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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.24

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Chapter 44: Choi Clan Sword Sect (2)
When his parents had been alive, Jinwoo had gone to visit his grandfather many times. It had been before his admission into the elementary school, but it was still fresh in his memory.
It was the only warm memory he could still remember.
As he thought of this and that, the car stopped before he realized it.
“We need to walk up from here on,” Yoona said.
“…That’s pretty high. Hmm… can you carry me, Yoona?”
“If you desire.”
Jinwoo laughed as he got out of the car.
The bodyguards lined up around Jinwoo. They wore black suits and sunglasses, giving off a great sense of pressure.
The bodyguards had a great sense of fervent loyalty towards Jinwoo. It was because Jinwoo gave them preferential treatment.
The first part of said preferential treatment was, as expected, the high-paying annual income; the second was welfare, and the third because of the little concern Jinwoo had over strict special treatment.
To them, Jinwoo was a good man and they didn’t mind serving a man able to fly the distance.
The Choi Clan residence was located at the heart of the mountain, the entirety of it belonged to the Choi Clan. Moreover, it was widely known as the Hundred Peaks Sword Mountain.
It was a name that arose from the fact that one hundred sharp peaks that rose to the sky were akin to swords.
The entrance to the mountain was guarded by inspectors. Perhaps the inspectors came prepared to greet them. The number of people at the entrance fits such a scenario.
They were dressed in the antique attire representing the Choi Clan. It resembled a modified hanbok, but more refined and dignified.
‘It’s mixed with the history of martial arts.’
It was as if he was watching a martial arts fantasy scene.
At that moment, a middle-aged man approached Jinwoo. His physique was robust, exuding a well-fitted overall impression; though his eyes did radiate arrogance.
He looked at Jinwoo, examining him and Jinwoo returned his gaze, realizing the middle-aged man’s gaze wasn’t in the least bit pleasant.
The middle-aged man bowed his head slightly.
“Pleasure. I’m the instruction master, Cheongun of the Choi Clan Sword Sect. I’ll be leading you to the clan’s residence.”
The Choi Clan was also known as the Choi Clan Sword Sect, and referring to them as such demonstrated a higher sense of respect towards the family.
The instruction master of the Choi Clan Sword Sect was the de facto instructor responsible for guiding the sect.
“You came in with a fine-fitting outside. Will you be okay? Should we bring out a palanquin for you?” asked Cheongun.
His tone was… fairly twisted.
Jinwoo was Lee Jinwoo, after all. He understood the underlying meaning of the middle-aged man’s words.
…But he came as a guest.
As his expression hardened, Yoona stepped forward.
“Then please prepare the best palanquin you have.”
“Did you not mention it? Though, for your reference, we won’t give it a moment’s look if it isn’t a palanquin made of lumber that came from inside the Gate.”
At Yoona’s words, Cheongun became speechless.
The same was true for the disciples of the Choi Clan Sword Sect who stood near Cheongun.
Yoona looked straight at Cheongun, gaze qualitative and harsh.
Cheongun did not falter under the intense pressure, though the disciples around him fell back.
“Will it take a while?” Yoona asked, coolly.
“Ahem… I was merely joking.”
“I was not. You seem to have forgotten the person standing before your very own eyes.”
Lee Jinwoo.
No other descriptors or modifiers were needed outside of his name.
At that moment, Cheongun realized how big of a mistake he had made.
No matter how great the Choi Clan Sword Sect was, they could not compare to the Front Lines Group.
Should the Front Lines Group willed it to happen, the Choi Clan Sword Sect will likely dry up, its existence fading to oblivion. Perhaps, in a way, that was the cruelest form of action.
When Jinwoo made a slight gesture, Yoona stepped back behind him and acted as if nothing had happened.
“I’m considering going back.”
At Jinwoo’s words, Cheongun became startled and looked towards him.
“I made a slip of the tongue… I apologize.”
Cheongun bowed gracefully. His stiff waist bent so easily. He didn’t straighten his back until Jinwoo spoke to him.
“I was joking too. Please pay it little mind.”
Cheongun managed to straighten his back after hearing Jinwoo’s words.
Had he not apologized, then Jinwoo would have turned back. It was a good excuse, too, no?
Unfortunately, Cheongun was not an insolent person.
“Ahem… then I shall guide you in.”
Cheongun began to guide the way.
Jinwoo glanced towards Yoona and raised his thumb, and Yoona smiled and nodded in response.
Cheongun’s arrogant gaze had disappeared almost completely, but the disciples of the Choi Clan Sword Sect were in the mood to have a staring contest with Jinwoo’s bodyguards.
The stairs were completely white, but they didn’t have a single speck of dust on them.
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