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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.36

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Chapter 56: Heavenly Sword Wing (1)
Jinwoo puffed a sigh of relief. If he had not downed the potion and had mana left over, he would have suffered a severe defeat. He held out somehow, but in the end, it had been very frightening. Who would have thought that she would suddenly vanish in front of his eyes?
As expected, Hayeon was a wondrous talent.
He was able to stop her somehow using Mana of Information, but if it had been a real sword then his head would have gone flying off immediately.
‘I almost pissed myself.’
He very well might have surrendered on the spot even if his wooden sword had not broken. The wound on his hand was not prominent. Nevertheless, the medical team poured hundreds of millions worth of high-end red potions into a single bottle. Even though the wound healed, he bandaged not only his palm but his wrist. Although they said it was in case of an infection, it was clearly excessive treatment.
Yoona and the bodyguards were all over the place. They thought he was causing an incident without any countermeasures in place and never thought he was able to demonstrate anything.
Jinwoo lost the match, but it was still his win overall. In a single hour, he learned the martial arts of the clan and had shown he was almost on par with the clan’s future head. Thanks to that, the entirety of the Choi Clan Sword Sect was in a complete state of despair.
Yoona stared blankly at Jinwoo. She had seen him train for months, but that had just been some basic improvements to his physique. As someone who watched him from the sidelines the entire time, she knew him best. Even if he took a large amount of mana, that was for his good health and did not have any significant effect. If it did, every rich man in the world would have become great talents.
‘A prodigy sent from the heavens…’
No, those words were still not enough to do justice to the display that Jinwoo had shown her. How in the world had he been able to stay composed for so long when he had this much talent? How had he been able to act like a hoodlum for so long? He had so much patience that it was terrifying.
Not long after his release into the world, he gained the unconditional support of the Choi Clan Sword Sect.
Yoona held a greater image of Jinwoo.
If she was this appalled after watching him from the sidelines for so long, then what of the other party? She could not imagine just how great their shattered pride and gloom was.
In the end, she was able to fix her expression and approached Jinwoo.
“Master, how is the wound?”
“It’s all right. I think this is a bit too much…”
“It is not. You need to keep it for at least a day.”
“Really? Hmm… I think I did pretty well, so there probably won’t be a problem right?”
“I’m afraid there might be a problem with the other side, but… you have no need to concern yourself over that. You did an excellent job.”
The bodyguards who had blank faces looked cheerful. Their young master had been looked down on by the Choi Clan Sword Sect. Then the unbelievable occurred and the clan was left utterly floored. As they had stated that they would support Jinwoo without any exception, the Choi Clan Sword Sect had effectively brought themselves under Jinwoo’s command.
Of course, Jinwoo was not aware of this until the very end.
‘I’m glad it turned out well in the end.’
Reflecting on it, the swordmaster was the one to blame. Jinwoo refused several times, and he was the one who escalated the issue to this level. What had Hayeon done wrong? She was only doing her best for the sake of her clan. He felt a bit regretful.
‘I should just check my reward quickly and get going.’
It seemed like it took a bit of time to clear up the situation.
The swordmaster came looking for him.
“I apologize. I have been extremely rude to you.”
“No worries. Isn’t that just one of the things that come when you live through life? Everyone can make mistakes after all…” Jinwoo quietly feared the previous matter would be brought up so he slyly added the last point.
The swordmaster gawked for a moment with a blank expression before responding with a laugh.  “Haha! Yes, that’s right. A man cannot become a sword in the end.”
The swordmaster seemed to have a great epiphany.
Jinwoo wondered what that old man was on about again. The swordmaster could talk about nonsense for a moment, or he could speak as if he was insane. He was a person whom one could never let their guard down for a single moment when nearby.
“Then, we shall fulfill the promise. The Choi Clan Sword Sect will unconditionally support you no matter the occasion. And we will always be willing to become your strength. This will be valid as long as I, and the next head of the clan, are still alive.”
“Yes, I understand.”
“I shall take you to the Heavenly Sword Wing. How about staying the night and going in the morning?”
“No, I don’t want to be a bother.”
“Haaa… what a shame.”
The swordmaster personally guided Jinwoo to the Heavenly Sword Wing.
Jinwoo sensed the spirit of the Choi Clan Sword Sect had died completely. They were no longer able to even look at him properly. Even the crowded training halls were now devoid of students.
The Heavenly Sword Wing was located at the very back of the Choi Clan Sword Sect. It was a tremendous cave that touched a cliff, a place that outsiders could never hope to enter.
“Please take your time.”
Jinwoo entered the Heavenly Sword Wing.
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