Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 20.18

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Chapter 38: Choi Hayeon (2)
It wasn’t difficult for Jinwoo to get in contact with China’s Premier, Lee Suchong.
The Americans were floundering, trying to develop a proper Gate mining technology. And while China didn’t show nor express much public interest, the whole world knew they were desperate to develop one as well.
As it wasn’t written in detail in the original novel, Jinwoo saw in the forums the author had vaguely written of China being severely punished by the Front Lines First Response Group a few years ago.
They had tried enacting plans to steal technology from the Front Lines Group’s factory in China. When they learned of it, the Front Lines Group retaliated with extreme vigor and haughtiness.
It was obvious which side would win in the battle between one whole nation versus a company. The whole knew it as they watched the battle unfold. The Front Lines Group, after all, was no average company.
“There’s no way a ‘small’ country like that could go against the Front Lines Group. No way they’d win,” said the Foreign Ministry with grave seriousness and eyebrows knitted together as he watched the battle from afar.
However, no one laughed nor belittled his ludicrous statement. What he said was the truth. It was a fact, an undeniable fact.
After their economy faltered and crashed momentarily, China, gritting their teeth, decided never to mess around with the Front Lines Group. The short moment of crash in their economy made them realize the dreadful power The Front Lines Group had.
In the vastness of China’s land, there was only one Gate, and deep inside that Gate lies many sleeping artifacts that could produce numerous high-level talents.
It was also the place where a driving force of numerous trolling brought the world to ruins. However, all these events occurred after Lee Jinwoo retired. So China probably didn’t notice a single thing of the many treasures buried in that Gate.
Therefore, they had used Lee Jinwoo’s name to cause problems inside Gum Sun’s household.
After their momentary fall, China had ambitious plans to conquer the national competition that would be held next time.
Smiling, Jinwoo organized his thoughts and left the study room.
The sun was setting. Red and orange splashed the sky whole.
Because Jinwoo managed to raise his potential talent to its absolute limits, he didn’t need to worry about reducing the amount of training he does.
‘I’ll finally be able to have naps.’
The thought of it excited him so. He hadn’t had any naps since becoming this world’s Lee Jinwoo.
He thought about having a good and nice long rest. He’ll binge on some food, sit on the comfy sofa and turn on the TV, which was what he was doing right now.
Cold beer was already prepared for him.
The colossal giant TV lit up the whole room and quickly flashed to a channel.
Jinwoo lied back in a comfortable position, munching on some high-quality snacks. The feel of the sofa was ever so relaxing and comforting. It felt like he could fall asleep at any moment.
And the sound the TV produced was magnificently terrific. It was crisp and clear, even better than the ones at the cinema. The sound audio system was music to his ears.
Yeah… he was where he belonged.
“Ah… yes… this is heaven…”
If heaven existed, then there could only be one heaven and this was it.
As Jinwoo had raised his bodily functions to its maximum limits, his senses became extremely sensitive to the surroundings that it made the sofa he sat on feel like blissful heaven.
Even the highest quality crafted beer made especially for Jinwoo filled him with everlasting happiness. The delightful taste swirled around his mouth.
The stress he had that was building up was gone in a mere instant.
“It’s Saturday. I wonder if there are any entertaining shows currently on…”
This moment would be pure enjoyment to end his week’s worth of hard work.
The channel was currently airing a show called Star TV Communication. It detailed about the current celebrity news that occurred this week.
Though he didn’t have many memories of watching the show in his past life, it was pretty fun to watch and waste some time with.
‘Though it changed slightly in this world…’
The reality he knew and the fictional reality of this world didn’t change much. It was still the same, with a few slight modifications.
The show was led by a competent celebrity host popular for his prominent nose and Hollywood movie acting skill.
Jinwoo then saw a number of energetic reporters on the show interviewing celebrities and stars.
Seeing some familiar faces, Jinwoo was elated, happy to see them. It felt like he was looking at the friends he once knew from his hometown.
「Miss Mina, what do you think of when you hear the word Knight?」 
「Well… I think of loyalty, sacrifice, and responsibility.」
「Haha! You sure know the duties of a knight very well. Speaking of knights, there’s that one person that’s being talked about frequently as of recent. It’s actually Miss Choi Haeyeon who became the youngest appointed knight in history!」
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