Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Choi Family (2)
Later on, Jinwoo realized that he shouldn’t have laughed off the awkward thoughts he had. It wasn’t good to ignore ominous signs and he felt pathetic thinking about it lightly at the time.
Jinwoo had allowed himself to believe everything was all right when he knew deep down something was off and needed fixing.
‘Damn it. What sort of sin did I commit in my past life?’
Before he lived the life of Lee Jinwoo, the only sin he could speak out on was living a difficult life. He had never crossed a road without a crossing sign despite it being a norm.
It must be the sins of this lifetime that he was paying for, not his previous life.
It was because he was Lee Jinwoo.
Jinwoo thought the multitudes of problems he dumped in the trash were no longer, but he never thought it’d come haunting him back unpredictably like this.
The more he looked at Lee Jinwoo’s life, the more Jinwoo realized that the road to a peaceful life won’t be easy.
“Good morning,” Jinwoo greeted Yoona.
“…It’s dawn. The sun hasn’t risen yet.”
“If I said good dawn, it’ll be a bit awkward, right?”
It was like that. The reason Jinwoo woke up in the early was because of the Sword Master’s invitation. He needed to adequately prepare. He could ignore everything, but if it was the Sword Master admired by everyone, then Jinwoo could not.
The Sword Master was akin to a god followed and admired by those who followed the way of the sword. The Sword Master was a living legend that showed up in textbooks one after another, but he had long retired and left the earthly world to focus on the path of the sword, becoming an earthly monster.
Jinwoo wondered why the Sword Master who left his family and absorbed himself in arduous training decided to train him?
‘By the looks of it… it might be because of last time…’
Chairman Lee Heejin called Jinwoo out of the blue and scolded him wholeheartedly, saying ominous things Jinwoo couldn’t refuse starting from the Sword Master’s formal invitation to his estate. That the Chairman Lee Heejin’s voice undertone seemed strangely bright was a telling ominous sign to him as well.
He was sure he’d meet death.
‘Now I’ll just have to choose a skill and practice…’
Because the invitation was decided and sent to him yesterday, Jinwoo didn’t have ample enough time to prepare his heart. He hadn’t gotten a night of proper sleep.
Jinwoo sighed dismally.
But different from Jinwoo, Yoona was ecstatic. She had much respect for the Sword Master.
As expected.
“What’s the schedule?”
“You’ll be groomed properly today with a proper hair styling and a gentleman-like outfit. You’ll also need to choose a gift to present to the Sword Master.”
“…Looks like it’ll be a busy day.”
He felt like he was opening an unknown door to be scolded out of his own will. Jinwoo wanted to escape and run away, but he knew it was futile. He’ll end up caught by Yoona’s hand.
And Chairman Lee Heejin… Jinwoo could only imagine the monstrous expression he’d wear the moment he found out, hence Jinwoo shook his head and stood still.
‘Ah… but I don’t want to go…’
As he moved sluggishly until Yoona called out to him that he straightened his back and walked properly.
Jinwoo ate a light breakfast and got ready for his grooming. A luxurious store opened in the early dawn just for him. Of course, there was no one else who used the store besides Jinwoo. He had bought out the entire store.
Jinwoo thought he was going there to get a new piece of clothes, but he was dead wrong. Designers from various nationalities waited for him eagerly.
“You look handsome!”
They admired Jinwoo with ecstasy before diving back to work.
The people gathered together were famous designers that were rare and hard to get. Many would have to line up in a queue to reserve them, but those famous designers jumped on a private jet and flew to Korea with supersonic speed.
It reminded Jinwoo of some special forces unit strategy.
Jinwoo found it amusing.
The designers were tired but their eyes were blazing with fire, sparking ever so freely. Even the aurora glinted in their eyes.
Even if God came down and created a sculpture, he wouldn’t be able to create a more ideal body than Jinwoo.
The designers held a sincere debate about the kind of attire suitable for Jinwoo who was gifted with the perfect face-to-body ratio and ideal appearance. They even ended up arguing that Jinwoo had to try everything.
“Ugh. This is tiring,” Jinwoo complained.
“As expected, this is good. It doesn’t feel excessive or lacking. It’s not flashy, but it makes your appearance shine brighter than the stars,” Yoona nodded, evaluating Jinwoo’s attire with approval.
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