authority over the estate, replying to Jin-woo with trust. Jin-woo wanted to repay that trust. From that day on, estate development began. It took some time to melt into the estate due to the appearance of the Black Skeleton, but from the beginning, they were the same as the estate residents.
“Wow! Mr. Skull! Let’s go together!”
The Black Skeletons were nice. They played well with Amy and the other children and even helped the residents’ work. After doing various tasks, such as patrolling around the border with the demon soldiers, everyone began to open their hearts and accept them.
“It’s all thanks to the Emperor that we can eat three meals a day!”
“I must pray to the Emperor.”
“Yeah. Let’s all pray together.”
There had also been a huge increase in favor of Jin-woo. Gallord couldn’t give warm houses, good clothes, and delicious food like Jin-woo. As the estate quickly began to prosper, they came to follow and respect Jin-woo more than Gallord.
After watching everything from inside the castle, Gallord’s thoughts grew complicated. Not only the estate residents but also all the soldiers were handed over to the Emperor. Although they endured hardship together, the residents had no choice but to be fascinated by the abundance given right away. It was a feeling that Gallord, who was fascinated by the dimensional gold coins, was also very well aware of.
Both body and heart were stolen. All the estate residents became loyal subordinates of the Emperor. All debts disappeared, and the estate developed day by day. It was inevitable because a huge amount of dimensional gold coins funneled in. Sooner or later, it was likely to be more spectacular than Giganter.
‘In an instant.’
The estate was occupied, and even the hearts of the residents were taken away. It was a nasty trick. He wanted to shout at the residents right away.
‘No! You are being deceived! Those skeletons are the bones of demons! You guys almost became like that, too! I’m the one who saved you! You shouldn’t be friends with those skeletons!’
But Amy always went to play with the Black Skeletons. She read the children’s books or played with them. If he said anything…
Gallord was horrified.
His wife walked in. Gallord looked at her in surprise. She was born with a weak magic core; her limbs were limp as the mana passage was blocked. But now she was fine.
“The Emperor helped. I’m so grateful to him.”
To restore her naturally weak magic core, he had to use dozens of advanced potions, which only rich people like Hallas could purchase.
“I guess Amy told the Emperor that I was sick.”
“I-I see.”
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“He is a good person, isn’t he?”
His wife laughed as she knew nothing. His wife was unaware of the evil darkness hidden in the Emperor’s courteous tone and beautiful smile, the black tentacle-like horror. Gallord wanted to take the plunge and confess to his wife. After all, he wanted to be comforted.
“About that….”
The moment he opened his mouth, he had no choice but to close it. A Black Skeleton was standing behind his wife.
“It is helping me with my work. It has been chaotic these days, right?”
“I am very glad that the Emperor has come here.”
His wife’s recovery was a tearful joy, but his tears were a mixture of joy and bitterness. He couldn’t get away from him now.
Gallord had to stare blankly at the changing estate like an outpost of the conquest of the Demon Realm.
The Lair of Greed. It was located in the deepest part of the Demon Realm, and it was huge enough to reach the entirety of the Demon Realm. It was because the Emperor of Greed ate the bottom of the Demon Realm, just as it ate the roots of the World Tree. Something unknown was being created in that huge space.
Degurron shook his head. The other dwarves also had serious expressions on their faces. They needed a power source to operate that huge thing. It could be operated with dimensional gold coins, but it cost a lot for maintenance. It wasn’t in line with Degurron’s pursuit of perfection. The Emperor would want something perfect and beautiful.
He agonized for days and days, but there was no clear answer.
“Chief, it seems we have found a solution.”
“Hallas says he knew something.”
Degurron nodded, and Hallas was dragged in, a ghost of his former self.
“I-I know that.”
“Tell me.”
“There was a great war of angels and demons a long time ago. There were way too many pigeons…no, angels then. Therefore…”
Hallas kindly told him. There was a giant weapon made by the great ancestor of the Demon King. It was said to be a weapon that had been instrumental in the fight against the angels. After that, the subsequent Demon Kings disassembled it and shared it, but the power source was kept by the Demon King Sarah Vriac’s family.
‘This is also a sacred ordeal.’
Degurron nodded. As he listened closely, he found that the conditions were just right. Hallas was desperate to please Degurron as he was very hungry and his body ached.
“I-I know Sarah Vriac’s estate very well.”
“How do you know?”
“I-I tried to invade it. I-I also planted many spies there…”
Degurron built the operation based on Hallas’ information. Luckily, the Lair of Greed was linked to Sarah Vriac’s estate. Degurron and the dwarves made equipment for their plan.
“H-here it is. H-how about doing this?”
“Well, your knowledge is also useful.”
Hallas also poured out all his knowledge. The black scales found in the lair could absorb the surrounding demon energy, allowing them to move freely even inside the Demon Realm. The scales were barely bent so that they could be carried on their backs. They could also hide under the scales when they curled up. It was perfect for a dwarf with a small body and short limbs. The defense was great, and even if there were a magic bombardment, they would just be fine.
Hallas worked hard and completed them with a technique that dramatically upgraded physical abilities then granted them stealth. He also added a subspace to it. Degurron gave him a meal for his hard work, and Hallas ate it while crying.
