Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Choi Family (1)
‘Let’s just enjoy watching her freely, similar to a fan looking at a celebrity from afar,’ Jinwoo thought, looking at Hayeon on the screen.
The story of their engagement came and go, turning to something that didn’t exist. But it was a good thing for him and that woman because Lee Jinwoo’s previous life no longer had to do with Jinwoo and he was able to live a happy life afterwards.
Jinwoo smiled widely, readjusting himself to a comfortable position with a positive thought in mind.
They’ll simply remain as acquaintances from this moment forward, supporting that woman with beautiful intentions. They once had a previous relationship, but that didn’t mean he’d ignore her presence. Hayeon becoming a knight was an achievement worthy of praises and congratulations.
The will of that woman appointing herself to walk the difficult path was admirable and praiseworthy.
‘Wow… she’s… she’s beautiful…’
Jinwoo allowed himself to feast on her beauty.
Like other heroines, Hayeon’s beauty stood above the beauties of his world. If there existed a rank categorizing a woman’s beauty, Hayeon stood at the pinnacle.
She was… unreal… like a painting that should’ve never existed.
「Miss Hayeon, you’re really pretty! First of all, I want to give you my commendable praises! You’ve become the world’s youngest knights to date. Please tell us your thoughts about it.」
「Yes, of course. It’s a big honor for me. I’m happy I’m able to climb a respectable and honorable position.」
「Most of all, it seems like your family’s elated in joy. May we know the advice your Sword Master parted unto you?」
「…To be more devoted.」
「Those words are very much like him, Miss Hayeon.」
As the topic of the Sword Master came up, a feeling of creepiness arose. That person left the earthly world and turned his back to it, focusing only on training, causing Lee Jinwoo to never see him again.
Lee Jinwoo… he had a history of screwing up.
Jinwoo’s heart tingled.
Though Choi Hayeon answered the reporter’s question short and abruptly, there was insincerity found. The words she said were candidly earnest.
Hayeon was an upright and straightforward person which contributed to her stubbornness.
Jinwoo connected to the portal site called Daver and saw Choi Hayeon was first in real-time on the trending news.
Looking at the articles published one after another en mass, Jinwoo was amazed at how far her influence reached.
She was quite famous.
「According to what you said before, Miss Hayeon, you said you’d challenge someone after studying in school for some time. Is there any change that you’d propose the challenge earlier? Korea’s had a buzz for quite some time due to the sudden decision.」
Suddenly, Hayeon’s countenance grew gravely serious.
The quality of how asked was unexpectedly interesting. Even Jinwoo’s eyes were glued to the screen.
Choi Hayeon was the youngest knight ever pronounced in history now and in the original novel that would begin two years later because it was uncommon for a talent to qualify as a knight in their twenties.
Usually, there were many occasions of a talent’s ability awakening in their early twenties. The fastest to date were those in their teenage years. But they were rare geniuses and Hayeon was a genius.
Her road to becoming a knight at such a young age turned the world upside down in chaos, her name ringing ‘round the world.
She was as big as the fraud (Jinwoo) who Mana of Information.
Jinwoo chewed on some dishes and waited eagerly for Hayeon’s answer. He was curious.
「…I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because I heard from a certain someone that I was useless and that I don’t deserve it.」
「What? Who dares say such callous words to Miss Hayeon? Maybe it’s from malicious comments?」
「Maybe… but it’s personal reasons like that and because I want to elevate my family’s honor. I can’t leave the head of the family’s position empty forever. As the next successor…」
Jinwoo put down the chewable food and batted his charming eyes in perplexity.
The eyes of Hayeon that shine sharply were innately attractive but it felt like an awl.
“She’s… she’s not talking about me, right?”
Left in wonders, Jinwoo shook his head and laughed.
Would someone awaken their talents to such a degree and qualify as a knight merely because of their promised engagement that was canceled? No, can’t be. It must be from the malicious comments she’s received.
But looking from the perspective of the original novel, Hayeon had trouble using her talent to the fullest despite the author displaying it as a point of attraction.
Jinwoo tried his best to deny his thinking, but as expected, it was his fault.
His body stiffened for a moment and he immediately grabbed the remote control and turned off the TV.
“Let’s just eat.”
It was better he stopped thinking deeper into the matter. His unhappy thoughts only disrupted his mood.
Jinwoo laughed it off.
He would make sure today was a worry-free day.
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