Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.30

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Chapter 50: Disciple (2)
“The atmosphere is one of mourning, master. The female disciples were all upset, some even shedding tears,” said Yoona, bluntly.
“What a complicated family life. Well… not as much as our own household…”
Lee Jinwoo’s family life was quite the spectacle, to say the least, even to the extent that Jinwoo was glad his parents weren’t alive and living in this world. It’d only further add fuel to the drama.
His parents, they were criminals who happily died in a battle of poison together. It was nothing but a hilarious skit to add a flaw in Lee Jinwoo’s character.
“What in the world is going on? What sort of accident did you cause, master?”
Jinwoo shrugged. “I did nothing.”
“You received a lot of hate for doing nothing.”
Jinwoo chuckled. “Don’t I get hate every few days? At least I don’t have to worry with you by my side.”
On the contrary, it would be suspicious if he was received kindly.
Yoona looked at Jinwoo in a manner full of curiosity and interest. She was not sure whether to judge the current situation as gravely concerning. Regardless, she called in more bodyguards.
“Master, I’m very curious,” she said, voice clear.
Jinwoo could feel her heartfelt concern.
“I only wanted to do by business and quickly get out, but… the swordmaster suddenly asked me to become his disciple…”
Upon hearing his remark, it was not only Yoona but the bodyguards who stood stiffly straight uttered words of surprise out loud.
Each one turned their neck towards Jinwoo, his expression shocked.
Silence spilled over him. It had taken quite a while for Yoona and the bodyguards to come back to their senses.
The slit of Yoona’s eyes lowered; she took a deep breath, pupils dilating.
“S-so… how did you reply?”
“I refused,” Jinwoo waved his hand. “You know I have a lot on my plate, right, Yoona?”
Yoona: ⊙.☉
Bodyguards: Σ(っ °Д °;)っ
Invisible maid not mentioned: &#lt;@[email protected]&#gt;
Yoona and the bodyguards grew fright with shock. Their master dared refuse the swordmaster with such calm and brief disposition? No, this can’t be.
The bodyguards hyperventilated and had difficulty breathing. Where was oxygen? They badly reached out towards it. To become the swordmaster’s disciple was honor and virtue and their master declined?! Has the world gone mad?!
But for Jinwoo who knew the plot of the novel, he wasn’t too fazed. It would neither be honor or virtue for him but a waste of time.
“M-master! Why did you say no…?” the bodyguards stammered.
“Bah!” Jinwoo waved his hand, again. “Who’d pay all your annual salary if I’m stuck here for the rest of my life?”
“…Are you serious?” Yoona gripped her face with a sigh.
Jinwoo grinned mischievously and chewed on more hangwa.
The wait grew a bit longer.
When he thought about it, Jinwoo realized that he was a bit rude towards the swordmaster’s proposal, but somehow, he was at ease as if his refusal hadn’t bothered him one bit. It was like he had broken out of the city center to get some soul healing.
Jinwoo looked out the scenery. The views of the mountain and echoing sounds of the birds’ cries he saw from the guest room window were ethereal.
Yoona stayed beside Jinwoo and watched him closely, sometimes swiping her hand in the air. Each time she did so, the air would pop and something so small would fall. The something was a mosquito.
Thanks to her, Jinwoo had a pleasant experience.
He looked outside again; he saw his bodyguards standing stiffly at attention. They were talents and they won’t feel much physical burden, but still, hot weather was hot weather.
Let alone air conditioners, there were no fans to cool the room, but it was better than the outside.
“Why don’t you all come in and rest?” Jinwoo asked.
“No… if an unexpected situation…”
“Mr. Lim Jinwon, do you have any poker cards by chance?” Jinwoo cut off.
“Pardon? Er… our youngest guard should have some.
“All of you come in. I’m rather bored. Let’s play a game.”
Jinwoo laid down the board.
The bodyguards looked at one another nervously before stepping foot inside the guest room.
When they heard they’d be placing bets, the bodyguards tensed up not knowing Jinwoo would be on the losing end. He was a novice unable to match the bodyguards who’d pull out a game of cards each time they had a break.
In the end, Jinwoo ended up giving out hefty bonuses and vacation funds. He was pleased to see his bodyguards pumping their fists in the air as they celebrated.
“I believe that the meeting has come to a close,” Yoona said coolly.
The bodyguards wore an uneasy expression.
Whatever the situation, they didn’t like that their master was kept waiting.
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