Novel Name : The Novel's Villain

The Novel's Villain - Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Mana of Information (2)
Through his lens, the whole world became crystal clear and shone as if he put on brand new prescription glasses.
With the breakthrough of his unawaked potential, the ability of his Mana of Information broke through new levels. Jinwoo could even see specks of individual dust motes flying freely in the air undisturbed.
But beyond simple visual recognition, he could sense something else.
Jinwoo, satisfied with the result, turned and looked at the mirror. What he saw reflecting back at him surprised him so.
“God d*mn it.”
His once plain and simple dark eyes shone with golden colors. As he looked at himself, he thought it somewhat cliche and something a kid from middle school thought of but then he remembered the main character’s face on the cover of the book. He, too, had golden eyes.
‘In what era was the book made again? It feels old.’
Regardless, Jinwoo could revert back to his original state of eye color should he take out the mana from his eyes. Though he was aware now that each time he sent mana to his eyes, it’d shine a different color.
In the original novel, the main character used Mana of Information and obtained strong, effective, and powerful visual perception. He wasn’t limited to seeing things of the world clearly, but that he could read the opponent’s mana and flow of their skill. The main character would then use Mana of Information to copy the opponent’s talent and ability to his mind.
This ability helped the main character gain an upper hand.
‘I wonder how I could apply this to myself…’
Jinwoo looked around the ancient tomes he collected ‘round the room and carefully pulled out one of them.
Because the letters of the tomes were severely damaged to an extreme point, archaeologists were unable to decipher its meanings. But to Jinwoo, it mattered not.
Jinwoo stared at the book using Mana of Information.
「D」Kamasutra Paradise  (The Art of Making Love)
The sacred scriptures about sexual love written by Vatsyayana around the 4th Century. This was the other book hidden behind a shelf. It was all sublimated to a skill through recognition of eyewitness accounts. Legends and long, deep history were passed down through the word of mouth.
《As long as the partner is that of a human figure, you can guide them to heaven no matter their gender.》
《 You charisma increases highly.》
《The more your partner is like a stone and feels nothing, the more effective the skills are on them.》    
It was telling that Lee Jinwoo liked to collect strange books like this. Regardless, he needed to use this as a test.
Jinwoo breathed deeply and placed his hand on the top of the book and used Mana of Information. A cloud of golden dust started to sprout out of the book and swirled round in a hurricane before Jinwoo sucked it up.
Jinwoo breathed hard, gritting his teeth.
He assumed a strong force of pain would strike his core.
Even the main character in the original plot writhe around in pain, clutching his head while groaning.
Jinwoo blinked his eyes.
Rather than bouts of pain, his mind felt refreshed and completely washed of all stress.
The information floating around messily in his head was stacked in a neat and orderly formation like a messy and chaotic room that had been cleaned up and organized.
Jinwoo didn’t have any feeling of satisfaction similar to feeling excited from completing the last piece to a puzzle perfectly or putting the last line piece perfectly in the game of Tetris.
‘Huh… so it just… works…’
He was able to completely understand every single thing and details from the contents of the book, as well as figuring out the hidden meanings behind them.
This was the potent cheat-like power Mana of Information provided to him.
Jinwoo recalled the main character put in a lot of effort to remember everything that poured into his mind.
Others had to spend a great deal of time and effort deciphering and translating information to their language and memorize it to be effective. This was certainly the most effective but difficult method.
However, Jinwoo was able to retain and understand the information with a simple glance. It was no exaggeration to say he gained the cheats of life.
He noticed something.
Was this because he was in perfect unison with his mama after making a breakthrough to his unawakened potential? Not only his mind, but his body also seemed to remember the skills as well.
Jinwoo stretched his arm and moved his hand.
Jinwoo saw amazing displays of various fingers and hand techniques laying bare in front of him.
Jinwoo was stunned, momentarily. Then he put his hand down as drool fell from the corner of his mouth.
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