Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Choi Clan Sword Sect (1)
Jinwoo desperately recalled the bonus part of the original plot to create a perfect tea and present set within time.
It was worth the rush because he was barely able to acquire the tea leaves with a peculiar name that came out of the bonus content.
‘There’s no way he’d be angry if I put much effort into this, right?’
Jinwoo decided to think positive thoughts.
“What would you like to do about the present that will be given to Miss Hayeon?” Yoona asked.
“Hmm… it would be fine if we gave her that.”
Choi Hayeon… she might become a hindrance to him in the future. It was because she had taken the knight exam.
‘I don’t know women well, but…’
Before becoming Lee Jinwoo, Jinwoo had little to no experience with women. His experience was to the extent of a short couple of dates.
There’s no way he’d be angry if I put this much effort into it right?
Jinwoo decided to think positive thoughts.
“What would you like to do about the present that will be given to Miss Choi Hayeon?”
“Hmm, it would be fine if we gave her that.”
Choi Hayeon could also be harmful in the future.
Because she was able to take the Knight exam.
‘I don’t know women well, but…….’
Before becoming Lee Jinwoo, Jinwoo had little to experience with women, the only experience to the extent of a short couple dates. It was no excuse, yes, but he never had much experience because of a lack of time or money.
‘…Wouldn’t some jewelry be a good idea?’ Jinwoo thought simply.
Fortunately, there was a fitting object in Lee Jinwoo’s collection, an item only women could use. The item was an artifact that kept the body warm and protected the holder. It also helped in the natural recovery of one’s talent by a leap.
Moreover, the target Lee Jinwoo had in mind for the gift had likely been Choi Hayeon, and whatever the case, Jinwoo had no use for the artifact.
It did have a high price tag, but right now, it sat in his collection as a piled waste of money.
If Jinwoo gifted that artifact as a gift, it may be enough to convey his sincerity of apologies to the other party.
“Are you referring to Golden Glance? As expected, it seems that you had prepared for this for a long time.”
“…I’m just giving her something that hasn’t been used… a leftover.”
“Heh… I’ll think of it as such then,” Yoona giggled.
It looked like she didn’t believe his words.
Regardless, he planned to properly apologize and never see Hayeon again, but there was no need to explain that to Hayeon.
After heading back home to collect the presents, Jinwoo headed towards the Choi Clan residence.
The clan home was located in Gyeonggi-do. Hayeon said she’d also be there.
Jinwoo gently dozed off during the ride for a while. The ride too was quiet, like a room because of its smooth ride. When his consciousness came too, he was near the Choi Clan residence.
A larger monument stood at the road leading to the village where the clan home was located.
「The greatest swordsman in the world.」
「The Swordmaster Choi Clan」 
They were powerful words and he could feel a vigoritaing spirit residing within them. Not a single person thought arrogantly of that monument.
The swordmaster was the one and only greatest swordsman in the world.
There had been far too many swordsmen who dared challenge the greatest swordsman in the world, but all tragically fell to their knees after facing the blade of the swordmaster to the point that a shrine was built to honor the swordmaster that was akin to some living god.
‘But Lee Jinwoo actually looked down on a monument of this level.’
Lee Jinwoo was a rascal who thought the only thing of worth was Hayeon’s body. Nothing else. The guy was an a*shole and a loser in every sense of the phrase.
Hayeon hadn’t even attempted to refuse his advancements that were akin to violation and r*pe. Jinwoo felt sorry for her. She endured everything for the sake of her clan and family.
The vehicle Jinwoo ride passed the monument and carried on towards the Choi Clan’s residence.
The Choi Clan was regarded as a type of sect. There were many pupils who came to learn the way of the sword and from the moment of the clan’s acceptance, they treated them as one of their own.
After the swordmaster left, the clan self-destructed through division due to Lee Jinwoo’s plot which involved planting secret agents whose activities led to the leaking of techniques… but that was the future of the original novel.
On the road leading to the Choi Clan’s home were several small villages and fields full of rice paddies.
It was said that the villagers treated the swordmaster as a daoist that they respected. It may have been an obvious matter due to due to the mere fact that several tourists came due to the Choi Clan, which led to a big impact on the development of the local economy.
‘This is nice.’
Seeing the serene sight of the countryside made his heart grow warm.
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