Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 47

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Chapter 47:  Inside the Sect (2)
‘The protagonist was basically sterile so it wasn’t like he laid his hands on her…’
The original work was an all-ages work.
Even if girls pounced at him he would narrowly evade them. There were no confessions, just beating around the bush. The common kiss scenes didn’t come out either.
Sometimes, some cheesy flirting came out, but it was so awkward that after an onslaught of malicious comments, those disappeared as well.
Yet, perhaps it was because he still saw them as his women despite all of this, the main character became enraged whenever one of the female characters were looked down upon.
In the far future when the novel was completed, he would probably get in a relationship with someone. Whatever the case, if she stayed next to the protagonist then her body would be safe.
‘Well… still better than Lee Jin Woo.’
In the end, Hayeon hated him anyway, and Jinwoo didn’t plan to meet her again anyways, so there was no need to see her again.
The one who had caused the engagement to fall through without a word and belittled their family in an unseemly and shameless way had been Lee Jinwoo, after all.
Although he had been invited, it was likely right for him to think that it was an official request for an apology.
Jinwoo kept considering the timing to give his apology.
“I heard you became a knight. Congratulations.”
“…Yes, I see that you knew.”
“What? Oh… It’s because you’re famous.”
It was a delicate atmosphere that was much different from what he had expected. It felt chilly, but at the same time, it didn’t exactly feel that way.
The swordmaster wouldn’t take his eyes off Jinwoo.
Hayeon also glanced at Jinwoo.
He felt like he would have been more comfortable if they had been openly cold, but they had a very strange demeanor.
Silence fell upon them once more.
It was at that moment that the meal came.
“Ahem… please enjoy.”
It was a simple meal, but Jinwoo liked it. It was because it reminded him of the days when he had been hungry and ate food at the temple.
‘This sort of thing would be nice every now and then.’
He had no idea how long it had been since he had eaten soybean paste stew. He also had some served at home, but it had such a luxurious feeling and a lack of any crudeness that it didn’t fit his tastes at all.
The food here which was somewhat watery was much better.
“Is it palatable?”
“Yes, it’s the best food I’ve eaten recently.”
“Oho! How upright and modest. You must have experienced so many delicacies… mmm, you seem to know how to find meaning.”
The swordmaster said some strange things as he nodded with a pleased smile.
Jinwoo didn’t have the courage to ask what he meant.
It was because—in a different sense from before—he felt uncomfortable around him.
The swordmaster’s eyes were intense, and Jinwoo sensed a certain desire in them.
Jinwoo turned his eyes away as he felt burdened by the increasingly fiery eyes of the swordmaster.
“What are your hobbies?”
“Ah… just a bit of reading…”
“The scholarly type I see. And your favorite foods?”
“…There’s nothing I particularly hate, but I think Korean cuisine is rather nice.”
“Hoh… global yet patriotic. What a rare young man.”
The swordmaster nodded at Jinwoo’s answer.
Hayeon looked at the swordmaster with a stupefied look.
“Do you have a religion?”
“No, I don’t.”
“Yes, if you’re a warrior that’s how it should be. You should put yourself at the center. A fine attitude.”
“Your personality is straight as if you aren’t that bastard’s grandson. Your individual growth has brought good results. The qualities of the world and a good personality, courage, and the spirit to easily deal with the world.”
Jinwoo was unable to keep up with the flow of the conversation any longer.
He simply decided to at least try and eat.
Jinwoo avoided the swordmaster’s gaze and ate his meal.
The swordmaster marveled whenever Jinwoo moved his spoon and would nod whenever he picked up the side dishes with his chopsticks.
‘Oh… God please…’
He felt like he would become sick from discomfort.
“You must have had some hellish training. It must have been agony beyond human endurance. I… feel as if I would never be able to imagine it.”
“Ah… well…”
At the passionate and hot gaze of the swordmaster, Jinwoo replied in a vague way.
Jinwoo’s body was just that perfect.
It wouldn’t have been strange to call that body which had reached the peak of it’s potential as idealistic.
‘Well it was really hard, but…’
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