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The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.22

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Chapter 42: Choi Family (3)
The designers reformed the dress on spot and hurriedly matched it with Jinwoo’s body.
Jinwoo had already felt tired.
The designers thought it a shame that Jinwoo would leave so suddenly that they requested a photograph. He was the perfect image that would build their reputation.
And so Jinwoo posed, unexpectedly.
It was only a side story in his life, but it’d gotten approval from the strategic office. It will be published in major fashion magazines next month!
“Now, you have lots of work to do. Let’s move on.”
Yoona pulled Jinwoo with her and went out.
After what seemed like an eternity, his hair was finally styled. The styling created a masterpiece from each strand in his hair, but even though he did not know what sort of material the hairstylist used, Jinwoo’s hair was naturally fixed.
If the gentle, loving wind kissed him and blew past on by swaying his hair, it’d turn back to its original styling as if it was some memory alloy. It was a wonderful thing, but Jinwoo wondered if it had to do with the laws of the world.
Now, it was fine for him to choose his presents.
Many of Lee Jinwoo’s past actions and faults weren’t caused by him… but he’ll have to bear the consequences, hence Jinwoo thought that it would be best to choose a gift that matched the sword master’s taste.
Since the olden times, Jinwoo was good when it came to pleasing others.
‘Right… I’ll need to apologize properly and formally end our ties!’
Jinwoo tried to believe in himself who had been shaped by the long, difficult years of business and hardship.
Stepping foot inside the armored vehicle and leaning back for a rest, Jinwoo closed his eyes for a moment and recalled the details of the original novel.
Jinwoo’s importance towards the swordmaster was hardly anything worthy of significance. He was simply a mere villain who coincidentally met the swordmaster in the heat of the moment towards the climax of the novel, dying a horrible death.
He had crushed the spies of his family, trampled Choi Hayeon, the heir to run the clan, causing it to scatter dismally. The swordmaster disappeared thereafter.
Well, it wasn’t like the novel would proceed as planned to persecute Jinwoo. It’ll change.
Jinwoo stopped his trivial thoughts, mind wandering to another topic.
‘Come to think of it.’
He recalled that the author took an annual absence of leave for two weeks and released part of the series for free.
Jinwoo smiled, recalling the author acting gangster-like as if releasing the bonus was some
He remembered the writer who took an annual absence for 2 weeks and released a part of the series for free, but good god the proofreading edits were horrendous and cringed. The storyline in those chapters was forced but it was somewhat readable to an extent.
Though there were lots of curses in the comments section.
The storyline was about the story of the swordmaster, his wife, and Choi Hayeon.
‘Is a swordmaster’s weak point his heart?’
He suddenly remembered it written in the description.
The swordmaster wished and hoped to extinguish all kinds of emotions and greed and be one with the sword. He was a mortal being who ended his ties with the secular world and relationship with others.
Fortunately, due to Jinwoo’s good memory, he was able to remember the original plot well.
“Does a bakery called Hyeindal in Bucheon still exist?” Jinwoo nodded and moved his mouth.
“I’ll find out more about it,” Yoona said.
It wasn’t a famous bakery. It was a small bakery located in some neighborhood that sold only bread. It was foretold that the swordmaster and his wife went there often.
If they had a child, they promised lovingly to eat in that bakery together, but in the end, she couldn’t keep her promise.
The wife passed away after giving birth and that child she gave birth to left the world during the international competition.
It was tragic.
Now… the only one left was that little girl.
‘It must’ve hurt his heart.’
This bonus part story began because of Hayeon who learned about the past accidentally and how she’d gone through hardships all day long to purchase a loaf of bread.
It was supposed to be a birthday present for the swordmaster, but when they ate the bread together, their strained and awkward relationship grew slightly better.
‘A player who takes advantage of the opportunity would be like that, but well… what can I do?’
Jinwoo wondered if it would be a good thing if the bond between swordmaster and Hayeon grew closer a bit earlier…
He couldn’t guarantee them that they’d be closer but the value laid in trying.
Since it had been decided, Jinwoo hurriedly sent his people to deliver the bread by air transport.
“They say the swordmaster only eats zen food…. will this be okay?”
“You can buy other presents just in case, but well, he’s a daoist who has no greed, right?”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
Yoona showed an expression that looked like she didn’t have much hope.
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