Among Degurron and the dwarves, the most agile were wearing masks and carrying scales. They could hide inside by crouching down. Then, the stealth ability was activated immediately. It was the best technique that Hallas made by consuming all his remaining powers. Now that he had no magic core, that power had done nothing to help. Hallas’s new priority was to avoid pain.
Degurron and the dwarves followed the cave and arrived near Sarah Vriac’s estate. They quietly infiltrated Sarah Vriac’s estate. With a map given by Hallas, it was as easy as strolling through the park. The secret passageway made in advance by Hallas’s spies was indispensable.
They quickly crossed the wall. A demon soldier was on guard there, but there was no problem. As they approached secretly and struck him with the scales, he was instantly stunned. Moving on, they soon reached their destination: a massive door. It was made with a complicated and elaborate magic design.
Degurron brought the tool made by Hallas, and the magic circle quickly unraveled. The alarm didn’t go off either.
It was so neat.
‘Hallas…he’s great. I’m sure he has lost his power, but he’s still a Demon King, huh?”
Degurron finally understood why the Emperor kept Hallas alive. Everything was going according to his revelation.
They secretly opened the door and went inside. Behind the door were numerous treasures, among which was a crystal ball with enormous energy circulating inside it. Degurron readied to return after placing the crystal ball into the subspace on the scale.
“Chief, why don’t we take them all? The Emperor will soon become the owner of the Demon Realm, and these also belong to him.”
“Um, I guess so.”
That makes sense!
Degurron thought so. They packed all the treasures and snuck out along the back road made by Hallas’s spies. Hallas, was truly a terrifying Demon King.
‘I’ll have to beat him more so that he won’t have any bad thoughts.’
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Degurron thought so. Returning to the lair, Degurron pulled out the power source while everyone was watching. With both hands, he raised the power source, which was fluttering with bright light.
“Shall the power of darkness descend upon this place…”
“The destruction of darkness will finally be complete!”
It was a very dangerous vibe. Hallas glanced at the scene, and then he went to the corner to curl up. It was too scary.
* * *
Sarah Vriac participated in the Demon King’s meeting through video. Without Hallas and Gallord, there were only five Demon Kings, including her. The disappearance of two of the seven Demon Kings sent a huge shock through the Demon Kings. The news that Gallord’s estate was eaten by the Dark Army was a startling revelation. Although she looked down on him publicly, she was the one who most recognized Gallord. The sight she saw after secretly sending demons to inspect was terrifying.
‘I-I’m scared to death!’
In the meantime, she talked to Gallord about this and that for the countermeasures, but now the contact had been completely cut off. Being quite close to the Gallord’s estate, she was extremely anxious.
But she was the Demon King of Fear. She always wore an arrogant expression on her face. It was thanks to the wrong concept on the day she first became the Demon King. It was very strange that the Demon Kings misunderstood her all on their own.
The Demon King of Fear, with power equal to that of Gallord! But actually, it wasn’t like that. As time passed, she couldn’t show her true self anymore. She had already become someone who was trapped in the bad image she inadvertently created.
[Why don’t we use our power to awaken the Emperor of Maze?]
[Ha! If that happens, we will become ordinary demons!]
[Not after that. By killing an Emperor with an Emperor and acquiring his power…]
[What being is the Emperor of Maze? It’s not even clearly stated in the records!]
The voices continued to bicker.
[Well then…let’s use the Emperor of Maze as a last resort…how about activating the giant weapon Arcron?]
[Well, I’m not sure if it will work on an Emperor.]
[But can we still show him that we have this kind of power, right? Then if we ask him to proceed with the negotiations…]
It was a story that would never come out normally as the Demon Kings rarely cooperated. The meeting was prolonged. She was just looking at the Demon Kings with an arrogant expression.
[Then…that was decided. Even an Emperor can’t underestimate it when it comes to Arcron. Vriac, I know that your family has the power source.]
“Fufu, don’t worry.”
[Since you have a high reputation as the Demon King of Fear, we can count on you.]
She raised her head arrogantly. It was the moment when the giant weapon would be revived after 700 years. After the boring meeting, she barely returned to her original expression. Yet as soon as she felt another presence approaching, she put on the arrogant look again.
“Your Majesty!”
“What’s going on?”
“A-about that, there’s…a thief…”
“Fufu, did the thief steal pottery?”
She was surprised inside, but she said it calmly as if it was nothing.
“I-I just checked and found out that the central treasure trove is…”
Startled, she ran to the central treasure trove. The complicated barrier technique was solved so neatly. When she went inside, there was nothing left.
She stared blankly at the warehouse and hurriedly contacted the Demon King.
“Well…there seem to be a lot of thieves these days, that’s why…”
[Thanks for your concern. I know your family has the best treasury. I’m envious.]
“Uh, um….”
It was hard to say. She tried to contact another Demon King.
[Sarah Vriac, the Demon King of Fear! We’re all ready. The most perfect, you would have guessed, wouldn’t you?
“Of course. I am the Demon King of Fear.”
[As expected from you. I’ll see you then.]
She cut off the contact, her face calm despite the cold sweat dripping down her back.
“What should I do?”
She struggled to find a way out of the crisis.
‘E-even if it’s fake…’
Now she couldn’t help it. She had no choice but to prepare a fake one.
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