Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.29

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Chapter 49: Disciple (1)
The cup of water levitating above the table fell at Jinwoo’s words for he had no intention whatsoever of becoming the swordmaster’s disciple.
The swordmaster had written the scroll right before his death. It meant that he’d need to accompany the swordmaster and stay within the sect for a long time if he was to become a disciple. God… imagine the crazy things he’ll have to do like cleaning stones.
Not worth it.
And besides, his status as Lee Jinwoo prevented him from being held down to that extent. His freedom would be restricted, something which he valued. And there was no merit from him becoming a disciple. He thought it more beneficial to use mana of information to learn the skills of other top rankers.
There were several skills scattered all around the gates surpassing those of the swordmaster… and they were noteworthy martial skills. Additionally, the main character was destined to become the swordmaster’s disciple. Jinwoo had no plans of stealing his position.
The earthly world could only remain unscathed so long as the main character had strength.
If Jinwoo was no Lee Jinwoo but an ordinary being, he was sure he’d have been snatched away by the swordmaster, but fortunately, he’s the only living direct successor to the Front Lines Groups.
If he did not want to do anything, no one could force him… even if it was the swordmaster.
Jinwoo saw the astonished and baffled look from the swordmaster and Hayeon, whose mouth was slightly open ajar as she stared at him with a blank, stupefied expression.
A foreboding premonition struck him; he felt the need to escape urgently.
“Aside from that, I do apologize for the previous incident. Ah, look at the time. I believe I should get going now.”
“Halt,” the swordmaster said sharply.
“…Just one moment,” Hayeon said softly.
Jinwoo tried to get up, but the swordmaster and Hayeon chained his wrist long before he could escape.
“Uh… um… yeah! You should stay for dessert,” the swordmaster suggested.
Hayeon nodded lightly. “Indeed.”
“Oh, no. I’m rather full…”
Hayeon grabbed Jinwoo’s sleeve.
“Please,” she pleaded lightly.
Desperation emanated from her voice.
Jinwoo’s decision was wavering. He was unable to brush off her hand.
“You-your complexion doesn’t seem so great. You should stay the night,” the swordmaster said, smirking.
“That would be a bit difficult… I have a schedule…” Jinwoo muttered.
The swordmaster chuckled. “Ho, you’re also diligent. Then how about a little stroll?”
“That’s also precarious. It would be a security issue.”
The swordmaster slapped his thighs.
“Ha! Who would be able to touch my dis—no, I mean… who would be able to touch you? I’ll ensure your safety! Eternally.”
The swordmaster’s courtship was tremendous.
Hayeon was the same.
“I have something to tell you. Could you please give me a bit of your time?”
“Hayeon, I see you want to be alone with Jinwoo.”
“Isn’t the matter of the family a priority? As our forefathers said?”
“Hoo. Well, not that everyone’s growing old—”
“And I see you’ve thrown me away just like your devoted partner.”
The two began bickering once more with Jinwoo in the middle. How was he to react in this sort of situation? He did not know. It was bizarre and he was left utterly confused.
The daoist image he held of the swordmaster quickly shattered and erased from the figment of his imagination.
He was aware that the swordmaster’s remarks held great weight and he knew the future of the Choi Clan Sword Sect was at stake. He’d tried to politely refuse and leave amid the conversation, but Hayeon and the swordmaster stuck to him and followed him till he was unable to leave.
They were like mountains that he couldn’t overcome.
In the end, Hayeon used her authority as the next head of the clan and called a meeting. As the position of clan head was vacant, the one with the most authority would act as the next clan head.
It was already set in stone that once Hayeon graduated from university that she would officially become the head of the clan.
Those who had high-ranking positions within the clan gathered for a meeting at the Heavenly Sword Hall located at the center.
Soon as the meeting began, the disciples and trainees guarded the outside with vigilance.
Meanwhile, Jinwoo stayed in a guest room. The current situation turned far too grave for him to leave. Besides, Hayeon’s desperate gaze and the swordmaster’s burning eyes interested him.
‘It’s not a bad idea to stay a bit longer,’ he thought.
At any rate, he was relieved that he was able to accomplish his mission. He nodded to himself, eating the hangwa dish in front of him. He heard the disciples had made them by hand. Even the honey had been harvested by the disciples.
It was delicious.
Yoona, who didn’t understand what was going on, approached Jinwoo.
“You came? What’s it like out there?”
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