Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Disciple (3)
Yoona’s expression remained the same. The sword master’s disciple was shocked, excessively.
When he was guided towards the Heavenly Sword Hall, Jinwoo found the swordmaster and Hayeon waiting for him. Many members held major positions in the room and all of them glowered at Jinwoo, quietly sending scornful looks towards Yoona and the bodyguards.
The sensation of healing he had received rapidly dissipated. For now, he had apologized, and his apology had been accepted; they said it was a trivial matter. He had no reason to feel awkward any longer.
At that moment, the swordmaster looked at Jinwoo and said,  “Hoho… I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”
“I will refuse the offer,” Jinwoo responded. He cut off the swordmaster before he could finish talking, appalling every member of the Choi Clan Sword Sect.
“Haha! What’s with the rush to decide? There, there, relax a bit. For now, how about hearing me out?”
When putting the swordmaster’s honor into consideration, it did not seem like a bad idea to hear him out.
Jinwoo nodded.
“I teach everyone the sword to a degree which fits their talent. Any more than that would become arrogance and poison.  People don’t realize there’s a wall until they experience it. They don’t realize that wall will press down on them and can take away everything from them. Ultimately, nothing good would come out of it.”
“If Mr. Jinwoo agrees to learn the fundamental sword techniques of the Choi Clan Sword Sect within a year, then Choi Clan Sword Sect will support Mr. Jinwoo no matter the circumstances.”
Hayeon and the members of the Choi Clan Sword Sect believed the swordmaster’s eyes were mistaken and wished to prove that Hayeon had the qualifications to train underneath the swordmaster. The swordmaster wished to break their arrogance and sincerely wished for Jinwoo to become his disciple. It was impossible to tell what the swordmaster’s reason was for turning his back on his family.
“My god!”
“That’s ridiculous!”
Looking at the reactions around him, everyone snorted. Hayeon was known as a natural genius born with the greatest of talents. It took a genius five years to learn the fundamental sword techniques.
They looked down at Jinwoo. Yoona frowned but she managed to hide her bloodlust, barely. The bodyguards were the same.
Jinwoo looked at Hayeon and asked, “By any chance, would you happen to have any books which have these fundamental sword techniques written down?”
“Yes, we do,” Hayeon answered.
Jinwoo chuckled slightly. “Honestly, I feel bad. I accept. However, I have one condition.”
“Please speak.”
“In exchange for reducing the time limit, how about opening up the Heavenly Sword Wing to me?”
Hayeon’s expression and the members of the Choi Clan Sword Sect stiffened up. The Heavenly Sword Wing was where the essence of the Choi Clan Sword Sect was gathered. Scrolls and treasures which had been gathered since the Silla Dynasty were locked away, and it was a place where only the members who had the permission to enter were allowed.
Hayeon and the other members talked amongst themselves for a moment. The swordmaster nodded.
“We agree. However, you are not allowed to bring anything out. We will give you six hours inside. Of course, none of this matters unless you succeed.”
Time did not matter. Jinwoo was delighted inside. In the original novel, most of the treasures held in the Heavenly Sword Wing had been lost due to Lee Jinwoo’s schemes. Everything went to China, but now a considerable opportunity appeared. It was the opportunity to see how great the items stored in the Heavenly Sword Wing was.
‘What a generous offer,’ Jinwoo thought.
After the schemes of Lee Jinwoo, the author wished to make a strong impact and threw around some irrational things, which meant that those types of techniques would be present if the setting was correct. He thought that he would have no business in seeing the techniques as he had stopped the developments of the original work, so this was a very great opportunity.
Hayeon’s gaze turned to Jinwoo. He sensed a strange sensation that may have been jealousy or some other emotion, but he cared little for it.
“How much would you like to shorten the time limit by?”
Jinwoo felt a bit of fear, but he decided to move forwards boldly. He raised one finger.
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