Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.26

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Chapter 46: Inside the Sect (1)
Once everyone, including Cheongun, stepped away, Jinwoo slowly approached the entrance door. After a small breath, he opened the door and walked inside.
The swordmaster was seen meditating in his seat. He hadn’t aged much—looked youthful more like. His strong build spoke many words. He looked younger than Chairman Lee Heejin, too.
The swordmaster exuded great bouts of pressure. His mere existence dominated the room.
Jinwoo believed the power exuding from the swordmaster’s body was on par with the gods. It probably explained why he was revered as such.
The swordmaster opened his eyes. It was like a flash—amazing, quick, and speedy. The explosiveness of his eyes opening was, in a way, commonly described in many martial arts of fantasy novels.
And next, he would…
‘Ugh… I knew this would happen. What a cliche development.’
An enormous pressure pushed down his entire body. Predictably obvious… it was a classic development consistently seen in martial arts and fantasy series’ where masters applied pressure and energy to evaluate their opponents.
That exact scene was unfolding right before Jinwoo’s very eyes; because Jinwoo had expected the sequence, he hadn’t received much of a shock. Bearing the swordmaster’s pressure wasn’t too difficult either. If anything, it was a bit stuffy like he was in deep water.
As expected, everything depended on how a person thinks.
‘You’re going in a dignified demeanor that is modest, yet not servile, Jinwoo.’
Showing a servile attitude in front of such a warrior was not allowed. Playing the part of someone dignified was a great method. What awaited him was the unknown dread, but he kept his back straight and looked calm.
The pressure faded soon enough. It seemed like he passed the test.
Jinwoo and the swordmaster made eye contact.
Now that Jinwoo had overcome the test of spirit, the swordmaster would likely act composed. Perhaps he’d compliment Jinwoo with a small luster shine in his eyes?
It was somewhat predictable and terribly so, Jinwoo thought.
Regardless, a proper conversation would soon begin.
Jinwoo gulped and waited for the swordmaster’s words.
Staring at Jinwoo, the swordmaster suddenly made a somewhat bewildered expression. That startled look soon became an astonished one, and his eyes widened so much that they looked like they might pop out.
He sprang to his feet and approached Jinwoo.
At the swordmaster’s swift actions, Jinwoo stumbled backward.
The swordmaster’s open mouth looked like saliva would spill out of it.
In other words, it was terrifying.
“Let’s have a touch.”
“T-touch… just a little.”
The swordmaster’s hands groped Jinwoo’s body like snakes. As he touched Jinwoo’s body with trembling hands, the swordmaster’s eyes gradually grew larger, his expression tinged with wonder.
“I-infinity bodies!”
“Heavenly bodies on top of that?!”
“Excuse me…”
“Uwoh?! Yin yang bodies as well! Oho!”
The unwavering composure of the swordmaster which had been like a calm lake shattered into pieces. The dozens of years he had spent trying to get rid of his five greeds and seven passions seemed to have been in vain.
It was to the extent that it was praiseworthy that he hadn’t summoned an evil spirit of greed yet.
Who would think that this person who had their mouth wide open was the swordmaster?
However, Jinwoo felt a sense of crisis to the point that he was unable to even think such thoughts.
“For a bit… take off your clothes for a bit!”
“Your body… let me see your body! I’ll have to take a close look at everything!”
“W-wait.. what?!”
The swordmaster groped at Jinwoo’s clothes.
Jinwoo stumbled backward and resisted the sudden situation.
Then, it happened at the moment when half of his top had come off.
Knock, knock!
“Grandfather, it’s Hayeon. I’m coming in.”
The door opened and Choi Hayeon came inside.
The three of them were all frozen in place for a moment and said nothing to each other.
This was also a common development.
A three-way meeting had begun.
The swordmaster managed to find his reason and returned to a solemn expression.
None of them made any comments, as if they had just deleted what had occurred from their memories.
In many ways, it was a difficult situation to speak in.
Jinwoo looked at Choi Hayeon.
She was wearing clothes that resembled a normal hanbok instead of a knight’s uniform, but it fit her very well.
She felt like an oriental painting.
She had a charm about her that made one’s chest throb.
‘I can see why Lee Jinwoo was so obsessed with her.’
She was simply a woman who had everything.
Thinking about it, it was strange that she was just one of the many members of the protagonist’s harem.
But then again, wasn’t everything fine if you were happy?
Because in the end, an individual’s happiness was their satisfaction, and they were the ones who set the criteria for that.
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