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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Test (2)
[B] Bewitching Paradise Swordsmanship
Using the concepts of Kamasutra Paradise as the foundation, the fundamental sword techniques of the Choi Clan Sword Sect have been reinterpreted. Rough swordsmanship will look beautiful, and practical swordsmanship will give off an elegant charm. Pleasure will be given to the opposite sex, and yearning will be given to the same sex!
* Sex Appeal increased 15%
* Seduction, dazzlement effectiveness 15%
* The greater your honor, the greater the respect that can be drawn out.
* The more favorable your image, the more pleasure that can be drawn out.
If he had to say there was a single downside to Mana of Information, it had to be this. It was the fact that everything would be upgraded regardless of Jinwoo’s intentions. Any new information that entered his mind and body would be reinterpreted and applied. But without using Mana of Information he would be required to learn everything through his body. It would take too much time, so it was already far superior in terms of efficiency.
‘This… perhaps I chose the wrong techniques to learn for my first ones?’ These sorts of thoughts came to mind. Jinwoo shook his head and shut the book. Regardless, it seemed like the Choi Clan Sword Sect’s fundamental sword techniques were nothing worth fussing over. What was the big deal?
‘There’s a lot of time left.’ He got lost in his thoughts, but only five minutes would have passed by now.
Overcome with fatigue, Jinwoo leaned his back against the wall. Now that he thought about it, he realized that he had barely slept today. It was a little hot, but sleep gently came to him.  Thinking about resting for a little bit, he closed his eyes. He felt like he was getting a bit closer to the personality of the original Lee Jinwoo, but so what?
Soon, Jinwoo dozed off.
He heard Yoona’s voice. He thought he had dozed off for just a bit, but time quickly passed. He felt extremely refreshed.
Next to Yoona stood Hayeon, who stared at Jinwoo as if he had done something preposterous.
“…You should go to the training hall.”
He felt like he had seen Choi Hayeon’s angry face many times today.
Perhaps it was because she had a headache, but Yoona kept massaging her temples as Jinwoo rose from his seat while stretching.
“Shall we go?”
Jinwoo followed Hayeon, alongside Yoona and his bodyguards to the training hall. Almost every member of the Choi Clan Sword Sect gathered in the hall.
Everyone knew what Jinwoo had done, so he felt a great deal of attention coming his way. When he stood at the center of the training hall, Hayeon went to stand in front of him.
The swordmaster walked up to the training hall and said, “Are your preparations complete?”
“Yes, but how do you plan to verify things?”
“Hayeon herself will be verifying it. It’ll take the form of a sparring match, but you won’t be using a real sword and I shall be in control of everything, so you have no reason to worry.”
If a master wanted to test someone to see if they had learned the fundamental sword techniques, the only way to do so was through a sparring match. It was possible to pretend to understand when one did an exhibition, but it would be impossible to pretend in a sparring match
Hayeon grabbed a wooden sword.
A female disciple of the Choi Clan Sword Sect used two hands to pass Jinwoo a wooden sword. He grabbed it for the first time in his life. It was quite heavy.
Perhaps because they saw his figure that held the sword like that of a beginner who had no qualifications to hold a blade, that those near his surroundings burst out into laughter. Jinwoo paid it no mind and held the wooden sword with one hand.
‘It feels familiar.’
It was familiar. It was his first time holding it, but it felt extremely familiar, like a partner who he had been together with for decades. He expected this while learning the technique. He could not help but laugh slightly. Before he knew it, his body moved on its own and got into a perfect stance.
An instant silence hit the hall.
The eyes of Hayeon, who had also been holding her stance, grew large and shook heavily. Jinwoo’s stance was more than perfect, to the extent that her own stance seemed somewhat skewed. Not only was it perfect, but a sense of beauty could be felt from the lines that were created by the sword and his body. Not a single person was able to breathe at the breathtaking sight of Jinwoo’s figure.
Hayeon looked at Jinwoo.
She held a good amount of self-confidence, a great amount of pride in her own talent, and felt just as much pressure to lead her clan. She watched her clan decline without being able to do anything in time and knew that if the day came where she could not catch up to the swordmaster, then that day would be the downfall of the Choi Clan Sword Sect.
‘Lee Jinwoo…
Towards Lee Jinwoo, she felt both gratitude and resentment. She felt resentment that he had planted people inside the clan without permission, but gratitude towards Lee Jinwoo as they had been able to find the spies planted by the Chinese Public Talent Organization and the Tianjin Knights thanks to him. She never imagined that her very own uncle acting as the clan head was a traitor. It also served as an opportunity to realize how vast the Front Lines Group’s information network was.
‘There are eyes and ears all around the world and the one who controls them all is the Front Lines Group.’
It was rumored that the Front Lines Group was also in the United States’ White House. After going through this incident, it was clear that none of that was a lie. Thanks to the information that the Front Lines Group gave her, Hayeon had been able to solidify her position as the next clan head… almost as if the Front Lines Group had told her to do so.
Not to mention, Hayeon had protested towards the Chinese side and had been able to win considerable compensation. In that process, the Front Lines Group intervened in order to help the Choi Clan Sword Sect and put them in their debt all according to the schemes of Chairman Lee Heejin.
Of course, this was all separate from the current affair. The swordmaster’s words had been a great shock to her and she refused to accept it. What could a young master of a rich family who grew up with a pretty upbringing and had no experience whatsoever do with a sword? The only one worthy of becoming the swordmaster’s top disciple was none other than herself — she who would become the next clan head. Only then could she heal the wounds that had been left by the division in the clan and strive for the future; only then could the Choi Clan Sword Sect continue on its path of glory.
‘…I won’t leave the clan be and let them fool around any longer.’
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